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The Rising AAP!

AAP started its entry into the National scene by a rally in Haryana.


The media deigned to give it Very little coverage. That is because most of the media is owned by business houses which AAP is criticizing. As in:

‘when the government has no money to give farmers or subsidise electricity and water for the poor, it is giving Rs. 54,000 crores of benefits to Mr. Ambani

Here are a few more reports, as the one above, from the Net edition of ‘The Hindu,’ one of the Most Prominent Dailies of India. Am giving You DIRECT QUOTES. Emphasis mine.

‘the Aam Aadmi Party recreated the Ramlila Maidan magic on the HUDA Ground here at a well-attended ‘hunkar’ or war cry rally’

‘the rally belied predictions with its unprecedented turnout, marked by minimal resource mobilisation and some hindrance from the ruling establishment.’

‘Accusing the Congress as well as the BJP of “hobnobbing with Mr. Mukesh Ambani and allowing him to influence governance in return for donations and freebies,” the AAP leader said both forsook their responsibility towards farmers and the poor and instead gave Reliance and other big industries benefits.’

To read the whole article, the reference:

IN-Experience – Preferred!

There are Many instances where In-Experience is PREFERRED! What Experience do We Demand from Our Toddler? What E can We carry to Our First Job? Would Not Both Spouses Like their Partners to be Virgins?

I am going to write on the AAP, the Aam Aadmi Party, a newly formed one in India, brought into being just to Combat Corruption, which has turned India into a Sieve. Nearly 50% of Public Monies is eaten up by those in the Administration. The Poor Infrastructure, So Well pointed out to jaya by Bill Gates, in the form of Poor Roads, Poor Electrical and Water Supply, etc, is Proof that those who Sanction and Distribute Govt monies eat up a Large part of it.

You go to an office, and Bribery, Expected and delivered, often with Silent Curses, is a Way of Life. Corporates have to pay HUGE bribes if they expect Licences and such. Crony Capitalism is the Enemy for both the Rest of Business and for the Citizen, because of its effect.

If You ask me WHY, in a Blog named Love, Happiness and Peace, I am writing about Social Affairs, I would answer You, it is out of Love. As an Example, the Dearth of Water in our Area is something that ‘Burns’ in my Heart. Lakhs (100s of thousands) of Coconut trees have dried up and Died; Paddy on the point of Fructifying starts Dying for Lack of Water, and such.


The photographs above show Two Live Coconut Trees, and FIVE Dead ones! All these are Just around Our Ashram. There are Many More (Dead ones) just in the vicinity.

The Lack of Water is NOT affecting me Personally, nor will it do so in my Life time. But in a Scant 20 years or so, Water is going to become a Phenomenal Problem. Being a Sannyasi and a Catholic Priest, I do not have Children of my Own. But I am like the Grandfather who kept Planting Saplings.

Doing Something Meaningful and Useful is What Brings Happiness. And Peace. Hence writing on Social Issues in a Blog named Love, Happiness and Peace is both Justified, and above all, to be Emulated. This is where We see Love Combines with politics!

The Ganges Floods Every Year. Joining the Ganges to the Kaveri in the South of India had been a Project considered for Decades, but Never Executed because of the Absence of political Will.

The Administrations which had Charge of the Country for Decades, in the form of major political parties, are Chock Full of Experienced politicians. And AAP is just a Baby, a mere 15 months or so Old. Experienced politicos have developed control over their Words, Speech, Face and Body Language, etc, and are past masters of filling the air with blah. If ever You have the misfortune to listen to them, You come home and wonder Why people criticize them at all.

For instance, India’s ruling party is citing the thousands of schools opened, the metros brought into function, the telecom services added, etc, as proofs of their ‘achievement.’ But there are Sickening Crowds in the Trains and the Buses, which are the Lot of at least 90% of the Population of the Country.

The Schools are churning out Youth in the Hundreds of Thousands every year, but Many of them do not have even the 3 R’s. Our Youth are Experts at twiddling at the Cell Phone, but the Education system has not made them into Original Thinkers, or Even Thinkers.


The Military has Poor Gear, but the politicians have ALL become Richer Many Times. The pic at left shows How Poorly Our Soldiers are equipped compared to the Others. The one at right shows some of India’s Richest politicos. A politico from pune, dutta phuge, has a rs. 1.25 Crore Shirt! Reports say that some politicos increase their wealth by SIX times and more during their tenure of 5 years. …Of WHAT use have our ‘Experienced’ politicians been to US?

Experience has its Value. But Give me HONEST people who will not Play the Fool with the Future of Our Children. The Nation has Enough Experienced Personnel in Every Field to Guide the Administration. Yes, AAP ministers do not know the lingo of Sweet Talk; How to Keep Smiling while Stabbing You in the Back. AAP ministers are So Eager, they seem Hotheads. But AAP seems to be the Answer to India’s Problems just now. It needs to be supported. We can do that by Joining the party.

It is Indeed criticized Right and Left, Every Day, Many Times, especially by the media. It is bashed if it Does, and bashed if it Doesn’t. The latest charge, as I heard it last night over the Headlines Today, was, something like: ‘The AAP was always criticizing, talking hard; Why is it changing its ways now?!’ And if the AAP is Such a Useless party, WHY ALLOT SO MUCH TIME TO CRITICIZING IT?

The Time, Attention, and Care given to AAP’s Criticism – All Very Professional, Very Well Thought Out, and Very High Brow – Shows that the AAP, within this Short span of 15 MONTHS or so, has become a Threat to the existing political parties, the corrupt in the courts and the offices, and to Crony Capitalists. And That is Why these are taking the Time and Effort to come down on AAP like a Ton of Bricks and a Pack of Wolves.

I will take the IN-Experienced AAP as Opposed to the present ‘Experienced’ Looters. Any Day.

Gandhiji – Anarchist!

This happened when I was in Bhagalpur diocese, at Basmata, I think. A Beggar was turning up all too often, and so the Parish Priest said, with some Irritation and in Sarcasm, ‘Yes, the Next time, Come with your Whole Family!’ And Bless me, he did that the next time!

At sometime Arvind Kejriwal seems to have said that he was (also) an anarchist. The media, which likes to keep harping on this, does not deign to give us the background, or the Original instance of this utterance. But it does keep ‘Crowing’ about it in its own sanctimonious way.

Speaking of Crowing, of Old, it was said that the True Sportsman neither Cries when he loses, not Crows when he wins! Crowing is Best left to Crows! I want to remind the media of this. Particularly when those who are presenting the news seem no better than mere Wage Earners. It does not behoove them to behave thus with Game Changers.

Coming to Anarchy, is that such a Bad thing? One Man’s Terrorist being another Man’s Freedom Fighter, and all that? Anarchy, from Greek, signifies ‘without government,’ or Rejection of the Administration. The other definition of Anarchism, namely: the political philosophy which holds the state to be immoral, is where Kejriwal comes in, and in that I am with him. Whatever the beginnings, just after India’s Independence, might have been, for the last 30 or 40 years, Morality has been Sold to the Dogs by the Administrations that followed one after another.

Also, in Kejriwal’s case and mine, it is: Rejection of ‘the’ administration; and Not: Rejection of Administration. Let them give Us a Good one, and We will Accept that.

Coming to Gandhiji, called ‘The Father of Our Nation,’ We See Him here with ‘lord’ mountbatten. It must have been Cold, mountbatten has his coat on, but more importantly, has put on heavy woollen socks. So Gandhi appears with a ‘Shawl.’


Dress ‘Codes!’ The vatican has one, and so has the taliban, especially for Ladies, and Only for Ladies, it would seem. We see what Gandhiji thought of dress codes. It is said that He went in the same Attire for the ‘queen’s’ Tea Party, (though I could not find a photo of that), and the queen had to bear it. Anarchy!


I give the following from: ‘Does Gandhi Deserve a Place in the Libertarian Tradition? By JEFF RIGGENBACH,’ in

The intellectual historian George H. Smith: “Gandhi’s hatred of State oppression was as passionate and deeply-felt as any contemporary Libertarian.” Smith quotes Gandhi as having said that “Any man who subordinates his will to that of the State surrenders his liberty and thus becomes a Slave.”

“In the enormous corpus of Gandhi’s writings, we find no systematic treatise on political theory. Yet scattered throughout letters and articles we find unmistakable indications of his anarchist tendencies.”

“Gandhi repeatedly called himself an anarchist.”


So, if Arvind Kejriwal called himself an Anarchist, he is in Very Good Company. Let us Join them!

Freebies, Populist schemes, etc.

Have Never Appreciated, nor Approve of such.

AAP’s decision to give a 50% subsidy on Electrical bills to those who supported it is quite questionable. But who knows what is happening, and how the media is reporting this?

This is going to cost the Common Man rs. 6 Crores. …The media very kindly raised the question, as to where this money was coming from.

[After writing this, One Manish Jugran wrote a very good comment in Facebook. Am Sharing it:

‘We gave pension for last 67 year to any person who even once walked in protest against British government …then why not these people who also stood against corrupt system.’

I think he has made a Very Good point.]

…sharad pawar is sanctioning rs. 1400 Crores (!) on Subsidy to Raw Sugar Export. Where is ‘this’ money going to come from?

Debts of corporates are written off to the tune of ‘Billions.’ From where ‘this’ money? Is not vijay mallya, the beer baron, one of such beneficiaries? And he has money to invest in cricket teams, but not to pay his staff’s salaries, by the way!

In TAMIL NADU, a minimum of TEN KILOS OF FREE RICE is given EVERY MONTH to all Ration Card holders. FREE MIXIES AND GRINDERS, again to ALL Card holders, are in the offing.

6.5 Crore People in TN. Say 1 Crore cards. That makes it ONE MILLION TONNES OF FREE RICE EVERY MONTH. What is the cost of all this? Who is paying the bill for all this? jayalalita?

When jaya speaks of forming a third front, the media reports it. Why is media NOT reporting such freebies by this woman?

Poor Reporting

The govt LIKES to announce and run so-called development schemes. Like ‘Old age pensions.’ You find that in the village, they are collecting the names of such People. After some time, You see that about Half of those are receiving their pensions. The Other Half have to keep going round and round the mulberry bush, but to No avail.

The Rest of the Money has been Eaten up, right from those who planned and announced the project, to the village headmen who were responsible for carrying it out.

In this, AAP’s formation of ‘Colony Groups,’ mainly Women, approving such projects is an EXCELLENT move.

But since money will stop flowing into the corrupt pockets, this is what they say about it: ‘AAP’s mohalla sabhas throw spanner in development works.’

[Mohalla=Colony, Sabha=Group or ensemble]

Down with the corrupt, and down with corrupt reporting.


Lopsided Criticism

This is different from Stilted Reporting. Only the media indulges in ‘that!’

We are ALL Criticizing! Criticism, after all, means ‘judging.’ So We are All judges. And some fellows are being called ‘justices!’ Lol.

On the Lowest, what might be called the silly level, it is choosing between this potato or that one, this shirt today or the other. On higher levels, We decide if a person is Trustworthy and whether We are going to interact with them further or not.

Thus Criticism cannot be Avoided, and it is not Wrong.

But when people criticize when they should be Praising and vice versa, We start Pulling our Hair. And when Lopsided Criticism is applied to Public domain and National Issues, We Start Losing our Hair. Let us take a few cases.

(No)mamata banerjee’s cadres use Gang Rape as a political tool, and this brings out Low Criticism. azam khan sends out whole companies of the police force to search for his blasted buffaloes, again Low C. Somnath Bharti’s ‘orders’ the delhi police to investigate Sex and Drug rackets, …what a Hulla bulla! And that Somnath was later proved right is another matter.

Andhra’s protests bringing Movement to a Standstill on a National level is considered not even worth talking about. But if the AAP-ians protest, it is the End of the World!

For more than 60 years, the major political parties had been farting around. That is run of the mill. If AAP wants those laws changed, ‘AAP does not respect laws, AAP does not know how to govern,’ and Much More.

…Well, the PIGS in Animal Farm had made laws too. And they were enforced by the Dogs. And the laws were ‘followed’ by the Sheep. …80% of our Populace is made of Sheep too. But Some of Us SHALL Criticize at least Some of the Laws and the Doings of business houses, and their handmaidens – policos, courts and the police.

Only History can decide Who was Lopsided and Who was Straight.


Stilted Reporting

Two events of Violence are in the air. One is due to britain admitting that it had helped plan the attack on the Golden Temple in Punjab, the holy shrine of the Sikhs, in 1984. (The sikhs seem more incensed by this, than the fact that a terrorist had desecrated the temple by turning it into his hideout). The second is in the aftermath of Nido Taniam, a Young Man of 19 from the North East being killed, on reportedly Racist grounds.

Both events gave rise to Protests. And both the protests have something in common, as far as can be seen from the videos shown on TV. Both are Violent.

But Nary a word from the media on the Nature of these protests. No mention that those who had gathered had indulged in violent pushing and shoving, faces Angry, not only scaling the barriers that the police put up, but also overturning them.

Whereas there was the AAP protest, led by Arvind Kejriwal, just some time ago, where 3000 police personnel had been ordered onto the spot by administration (down with the word ‘govt.’). For so many police to be there, what must have been the number of AAP supporters? And Yet, had there been violence there? Except for that shown by an elderly policeman, distinctive in his whitish hair and moustache, who was caught on camera Twice, shoving, pushing and hitting? As for the stories by the police of stone throwing, etc, they were not convincing.

Now here comes the Stilted Reporting: How does media report these? In the case of Arvind’s protest, the administration, the police and the media had made so much noise, trying to show that the fabric of society was being torn apart, whereas just the Opposite was the case. And in cases of actual violence, as in the Sikh and NE ones, the media is Calm as a Calf. Shame on media, politicos and the police for this.

The Modern ‘media.’

The media of Old, the Newspapers, through their Editorials, and selection of what they presented, not only informed, but ‘formed’ the opinion of the people, often being the Instruments of Change.

All Freedom movements must have used some sort of medium, media, for sharing information, even though this might have been just in the form of Handbills.

Today’s media does all these things too. Of Sorts. But the ‘freedom’ they are helping establish is Not one that can be Appreciated. Today, the media is a very good example of: ‘Loot sakaay tho loot,’ as they say in Hindi, which means, ‘Loot on, as much as you can.’

The politicos are looting the nations. And one of the first things that any political establishment that takes control of the ‘governance’ of a country does, is to try to take control of the media. Even today, when a coup takes place, one of they first things they would do is to take charge of the country’s radio station.

There are ways of avoiding this control. It takes a few things. I could tell them if they wanted it, and if they asked me.

But, since fighting for ‘Independence,’ even of the media, is always a sort of War, they prefer to give up the ghost, and search for easier hunting grounds. Like Advertisements. So, right from the media owners/bosses, through the ‘famous’ anchors, to the journalists/reporters on the street, they get satisfied with their incomes, their perks, and style of living.

They become satisfied with being part of the ‘jet set,’ getting to live in star hotels, able to move around, visit places, and being on ‘TV,’ (rare is the person who does not ‘wave’ when the camera is on them, as we see in sports, particularly cricket). In short, a series of Daily Titillation. It is Unfortunate that they think this is Happiness.

So, what the modern media does today is, Present what it is Sure will bring in More Advertisements to the channel; Go the way the ‘govt’ wants, to ‘keep’ its licence, and Berate and Yap away at those they are Interviewing, particularly if they are of the polite kind. The media knows to keep quiet with the akhilesh yadavs, and the azam khans. But the members of the AAP, brought up better, are fodder for them.

It is really Sickening, even Disgusting to watch media anchors/interviewers ask questions, then, not even allowing 3 minutes for a reply, Rudely Interrupt, and start Stacking more questions. The questions themselves become so long, it would be Insane to try to answer them.

My TV package only allows me to watch the Headlines Today and the Times Now, as far as english news is concerned. Though I would like to see what goes on in the so called ‘debates,’ what I get to see is a Shouting Match. Professional politicos speak without taking a breath and carry on whether somebody is speaking or not. And the media anchor holds court like the Mad Hatter.

I quietly switch on to the National Geographic or such, or better, to some Comedy channels in Tamil.