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At first I had thought that these people were performing ‘Puja’ TO jayalalitha, the cm of TN, and had thought, Alas, What Foolishness! But No.

Tamil Nadu cm jayalalitha very much believes that giving People FREEBIES is the best way to come back to ‘Power,’ the Administration.

On this principle, Mixies for the Kitchen and electrical Fans, etc, have been distributed.

This woman just HAS to put her picture on anything and everything, at every nook and corner, including under the bed and in the toilet. All those whitish things in the middle are the Freebies. And they are seen carrying pictures of a fattish woman, who is nobody else but.

But it seems Nobody told this woman that ELECTRICITY is needed to run these things. And by herself, she does not have brains enough to arrange for electricity.

During the previous administration’s time, We could not get electricity for about 3 hours out of the 24. During this woman’s time, 12 hour power cuts are normal.


These People, Aborigines, from the ERUMAIPARAI area near POLLACHI, in the COIMBATORE DISTRICT, Do Not even have electrical CONNECTIONS!

Here they are seen Lamenting, and performing LAST RITES to the Free things that jayalalitha has given! Because they are of No Use, without Electricity.

Laptops, Cycles, Kitchen Grinders and Mixies, and Fans have been given, in particular, by jaya. Any and Every of these things Any Citizen can Buy. But a Citizen cannot arrange his own Road networks, nor Electricity. politicians Waste Our Money, and Try to Fool Us, by giving Freebies and Ignoring and Neglecting Infrastructure.

The Way ‘govts’ Function


In my previous post I had shown that Blames for Horrors and Atrocities Should Not and Cannot be placed on Peoples. Rather, that govts are Responsible for such things. We have to remind Ourselves that in MOST cases a govt is Really a small group that has come to Power.

And All this group of people in Power want is their own good. They care the Least about PEOPLE in general. A Very Good Example has just come up. We have:

“India abstained from voting on a United Nations resolution against lanka which sought an international investigation into the alleged war crimes during the final phase of the island’s civil war which ended in 2009.”


What lanka is being accused of is such as these:

Image  Image

Pictures from:, and

Can Anybody tell me what could have been the reason for such Barbaric Behaviour?

Altogether TOO MANY pictures of this sort are available from Very varied sources. …Are We to Believe them? That such things really happened? I shall not be able to answer ‘that’ question. But I do have Something Else.

One of my Friends, DS, who is also in Facebook, had taken a trip to lanka. This was ‘after’ the Ceasefire. He spoke about:

  1. Having to take a ‘Korea-like’ tour of the island. You are not allowed to go about at Your Will.
  2. Checkposts Everywhere! Manned by the lankan army.
  3. What Tamilians are left there are harassed left and right, and Tamilian Girls going to School, having to cross these Check points, have a Hard Time. …You will have to Fill in the Blanks.

Talking to me, DS literally Choked Up. Even as of now, he refuses to talk about it, So affected is he. If ‘Post’ Cease-fire incidents had been enough to evoke such emotions, What would have been the Situation during the Conflict?

DS is a Trustworthy man. I Believe what he has told me. THAT makes me think that the lankan govt ‘has’ been guilty of war crimes.


To come to India now:

The Tamilians in lanka are Tamils, nevertheless. And Tamils constitute a goodly percentage of the Indian population. Not that numbers should matter.

Here We see the Indian govt choosing to sit on its hands, though it is a question of Atrocities against a Whole Population of Tamils, who have Relations even now in Tamil Nadu. Whereas the UN has passed the resolution.

lanka is not an ‘Oil’ country. Nor a Major Importer/Exporter for India. What is the Basis for the Indian government’s Inaction in this regard? There is talk of trying to curb china’s influence in the area. But at the Cost of its Own People?

So THAT is the Way governments function.

Are PEOPLE Responsible?

Atrocities and Horrors have taken place in History. When Bad things happen, We tend to Blame ‘Peoples’ for them. Like:

For the Destruction of the Twin Towers, Arabs or Palestinians are generally blamed.



Sri Lankans and Indians might like to blame the Pakistanis for the Attack on the Sri Lankan Cricketers, which took place on Pakistani soil.

Image Image

Pictures from:

For the Horrors visited upon the Tamils in sri lanka, Indians, more particularly Tamilians, have even a Hatred towards the sri lankans.




Pausing here with the Graphics, let me raise the question again: Are PEOPLE Responsible for All this? If Somebody were to say, “Were not those who caused these destructions people?”…Here, the word, ‘People,’ might want some Clarification. In this post, the word, ‘People’ shall mean – The Common Citizens, Of ANY and EVERY Country!

In this sense, THE COMMON PEOPLE, constituting at least 90% of All Humanity, are MORE CONCERNED with their DAILY BREAD and their FAMILIES. Not that they have any Reason to be Ashamed of this. The Common Man is Too Concerned about his Family and its Upkeep, to get involved in Genocide!

There have been Very Few hitlers, idi amins or pol pots. people like these, and their Coterie, shall be counted as Individuals. They are Not the ‘Mass.’

The People, the Common Citizen, the Mass, – Call it what You will, IS at Fault, in that they give in to LAZINESS and APATHY. It is Far Easier to ‘relax’ with a ‘drink’ at the end of a day, than to give a few hours Extra, for the Betterment of Life and Society.

Whereas these INDIVIDUALS know, Very Well, the Mind set of the MASS, and have taken, and continue to take, Advantage of it. They know how to Whip up the Emotions of the Crowd at times, turning it even to Murderous Frenzy. They know how to Cow them down through their Hired/Salaried Rowdy elements. The few Individuals who rule Countries do not hesitate to do this through use of the police, secret police, and other armed forces.

We definitely Should have Confidence in the Electoral Process. But Except in the case of the Fewest of the Few, the So called ‘Democratic’ Countries merely seem to give their People the Freedom to Protest Ineffectually!


The PEOPLE of iraq did not set fire to these oil wells. It was the Madness of ONE man, along with his sycophants and the army behind him, who was Responsible for this Wastage and Pollution.



…Sure, the ‘Protest’ in Tiananmen Square was BY the People. But who was Responsible for the Brutal Crushing of the Protest? china’s govt. Incidentally, I DISTINCTLY SAW a video clippage on BBC, which showed Protesters, this time at some railway station, being MOWED DOWN by the Locomotive and the train. …Media generally Loves to show videos repeatedly. But this incident had been SO gruesome, that even the Highly-Independent BBC decided against repeating broadcasting that scene.


Photo from Internet


An Enlightened, Awake and Concerned Citizenry is the Answer to All this. This is Not Easy! (But Nobody said Life would be a Bed of Roses). This is going to Need Conscientizing and Organizing One’s Neighbours, and Standing up against the Tyrant, Ready to Face their Wrath at Risk of Limb and Life ‘and‘ to the Family. A Tall Order Indeed.

As it is, Let us Recognize that One’s So-Called ‘Elected’ government is NOT under our Control. In MOST cases it seems to be a modern Pandora’s box, which has let in parasites who suck our Blood.

Are our governments arranging for WATER, ELECTRICITY, GOOD ROADS, CHEAPER OIL? No, and Emphatically NO. As far as India is concerned, the ‘oil minister’ has the Crass Nerve to say: “‘Not’ allowing the Increases in oil prices would hurt the ‘Oil Companies!'” Poor Giants; and our governments – Wonderful protectors of these Giants.

The West is Plagued with FRACKING and MOSANTO, etc.

All in all, the government, which is Effectively just a Group of Individuals who have taken Control, with the Aid and Support of the Dogs of Animal Farm of George Orwell, are the ones who are Responsible for the State of things, and of the World Today.

JUST WHEN HAD A GOVT BEEN IN CONTROL OF ITS POPULACE? If We are going to cite Iceland or some such, then I would say that Exceptions Just Prove Points.


But at least, in the Meantime, LET US REFRAIN FROM BLAMING PEOPLES for the Greed, Faults and the Sins of the ‘governments.’ It should Not be: Sri Lankans are responsible, or Pakistanis are: Not Arabs nor Americans, Not Muslims or Hindus, or Whatever. After all, a Whole Country or a Whole Race is not doing things by Unanimous, Total Consent on Referendums! …Peace.

Never Surrender!

The topic: ‘Never Surrender,’ interested me. It was offered on the ‘Weekly Challenge’ of WordPress. …I find that I am one those who do not give up!

If ‘Never Surrender’ means Not Giving Up, the Never Say Die spirit, Bull-headedness (of the good sort!), etc, then I am on the Right Track. …Searching for a picture for this post, came across this dear Fellow! Surprising that for one so Tenacious, He looks so Affable! Just like Me! Haha.


Image credit:



Psychology says that 90% of Us are living Lives of Quiet Desperation! I am a Very Ordinary Human being. If I Can live a Life of Satisfaction, Without Giving up, then YOU CAN TOO!



Those who are familiar with India will know that the side of the road is Not at all the place to lie down! On the one hand, Traffic, being in fair speed, gets down there in order to allow other vehicles to pass. But More Importantly, the place is …Dirty.

This pain was coming to me particularly on the days when I had to go to nearby Erode; which I do once a month. As I had to catch a Bus from the town, some 2.5 kms from my place for that, I would just Carry on. This was at about 4.30 in the morning, so that there were no ‘Town-Buses’ at that time.

I used to Cross my arms on my chest, which seemed give just a little relief, keep taking deep breaths, and go on. And the Funny thing was, I found that after Boarding the Bus and Sitting down, my pains would go away. This last is a Significant point, which I shall take up later.

If I place the Intensity of the pain I had on the day of my Heart Attack at 8 on a scale of 10, then the pains I was getting on these trips was a goodly six, if not seven. The only thing is, on the day of the Attack, the pain seemed to ‘spread’ across my chest, ‘seizing’ me. Subsequent pains did not have these two symptoms.


So my Example is going to be my Heart Problem, and How I manage with that. There are Deeper things on ‘Never Say Die’ in my life than this purely physical one of the Heart. I shall share those with You some Other day. 

Some 5 years ago I had a Heart Attack, and was admitted in the ICU for 5 days. Some 28,000 rupees went down the drain, though my good brother Joseph Ponnou had taken care of it. (I heard that my sister contributed too). That much is goodly money in India. Which all is to show that I got into Big Trouble.

I had been advised to continue my medications. But, according to one of my Bad habits, I stopped taking them after about 2 years. Two Years after my stopping them, my Pains started to appear again.

The second half of 2013 proved to be a Very Bad time for me, as far as my Health is concerned. I started getting Severe pains within 500 metres of walking. I had pains in the Inside of my left upper arm, the left wrist and at the base of two fingers in the same hand; as well as pain in the chest and at the base of my throat. That is what I have described in the section above.

I would say that I have had pains of this severity some 60 to a 100 times! If this sounds surprising, Please bear with me in this and carry on reading. This issue will come up again.


This February, (2014), I decided to have a ‘Heart Check up.’ I took my old reports, and went to ‘Heart City,’ a heart specialty hospital in Trichy, (aka Tiruchirappally, situated in Tamil Nadu). There, the good doctor told me that:


I asked him if I could not be cured by having higher doses of some medicines, etc. He said that Medicines could Only do ‘that’ much, and that ‘Mechanical’ means would have to be resorted to. He advised me an Immediate Angiogram.

I learnt that this would cost some 20,000 rupees. But the problem was, am sure they would have said next that I needed ‘Angioplasty,’ which, they inform me, would cost a goodly rs. 2,00,000. Which kind of money I do not have. Nor do I intend to ask anybody for it, Nor Accept it for this purpose, even if it were offered.

I decided to Carry On as I had been doing.


My ‘Courage,’ if We are going to call it that, and my Attitude to Life, To Carry On, Never Surrender, got formed by the following:

  • St. Paul speaks of his sufferings in detail in 2 Corinthians 11:23-29. While doing this, He keeps calls himself a Fool and a Weak man. And he names this recounting of his sufferings as ‘boasting,’ in a Sarcastic sense. Paul was a Great Man, a Very Great Man. Long ago I Realized that he shared all this to let us know that, If He, a Human being, could go through all this, So Could We!
  • I Distinctly remember reading, many years ago, in the Reader’s Digest, that a man, living by himself quite far from other habitations, had a Heart Attack. He started Walking to the nearby town, which in fact was quite a distance away. When he reached the hospital, they found that he had suffered Multiple Heart Attacks on the Way.
  • I learnt that Surgeons Train themselves to ‘Ignore Fatigue’ while carrying out Long Operations. 

And thence I thought: If ‘they’ can do it, Why Can’t I?


I am continuing with my Allopathy and now, and some Homeopathy medicines, under advise of my latter doctor. I am happy to say that my pains are greatly reduced now, rising to no more than 3 on my scale! At times I do feel breathless; and my heart labouring away, though!

I have mentioned that my severe pains would abate after reaching the spot (the bus stand), and after sitting down (as in the bus). After repeated experiences of this sort, have decided that my Arteries are ‘Opening Up’ by those walks and activities, and that once they have done that, the problem, at least for that day, goes away. I have come to believe Very much in this (my Theory of ‘Arteries Opening Up!) now. And it is Working for me, anyway!

So, When my pains start, I tell myself: ‘Okay, the Arteries are Opening Up,’ and carry on. It just becomes a question of bearing some pain for some time.

By the way, I learnt that ‘Reducing my Speed of Walk’ Lowered the amount of Pain. (All these are purely Empirical things. So You cannot go, ‘Medically,’ on my sharings! But I do hope and pray that these are of some Use to You).

So I do not bother about those pains, palpitations or breathlessness. This comes from my Many, Many, Many experiences with the pains; what I did at time, which was: Kept On going, and the End result, namely, the Cessation of my pain.

Two days ago, I had to go to the shops about 400 metres away, for a bit of purchase. Within 200 metres of walking, my Pains started! The level, happily, was a low 2. The pains lasted all the 400 metres. But once I reached the shop, more importantly, once I stopped walking, the pains went away, and did not return.

It All comes down to this: With Regard to our Many Activities, and our Condition, in my case, my Heart Problem,




At the Cost of Boring You, allow me to repeat that I learnt this Mindset from Others who have/had gone this way before me. So the Credit should go to them. And LOTS of Credit to those Unsung Heroes and particularly Heroines, as the one below, who Keep on Keeping On.

To say a few more words on Women like these, many men in India (as I am sure in Other countries, as well), become a Burden instead of Supporting their families. The Women take up the Challenge, and Make Life Go On, Never Surrendering!

Please believe me when I say that I have come across whole villages of men in Chhota Nagpur, as well as here in Thanneerpalli, my current village, – who are addicted to Drinking and Gambling, which latter is more common here in the South.

I Dedicate this my post to these Brave Women. And I wish You all Happy Times.


Photo credit: As in image.


PS: Wanted this to appear on WordPress’ ‘Weekly Challenge’ spot. But many things confuse me. I am not even able to decipher: ‘Comments are always closed on prompts. Pingbacks are enabled; if you link to the prompt post on your blog, your post will appear in the list below the prompt.’

What prompts? Where is the Prompt post on my blog? Etc! 😦

Though 66 in life, am just Two Months old in WordPress. Would be Grateful if some of You would enlighten me in these things. Thanks in Advance!

Rape, Bulls, and the Red Colour!

I believe that RAPE is one of the Most Horrific and Ugliest things that can happen to a person. And GANG RAPE is a thing nobody wants. That is Why, at the cost of being considered Odious and a Fool, I have written So much on this topic.

I have had occasion to meet some who have been in prison. They may be Bitter about their incarceration, but carry on with their ‘trade,’ nonetheless. Now let us see: No Woman Wants to get raped. Of course. And for this they say: ‘Real Men don’t Rape.’ The point is, even Men join in in this.

ream men dont rape

 He looks like a ‘He-Man’ alright!

But there Are Enough who are Cowards, Wimps, Pimps and Opportunists. And they Are going to ‘feel you up’ if You give them the chance. The Choice is Yours.

u cant rape me

Ha! I suppose people like these will file ‘cases’ against their rapists. I do think even People abroad know what happens to cases in Indian courts. Image from:

In many cases We are seeing our Young Women rush in where Angels fear to Tread. Let us have a ‘look’ at the places our young ladies venture into:

rape spot

This is the Actual Spot where a young woman was gangraped. She says she is a Journalist. That You may be. And ‘We’ are shouting ourselves hoarse telling that rapes should be stopped. But Did Your Wish, My/Our Shouting, and Your being a journo stop You from gangrape, madam?

A Young Woman might say that she is going to an Isolated spot to ‘cover a story,’ or some such. She would say that she went there with a male friend ‘for protection.’ That is Not how the World is going to take it. Very often You will find a small gang of Gamblers in such places. Numerous are the rapes that happen in Parks and Lone places like these, especially when a ‘Couple’ go in there. If a Lone man and woman go to a lonely place, it will be assumed that they are going there for Sex.

From my Younger days, ‘to this day,’ I have not seen Any Woman Travel Alone, any appreciable distance. At least, not Young and Comely ones. Truck Drivers and ‘Late-Night Celebrators in Cars,’ take Lone Walkers to be Prostitutes, and so stop and start talking ‘business.’ They do not easily take No for an answer. They are known to even try to snatch Womenfolk.

Bulls will ‘go’ for the Red colour. In India, men ‘go‘ after Lone women. Many times that ends up in Rape. After this article was written, a Young Woman travelling alone got her Lips bitten at Nagarcoil Railway station which You can read by clicking on the link.

This is the third article in this series. To go to the first, Please click here. To go to the next post in this series, Please click here.



Hello, Everybody! …As I have written to Shiva in the comments, I have 840 posts, done in 28 months! Hope these are of Use to You as they give me Satisfaction in writing.

Pearly gates and St Peter

The Pearly Gates and St. Peter. Image from the Internet.

I am an Opinion Former. I am Not out to Merely ‘Inform’ You. What I Intend is to Induce Reflection, and Thence, Action. 

There is a Surfeit of Info available. What One Needs is Practical Ways to Achieve Happiness and Satisfaction.

Having named by blog as Love, Happiness and Peace, You will see that I write Quite a Lot indeed on Current Affairs. Love Demands that We Interest Ourselves, and Involve Ourselves, in the Affairs of Our Fellow Beings, particularly those Without a Voice. It is Our Duty and Our Responsibility.

Wish You Happy Times!