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Predator Priests, Part 1


Upon reflection, and from my Own experience as a catholic priest, would say that the reason the authorities find it difficult to take strong action against erring priests is that there are so few of them (priests).

It takes a minimum of 7 years of training. Taking my case, in my First of Seminary studies, there were 28 of us. Only 7 got ordained.

For all that, it is Both Criminal, and Sinful, (which is worse), not to take strong action against the erring ones. Paradoxically, Strong Action ‘Would’ bring in More vocations, I believe.

This is where I believe in Violence. If I were the Parent of an abused Kid, I would Thrash up the culprit, making sure to give Lots of ‘Lasting’ pain, without maiming him, – and, according to the 11th command, making sure that I am Not caught for the act.

Is Violence the answer? No, of course. But at the same time, there is Nothing Wrong with Violence of the sort I prescribe. Am Absolutely Sure it will be Much Less than what awaits all these, and those who collude with them, namely, the ecclesiastical authorities.

“If anyone should cause one of these little ones to lose his Faith in Me, it would be Better for that person to have a Large Millstone tied round his neck and Drowned in the Deep Sea.” Matt. 18:6.

Considering the Fear of the Sea that the Israelites, at least of Jesus’ time had, these were Extremely Powerful words. Uttered Knowingly, and Understood as such by the audience.


ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Facade of St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Author Alessio Nastro Siniscalchi (CC BY-SA 2.5 Italy)

WARNING:  Graphic Images

Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, this week released the results of what may be the most comprehensive state investigation into child sexual abuse and cover-up by the Roman Catholic Church in the nation’s history [1A].

Examining over 70 years of church records, the grand jury investigation identified301 predator priests, and more than 1000 child victims, across six dioceses (Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton).  Sexual abuse by priests was earlier uncovered in two other Pennsylvania dioceses (Philadelphia and Altoona).


The Catholic Church sex scandal first began to surface in the 1980s [2].  A seminal investigation by the Boston Globe in 2002 led to the criminal prosecution of five predator priests [3].

Subsequent investigations revealed a widespread pattern of abuse across the United States and the globe, with an institutional…

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A Good site for taking care of Small Children


Screen shot of/from:

मित्रों, इस पन्ने में आप शिशु संबधित कई सारी बातें जान सकते हैं!

विशेषकर ६ महीने से लेकर २ साल तक के बच्चों के लिए:

स्वादिष्ट और आरोग्यपूर्ण पोषण,

शिशु रोग एवं उनका समाधान, और,

बच्चों का पालन संबंधी बातें पायेंगे!

Hello, Folks! Came across this site, (for now in Hindi, says the author), which Really gives:

A Lot of REIPES that Children (aged 6 months to 2 years) would Love,

About CHILDREN’S SICKNESSES and what to do about it, and,



“Not One Bit left on the leaf, Mom”


Moms are known to say things like: ‘You shall not leave One bit of Food on Your plate,’ etc. …At least in the Olden days. …I think Children will not listen to such things now. Anyway.

This Sweet Child’s mother seems to have said the same thing, only, in this case it was, ‘On Your Leaf.’

And See just How the Sweet Child has Complied!


FULL marks, don’t You think? 🙂


A Vitamin We can dispense, for Free!


A friend sent me this on my Whatsapp. It is Worth Sharing!

[ In the graphic, as the Skin of the video, We have ‘Two’ of the word No. But let that not put Us Off, Please. It is quite Good, and Well Presented. ]

Hearty Regards. 🙂


The Pope and Poop


The pope will have to poop, if You will excuse me. The pope will have to do much more, and stronger things, as I have written in response to Dear Brother Dennis Wells‘ Facebook sharing, as under:

His post:

Dennis Wells:
“And some folks still find it hard to believe this type of hate even goes on.”

[ It refers to some Students in the US chanting: ‘Build the Wall. ]

And my comment to that:

“We can understand that political animals will do the most atrocious things, and that children will take up whatever their adults teach them.

But, What are Those who should be forming the Adults, in this case I address directly the Vatican, doing?

The great new pope has not even released a ‘Fart’ over this kind of hate. Oh, yes, he did. But he has to learn that Farting alone will not help, not even one’s digestive system. The pope will have to Poop. Do many more things, much stronger things. The pope will have to learn to THUNDER.



Right or Wrong, I fully believe that when I write, particularly these kinds of posts, at some internal urgings, in which I have Faith. That said, when I see that People have SO much reverence for the ‘person’ of the pope, that they would refrain from agreeing with the thoughts in the post, I feel pained.

It seems that the Dignity of the pope is of More importance than that of Millions of Others. Let’s name them: Mexicans, – it seems in particular, but in general, anybody without a valid entry document, or even People of Faiths other than Christianity. Is that so?

When Christ took the Cup, He said:

“This is the Blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant; It will be shed for ALL…” 

(Matthew 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20).

[ There are Theological and Translation points involved, which We shall discuss further. ]

All that being so, if the pope, If he can’t be bothered to open and keep opening his mouth in the defence of Justice and Right, Shall be condemned.

On such harsh words, have written two more ‘explanatory’ kind of posts, which follow this.

Hearty Regards.


Indian Cricket Team Praises Mothers


Mother's name on jerseys

Famed Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Rohit Sharma don and show off their Mother’s name on their jerseys. And they are doing it all through the regular games. Kudos to whoever thought this up. …Image from the Internet.

I like this very much. The Indian Cricket team dons the name of the player’s Mother on their jerseys. As they put it:

“Everybody says,

‘हर कोई कहता है, बाप का नाम रोशन करो. लेकिन मैं अपनी माँ का नाम भी रोशन करूंगा!'”

This follows the concept that one is supposed to live in such a way that one’s ‘father’s’ name is praised. Here, they say that they want to Acknowledge and Praise the Contribution their Mothers made to their lives, and even their Careers!

…Most of the time I do not even wear an upper garment, much less put names on them. But here’s to my Mother, and my Father:

Jeanne d’Arc Ponnou

Antony Xavier Ponnou






YISSURIM, A very new word I came across today, in Nechama‘s post.

I shall share by Quoting Nechama:

“When he draws us close, it is too much for us fragile humans.  We shatter from being so close. That is the pain of Yissurim.

Our challenges are not an act of torture, they are an act of love. An act of being brought close to Hashem.”

Christ and Yissurim

The Rabbis explain this by quoting the Scriptures, which, in Biblical terms, come to:

The Lord Corrects those He Loves, as a father corrects a son of whom he is proud.” Proverbs 3:12. TEV., and –

“Have You forgotten the Encouraging words which God speaks to You as His sons?

‘My son, pay attention when the Lord corrects You,

And do not be discouraged when He rebukes You.

Because the Lord corrects everyone He Loves,

And punishes everyone He accepts as a Son.’

Endure what You suffer as a being a father’s punishment; Your suffering shows that God is treating You as His sons. Was there ever a son who was not punished by his father? If You are not punished, as all His sons are, it means You are not real sons, but bastards.” Hebrews 12:5-8. TEV.

Of course, and Frankly, the words: “A Father ‘Punishing’ his son” sound Repulsive. But let Us think in terms of the Coach saying: ‘Drop and give me 50.’

The Coach wants You to reach Far

The Coach wants You to reach FAR.

The Coach sets Challenges The Coach sets Challenges in front of You.


The Coach does not let You ‘be.’ He watches over You like a Hawk.

The Coach Bites Your head off

The Coach Bites Your head off, if necessary! …See How ‘Taken-aback’ this young man is! The Young man can push his Coach down with his little finger. But, he is the ‘Coach.’ If You want to Improve, You LISTEN!


It is a Sad fact that both the father and the coach might Give up on the Non-Trier. Particularly if he is a ‘Paying’ student, he will be tolerated, even molly-coddled, but, knowing that he is not going to reach the ‘heights,’ neither the coach nor the parent really ‘Drives’ this kind of person.


Now, to get back to Our YISSURIM, two Images!

Father hugs son

Crushing Hug!

When the Lord draws us close, it is too much for us fragile humans.  We shatter from being so close. That is Yissurim.

ALL images from the Internet.

Once again,



Alabaster, Briefly, a short story


Tremendous! Dear Kim’s post is worth publishing. A Very, Very Good read.

I have had the Honour of attending to Both my Dear Parents in their Last Days. Got reminded of those times by this story. Beautiful descriptions.

“Ella was good for only the simplest things, things like comforting her mother with voice and touch as she became more and more childlike,” a quote from the story, reminds me how I too could just drop into my Mother’s room, briefly Kiss her forehead and leave quickly, being overly overcome with Emotion.

Happily, a Woman from our village had been a Great companion to my Mother in her last days.

“A urine catheter and bag…became less a fixture than anything.” How True! The intake becomes So small that even those bags become mere fixtures.

Finally saw what Kim meant by Alabaster.




Kimberly Townsend Palmer

illustration alabaster briefly

Alabaster, Briefly

After the hurricane, but before the power came back on, Ella went out walking with her daughter, Katie, to survey the damage.  The huge old ficus tree in front of the library had toppled over, its immense grove of roots lying naked, withering now in the sun.  “Nana’s tree gots broken,” the three-year-old said.  Humidity bore down on everything like a weighted fishing net.  The tree had been a twig thirty-five years ago, when Ella was a kindergartner.  She remembered the planting ceremony — her mother, president of Friends of the Library, in a blue linen sheath and white gloves, stepping on the edge of a shiny new shovel.

Now the tree, too, was dying.  The shelter it had provided was still dark and cool — the web of roots from each branch created a division of rooms like a house.  Ella pitied that sodden, gigantic mass, torn…

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