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Kejriwal’s Controversial Jan Lok Pal Bill

The Jan Lok Pal Bill is an anti-corruption bill drafted and drawn up by civil society activists in India seeking the appointment of an independent body to investigate corruption cases.

The words Jan and Lok are Common nouns, both signifying ‘the People.’ Might sound unnecessary to have the two words, but they are Needed to differentiate this particular bill from an existing, Toothless one passed by the administration.

…I have seen reason to criticize the media left and right in these pages, for being Partial. But there seems to be a goodly difference between the reports over the TV versus the ‘net editions’ of the same groups. I have found that gives more balanced reports. Different Editors, perhaps. I shall quote certain sections from its article on the subject. (Reference to article in comments).

‘Delhi Cabinet cleared the draft of the much talked-about Jan Lokpal bill which provides for COVERING ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS – FROM CHIEF MINISTER TO GROUP D EMPLOYEES – and seeks life term as maximum punishment for those found guilty of corruption.’ (Emphasis mine).

The Emphasized section shows one of the main differences between AAP’s bill and the government’s one. Let me offer some tidbits that would clarify things.

At present it is Exceedingly difficult to prosecute chief ministers and such. In physical terms, they talk of a 5 layer security and things like that. For creatures like cms, one has to go to the moon to get clearance to bring them to court. And even if cases are filed, in the run of the mill courts, things drag on for a-g-e-s. The ‘law’ is really loaded on the side of those who play hanky-panky.

Coming down to ‘Group D employees.’ These are seemingly harmless people, last on the rung of the ladder. But let me speak more of the Clerks. Bill Dwyer had said: ‘A Clerk is a Jerk.’ Clerks like to prove it.

You go to an office, to a particular department. And You will Very probably find that the clerk at that desk is simply Not there. This will happen to You many times. Then one day You find him there. And seeing You, You find that he is saying to his companion at the next table: ‘The Tyres on my Cycle have got completely Worn Out.’ You go out, get a pair of the blessed things, go back to the desk, and say, with a Garfield like grin: ‘One of my Friends presented me with these; I do not really need them just now. Wonder if You could use them.’ Your work gets done.

That happened in My day, more than 40 years ago. Today, they travel by Motorized vehicles. And comparatively bigger bribes are expected. And that is the only difference.

You have a problem connected with Your Land/Path or things like that? First You have to search for the VAO (village administrative officer). It takes Quite a Long while to locate these people, as they are ‘supposed’ to be on rounds, though, according to rules, they ‘have’ to be present in their office on certain days. But, in the meantime, they have found out all about Your issue, evaluated how much they can collect from ‘which’  party, etc.

In the meantime You also have to get the ‘Surveyor’ of the area. You go through the same Rigmarole to locate ‘him.’ Then they all come, have a look see, and quietly ask for, say, (as it happened in a case I know), rs. 1500. They say it is for Expenses. Everybody knows just ‘What’ expenses they are going to be. It will keep them in Free lunch and drinks for a while. The amount seems measly. But everybody also knows that this is merely the ‘first’ installment. …The problem is that after a few days You get a letter from the department, informing You that because of this reason, and that paper being not just right, Your work cannot get done. …The other party either coughed up more, or was more influential.

This kind of ‘looting’ happens at Every office. I could go On and On with Examples. …The Common Man calculates that the Cost, in terms of Time, Energy and Money spent, may be greater than throwing some money on these fellow’s plates. There are Many who can afford to pay bribes. But there are Millions who simply cannot meet the ‘rates,’ and thus lose even their Lands and Homes.

And there are Two more problems with this. Those who take the Bribes are Already Quite Well to do. A government employee gets ‘At Least’ rs. 10,000 pm, if We take the case of humble Peons who stand at the doors. Whereas, outside of government jobs, in the private sector, there are Thousands who get about rs. 1,500 pm for a 10-12 hour day’s work. You want proof? Come to me. I will take You around. …So, point number one is, Why Should the ‘Haves’ have more?

These Individual cases of Corruption in the offices affect Every Citizen Directly and Personally. Affecting Citizens Collectively, first, politicos simply carve out large chunk of the taxes for themselves. Next, in the Projects, they ‘dupe’ the Common Man by giving outlandishly false accounts, like charging a Hundred Thousand rupees for an Ordinary, Stadium Chair! Whether it is issuing licences for the mining of Natural Resources, providing Electrical Power, putting up schools and hospitals or running them, politicos, having taken money from the business houses, Cheat, Fool and Denude the Citizen. Any and Every Project is merely seen as a means of raking in Commissions.

Heads of states and political parties spend Crores claiming to have Put up Hundreds of Projects in motion. On the one hand, many of their claims are false. On the other, those projects are badly executed, and are of Not of great use to Citizens. Take government hospitals. Only the Poorest go there.

But if the politicos had Not been Corrupt, Thousands and Tens of thousands of Projects would have come up along the Length and Breadth of India, all running Well. There indeed ‘are’ good roads. Somebody said that he felt as if he were ‘flying’ while going on one those by car. But for every such road, there are literally Thousands that are Ruts. Because of rampant corruption, Water and Electrical projects in particular have not been put into effect. This is something that is going to affect Generations to come.

In all this, the Citizen is the Loser, the business houses and politicos, and very many government employees, the gainers. And courts and police form a ring around these, protecting them from effective Prosecution.

And ‘that’ is what Kejriwal’s Jan Lokpal bill hopes to address. It may be good to recap the differences between the govt’s so called ‘lokpal’ bill – which We call the Jokepal bill, and Kejriwal’s one. In the former, neither higher govt officials, nor the lower cadres can be brought to court. And the agency that would examine the cases would be under …govt control! Any wonder why We call it the Jokepal?!

But Why should there be so much Controversy over this? …It is an artificially created controversy, created by political parties, because, if this comes through, their freeloading will come to an End. Going back to the Times of India article:

  • ‘They (Congress) realise that if there is a strong Lokpal then many of these people will get into trouble. For seven years BJP is in power in MCD and they may also get into trouble. If the bill is passed then all these CWG cases will go to Lokpal’
  • Translation: The congress party realizes that if there is a strong Lokpal, then many of Its Own people will get into trouble. …For 7 years, the bjp had been incharge of the MCD, (The Municipal Corporation of Delhi), and so they will also get into trouble. Also, all CWG (Common Wealth Games) cases will go to Lokpal.

The administration of Delhi is under the AAP now, and Arvind Kejriwal, as its Chief Minister, is at the helm of things there. So, for the congress and the bjp, in particular, and for every political party, the Easiest way to avoid all these cases would be to see that Kejriwal’s Jan Lokpal bill does Not get passed!

Stilted Reporting

Two events of Violence are in the air. One is due to britain admitting that it had helped plan the attack on the Golden Temple in Punjab, the holy shrine of the Sikhs, in 1984. (The sikhs seem more incensed by this, than the fact that a terrorist had desecrated the temple by turning it into his hideout). The second is in the aftermath of Nido Taniam, a Young Man of 19 from the North East being killed, on reportedly Racist grounds.

Both events gave rise to Protests. And both the protests have something in common, as far as can be seen from the videos shown on TV. Both are Violent.

But Nary a word from the media on the Nature of these protests. No mention that those who had gathered had indulged in violent pushing and shoving, faces Angry, not only scaling the barriers that the police put up, but also overturning them.

Whereas there was the AAP protest, led by Arvind Kejriwal, just some time ago, where 3000 police personnel had been ordered onto the spot by administration (down with the word ‘govt.’). For so many police to be there, what must have been the number of AAP supporters? And Yet, had there been violence there? Except for that shown by an elderly policeman, distinctive in his whitish hair and moustache, who was caught on camera Twice, shoving, pushing and hitting? As for the stories by the police of stone throwing, etc, they were not convincing.

Now here comes the Stilted Reporting: How does media report these? In the case of Arvind’s protest, the administration, the police and the media had made so much noise, trying to show that the fabric of society was being torn apart, whereas just the Opposite was the case. And in cases of actual violence, as in the Sikh and NE ones, the media is Calm as a Calf. Shame on media, politicos and the police for this.



When I was Young, I remember that my Father used to like things British, and I was sort of in love with the States! My father had a good number of books, among them Old Magazines! They were the Reader’s Digest, the Catholic Digest, Popular Mechanics and things like that. They might have been part of some Help programme, arriving with things like Bulgur, Oil, and what not arriving in India in the 1960’s.

I liked the shape of the US aircraft, compared to the Spitfires, etc! And the American Cars in the RD’s! Thus had started a very boyish love affair, which was strengthened by observing the Peace Corps, and what I still consider as US jumping in to Help Weaker nations like South Vietnam and all that. (India is in the forefront in sending its personnel for UN Peace Keeping Missions).

Directly and Personally I know Very few in the States. But Suzy Karasik IS a very good friend. She is a Brilliant and Very Loving person. I have met her personally. Then there are those whom I met over the Net, whom I appreciate, from what I see from their Sharings. And they all chose Obama!

But it cannot be all rosy, can it? That happens only in places like russia, where even Chernobyl or the Gutting of a Nuclear Submarine gets known only through the ‘foreign’ press.

Just recently we had the incident of Devyani Khobragade, one of India’s diplomats in the US, who had been strip searched, etc. Two things in that. It had been said that the search of that sort had been necessary ‘for the protection of other prisoners.’ Means she could have concealed some Deadly Weapons inside her body! Lol! It had been reported that she was picked up just after she had dropped off her children to school. So this means that she had foreseen her arrest, and had been prepared to the extent of being ready for that with Weapons and all! Thus the search of this kind, for a person of her standing and rank, was entirely meaningless.

Some Indian born American prosecutor seems to be responsible for much of this. Cannot understand what brownie points he is trying to gain, but what he needs is a few well aimed ones on his backside.

It was said that that is the law there. Let me share what may not be exactly law, nor even a rule, but what worked out as such. In one smallish railway station, I had seen a little notice, which proclaimed that the ticket window would open only just before the arrival of a train. For all its size, there always used to be a goodly crowd, which resulted in people literally climbing over others (this happens in India) to buy tickets. So let us be ready to drop our rules and laws and see to JUSTICE!

Maybe I am straying a little here, having intended to write on DIGNITY. I am one of those who advocate the Breaking of Legs of Repeat Gang Rapists. There are those who call for the death sentence for the same. In India of old, they used to seat the guilty on donkeys, backwards, tar and feather them, and take them round the village, making the person the laughing stock. Insult, yes, but Indignity, no. Denuding a person would be Indignity. Did You know that just recently some Indian village council had ordered that a Girl be Gang Raped in Public, on a stage sort of thing! The height of Indignity. In these cases, You will find Yesudas turning into a Raging Tiger. So, when some Indian and US friends seemed to take the Shame effected on Devyani a little too casually, I was flabbergasted.

Continuing with Devyani, it was said that she was, in effect, perpetrating ‘SLAVERY.’ Which, they said, was a very big Issue in the US. That this diplomat was paying her staff pittance, and thus guilty in this regard. From what I understand, the maid was getting a Hundred Thousand Indian Rupees a month, which MANY in India would fall over backwards to get. That maid wanted more. She was Greedy.

There were more things mentioned with regard to this slavery issue, but if paying less is that, then… Let me give a jist of a news report:

‘GENERAL MOTORS picked MARY BARRA to replace DAN AKERSON as its new CEO. But Barra will be paid $4.4 million in total compensation, which includes a base salary of $1.6 million. Akerson, the outgoing man, on the other hand, made an estimated $9 million, with a $1.7 million base salary and $7.3 million in stock. That means Barra will make less than half of what he made. In fact, Akerson will continue to make more as her, as GM will pay him $4.68 million as an outside senior adviser.’ (Ref:

The Lady who replaces this man cannot be a rank beginner. Such a person cannot become CEO. Nor would GM have taken her had others been better.


India and the US should actually be quite close, both being Large Democracies. Right from my Youth I noticed that the US had helped pakistan, maybe because that country posed India as a threat, and asked for help. That, I believe, made India turn to russia. (Observe all the military ware of the two countries!).

Two Great Countries with similar Ideologies (Democracy). Need to pull up our Socks and Work Harder for a Better World.


Buffaloes and Cops

Hello, People of the World! russia, US, china, Europe in general and all that!

Do Your leaders/senators/ministers have buffaloes?

Tell Your leaders that they can use the police, even the army now, I suppose, the kgb, the fbi, cia, and what not, to search for the missing creatures.

What they have to do is:
1. Form special police groups,
2. Raid Farms, Diaries, even Factories, and at Night, when they would be less Vigilant(!),and,
3. Examine CCTV footage by the hour to find things out. Oh, I forgot to say that the CCTV should have been set up over the Buffaloe stalls in the first place.

After they ‘are’ found,’ it helps put the fear of god into the police, and will keep them more on toes to protect buffaloes, if a few cops are suspended for allowing them to get stolen/straying off, in the first place.

If People question just how Police can be suspended for things like these, they have to say: ‘we know whom to promote and whom to suspend.’

Our ministers also know when and how to go on picnics, how to call them ‘study tours,’ and keep laughing at their voters, when thousands are sitting in fear in relief camps is Muzaffarnagar.

With all this, if You want to laugh at us, hit us on the head, or spit on us, You can do so, provided You have been able to kick out ministers like these in Your own places. I believe Japan succeeds in doing it.

PS. Next step: Cops can be sent to recover Missing Underwear of ministers or their kin.

PPS. Cops will NOT be sent out if a 19 year old boy is killed.

Is This Why?

The full question is: ‘Is This Why the Delhi police is under the home ministry?’ And Not under the Chief Minister of Delhi, himself?

I had long wanted to ask shinde, the home minister Why this was so.

Does the home ministry think that the CM, or members of the cabinet of Delhi, would not be CAPABLE of handling responsibilities of a police force? Or is it that they are not RESPONSIBLE enough?  Or is it the lone person of shinde himself who has these doubts?

The home ministry ‘could’ have solved things by giving charge of the Delhi police to the Delhi government, and the home ministry could have used Special police to take care of the Parliament and foreign establishments there.

shinde ‘had’ said, something like: Arvind might decide to go and sit in Protest in front of one of the embassies. This in itself gives rise to many questions. Is one Not allowed to protest where he/she wants? If I am protesting against you, you are going to tell me to  go to the Himalayas, or the Deserts of Rajasthan, or some Forest, lest I be obstructing others? So Ok, I shall sit by the Side, Near a Pillar. Would I be allowed to do that?

Let us suppose the police calls this a law and order problem. How so? Suppose People notice me sitting there, and Agree with my views and decide to Join me. We find that our numbers are growing, and decide to form a human chain! We Stand or Sit in such a Way that no Pedestrians have difficulties, no Travelers at Bus Stops or in front of Other Gates have problems. Where would be the Law and Order problem in this? SO LONG AS PEACE IS KEPT, AND NO VIOLENCE IS INVOLVED, IT IS NOT A PROBLEM.

Coming back to Arvind Kejriwal, – that MOST Loved Man, and Only CM who is Loved in India – Supposing he decides to go and sit in Protest in the way I have said, what would be shinde’s problem? Would it Irk him to see this Show of Unity, Strength and the Will of the People? Is shinde going to say that just a gathering in thousands would be a hindrance to Normal life? Would he prefer the kind of gathering seen at the latest Sikh demand for a SIT probe into the deaths of 1984? It was said that the AAP-ians had ‘broken’ the barricades at their protest. My Gosh! Even an elephant or a rhino would not be Able to break one. And they did not even say that these People had broken ‘through’ it.

So, at least as I see it, it should not be a problem for shinde even if Arvind decides to sit in front of some embassy in protest. Then what is left? A Question of Capability?

shinde should know that the Citizen thinks that Arvind is as good as he, if not Better.

Now let me come to a point I learnt just this morning. One ‘salve’ is legally representing as varied parties as:

  1. The ugandan women against whom Somnath Bharti had wanted the delhi police to take action,
  2. The companies supplying electrical power to delhi, on whom Arvind Kejriwal as the CM of delhi has asked for an Audit, and,
  3. The delhi police on the way they had handled a meeting of Baba Ramdev.

In two of the cases above, salve is representing parties on whom AAP wants action taken. Now when I say this man charges a mere rs. 30 Lakhs (3 Million) per day as fees, You would get the point, and We shall be wondering:

  • HOW the ugandan women could afford this man, if they were Students or People seeking jobs, or Working here, and
  • WHY the ugandan women had needed this kind of a big wig?

The Same two questions would be asked in the matter of the delhi police keeping him as their counsel in their case.

If both the above parties, the ugandan women and the delhi police need this kind of a lawyer, the problems must be grave indeed, would they not? So this does seem to strengthen the early charge, that Somnath Bharti had wanted some Sex and Drug cartels investigated.

And if delhi police has this kind of money to throw around, it cannot do so without political backing. This in itself means that the politicians are getting their ‘king size’ cuts. After all, in these cases, they collect, give to the higher ups, and enjoy the rest.

And So, Is THIS Why politicos are reluctant to hand over the reins of the Delhi police to Arvind Kejriwal?

What are the courts going to do about THIS?

When ONE man dies, a mega city like Mumbai has to come to a stand still. You want to buy Milk for Your Baby? Buy it tomorrow. Is Your Vegetable of Milk going bad without being sold? Grin and bear it. You question this? We shall Vandalize Your relative’s premises and put You in jail.

The roads are bad? Do not try to correct the roads. Go right ahead and Vandalize property. (It is easier to break up toll plazas than to go against big contractors!).

And then, DARE the govt to take action against you! After all, you have enough supporters, particularly who bear the name of ‘army,’ and are ready to act like one!

courts ordered the police to file an FIR against Somnath Bharti, when he had been trying to act to protect his people against Drug users and possible Sex cartels. Very many videos have been uploaded which show that the police and the media have chosen to totally ignore the Truth.

Am waiting to see just what the courts are going to do against those who incited this vandalism.