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Some Much Needed Reminders!


This should have been a Reblog. Could not find that button. So am sharing this with You all, along with the comment I have written on that site:

Hello, Kim! Very Good post. Among the very many things we Oldies (I am 70) forget, are the usefulness of Routines and Time Tables. I have been a Very ‘Ex Tempore’ man. Reading Your post has done me Good. 🙂

A Morning Routine to Set You Up For Success


India’s P.V.Sindhu, Football, et al.


For me, it is always a Delight to watch P.V.Sindhu, the Badminton artist of India, playing. And today again she fought bravely, very bravely and well, and lost.

One Reason why she lost is the Stupid Rules about Time allowed one to freshen up. The match had gone on for more then 90 minutes, She was sweating, and even had some problem with her nostrils, and the ‘umpire’ being short with her could not have helped.

A match held at Dubai can’t be cheap, yet people pay that, to see her play. And many people make a living out of the ticket sales that people like Sindhu bring in. The referees are some of them who make their living out of the games of Champions. The Referee should have the brains and the grace to allow the Champions to freshen up. Sindhu was sweating, the other one was not, does it matter? Can anybody ask why Sindhu should need time to freshen up, – which after all means only wiping off the sweat most of the time, – when her opponent was not?

Going back, that Sindhu was sweating shows she was Not at the peak of her Fitness. …Coaches seem to give ideas about play, and in that case does Sindhu another coach to see to her Fitness? The two globs of fat that she has started to carry up her hips towards her back are a good indication of the point I am making.

Football? The Reason Indian football is ranked 60th or something world wise is because, our players cannot run for 90 minutes; run the 9 to 10 Kilometres that other international players can. A Question of Fitness.

Wish You Victories, Sindhu. You bring us Joy. Love to You. 🙂



ASTONISHING Effects of Exercise!


My Dear Friends, this evening I had to go to Kulithalai, the one-horse town that We have, for odds and ends.

I had decided to walk there, a 2.5 kilometre trip; something of a novelty for me. What I mean is, As I keep saying, I was Born and Brought up on Cement! Have never been too used to Walking. Yet, since the last few Years, am making myself get into the practice.

I had already walked about 3 kilometres during the day, And I had posted NINE articles on the Blog in two days, (and did one more, before this one!). So, as I set out, I was feeling Exhausted. I was promising myself some good rest and went and completed my jobs.

It was As I was reaching back home, towards the very End, that I noticed that I was Not Even Tired!

Altogether I walked some 6+ kilometres today, Not in one stretch, of course, and it has done me Good!

Walking Turtle

This might be more of my Pace! But it works for me. Again, for me, it is the Distance covered and the Time Spent in Walking that are More important than the Pace or the Speed.

At 68 plus years of age, with a Heart Condition, No Medication by choice, And working about 10 hours a day at the computer, this my type of exercise works quite well for me.

PS: Remember Not to Over-do it, Folks! 🙂

Happy Exercise to You!




This refers You to my previous post, 3 Words that Changed my Life!

Where Madelyn had written that ‘People are desperate for answers,’ I have Answers. I am Not desperately searching for answers; I am not even searching for them! I have Answers. And they are Hard Earned ones.

But my Answers are Not of the kind that TV media expects, wherein the Anchor ‘forms’ his questions in about 20 sentences, and Very kindly gives the Others 15 Seconds to respond. The questions and answers referred to here deal with Life. As such the Answers are Deep.pwen

Self rt

You can choose either pic! Haha! The first one is from the Internet. As You see, Humour, when possible, is an Invariable and Necessary part of my Answers! 🙂

Sadly, as Madelyn has said, Others Charge heavily for these Answers, and since I offer it Free, people tend to Undervalue mine. But Undervaluing my Answers shall not be my Loss. 🙂

Happy Answers to You!


Ash Wednesday, 2016

With Ash Wednesday, for Christians, Today begins Lent.

But Does it? And Should it?!

The Victorious Cross

Image from:

Should Lent have a Beginning and an End?

The word Lent comes from ‘A Lento,’ which means A Slowing Down. Slowing Down Life’s pace, to observe and reflect how life is going, what changes would make it better, etc. Penances are supposed to help in this.

But Should We do this wonderful thing of Keeping a Check on Life just 40 days of the year, and leave 325 for a Mad Rush?!

For a Serious Christian, for the Mature Christian, Each Day should be Lent; Each Day should be a Good Friday, and Each an Easter! Because Christ Dies in Humanity Every Day, and Christ Shows Himself Victorious Every Day Too! As I have tried to show in the Graphic, which for me means the Victorious Cross!

Wish You All a Meaningful Lent, and Regards.