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The Scales of Justice as Ear Rings!


One can understand that Justice has been perverted by Corrupt judges and lawyers for Ages. And what is the situation today?

In the pages of the Magazine/Paper ‘Maadhyamam,’ from the faraway(!) land of Kerala, which should have Nothing to do with the Internal affairs of Tamil Nadu, comes this cartoon:scales of justice

From Facebook. It says, in Effect: jayalalitha* wearing the Scales of Justice as her ear-rings.

*(she is the current, recurrent and recurring chea* ministress, aka ‘Pain in the What,’ of Tamil Nadu).

The courts, after 18 (EIGHTEEN) YEARS of Hard work, declared this woman as guilty in her ‘disproportionate assets’ case. she was even sentenced to jail. But then comes along a joodge of a higher bench, who, within two months, found her a loophole, and out she is, as I said, a chea* ministress today. It is also said that this latter joodge received some 1,500 crores and is now residing in the States.

As I said, ‘It is Said.’ I have No Proof of any of this. But neither can the Tiger prove that the man poked it with an Iron.

In the latest instance, the so called supreme court of India has said that monies, unless gained by wrong means, are not a crime. It seems that the Village Idiot did not know this, and the courts had to inform him.

…EVERY department is corrupt, monies reach the highest places as commissions, which are ‘fixed.’ The Greatest Crime of Turning Tamil Nadu into a Desert has been ‘accomplished,’ at Great profit, (Billions, I would not hesitate to say, …and, needless to say, with Huge commissions to the woman), and the supreme court is SO supremely blind, that it has not ‘noticed’ these things.

Thus perverted is Justice in India today. Even the Scales of Justice have been Bought and Sold. Let Us All go to Sleep.


An Open Letter to #BarkhaDutt of #NDTV

Hello, #Barkha!

Watched Your Interview of #ArvindKejriwal over #NDTV yesterday, and have some comments on that.

What about #NDTV giving the heading: #RAVE and #RANT with regard to Arvind and the #AAP when Your interview was going on?


This may require some background:

You had questioned Arvind over his remarks about #modi; having called him a #Coward, etc. And You had said that Arvind must have lost many Admirers/Followers because of that. Just by the way, Arvind has not lost my admiration, however poor that might be.

The reasons Arvind had given for his words, namely, modi using the #LGofDelhi to actively hinder AAP’s developmental projects there, make complete sense to me. #bassi and the #LG, the two arms of the #bjp, Do make it Despicable.

Despicable is a Very Strong word for me. I am not the #bjp Bhakts who go into Ma and Bahen at the drop of a hat.

001 amma laand chodl

002 ma bahen

Some screen shots of #bjp Bhakti. I have plenty more where these come from. Unfortunately.


Leaving these Bhakts aside,

You mean You people in the media can call Others Names, of which Rave and Rant are very good examples, with Impunity, on a Regular Basis, and We cannot call people Cowards?

Sleep as Well as You can.

Maanangetta courts


Maanangetta (Maanam+Ketta) means WITHOUT HONOUR. Somebody who has lost All his/her Respect in Society. To call the Indian courts – Not that world courts seem much better – merely Shameless is not enough. They are Utterly Devoid of Honour. Maanangetta is the Worst word I find to use against anybody.

On December 16, 2012, a girl was brutally gang raped by 6 men, one of them, a minor. The girl died of her injuries after fifteen days. This case is known today as the Nirbhaya case.

The minor (17 at that time) was the one who was the Most Brutal of the lot, having also used Iron Rods in his Sexual Assault on her.


Brutal Rapist goes scot free thanks to Idiotic courts

Not only that. his identity has not been divulged. Every time he is brought out, he has  his face carefully covered, and some fat, soft men who are ‘supposed’ to be security, bringing him around. …I get the feeling that he is some close relative of some judge.

minor who had raped lovingly led forward by the police, with dignity

In Contrast to protecting this Swine’s Identity, the News Channels, right this morning as You would have it, while supposedly ‘Exposing’ the crimes of a Drug Lord and Murderer in Punjab, ‘Showed, Fully,’ the Faces and even the Names of Witnesses to the Crime, thus Endangering their Very Lives. HENCE, THE SAME HAS TO BE SAID HERE TOO: IDIOTIC NEWS CHANNELS.

Coming back to Covering the faces, and thus the Identities of these DASTARDLY CRIMINALS AND LOW LIFE, Society Never gets to know from whom it has to Save Itself!

criminal glares at You from behind his mask

And THESE LOW LIFE AND SCUM, getting thus Encouraged, Vent their Anger, Angst, against the Common People, and Glare at You from behind their ‘masks.’


I do not even Expect politicians and police to do Anything Good for the People. They are Scum. But the ‘Justice Department’ by its very definition has to guard the Well being of the Country.

By merely disbursing law, created and written for the wealthy, the judges have Lost All Honour. They are Beyond Shame. I would like to use the words from Indian Languages which describe such things better: Nirlajj in Hindi, Be-Haya in Urdu, and Maanangetta in Tamil and Malayaalam.

judges have Failed to give Protection to the Country, and are Aiding and Abetting Criminals. As earlier, I cannot wish that the members of their families suffer Rape. BUT I DO HEARTILY WISH THAT JUDGES BE BRUTALLY SODOMIZED. (The Idea being that they will learn the Barbarity of Rape from that.)

I hope some judge or magistrate, or better still, the Wife and/or Child(ren) of theirs, read this post, and learn the Absolute Contempt I have for them. I Spit on them. I hope the Families of judges do the Same on them.


A Tribute to Journalists

Frankly, I am a great Critic of media personnel, particularly of the TV kind. Again speaking frankly, though I have found one or two ‘Talking Sense,’ in the sense of Impartial reporting, I have found them presumably pressurized back into taking the ‘Channel owner’s’ stand!

For all that, We come across Fearless Reporters who have risked Life and Limb in the service of Good and Honest Journalism.

The first name I would like to mention in this regard is that of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, though he was not exactly a journalist. I found his ‘One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich‘ absolutely captivating.


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist, historian, and critic of Soviet totalitarianism, 1918-2008.


Very Recently, India has seen no less than Two Journalists Burnt, to Death, because of the Subjects of their Investigation.

1. Sandip Kothari, journalist, investigated and reported on Mining Irregularities in Madhya Pradesh.

 Journalist burnt to death

2. Jagendra Singh, journalist in Uttar Pradesh. Burnt at home, later succumbed to Burns.

Jagendra-singh journo burnt death UP 2015


This post is a Tribute to All such Brave Men and Women of the Esteemed profession.

Bloggers are more important than journalists; FACT

1. Excellent Post!

2. From the article: “The voice of the people was only heard when the journalists and owners of these NEWS agencies deemed them relevant to be heard; the professionally paid journalists and wealthy fat cats controlled EVERYTHING we heard when it came to the NEWS.”

3. I do not think that Only White men are guilty of this. Think of Russia, China, Korea, and Our Dear India!

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ Okay, its 2015 and the reality of life is that the Internet has changed the world forever. And while in some ways it has caused people to waste a LOT of time (aka men sitting at their screens and looking at porn till very late into the night = bad) it has also enabled us to accomplish a lot of GOOD things.

For the better part of a couple hundred years, journalism, whether Newspapers, TV News, Radio News, etc., has been by-and-large controlled by the wealthy. It was wealthy businessmen (usually white) who owned all the newspapers, television news, and various news outlets (and oddly enough, most of the outlets are still owned by white men).

The voice of the people was only heard when the journalists and owners of these NEWS agencies deemed them relevant to be heard; the professionally paid journalists and wealthy fat…

View original post 680 more words

How Media can Help


For a long time We in India have heard that pakistan had resorted to ‘Unprovoked’ firing across the border. And they accuse us of the same.


pak shelling mortar frags

Mortar fragments and villagers, on the Indian side. The expressions on the faces are to be Noted. Picture:

pak shelling army evacuates vill

This picture is from the 26th of August! Indian Army helps Evacuate Villagers. Picture:

pak shelling abandoned vill

Abandoned Indian Village near Border. From:


Satellite photo records Would provide Honest answers to this. Below, my tweets to BBC over this.


@BBCWorld 1. Just saw Your report on shelling bet India and pakistan. Question always comes to ‘Who started it?’

@BBCWorld 2. You have satellites to track Weather. Must be Child’s play to track cross border firings!

@BBCWorld 3. Satellite pics, date n month wise, showing WHO started, wd solve this problem; wd quieten critics, n put pressure on offender.


Of course, there is the Further Headache, that BBC records might Not be believed. …The UN should have a cell for this.


It is Time for Us to ROAR!

There are many Reasons why people do not Speak out. Getting Dispirited, Lethargy, and Even Fear could be Reasons. But it is Time for Us to Roar!


And this comes Not only from the Media these days. You and I have that Power in Our hands, with the coming of Social Media, in the form of Twitter, Facebook and Blogging.


Speaking Out Makes a Difference. Note this: (This is a tweet from/by the AIR!)

Govt. concerned over the matter of boxer at Asian Games. Seeks urgent report from .


Haha! With So many remarks in support of this Brave Indian Boxer, Sarita Devi, and so much coverage by media, even the Indian ‘govt’ is shaken up enough to take notice and send out official notices via the All India Radio!

sarita devi laishram-boxing

Sarita Devi, boxing.


So Speak Out. ROAR. Write and Speak More on Social Issues. It concerns Our Children, after all. The choice is Ours. We can be Lions.

roaring lion s

Image from Internet.


Or We can be Jackals, Snarling over our food, our petty lives.

Jackals snarling



News, and No-News!

Floods have ravaged Uttarakhand. Very Sad, of course. And that is News. Floods ravage the  North-East of India, on a regular basis, Year by Year. 12 Lakhs of People, that is 1.2 Million, have been affected this year. But this is No-News. Not in the same way the Uttarakhand one gets treated.

assam floods



The Last I heard, some 191,000 people have been rendered Homeless by the Violence in syria. gaza’s count is 50,000, it seems. I present these as examples. We know that there are Many More instances of such Horror. It is good that they become News, so that We and the World would keep their Misery in Mind, and try to Do something about it.

On the Other hand, some 20,000 people were ousted from their homes, and do not dare to go back, fearing Violence, right here in India. That happened in KANDHAMAL, in Udisha. It has its own write up in Wikipedia! But, this is treated as No-News.

kandhamal girl

The caption of this picture in Wikipedia  says: ‘A Christian girl who was burned during religious violence in Odisha in 2008.’

politicos, their poor security-men, and the media


News: Indian prime minister modi chides his security guard. The poor man had unknowingly come between modi and the TV cameras! Reference at bottom.

modi chides guard

I really had not expected nor hoped to see a picture of this sort in my search for modi and his security-men. Am not sure if this is the photo of the event in the news. modi’s Ire is Clearly captured. As is the Mortification on the face of the Poor security man. Let Us also Note the Absolute Glee on the faces of the four politicos to modi’s left, at his discomfiture. Security personnel put their Very Lives on the line for politicos, and are Not even treated with Dignity by them. I do wonder just Why They Continue at their jobs.


Miserable are We, Peoples, who just Need to See pictures of the so called Celebrities Every day. It seems as if without seeing their pictures, We cannot be Happy, or maybe Our Food will not Digest.

And Miserable are politicians, who got a full 80% of the votes, and YET feel that they Have to Remain in the Limelight. But they Know that if they do not Do that, People will just forget them!

modi politico n cameras

I Wonder, I do, as to Why So Many People want to capture a picture of politicos and such. Some animal instinct, I suppose. politicos At-All-Costs Want their pictures to be taken, and the security has to protect them in situations like these! Picture from:

People are Really Cattle, goodly Sheep of George Orwell. They do not vote for Issues or Values, but for ‘Faces they Know!’ Which is Why Sachin Tendulkar, the Cricketer, got elected as minister. That is Why India has So many Sportspeople and Cine Stars as ministers!


The Hamas – Caught on Camera

This evening, the NDTV carried reports of how the Hamas had been building (temporary) rocket silos near Residential areas and firing the rockets from there. This was a First hand report from this channel, where the reporter and the camera crew had a Direct view of what had been going on.

Very careless on the part of Hamas, of course. Unless they want to tell the world that they don’t give two hoots for world opinion. I took all these pictures with my simple Nokia cell phone directly from my TV, hence the picture quality is nothing to talk about. Here is the Most Prominent One. There are 7 more towards the end of the post.


Israel came under a Lot of Criticism for allegedly killing Hundreds of Civilians, which included a Large number of Children, in Gaza in the latest incidents. The NDTV of India had given this much attention, while other prominent ones like Headlines Today and Times Now had been covering other subjects. The Burden of NDTV had been against the Israelis all this while. All this is a matter of Record.

It is to be Noted that the Same NDTV has Impartially covered and presented the other part of the story, as to How the Hamas HAS been Firing its Rockets from Residential Areas.

Thus the Israeli Retaliatory fire would have landed near those civilian areas, and Hamas Used this Barbaric tactic to whip up support for itself. I for one believe that this is a Common practice for Most Militants, including our dear saddam hussein. More than a dozen palaces and crying that Iraq’s Children did not have Food. And Just What took them SO Long to Allow United Nation’s Inspectors IN? Deliberate Guerilla Tactics, where Civilian Life is Just Fodder for the Cannon.

The Channel also reported that the Israeli Army had given warning of its Raids and Attacks. For this I am not able to offer any proof. But the matter must be available in the site of the said channel.

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