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UK: At 16, No Tobacco Or Alcohol But You CAN Change Your Gender…DUH!


TERRIBLE law, of course.

But, like people who change their sex, (I simply cannot understand Why anybody would want to do that, anyway),

It would seem that One of the Requirements to become a Law-Maker is to Totally Throw Away your brain.



Catholic Truth

From Voice for Justice UK…
Have they really thought about this?

The Government has now published its response to VfJUK’s petition calling for the prohibition of all medical treatment for gender reassignment below the age of 18. The petition was posted on 1st January, and the Department of Health and Social Care posted a direct response on its website on February 20th.

Read our petition here:
Read their response in full here:

You may be unsurprised to learn that The Department of Health and Social Care is blandly reassuring, while not giving an inch on policy. They write:

“If children have the capacity to give consent for themselves, then consent should be sought direct from them. Once young people reach the age of 16, they are presumed in law to be competent to give consent for themselves for their own surgical, medical or dental treatment, and any associated…

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The Judiciary, …in My Novel.


[ Hello, Folks, this is part of a chapter in my good old Novel that is getting ready. Read it here for Free. 🙂 ]

Old Mr. Ilango was Very angry. Improvements, of sorts, were definitely happening over the Indian scene, like the politicians being questioned, the question of the safety of children and women raised up and discussed at length, followed by the careless of hospitals, their crass hunger for money and their negligence, etc, which then turned to questioning the high fees elicited by lawyers.

The question of the good old, or rather, the Nasty cess pool of the judiciary is never raised. Everybody is afraid, because some fool, or some fools had made the law, perhaps, that the judiciary cannot be questioned.

“Not just Rapes, but Gang-rapes, and bestiality in the form of inserting objects, like stones into the private parts of the Adivasi lady leader Soni Sori, heated iron rods into that of the girl gang raped in Delhi, a lathi, which has a diameter of about one and a half inches into that of a six year old child, take place on a regular basis now.

“TV shows like the Mirror Now and NDTV take up such issues and make them a point of discussion, and they demand that action be taken against the culprits, at the same time decrying the fact that Only about 3% convictions take place in these cases.

“They berate the politicians and the police, who Are guilty, of course.

“But do they Forget the fact, or do they Overlook it, or are they Afraid to raise the issue that it is the Judiciary alone that takes the final step in these affairs?” Mr. Ilango pauses, perhaps for breath.

Mohan came in. “You are right, Grandpa. I remember You saying at the time of the passing away of that leader in Mumbai, when the Whole city was brought to a standstill. One lone little Brave heart, a young woman, had dared question over the internet just Why this shut down should happen for one lone man.

“The police had come and made a Mid-night arrest of that Poor woman, and she was sent to jail for a month, if I remember things correctly.”

“Didn’t You tell me, Anand, that You had written on Facebook and Twitter about the Judiciary, or in that case the Magistrate is the person or the body who metes out punishment? That that woman of Mumbai fame was sent to jail Not by the police but by the magistrate?” asked Yoha.

“You are right, my Dear,” admitted he. “The magistrate could – easily, – and should have told the arresting police that there was Nothing whatsoever wrong in her question, chided them, and should have sent her away home Free. Instead of that the magistrate was merely the Willing tool of the politicians. And not only he, Most of those in the adjudicating business are that, – tools of the politicos. Can Anybody believe that they would be doing all this without receiving some sort of Compensation?” finished Anand.

“So if all these Criminals are roaming around Free, laughing their heads off at Society, the members of the judiciary are to Blame,” wound up Yoha.

There was a slight pause, as always happened when important points were made.

“Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, and the founder of the Aam Aadmi Party, his supporters, and perhaps Anna Hazare to a certain extent, had demanded, among other things, that even the judiciary is accountable to the Citizens,” Mr. Ilango was saying.

They wondered at the sharpness of mind and the acumen of his, even at the age of eighty seven.

He sent one of the young men to go and fetch his precious box of newspaper clippings, and when that came, within no time and unerringly found what he wanted.

It was dated 23 September 2014, and the clipping said that till date, as per the data of Law & Justice Ministry, there were about 3 Crore (30 Million!) cases pending in Indian Courts. Out of which 44 lakh (nearly Four and a half Million) cases in High courts & 63,000 cases in the were sleeping in the Supreme court.

“There are even Sixty year old cases, and hundreds in the twenty year range. Worse, perhaps thousands of People are in jail, without their cases having been examined.

“These fellows get paid in lakhs, which means something like ten thousand rupees a day; they do not declare their assets or their income – and one ex cji, meaning the chief judges of India, had gone to the extent of saying that no self respecting judge would declare his income!

“It is said that the courts work for only six months a year. It would be puerile, ridiculous and contemptible if they were to say that they work longer.

“One argument was raised that they work long hours. Typical Arrogance. How long and how hard do they think the Average man works? A man who makes Tea in stalls might even be getting Rs. 15,000 a month; but for that he stands, stands, – not getting a moment to sit, for 12 straight hours! There are many colleges in the country which pay their ‘professors’ one third of what they judges get, without a single day off!”

“What gets my goat is that these fallible, falling, erring, corruptible and corrupt to a large degree, judges get called as ‘justices.’ They should be addressed as judges, and nothing more than, never more than that; Never, never, never ever as justices, the goats,” said Yoha’s mother.

Old Mr. Ilango looked at her with appreciation.

“Till the Country, and the World, understand and Realize that the Citizen is Supreme, that it is the Citizen who pays them, pays for their very food, not to say the luxuries, that they, the judges and each and member of the administration, is a Servant of the Citizen, and Demand that judges too are Accountable to the People, nothing good will happen,” said he.

The discussion continued about judges another day. “When there is Such a large backlog of cases in courts, just Why does not the administration appoint More judges to deal with them and end them?” asked Reena, another of Yoha’s sisters.

“What a wonderful question,” satired Vijendra. “Perhaps the administration concedes and admits that it does not have enough men of Calibre to fill those posts.”

“Shall we say Brains, instead of Calibre?” quipped one of the boys.

“You certainly may, Young Sir,” rejoined Vijendra. “And You would not be far from the Truth!”

“Quit joking, You Young fellows,” said Mr. Ilango. Even seventy year old Vijendra was ‘young fellow’ for him, for he was eighty seven, after all. “Perhaps the president does not find enough fellows with enough Honesty for those posts!”


A Time to Close our Eyes


That is paraphrasing the Proverbs (in the Bible), of course. But would hold true, nonetheless.

I see that my short story, ‘The Hacker,’ has not gone down well with my friends even in the Blogging world. Perhaps it IS time to close our eyes, and I, fool that I am, am blundering along.

Here is another: a Five year old molested, and a lathi (the six foot Indian stave), inserted in her private parts, and she succumbs to Injuries. Please look at the very bottom of the graphic.

I had videographed this, but wordpress does not allow posting of such videos, (except from YouTube, etc). This above by screen capture from mine.

I would like an opinion from my Esteemed readers as to just how they think these things can be stopped.


Conscience vs State’s laws


This starts with Granny Stutzman, (shown below), the lady who refused to supply flowers for a gay wedding.

This is NOT about LGBT rights or issues, but rather, State’s laws vs Conscience.

I refuse to concede that a state can make some laws to which the Citizen Has to Comply.

…As a Perfect example, After all, today’s US was founded because they had Not wanted to obey a monarch making laws about people having to obey the Catholic Teachings and Faith.

For More on this, please peruse:


Hurrah for Mennonite Babies!


[ This is NOT to criticise the Mennonites. I find many catholic traditions, particularly going on pilgrimages to Velankanni to have a good time there, which includes Booze and other things, even worse. ]


Mennonite Baby Deliberately Interrupts Trump Rally

Maybe We should convert All Our Babies to ‘Mennonite’ ones! 🙂

In case You have not read the one on Solitaire, Strip Poker and Letting the Shoulder Show, please click on links.


The BIBLE, PARTIALITY, and Hard, Harsh, Hot and even UGLY Words


My cousin is a Die-hard supporter of the ADMK, the current ruling party of Tamil Nadu. And the reason is, as he puts it, When he had been in difficulties, when no relatives were forthcoming to help him, members of the ruling party had helped him.

My Contention is that This is Exactly what the MAFIA does! Help You today, and Reap benefits, With Interest, in Tomorrow. In the case of ADMK, they have given; Computers to school students, mixies, grinders, fans, cycles, …even money or golden ornaments as help for jewels for marriage.


Above: Some of the ‘fans’ given ‘free’ by the ADMK government. They have been issued with the self advertising and Ubiquitous stickers of the face of the chief ministress. But, as You can see, even here ‘Cheapness’ reigns. The things land up in repair shops all too soon. And in such bulk too!

But the ruling party has Reaped the benefits in the form of NOT bothering about Good Roads, Sufficient Buses, and, Above All, Enough Water, etc. All the money allocated for these things are in the pockets of the ministers.

School children and crowded buses

The picture, from the Internet, of course, needs No explanation.

They have further indulged in the Crime of Looting Sand from the Rivers and the Sea Shores. This is called Looting even by others as this has left No Sand Bed, particularly in the Rivers.

And all those who have ‘received’ those trinkets from the ADMK are happy to keep their mouths shut, at the cost of the Future of their own Children and Grandchildren.


These people feel obliged and are grateful, which are all good things; but they Refuse to Criticise the administration even when and if this becomes necessary; when the govt does wrong. And that is Anti-Social, Cowardice and worse, a Crime against Humanity, well, against the Well being of their Own Children and Grand children anyway.


What does the Bible say about this kind of behaviour? Do We support our children (or our parents/spouses) even when they have indulged in serious Crimes? In other words, give in to Partiality?

I do say that We have to Stand by Our Family members, in the form of providing necessary legal aid, and prison visits, and later on accepting them back, etc. But shielding them? Would that be Right?

There are Enough and More examples in the Bible where the Wrong doer Has to pay for his crimes.

We are ALL the Children of God, but God will not hesitate to cruelly punish evil doers.

Think of Drug barons, Mafia bosses, Acid throwers and Multiple Rapists. 

Just one example, that of ELI, who was a Priest, (these were held in very high esteem, even by the Lord). But his two suns were ‘Scoundrels,’ as the Bible Itself calls them. They were Desecrating the Offerings to the Lord, (1 Samuel 2:12-17), and were also lying with ‘the women who worked at the entrance to the Tent of the Lord’s Presence.’ (Ibid verse 22). So the Good Lord even decides to Finish them Off. (Verse 25).

PAUL, who was, shall We say, a mere Apostle, Chides Peter, accepted as the earthly Leader of the church. “When Peter came to Antioch, I opposed him in Public,” writes Paul. (Galatians 2:11).


“Ah, all that is Right and True, Yesudas,” I hear voices say, “but they did not use words like you do.”

Izzat so?

You might like to look up these verses.

And they are not just in the Old Testament. Paul uses similar language. ‘May these fellows lose their Manhood,’ was what he had said. Terrible enough for You?


It is the DUTY of Religious leaders to Inculcate Values, and the Sense of Right and Wrong in People.

The pope, as the supreme (human) leader of the catholic church, HAS to set the Tone therein.


Again, the meaning of this whole post too, is:

Let Us Not look at the ‘words.’ The Issues are what matter.


Dirty words connected with Idolatry in the Bible


Posted in Relevant Biblical verses. This is meant particularly to clarify certain words in other posts.

Actually even these cannot be really be called dirty words. But some of Us might think so.

“She Flaunted her Whoring, she stripped Naked; …she had been Infatuated by profligates Big-membered-as-Donkeys*, ejaculating as violently as Stallions.” (Ezekiel 23:20 Jerusalem Bible, passim).


*Big-membered as donkeys = Having Penises as Big as donkeys.

‘She’ represents the whole Nation/People of Israel (of that time).

‘Her’ Lusting Actually had been after Idolatry. “She Defiled herself with All the Idols.” (Ibid, Verse 7).

The meaning of this whole post:

Let Us Not look at the ‘words.’ The Issues are what matter.


Rape… Is ‘Justified!’


The occasion: Young catholic, Christian Nuns raped at a place called Chhapra, in Bihar, India, in October 1999.

Three of these Rogues had encircled one of the Nuns, and Taunted her with these words: “How many Priests we kill; how many Nuns we Rape… Why haven’t Christians like You learnt even now? Just Run Away (from this Country).”


The words above the graphic are a rough translation of the text in the snippet above. That itself had been culled from the well know Tamil magazine ‘Ananda Vigadan,’ of 3.10.1999, under the title: The Continuing Horror. According to my practice, I cut and paste things like these in my Bibles. This one is at the 7th chapter of Acts. …Stephan killed, Nuns Raped.

The incident having taken place in (far away) North, it was prominent enough for Ananda Vigadan, a typical Tamilian magazine, to track it out, and to interview one Baikunt Lal Sharma ‘Prem’, secretary of the All India Vishva Hindu Parishad, typically famed as the the VHP. Incidentally, the ‘Prem’ at the end of his name, seemingly his nickname, as We All know, means Love.

Now this was the question put to him by Ananda Vigadan: “Do you consider the Raping of So many Christian Nuns as Right?” (This could also be translated as: Do you Justify…).

Here’s his answer: “This Attack is Nothing but the Awareness and Awakening that has taken place among the Hindus regarding their Safety(!). No Hindu with Love for his Country can allow this encroachment(?) by a foreign religion. Hence The Attack (The Rape) is Justified.

I do think encroachment is the best translation for ‘Ooduruval’ there. As You see, I have attached the snippet from the magazine.

As comment, I find it Stupifying, Stupendous, and Flabbergasting that the word ‘Safety‘ should be used by a community that is about 88% strong, against a community that has Not crossed 3% despite 2 Centuries. And one that is Known Not to be Violent. (My brothers in the North East do spoil the record).

And Love for the Country? Do they mean We do not Love Our Country? Are the Armed Forces of India Ill represented by Christians and Muslims?

vhp secy baikunt lal sharma prem

And the man who says all this is called ‘Prem,’ …Love! Baikunt Lal Sharma ‘Prem’, secretary of the All India Vishva Hindu Parishad of that time.


But I do not recall the Catholic Church having Apologized for the ‘Inquisition,’ the excesses during the ‘Crusades,’ and the Sexual Abuse of Children of Modern Times.

So what is the big deal in Canonizing Mother Teresa? …The catholic church is such a Viper’s Pit, that even the (current) Pope has to tread Softly, Oh-So-Softly, as he issues many Sensible comments. As the most recent one:

Pope Francis Cars

Shared from Facebook

Well, depending on the media, they will use particular Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives. Here, this one has used the words: ‘Lashed out,’ but it sounds like, as I have always said of this man, ‘Mewing‘ to me.


What does it all come down to?

Those whom Common Sense says are on the Right path Mew, and those who dare Rape Our Daughters and Sisters Roar, and DO it. Let’s put our Thinking Caps on, and GET INTO ACTION.


What happens when a Woman Travels Alone… A TRUE Incident


[ All details changed. ]

An hour ago I got a phone call from a friend. He was perturbed. His Daughter, aged about 26 years, was to return from Villupuram in Tamil Nadu, and should have reached home by about 6.30 PM. (Am writing this at about 7.50 PM). It seems there are plenty of ‘Strikes’ going on at the moment.

For about the last 3 Hours, he has not been able to reach her on the phone. What was More worrisome was that some ‘Other’ woman had answered the phone, and had said that the Young Woman had ‘given her the Sim card.’ Unbelievable.

The First thing was to Pray. I started doing that Immediately. Request Your Prayers too.


In India, Women Almost Never Travel Alone. Not over Long distances.

We might hate it when some ‘minister’ says that by way of advice to Visitors to India. But What is the Situation but that?


[ Shall keep You updated on that. But as of now, after about 90 minutes of wait, the Young Woman has not arrived. ]


Why Rape is a Joke in India*


*Very probably Also in Most parts of the World. …Well, this Video that I give You a Link to, speaks or mentions Only the situation in India.

As I have already mentioned elsewhere, this my Free version of WordPress does not allow me to post videos.




QUITE a Good one. And that, for me, is High Praise.

VOGUE seems publish Many such good ones.

Here goes:

Over to You. It is WELL presented. …Regards.