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Hello World!


The Israeli film jury head suddenly u-turned. Had written abt it, but can’t find the tweet now. The point is India, is an Importing country, with Billions of customers, that status will be maintained, using all necessary pressure for that.

Biden praises India! And modi a self declared Charvaka (hedonist). Democracy, Morals, Values, …these are words of yester year. When all gets said and done, We start with ‘Water world,’ of course.

modi has bought SO much of putin’s oil. YET petrol-diesel is extremely expensive in India.


putin’s corridors


dogs know Nothing about morality. Particularly when those who should teach it, in this case the Russian Orthodox Church, just busy eating royal food like modi.

Funnily, the pope has redeemed himself. Heard 3 or 4 mentions of his statement on putin’s War on BBC.


On Mad dogs


#Ukraine is in unique position, a Small country attacked by a GROTESQUELY large, insane aggressor.

Image from Internet. russia is Green coloured, and Ukraine is in Red.

Ukraine cannot b helped militarily as mad dog putin wd not hesitate to use Nuc weapons, tho NATO has more of them.

One appreciates de Restrain of the West in avoiding a Nuc war.

Hope somebody wd hv de courage 2 iliminate (intentional misspelling!) de mad dog, tho his (the ‘somebody’s) whole family would be destroyed.



A Must read for those who have suffered sexual abuse.

To add, I would say altogether too many people might be victims. Remember, I speak as a catholic priest, privileged to have received the confidence of thousands.

I too have suffered that, particularly during my Youth; though Not of the Severe kind. By God’s Grace, it has not weighed down on me. I think one of the main reasons would have been my being on ‘Fire’ in my subject.

Having given some of my personal sharing, I would say Anna’s this article is, to repeat, A Must Read.

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Weakness vs. Strength - Our Side of Suicide

Image courtesy of Our Side of Suicide

Some abuse victims want as adults only to forget their past.  That is an entirely legitimate response, and their prerogative.

By contrast, a surprising number of us want to use our suffering to ease the suffering of others.  We want to make something purposeful – even beautiful – out of what was painful and ugly.  That is a lofty goal which may or may not be achievable [1].

In either case, a few things should be clear.

A Strong Spirit

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak” (Isaiah 40: 29).

Those who somehow survive abuse – physical, emotional, sexual abuse, and neglect or domestic violence – have a strong spirit.  This is true no matter the scars we carry forward from abuse or the fears abuse bequeathed to us. We would not otherwise be…

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To the Editor of @TimesNow


Here goes.

“Woman, (who were anchoring Times Now, 9 o’clock debate) you, and those of your ilk, meaning #media, having Fat salaries, with all the perks, and the power to Control the mikes during your so called ‘debates,’ (so called because Most of the time you dingies are speaking),

you are ever so ready, not only to believe, but to air the views, data and numbers dished out by the administration.

We, the people of India, have been seeing Horrible videos of lynchings, in ever greater numbers, BECAUSE you people have been airing it, since #modi2.

…I just gave a You Tube search for: ‘forced to chant jai shri ram,’ and the number of answers kept going on.

Shall give links to the first three:

Here is the search:

I rest my case.

woman, you are acting so arrogantly because if you do not do so, those who hold your reins politically, will shut down your sweet channels in NO time.

I will give you my worst Gali (bad word):

you are Beneath Contempt.

[ The Fringe Elements of the Majority community of India have gone out of hand. ]