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Kindergarten Means “Garden of Children”


I shared with Dear Jennie these words in response.

Thank You for Your Enthusiastic sharing, my Dear Jennie. …At least in India, I find children in classes at least upto 12 being crammed with so called knowledge. This needs change too. Hope some good Soul like You will take this up. …Love n Regards. 🙂

Sharing with You.


5 Habits of Happy People


‘Happy people tend to spend money on experience more than on things,’ begins the author.

Of course what he means is HAVING THE EXPERIENCE rather than GAINING EXPERIENCE.

With regard to his Basics, I would say,

‘A person who cannot enjoy a Cup of Coffee, or a Plain Salted Biscuit, (purely from the viewpoint of Enjoyment), the Beauty of a Flower or Butterfly, etc, and NEEDS Exotic Foods or experiences like Bungee jumping, then that means that:


I Wish You all Happiness, Love and Peace!