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Indian Cricket Team Praises Mothers


Mother's name on jerseys

Famed Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Rohit Sharma don and show off their Mother’s name on their jerseys. And they are doing it all through the regular games. Kudos to whoever thought this up. …Image from the Internet.

I like this very much. The Indian Cricket team dons the name of the player’s Mother on their jerseys. As they put it:

“Everybody says,

‘हर कोई कहता है, बाप का नाम रोशन करो. लेकिन मैं अपनी माँ का नाम भी रोशन करूंगा!'”

This follows the concept that one is supposed to live in such a way that one’s ‘father’s’ name is praised. Here, they say that they want to Acknowledge and Praise the Contribution their Mothers made to their lives, and even their Careers!

…Most of the time I do not even wear an upper garment, much less put names on them. But here’s to my Mother, and my Father:

Jeanne d’Arc Ponnou

Antony Xavier Ponnou






YISSURIM, A very new word I came across today, in Nechama‘s post.

I shall share by Quoting Nechama:

“When he draws us close, it is too much for us fragile humans.  We shatter from being so close. That is the pain of Yissurim.

Our challenges are not an act of torture, they are an act of love. An act of being brought close to Hashem.”

Christ and Yissurim

The Rabbis explain this by quoting the Scriptures, which, in Biblical terms, come to:

The Lord Corrects those He Loves, as a father corrects a son of whom he is proud.” Proverbs 3:12. TEV., and –

“Have You forgotten the Encouraging words which God speaks to You as His sons?

‘My son, pay attention when the Lord corrects You,

And do not be discouraged when He rebukes You.

Because the Lord corrects everyone He Loves,

And punishes everyone He accepts as a Son.’

Endure what You suffer as a being a father’s punishment; Your suffering shows that God is treating You as His sons. Was there ever a son who was not punished by his father? If You are not punished, as all His sons are, it means You are not real sons, but bastards.” Hebrews 12:5-8. TEV.

Of course, and Frankly, the words: “A Father ‘Punishing’ his son” sound Repulsive. But let Us think in terms of the Coach saying: ‘Drop and give me 50.’

The Coach wants You to reach Far

The Coach wants You to reach FAR.

The Coach sets Challenges The Coach sets Challenges in front of You.


The Coach does not let You ‘be.’ He watches over You like a Hawk.

The Coach Bites Your head off

The Coach Bites Your head off, if necessary! …See How ‘Taken-aback’ this young man is! The Young man can push his Coach down with his little finger. But, he is the ‘Coach.’ If You want to Improve, You LISTEN!


It is a Sad fact that both the father and the coach might Give up on the Non-Trier. Particularly if he is a ‘Paying’ student, he will be tolerated, even molly-coddled, but, knowing that he is not going to reach the ‘heights,’ neither the coach nor the parent really ‘Drives’ this kind of person.


Now, to get back to Our YISSURIM, two Images!

Father hugs son

Crushing Hug!

When the Lord draws us close, it is too much for us fragile humans.  We shatter from being so close. That is Yissurim.

ALL images from the Internet.

Once again,



What about ‘The Other Man?’


I take the Central Path in affairs, leaning neither to the right nor the left. Some seem to think that I am supporting ‘them.’

Quite some time ago I received some Tweets, as under, which prompted me to write this post.


Frankly, it is about practices in Islam. …I have No quarrel with them, but.

The Tweeter is asking What You would do if You found Your Wife being Unfaithful; in other words, is Caught in Adultery.

My Question to my Muslim brothers is: What about the ‘Man’ with whom She was supposed to have committed the deed? Am absolutely Certain they are Not talking about Masturbation or Lesbian relationships.

[ Do not know if the Jews still follow these same/similar things now. ]

Yes. What about the ‘Other Man?’ Why is he Not punished?

Why is the Adulterous ‘male’ Not Stoned to Death?


Alabaster, Briefly, a short story


Tremendous! Dear Kim’s post is worth publishing. A Very, Very Good read.

I have had the Honour of attending to Both my Dear Parents in their Last Days. Got reminded of those times by this story. Beautiful descriptions.

“Ella was good for only the simplest things, things like comforting her mother with voice and touch as she became more and more childlike,” a quote from the story, reminds me how I too could just drop into my Mother’s room, briefly Kiss her forehead and leave quickly, being overly overcome with Emotion.

Happily, a Woman from our village had been a Great companion to my Mother in her last days.

“A urine catheter and bag…became less a fixture than anything.” How True! The intake becomes So small that even those bags become mere fixtures.

Finally saw what Kim meant by Alabaster.




Kimberly Townsend Palmer

illustration alabaster briefly

Alabaster, Briefly

After the hurricane, but before the power came back on, Ella went out walking with her daughter, Katie, to survey the damage.  The huge old ficus tree in front of the library had toppled over, its immense grove of roots lying naked, withering now in the sun.  “Nana’s tree gots broken,” the three-year-old said.  Humidity bore down on everything like a weighted fishing net.  The tree had been a twig thirty-five years ago, when Ella was a kindergartner.  She remembered the planting ceremony — her mother, president of Friends of the Library, in a blue linen sheath and white gloves, stepping on the edge of a shiny new shovel.

Now the tree, too, was dying.  The shelter it had provided was still dark and cool — the web of roots from each branch created a division of rooms like a house.  Ella pitied that sodden, gigantic mass, torn…

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4/21/2016 I Lost My Mentor Prince (A Re-blog)


The Great Love that Westerners have for ‘Singers’ is something very ‘foreign’ to Us Indians. Not that We are better.

Would say We are the Worse, running after Cinema Stars, making them chief ministers, ministers, law makers, and even going to the extent of giving their ‘posters’ ‘Milk baths,’ and worse, committing Suicide because We (Information Technology Experts!) could not see the ‘first show’ of a movie.

In that way find many of these Singers worth attention.

Seems these are ‘Prince’s’ words, (or words that he sang. Same thing. Shows his mind-set). …

“It won’t be long before the second coming… All of God’s children must learn how 2 love.” -Prince 1982

“Sacred is the prayer that asks 4 nothing, while seeking 2 give thanks 4 every breath we take. Blessed are we inside this prayer, 4 in the new world we will be there. The only love there is, is the love we make.” -Prince 1996

Recall that Michael Jackson also sang something on Ecology, …and remember the words: ‘War, What is it good for,’ etc.

Kudos to such Souls who have Inspired People All over the world.

Thanks and Love to Belinda for sharing this with Us.




I just wanted 2 say thank U 2 everyone who offered their sentiments about my mentor Prince. I apologize 4 not being able 2 receive ur communications right away. At the moment I am still unable 2 conjure my own existence 2 speak on his. 💔 Without knowledge, this wonderful man has held me down since my mom passed when I was in my teens. I’m in my 50’s now. The fruits of his tree have nourished my spiritual journey 4 over 3 decades.

I’m so earthshakingly devastated that I can’t breathe. I waited 4 a response 2 my tweet 2 him, that would allow me 2 breathe again, but it did not come. I have not taken a sacred breath in 5 days because I felt the centrifugal force he talked about in “One Song”, shifting him back to 1.

I am broken now. But all that I…

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When My Wife Became My Hero (A Re-blog)


Really Breath-taking! …This is a Lovely, and Most Inspiring account. A REAL Living of the Marriage Vows. (People perhaps don’t even know the difference between a Vow and a promise). My Hearty Kudos and Salutations to Allie.


The Lonely Author


When My Wife Became My Hero

When Allie arrived in the United States, we decided instead of working she would get her degree.

Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.

Soon after her arrival, I lost my job. The following year, we depleted our savings and faced eviction.

Then I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs.

Sitting in the emergency room, I looked at my frightened bride; new to this intimidating city, with no knowledge of English.

Our survival depended on her.

Thus began our nightmare. Her relatives (cousins & aunts) suggested she leave me, then, they stopped communicating with her. My friends disappeared.

We lost everything we owned.

On three occasions we went to bed thinking we would be homeless the next day. All three times as I researched homeless shelters my bride shocked me by finding a temporary job and a place for us…

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And now ‘Yogi’ Adityanath


Maybe the title should read: And now ‘yogi’ adityanath a victim to the Notorious ‘Foot in the mouth disease.’

This ‘yogi‘ (Something like a god-man) adityanath, an MP (Member of the Indian Parliament, no less), has said something Very Interesting, it seems. Had found this in Facebook, and had shared it around, with my own comments. The one at the Top in Hindi, also mine, is from an Old, and Very Famous Hindi movie, ‘Sholay.’ In that the Villain asked one of his men, ‘Now What is to happen to You, Kalia?’ which has become Very famous. I have just used those words.

adityanath hindu couples

…I think ‘I’ escaped. 🙂


Bubble Gum and Birds


Do not know how True this is. But this is what this graphic says: That the bird died due to Bubble gum sticking to its beak, and it not being able to eat.

We should at least Think about this.

Mourning Bird and Bubble Gum

From Facebook.

I also find the Other Bird Mourning thus really Heartbreaking. My Love and Sympathy to You, my Lovely Bird.


A Family that…

True, the Old Adage: The Family that Prays Together Stays Together is Very True.

But I have also found that in Reality,

A Family that Works Together Stays Together!

A family working together

Too often have I heard Indian Wives complaining that their Husbands would not Bother to take them to the doctor even if they were ill and lying down with Fever. But those Same husbands would put on their shirts and start off on their motorcycles in a Jiffy, even when their Wives were Sick, if their friend phoned up and called them to come.

Husbands in India think that it is beneath them to do Housework, even unto washing their own Underwear! Their female-folk have to do it for them, and they say their Love their Wives! Yuck.

Husbands in India think that only They do Meaningful work, and work that Tires. The Indian Wife working without the Machines and Gadgets of the West, according to them, does not, or may be Cannot, get tired. Meaning: Women are not Allowed to Get Tired!

Only a Family that Works Together Can, and Will, Stay Together.


This graphic had been posted in Facebook with the thought that Instead of Saving Our Children from Work and Labour, the Parents who Teach their Children to Work are the Better ones. This is True too.