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To the Editor of @TimesNow


Here goes.

“Woman, (who were anchoring Times Now, 9 o’clock debate) you, and those of your ilk, meaning #media, having Fat salaries, with all the perks, and the power to Control the mikes during your so called ‘debates,’ (so called because Most of the time you dingies are speaking),

you are ever so ready, not only to believe, but to air the views, data and numbers dished out by the administration.

We, the people of India, have been seeing Horrible videos of lynchings, in ever greater numbers, BECAUSE you people have been airing it, since #modi2.

…I just gave a You Tube search for: ‘forced to chant jai shri ram,’ and the number of answers kept going on.

Shall give links to the first three:

Here is the search:

I rest my case.

woman, you are acting so arrogantly because if you do not do so, those who hold your reins politically, will shut down your sweet channels in NO time.

I will give you my worst Gali (bad word):

you are Beneath Contempt.

[ The Fringe Elements of the Majority community of India have gone out of hand. ]



Happy Easter, my Friends!


I wish You, my Friends, the Blessings of the Risen Jesus! May the Power of God and His Blessings Ever be in Your life.

मेरे सभी मित्रों को येसु की आशीष प्राप्त हो.

அன்பர்கள் அனைவருக்கும் உயிர்த்தெழுந்த இயேசுவின் ஆசீர் கிடைக்கும்படியாக வேண்டுகிறேன்.


Wish You Happy New Years!


To be Happy for One day requires so much effort! Thus, a year, the year, or years, are not going to become happy ones just because we wish it or someone wishes it for us! …Effort!

Yet, Wishes Count!

I Wish You All, my Dear ones, Lots of Love, Happiness and Peace, in 2018, and All they Days of Your Life!



We may Not see the TAJ MAHAL in the Future!



The ISIS did it some time ago. They destroyed numerous [ should we say Numberless? 😦 ] historical artifacts in many places. A screen shot for the search, below:

A little before this, Hindu extremists pulled down the Babri Masjid.

AYODHYA, INDIA – DECEMBER 8: Paramilitary police position themselves on a hill overlooking the ruins of the 16th century Babri mosque (foreground) 08 December 1992 in Ayodhya, India. Behind is the temple being built to Hindu warrior deity Lord Rama. Police took control of the disputed religious site two days after Hindu activists demolished the mosque. (Photo credit should read DOUGLAS E. CURRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Above: The first four are pictures during the demolition, and the last, at the end of it.

It is said that centuries before, Babar had destroyed a temple that had stood in that place, and built the mosque there. I heard this from a person, whose word I used to believe, who had visited the monument after the mosque was destroyed, and had seen Hindu idols on the back wall of the masjid!

…Only, if there are really those age old idols on the wall, it would not have been pulled down by the Hindus, and they would have posted those images for all the world to see, thus gaining a Huge amount of sympathy. Thus…

Being a Christian, I condemn and criticise the various Peoples and Civilizations destroyed by us in the past.

And now it seems to be the turn of Poor Old TAJ MAHAL. It is being accused of Not being Indian in Culture, and other things. Mind You, this may be a long time away. But the foundations are being laid, particularly by the members of India’s ruling party, particularly by ‘Yogi Adityanath,’ the chief minister of UP in India, where the Taj is!


They are backpedalling, of course. But these waters run Deep. I wouldn’t trust them an inch.

Come see the Taj within the next 5 years or so.

Earliest known photo Taj Mahal, 1850s


Or Raise Your Voice. 🙂


Do You know what I am going to do tomorrow?


And not just tomorrow, hopefully many times in the coming years!

As I have shared with You, it has been YEARS (like 40-50 years?!) since I have had a decent holiday, and I am really weary now.

The Shrine of Velankanni, of Our Lady of Health, on the Mid East coast of Tamil Nadu is one dear to me.

[ The front of the main church ]

The Shrine has grown tremendously over the years, and has 5 or 6 impressive churches within its complex.

As it is frequented by people of All faiths, -and in large numbers, – the main Church in particular and the township are a little too noisy, and have a lot of coming-and-going.

That said, it is still not working out that I may spend a few days there.

What I have decided is to go from Kulithalai (1) which is the nearest town for me, to Tiruchirappalli (2), take a train from there to Nagore, which is near Nagappattinam (4), – not even touching Velankanni, by the way, Alas! – and return by the same route, the same day.

A pilgrimage by Train (and Bus)? 🙂

Gives me a Day Off. Which would be Very Welcome. …Shall be remembering You All!

Love and Regards. 🙂


70-year-old farmer Dies after made to stand on one leg as atonement of calf’s death



[ This article is a composite of three links, all given below. This image is from one of them.

Carrying (licensed) arms is allowed in India, but this group, posing in front of their office, named ‘Gau Rashka Dal … (Punjab?)’ (Cow Protection Force/Group), wearing Bullet-proof jackets, and carrying even Rifles, which, as far as I understand, is NOT allowed in India (for Civilians), And having Shot at people, are still at large.

In the meanwhile, a very foolish movie actor, in his love for guns, having procured an Automatic rifle, which he would never have had the occasion to use, is behind bars.


Sanjay Dutt. See also:

And Rowdy politicians, who Did even Fire those same Automatic rifles in Public, are laughing their heads off.


PDP MLA Mohd Ashraf Mir shoots off an AK 47.


If a Calf dies, it is Loss enough, and in fact a Huge loss, for a Middle Class farmer. On top of this, Farmers become Attached to their Cattle, considering them their Children, and as such High Emotions would be Involved.

These Vigilantes, if they had made an effort to find the person who had poisoned the calf, (It should have been done only out of Malice), could have rendered a service.

In any case, it is another case of Cow Vigilantism, and Worse, as the link says — rule-of-hindus-will-come:


And they boast: ‘Yes, we are Goons!‘ See link below.

[ The police, in the meantime, were wearing Bangles. ]


Read the original article here:


If I was 300 years old.


Excellent, and MOST Powerful Writing.

Brother Rajiv has been hiding his Writing Talents behind his Camera. Or perhaps We/I did not pay attention to this Young Man Enough.

Let Us Read this, and Be Inspired.


This post, which is being written at 12:30 at night, is something that I am writing on the spur of the moment. I am not sure about the direction of this post. It is inspired by the comment made by a lady called Kathryn Sparks, in response to my post called “Billions”, and she commented about how some erudite scientists have been talking about taking life expectancy to 300 years.

Gollum lived to 500 years, and at the end of his unnaturally long life, he felt stretched. The Ring had taken a heavy toll on him.

Now, if I was 300 years old, I would have been born in 1715. Delhi would have been in turmoil. Aurangzeb, the last of the Great Mughal Emperors had died in 1708, and the Mughal Empire would have started its long implosion. The Marathas from West India had started to snap at the heels…

View original post 780 more words

The BIBLE, PARTIALITY, and Hard, Harsh, Hot and even UGLY Words


My cousin is a Die-hard supporter of the ADMK, the current ruling party of Tamil Nadu. And the reason is, as he puts it, When he had been in difficulties, when no relatives were forthcoming to help him, members of the ruling party had helped him.

My Contention is that This is Exactly what the MAFIA does! Help You today, and Reap benefits, With Interest, in Tomorrow. In the case of ADMK, they have given; Computers to school students, mixies, grinders, fans, cycles, …even money or golden ornaments as help for jewels for marriage.


Above: Some of the ‘fans’ given ‘free’ by the ADMK government. They have been issued with the self advertising and Ubiquitous stickers of the face of the chief ministress. But, as You can see, even here ‘Cheapness’ reigns. The things land up in repair shops all too soon. And in such bulk too!

But the ruling party has Reaped the benefits in the form of NOT bothering about Good Roads, Sufficient Buses, and, Above All, Enough Water, etc. All the money allocated for these things are in the pockets of the ministers.

School children and crowded buses

The picture, from the Internet, of course, needs No explanation.

They have further indulged in the Crime of Looting Sand from the Rivers and the Sea Shores. This is called Looting even by others as this has left No Sand Bed, particularly in the Rivers.

And all those who have ‘received’ those trinkets from the ADMK are happy to keep their mouths shut, at the cost of the Future of their own Children and Grandchildren.


These people feel obliged and are grateful, which are all good things; but they Refuse to Criticise the administration even when and if this becomes necessary; when the govt does wrong. And that is Anti-Social, Cowardice and worse, a Crime against Humanity, well, against the Well being of their Own Children and Grand children anyway.


What does the Bible say about this kind of behaviour? Do We support our children (or our parents/spouses) even when they have indulged in serious Crimes? In other words, give in to Partiality?

I do say that We have to Stand by Our Family members, in the form of providing necessary legal aid, and prison visits, and later on accepting them back, etc. But shielding them? Would that be Right?

There are Enough and More examples in the Bible where the Wrong doer Has to pay for his crimes.

We are ALL the Children of God, but God will not hesitate to cruelly punish evil doers.

Think of Drug barons, Mafia bosses, Acid throwers and Multiple Rapists. 

Just one example, that of ELI, who was a Priest, (these were held in very high esteem, even by the Lord). But his two suns were ‘Scoundrels,’ as the Bible Itself calls them. They were Desecrating the Offerings to the Lord, (1 Samuel 2:12-17), and were also lying with ‘the women who worked at the entrance to the Tent of the Lord’s Presence.’ (Ibid verse 22). So the Good Lord even decides to Finish them Off. (Verse 25).

PAUL, who was, shall We say, a mere Apostle, Chides Peter, accepted as the earthly Leader of the church. “When Peter came to Antioch, I opposed him in Public,” writes Paul. (Galatians 2:11).


“Ah, all that is Right and True, Yesudas,” I hear voices say, “but they did not use words like you do.”

Izzat so?

You might like to look up these verses.

And they are not just in the Old Testament. Paul uses similar language. ‘May these fellows lose their Manhood,’ was what he had said. Terrible enough for You?


It is the DUTY of Religious leaders to Inculcate Values, and the Sense of Right and Wrong in People.

The pope, as the supreme (human) leader of the catholic church, HAS to set the Tone therein.


Again, the meaning of this whole post too, is:

Let Us Not look at the ‘words.’ The Issues are what matter.