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Marlene, the author of this article, had ended it with the question: ‘How do You deal with Impermanence?’ A very good question!

Put Very simply, I pick some positive point, and hold on to it with the Persistence of a Dog Refusing to give up a bone!

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How to have Everything!


…Many, many years ago, when I was praying that my youngest sister get married, – it all depended on money, in India, weddings mean money, especially for a Girl, – Dowries are needed, and We are a poor family, …I got what I would call a message from God:

“You take care of my family; and I will take care of Yours!”

…I was in the seminary at that time, so started concentrating on my studies, and thinking and praying on what I could do for suffering Mankind. I can even say I stopped praying for my sister, EXCEPT for One very small prayer for her every day.

…She got married into a Very good family; am Very Happy, and I literally have More than I need.

…Do look up Matthew 6:33. It says, in effect:

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, …and All the Rest will Fall in Line!


An Old Hindi song and Thoughts.


This song, from an OLD Hindi film, Dhool ka Phool, meaning a Flower in the Dust, says: ‘(My Child), You shall become neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. You are the Child of a Human being, and Shall become a Human Being,’ sung by a man who found an Abandoned Child.
It has been sung Very Well and Soulfully by this young man. Kudos to him. …Those who know Face Language would have noted that the boy’s face reflects the sufferings of his Community, as do the faces of the Others that We can see.
Coming to Religion: Two points.
There cannot be More than One God, and,
No (True) Religion teaches one to Hate others.
Bad religion is presented by religious teachers who do not know their subject Well, and are interested in Money, Name, Fame, etc.

Cats are teaching us something!


Cats, and Patricia, and a person called Haruki Murakami!


Light Visuals and Deep Thought.

As I had written to her:

EXCELLENT, my Dear Patricia! And the Cats giving the example, Magnificent! Kudos, my Dear!


Be My Mirror – A Reflective


This is Good!…Though had never thought of standing in front of mirrors for reflection…

These lines are Deep:

‘There is anger and negative energy everywhere I look. While looking at this may occur without choice, the choice, however, remains solid that I can still choose to look away–to look, but not see. I can also choose to see only that which brings me light. That which feeds good. That which breeds God.’

May we all Look like that.

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Beliefs: Real and fake

Very Good one, this!
“You are who you are.” – From the post.


Some people spend days, years even a lifetime “searching for themselves”. I say STOP. You are just wasting your time. There has never been a greater lie. You are who you are. It is inside you. Who you have always been. There is no question to have. It is who you were since the very first day you were born, who you were when you were a kid, as a teenage, as a adult… It doesn’t change. Sure we grow up, we mature, we learn, we correct some things, but ultimately, it is still you. Still the same person who wakes up every morning, with those beliefs, those values, those goals, those passions.

It is always you. You haven’t changed, you are still you. So stop finding excuses for your lame self and start becoming your better self. Your real self. You might need a big slap in the face…

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Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak


Quieten the Mind, and the Soul will Speak! The Very Essence of Dhyaan! In the form of a Picture! Kudos indeed to Usha!


Creative Crafts DIY


Background – Rainbow colors – acrylic – Yoga Posture.

Here is my another practiced one.

How it looks? Hope you like it and don’t forget to give me your valuable suggestions and comments….waiting for it…. 🙂

Have a wonderful day ahead 🙂

I will win not immediately but Definitely. 🙂

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