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Nobody can deny that things are getting better, All around the world, in spite of frightening presentations, especially wrt #Ecology, as excellently presented by #BBCEarth, etc.

What is happening is this:

The focus is economical upliftment of the already rich; #Democracy and particularly #Justice Smothered.

College aged people are Running after ‘love;’

Even the sedate Aditya TV, a Tamil comedy channel, presents it in a ‘series,’ as seen above. Created with GIMP

And Colleges are busy dishing out ways to ‘earn’ and to Get better jobs.

#Journalists too, hiding behind Trained Smiles and Brash voices, forever Self proclaiming to be presenting Truth, are Merely Securing their #Salaries.

MOST people seem to have Forgotten things like Being Humane, Decency, Values, Morality, JUSTICE, Freedom, Democracy, etc.

Hence Needed: All-round development.

To give the idea, I liked this picture.


Below: The graphic says: A people who do not Lift up their voice Against evil, Will Lift the Biers of its loved ones.

My Dear #media, MAKE Yourselves into the IVth Column again!

Don’t tell me you already ‘are’ that. What you are today is like the columns of #Delphi, good only for ‘Time-pass,’ that favourite of India.


In the book ‘#REMO, Unarmed n Dangerous,’ by Warren-Murphy, We have the #Diamondtoothed villain, introduced as Shooting a journalist (ends unpleasant reportings, see?).


Thus conceded, Journalism is Dangerous. Dammit, ANY form of Opening the mouth is dangerous.

#Samriddhi Sakunia, #Sandeep Kothari, #Jagendra Singh, #Narendra Tapolkar, #Govind Pansare, #MM Kalburgi, #Gauri Lankesh and More… All who Opened their mouths and got Killed for their pains, are all True #MARTYRS.

…A fellow had headed groups killing Muslims, speaks of it in a ‘sting’ operation. A link to that video is given below, followed by part of what he admitted:

Created with GIMP


The Indian #JUDICIARY is Ganpatrai (Gand phat raha hai) on #Firecrackers, and #StubbleBurning, #Child Rape, #Lynching, etc.

HOW LONG do you hope to put a (temporary) stop to #constructionwork, #vehiculartraffic, etc, without addressing #stubbleburning and #firecrackers? Till the Next Harvest/Diwali?

Why does not the #supremecourt Order the #uniongorement to Aid the #StubbleProblem, instead of vanity projects like the #Vista and #Delhi’s #SecondAirport?

Would anybody care/dare to inform increase in bronchitis/asthma cases at this time?

Does even #media think, or want to say, that Smoke is Not affecting ‘their’ children n families?

The #supremecourt of India seems to have an awl up its backside, in the form of ‘their’ families being affected. Why else would this august body, which cares zilch about ‘Gang Rapes,’ speak repeatedly about #AirQuality in Delhi?

Created with GIMP
Created with GIMP


It is Time to Rethink #JournalisticObjectivity. The Whole Idea behind that was that people would ‘decide’ for themselves. The Problem is that Indians, by and large, are the Most Apathetic of people. Left to them, my Dear #Journos, the honest among you would all be burnt to death, one by one, and the Cowards would be left to Live with that on their #Conscience, a Very Heavy burden, – Google it if you want.

It is Time to Emphasise the idea of #Journalism is to

‘Serve as a Watchdog over those in power, PARTICULARLY THE #JUDICIARY.’

Created with GIMP

in which I include #judges and #officials.

The #media is not just an estate a column. It is a Cannon, Powerful.

Created with GIMP

Ok, it is Not going to be easy.

But the #media Speaking Up on Social issues is a Must.

#Journos are Also #FamilyPeople and #Citizens. #Bronchitis, #Asthma, do not spare members of the #judiciary or #journalists.

#Media has to let India Know, by way of Regular Hints, of the Pressure put by the Union gorement on them, and the Failings of the #JUDICIARY.

Sanjeev Bhatt, a Very senior ranking police officer, has been jailed by modi, for speaking up, right from about 2002.

It is Either Speaking Up and putting the Neck on the block,

Created with GIMP

Dealing Bronchitis and Asthma in the children, etc, and even Worse, as Time gets by.


A Truckload vs 2 small coins


@Mirror Now

The #mundraport, #adani owned, was found with 3000 Kg of #drugs.

Created with GIMP

We find the nation going Hammer-and-Tongs behind somebody whose name is #Khan, whereas No drugs were found on him, 10 gms found with those who were with him.
The modern 1 rupee coin of India weighs 4.85 gms, call it 5. Take 2 of those. …The usual Trucks of India carry 3000 Kgs. So 2 small 1 rupee coins are getting More attention than a Whole Truck-load, bec ‘that’ name is #adani, #modi’s friend.

That is our Indian #media.
And the #judiciary is happy receiving its Fat salaries and perks, and worrying about its pensions.


#Congress, #bjp, #media, #ndtv


Re y’day’ s TV interview on @ndtv bet @srinivasan n @Kanhaiya.

@srinivasan criticises the #Congress, viz, #NoVision, #NoLeadership n #Fragmented.

For all his seniority, @srinvasan is like a XIIth class boy. He has missed the Forest for the Trees.

@Congress has been Bad.

Congress has also erred in Not meeting #AmrinderSingh, now ex cm of punjab.


@bjp IS Bad, in its very Nature.

@Congress n esplly @Rajiv have Improved; whereas in its 7 yrs, @bjp has only gone from Bad to Worse, n No Sane mind would believe @bjp would give up its #Violent, #Rowdy, #AntiDemocratic mindset.

Democratic ideals, Protests, put down with state sponsored terrorism; #bjp’s greatest negative.

Hv called @srinivasan a class XII boy bec he chooses to kneel to the #bjp, whatever the reasons. He shames the proud #South. And @ndtv has @RavishKumar, that Gem among #journalists. …Hope @ndtv improves.


What should I do?


My Dear Friends, after having gone to Your pages, and having read Your posts, when I give a ‘Like,’ a small window appears, and then automatically disappears! And the like is Not registered. 😦 Don’t have an image for that.

Similarly, when I want to comment, am given the choice of signing in thro Wp, Fb, etc. …When I Click on Wp, sometimes I am logged in, at other times, ‘this’ happens. A site I had gone to, #EricAlagan’s, when I go to check the progress after writing all these things, (am NO tiger in this, mind You!), I still find the ‘progress bar,’ still progressing. 😦

So, Please don’t be surprised if You do not hear from me. Thanks.


Demonetisation, India, 2.



Virtually every person I spoke to this week in Goa, supports demonetisation. Shopkeepers, cabbies, restaurants, navy officers.

My Responses:

1. rahul, just shows what crowd you hang around with.

2. THAT is Not India. Since you do not know, India lives more then 70% in the villages.

3. Hanging yourself a Better choice than reporting from your armchairs.


Both a Shame, that #media supports the administration; and Also shows the FEAR #media lives in. No support to the administration, No Licence. Free India. Supposedly.


Truth, and Freedom


hitler had said,

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

As Friend Madelyn of <; shared with me…

Joseph Goebbels had said that the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. …Evidently, it Need Not be, Unless the State is an evil one! Goebbels admits to the evil of his time and regime by his statement. …And Conversely, Truth becomes the Way to Freedom from the evil state.

And here is the full quote that she shared (I had not know this).

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

I am Proud that India has ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (Truth Alone Wins!) as Our Motto. I give the words in the Devanagari script, or the Hindi script as it would be popularly known, below.

सत्यमेव जयते!


Violence is a Very Poor Answer!


We could start with the Incident at Uri. India seems to have ‘Avenged,’ Retaliated against the attack by a ‘Surgical’ one.

In connection with all this, showing their Anger against pakistan, the MNS (a branch of the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra) and the VHP (the Vishva Hindu Parishad, an organization of rather right wing in nature), have Banned pakistani Artists from working/performing in India.

Salman Khan, a rather popular and eminent actor of North India has spoken out, saying that the Arts and Terrorism cannot mix, and should be kept Separate, meaning all thereby that the Imposition against pakistani Artists should Not be there. He is being criticized for it, and We could say, being Isolated. Foolish and Sad.

In one of the many so called TV debates over these issues, the spokesperson for the ruling party Blithely said that the Surgical strikes in particular should be seen as a matter of Pride. He further went on to say that Surgical, Overt, Military, Minimalist and Major, All sorts of Military operations should be considered against Pakistan.


I am a person who considers even Jailing somebody as Violence. And that Severe Actions should be taken against Drug Dealers, Rapists and Acid Throwers. I would even recommend that Nails (one inch ones would be Enough!) – be driven into the bodies of these Criminals. And that I support Pain (Torture), and Not Death, for these.

I further go on to say that JUDGES in particular Must be made to Realize what Real Life Is.

In the Olden days, Kings, even Emperors, used to go out of their Palaces, leaving off all vestige of Royalty, like a Commoner, and came to know of the Problems and Pains of the Subjects. Indian History tells us that they even visited Military Camps. They used to Aid the Needy, and Punished the Wicked.

King Harshavardhana, one of the Last Emperors of India, who reigned between c 606 and 647 AD, was Famous for doing the above.

Today No politician, judge nor officer knows of the Pains or Problems of the People. Which is Why People’s lives or lots do not change, and We get No Justice from judges.

My contention is that they should be Made to Realize Real Life. That, Alas, would take what Much of world, from its Comfortable Armchairs, calls Violence. First, on Violence. People speak about Peaceful Means, and Rousing up the ‘Conscience‘ of the Oppressors, through Ahimsa.

They are Easily Silenced. I would like to know if Hitler, or Saddam Hussein, to name just two, could have been brought to ‘See their Ways’ through Any Peaceful means. These few lines should be able to End the argument. The ‘evil’ Are going to be there. And Violence Is a Necessary, though Sad Means of Containing them.

Violence, in the sense of Force, is Not the Problem. The problem is, ‘WHO’ is going to Wield it.

And for Heaven’s sake, Let’s Kill off Drug Lords and such. Makes No sense in building Expensive containment facilities for them, only to have them living there as Kings, and to escape at will, to continue their merry business once again.


Above: Peru’s Guzman is a notorious example. Said to be Guilty of having ordered the death of 60,000 people(!), this is how he was transferred to his place of incarceration. He had escaped from even that place, but was thankfully captured again. There he is, sitting like a ‘lord;’ a war ship, special commandos, and very special underground cell, and the attendant guards, all chalked up to Our expense. While Billions go Hungry and Homeless. …What a waste. Spend it on a Single Bullet.

As You would see, I Advocate Sufficient Use of Force to Contain evil, as Corrective Punishment.


FOR – ALL – THAT, to come back to Uri, many people all over India, and the Indian Media in particular, calling for ‘Teaching’ pakistan a lesson through Military means, (the media does not do this directly, of course), just have No Idea of what War is.


A picture I have Already used. But one of the Very Best for Our purposes. An Injured Indian Soldier. Salutations to Him. …More text follow the graphics, in continuation.


On the Field, they do not get Bandaged up Immediately. They fight on, amidst Death, the Blood and Gore.


He must have been a Very Handsome looking Young man. We are speaking about ‘Looks’ only here. The Trauma he has suffered, and that will shake him up on a Daily basis, are Well and Truly Hidden.


African, Or…inj-sol-f-brit

In this case British, …they All look the Same when they get Maimed and Injured.


These are the ‘Effects’ of War.


Their Friends try to drag them to Safety.


Statue of Injured, Battle Weary Soldiers. Created especially for the Emotions pictured on their faces and in their Eyes.


So far, I have shown, and been able to show, Only pictures of What happens to Soldiers. The effects of Battle on Ecology, the Land, Houses and Habitation, and Particularly on People And On Children, is Devastating. You are Invited and Requested to pay attention to footage’s of Bombings and Shellings shown on Your TV. They give a goodly idea indeed.


And HUNDREDS of Soldiers Die in case of War.


If After all this somebody still wants India to Initiate Military steps and actions against pakistan, then…

But the Main Problem of the World is Not Violence. It is Apathy.

Happy Gandhi Jayanthi to You All! May the recalling of his Birth remind Us and Encourage Us to search for Ways to Peace.

All graphics from the Internet.


A Most Marvellous Buy!


Through my Good Young Friend Nivas Balu of Balaji Mobiles at Kulithalai I came across the LYF Flame 6 mobile phone, powered, I believed by/through Reliance Jio network.

LYF flame

Image from the Internet. Incidentally, the phone Looks Very Good. The photograph does not do justice to it!

The are THREE special things about it.

  1. The Speed is fantastic. I have noticed 900 Mbps Plus!
  2. For the First Three months All Data is Free!
  3. At the end of the three months, a Very Affordable Data rate is promised.

Hence I bought one, towards the end of last month, just for Data (it works as a WiFi Hotspot) for Both my computer and my mobile for Whatsapp. And, at the end of about 10 days or so, I should say that I am Very Happy with the product.

So far, Highly Satisfied. Am Recommending this particularly to my Friends in India. Regards. 🙂