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(UPDATED) Gang rapists (who are also Murderers of a 3 yo child), Freed AND Feted



This affair, Thank Goodness, is very much in the (Indian, English) news. Learnt that

Our 11 freed heroes had raped, not just this Bilkis Bano, but also her 3 sisters. Had killed the 3 yo child by smashing its skull. Had killed, in total, 14 people in Cold blood that day! Now free!

Of the panel that had recommended the release, 50% were of the bjp or affiliated to the gujrat gorement.

They are CONFIRMED to have done all these things. …the fellow distributing the sweets had touched the feet of at least one, as seen in videos.

The Rapists have All been released, and, as You see, Welcomed back with sweets, as above, AND garlanded.

Absolute confidence. Crossed legs. Open knees.

The full group is here.

They were/are all her neighbours; and had also Killed Bano’s 3 yo child.

Am particularly Angry to note that the fellow in the Orange at extreme right above, is Already sporting some sort of Knife; Hence the cross belt. And see How proud he stand!

The family, and particularly Bilkis Bano, are supposed to feel Safe.

Below, pic of a fellow, who is said to be surrounded by a security detail numbering a mere 1000.

One of those, a minister, who had recommended the release, has this to say:

“They are Brahmins; men of good character!” the fellow had said. …Gangraping and Killing a 3 yo behooves them. Had not known that.

To the Vast Majority of the Majority community who keep Silent over things like this: A Sannyasi’s curse: May Similar things (RAPES) happen to you and your families. …Ok, may the rapists be brahmins. Let the


The Glorious Free Media in the world’s largest democracy


I shall confine myself to the TV media and the Social ones.

The Netizens have a name for the TV channels in general in India, namely, ‘the godi media.’

Take, for instance, the TV channels tearing into the 19 children killed in the US, (heinous as it is);

but nary a word about the rabid dog, (see! found a new name for the mad dog) – to continue, nary a word about the rabid dog killing children in the 100s/1000s (? You choose), – in poor ole Ukraine.

I mean buy your effing oil and coal, but Come out and Say putin bombarding from AFAR, on Civilian areas, is wrong.

THAT is the problem. Under the bjp, India has lost her soul.

Everything, and I mean everything that modi does is a masterstroke for his uneducated supporters.

It could mean the media that is modi’s/bjp’s (this latter being the ruling party in India just now). It could also mean that it is modi’ media, but We dont have enough Freedom to say that.

People just blame the media, saying it receives/accepts money from the bjp.

But there is something worse; much more sinister. The bjp simply and Easily resorts to Violence. And People Know that. And are Afraid.

Facebook AND twitter had said that their officials were getting (physical) threats.

So, all in all, India is a democracy yet, and the media is absolutely free.


Can someone tell me Why


Speaking only about India, everything, from biscuits and tea, – on which I heavily rely; to bus fares even in good old Tamil Nadu, is costlier.

economists who come on debates on such things Invariably say that inflation is global, and that the gorement can do very little about it.

These so-called experts always fall over themselves to protect the politicos, because, otherwise, they will not only cease to be experts, but will also simply cease to be.

They stopped speaking about Siberia, and just Nobody speaks about India, Freedom wise. The judiciary talks the gorement way.

India’s then chief judge gogoi, now a member of parliament. supposed to be a very high post. and ‘this’ is how he got that post!

Rajiv Gandhi had suggested, among other things, that India’s union gorement give The People, a monthly grant of, if I remember correctly, (it had been at the beginning of the pandemic), Rs. 7,500 pm per family. Given India’s population of 1.3 Billion plus, and even just 70% given that, it would have been a whopping sum.

But it would have given Buying Power to the Poor, and Merchandize Sold for the Uppers.

But the modi gorement decided to dish out to the mega rich. …They can justify this on the ‘trickle-down’ effect. But did that happen?

We had the Bapu, the ‘Father’ (of India) who was from a Well-to-do family (community of merchantsbankersmoney-lenders,, …following, at Early life and background), who took up a Loin Cloth.

modi and co, giving rs. 6000 per YEAR to the people, are Eating and Dressing in the MOST expensive ways,

travelling similarly,

Created with GIMP

and Worse, a Useless and Unnecessary (at least at this juncture) Second parliament building, bullet trains,

and Worse Still, BILLIONS and BILLIONS of grants, loans and Write Offs for modi’s Cronies, The Indian Oligarchs.

(1 rupee = 100 pice).

When my UPS starts beeping, telling me that the reserve is getting low, I plan what all to keep On, and what to Switch off.

Aren’t there PRIORITIES?



modi and the War


(modi is the prime minister of India).

यह उनके लिए है जो गर्व कर रहे हैं कि मोदी ‘सस्ते’ में, रूस से तेल खरीद लिया।

उधर मोदी का मित्र पुतिन निरस्त्रों पर, स्त्रियों और निरे बच्चों पर बम बरसाए जा रहा है. … कहाँ गया भारका ‘धर्मयुद्ध?

पैसा ही बनाना है तो लहंगा उठा कर, झुक कर चौराहे पर खड़े हो जाते!

(Had written stronger, but that would get me…)

for those of modi’s supporters who are supporting him he is saving the country money by buying gas/oil from putin:

you will make money even by selling your mother.


India, china, usa, russia, Ukraine.


During one of the (Indian) TV debates/discussions today, heard some (so-called, that is how I will address him) political analyst / strategic expert say that the usa had not come to India’s aid during the 1962 war with china I would say, …it was not mentioned.

As such, this so called expert implied, India is leaving russia’s war on Ukraine to be sorted out in the West!

It does not matter to these idiots and the media, not to say the political heads and the populace of India that there are Major differences.

India and china are Not Mouse and Cat in size, though, at present at least, china has the Bigger military macine.

Whereas there is No comparision between Ukraine and russia, area wise, or by way of military strength.

putin should be ashamed of his undeclared war on Ukraine.

china, during the 1962 war, had NOT reduced Indian areas to rubble. I had been living in Gorakhpur during those days.

Wheras putin has turned civilian areas to rubble.

Both above images are from Indian media. Why aren’t India’s so-called experts ready to believe this?

Or, do they mean to say Indian media could not find out, or, would not report, if the destroyed buildings/hospitals were used to hide Ukrainian military?

Above all, Who is the LIAR? putin, who till the Very last day, had said he had No intention of invading Ukraine, …Or

It will be said that putin did not invade Ukraine. Why did he not send his army into Donetsk region and been done with it? (Why did he not do it earlier?)




That peculiar sounding thing is a Tamil word, the first of a Very famous poem,

நாமார்க்குங் குடியல்லோம் நமனை யஞ்சோம்
நரகத்தில் இடர்படோம் நடலை யில்லோம்
ஏமாப்போம் பிணியறியோம் பணிவோ மல்லோம்
இன்பமே யெந்நாளுந் துன்ப மில்லை
தாமார்க்குங் குடியல்லாத் தன்மை யான
சங்கரன் சங்கவெண் குழையோர் காதிற்
கோமாற்கே நாமென்று மீளா ஆளாய்க்
கொய்ம்மலர்சே வடி இணையே குறுகி னோமே

by a sage named Thirunaavukkarasar,

whose first line has become a saying: Naamaarkkum kudiyallom, namanai anjom.

[ Seems Very hard to find men of courage, who can speak their mind against Injustice and Tyranny in India these days. ]

Going back to Our sage, he had been commanded to present himself before the king, to which he had responded:

I am nobody’s subject.

Meaning he served god alone.

To give credit, he is not the only one who was bold.

Let us Salute Gandhiji, Martin L King, Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, to name Just a few.

A (Zen) master was told by a king(?) …Don’t You know i can run You through? To which the Master had replied: ‘Don’t You know i am one who is Ready to be run through?!

I shall Always remember and salute The Man in front of the Tanks.

Unlike these Lynchers who HAVE to be in groups to beat up lone men.

Seems Very hard to find men of courage, who can speak their mind against Injustice and Tyranny in India these days.

I don’t thnk ANY of Us (Bloggers) would be ready be Subject to somebody. It takes some doing to remain that way. But in these days of So-called Democracy, We have to make the Masses understand this. That takes plenty of doing, too! 🙂

It seems some momma told her (grown up) child living abroad and phoning her, that putin was a god.

And what has putin done? After getting all those Mega bucks out of Oil, etc, started paying the pensions and made sure the peasants had enough to eat. …modi is doing at least the second (though it is not even enough). This has been enough for the Majority of #russia and #India. A bag of grain Though the foot is on the Neck/Head.

And that is being a Subject, a gulaam, a sheep of George Orwell.

Subjects, who have accepted subjugation!

Let’s say: Not for Me!


How to be involved Socially


Had just gone out to our nearby shop (all of 5 feet by 4 feet, Literally!) to buy something. The shopkeeper and I are friends. He mentioned how the prices have gone up in #srilanka. This is not jut true but Horrific. In some instances they have gone up by 50%(!) and people are unable to eat.

While I expressed my sympathy,

I mentioned the condition of India. As an Indian, this takes Importance, if not priority. As only middle class (income) people are involved in the social media, for whom the c 10% rise is not a problem, Indian economical situation does not get much talked about.

But the Lower income people have Actually become thinner. To my personal knowledge. Dozens of shops have closed up, Vendors have given up (I am citing Only those that I personally seen). Shall nobody speak for them?

And it is not just the price rise. Politicians have not offered to take salary cuts. Those drawing salaries to the tune of Rs.1,000+ a day (the poor have difficulty in getting that much a Month) – are asking for salary hikes, and getting it.

India refrains (again?) from voting at the UN security council, of which I am Hugely ashamed. #BBC and #IndiaToday have gone off air (don’t tell me they did this voluntarily), thus #modi proving he is not lesser than #putin.

I spoke of (SOME of) these with my friend.

And THAT is how We can be involved socially. Speaking just for 5 minutes. Writing Just a few lines, or sharing a post.

Here’s Happy times to You All! 🙂


Women Power?


Women do have the power even unto Stopping putin’s war on Ukraine. Which is Why he gives So much care, effort and time, to/in keeping them brainwashed.

But, as I said in my earlier post, a Woman does Not have the…

Knowledge (as denied in russia now; all knowledge only courtesy putin’s media),

Intelligence (which needs nurturing; How can they have this, – I am talking about three fourth of the world, No college education for them!).

(Mostly) Girls brought under the bjp thumb using brute force, pic below, and posting pro bjp heads of colleges and universities, and creating diversionary and oppressive tactics like Denial to cover Head and Upper body from Lechers’ gazes,

Thus proved: At least India is Not interested in educating the Girl child.

Economic Wherewithal: This is not only to go in for expensive college educaion. In India, it is almost Impossible for Women to attend Protests or Rallies, as there might be No bread on the table that day if they went for those. Most of the pictures You see of Hugely attended rallies are those where the participants are PAID, and given Meals. In this case, Anything to Tide over another day.

In many instances, People are Cheated of their ‘payments.’ But still they come.

Pavlov’s Dog Would Come even when he knew the Electric shock would follow!

This time Many Women of North India voted for modi because he had arranged for 5 Kg of grain, per month, per family. The house dog Grateful for its Scraps. Imagine a country grateful for a handout of about 170 grams (c 5.5 oz) of grain a day!

Our Dear Ladies Can do a Lot, and Will do a Lot. I expect it in about a 100 years time.


Ladies, I Salute You


I know Many ladies personally, of whom History should be proud. …Yet, the Majority of Indian Women are SO Poor and immersed in just staying alive, they do not have Time to fight for higher things.




This Women’s History Month has seen our world become even more turbulent, with women and children at the forefront of displacement and terror overseas as women elsewhere try to earn recognition for who we are and all we do. I have tried, and failed, to take a break from all the stories of women who are missing, violated and losing children to senseless violence.

One step forward, two steps back, right?

Yet and still, as women always have, we will rise above the circumstances dictated by our families and societies and professional worlds to stamp our signatures to great moments we create every single day. I am in awe of women I can see doing business, running businesses, centering families, caring for animals and people, saving lives, donating money, volunteering for necessary causes, pursuing education and more.

I can see women fighting for justice for themselves, their children or relatives…

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