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Curse Racism.


Proud of them all. Blessings.

[Regarding the above picture, let’s not think this happens regularly. The very opposite is true. For above event, in 2012, I think, the team were given the nod for it by the management. And who gives the nod to the management? 🙂 modi is another putin in the making, my Dear Folks.]

The White/Fair-Skinned think they are better. True, Most of them progressed Much faster because they advanced techologically. And Why and How was this?

The Land they lived in gave better yield both in grain and livestock. Try to raise crops in Serengeti.

This gave them the energy and the time to explore for metals and to work on them. The African or the South American, and the like, had to chase their meal for hours and hours.

Let’s talk Beauty. While We have All found Beauty from All across the Globe, isn’t it true that We find Our Own the most beautiful?

In the sight of God, for those who would subscribe to this, a certain section of His children/creation just cannot be better than another.

Those who believe in Racism, (there are Plenty of those), are cursed by the powers that be. See what happened to that supremo with the short moustache!

After about 13 decades, the pope is bleating on Ukraine. Ok, that is an improvement. But getting to 28 from 3, while being an improvement, is still Failure. …kirill, of course, has done not even that much.

Doing a wrong, and standing by idly, – when you have the power to stop it, – what difference?

Has there been a Black pope?

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This post starts with the Olympics, but Ends with the Erosion of Democracy in India.

It all began thus: In the following graphic it is said that the Sports minister of India had chanted something like Shoot the bughers. …The words are – Goli maaro saalon ko. Goli here means a bullet; and in conjunction with the next word means shoot. A Sala is actually a brother-in-law, but here, as is often, used as a derogatory word.

The meme goes on to say, that the minister, who speaks of bullets, had Failed to supply World Class Guns to the Indian Olympic Shooters, due to which they failed.

This had appeared in Facebook, and I had shared it with the words: Joote maro saalon ko, mimicking the above, and meaning ‘Beat them with Slippers.’

A Google search indeed bears out that the minister had definitely chanted, and as it had been in front of a Mike, had Incited the crowd to violence.

Created with GIMP
Created with GIMP

…modi, the bjp in general, and the minister have tried to gain credit for the achievements of India’s Olympians. But the Reality is Very Dirty. …Today I saw, in the social media, that Gold medalist Javelin thrower’s coach, a German, had slammed the Indian gorement of Failing to provide these Athletes with a Proper Diet.

Created with GIMP

Going back, Facebook and other platforms being Infested with the bjp, my post was taken down, deemed Violent!

A very Union minister of India can chant ‘Shoot them,’ and that is not violent. I, a Common Citizen, saying, in such cases, ‘Beat them with Slippers’ is Violence.


Our Dear @DoorDarshan


@DOORDARSHAN, my Dear folks, is India’s own, administration owned and operated TV channel.

It is old as the donkeys. After Independence, of course.

But, they have not been able to progress to showing THE SCORES in their Sports channels.

Owned, operated, and other things, by Corrupt, Lazy, Sick ***tards.

I CONGRATULATE them on that.


Judges, and now Referees.


Hello, Folks! You All know that I do not pull my punches. And here goes.

You will not find too many people writing on subjects that I do, and especially Against the Joodges. Yet we can be Sure there are others. The point is that those few of us who write seem to have Succeeded in pulling up the system, so that 2017 was a particularly Good Year for Indians, Justice-wise.

Encouraged by this, I go on!

Our Writings seem to be reaching those Long Deaf Ears.

So I ask You, my Dear Reader, to Speak to Your Family and Friends about this, Write about this, and, if You will, Re-blog this. You might want write a few words about leaving out the crappy bits.

So Do Contribute.

Judges, (let me limit myself to Indian ones, and, just the majority, not all of them), have Earned my Contempt.

This because the Justice Department has failed. I wrote to the union of Peanut sellers at bus stands asking if they would accept responsibility for this failure, but they Declined, so it stays with the Joodges.

One of the Very Best examples of the Failure of Justice in India is the raising of the Bofors (scandal) case now, for something that had happened in 1986! If the Justice Department has Constipation the Citizens should not be made to suffer for that.


That being the condition of Justice and the Joodges in India, today Referees have earned a Horse-Manure Certificate.

All of TWO runs were required to finish the game of the Second One Dayer in Cricket in South Africa, (February 4th, 2018). They took a 45 minute Lunch break, leaving the ground 80% empty because of this Asinine delay.

Graphic above from

But Rules are rules, even, and particularly when, they have been made by Asses, and executed by Donkeys.

Incidentally, this is an Excellent instance of STUPID LAWS!

Two incidents of Extremely bad refereeing are imprinted in my mind. One was a World Cup / Olympics Foot ball final, in which Cameroon was playing against England. The referee was Blatantly against the Cameroonians.

The other is where the Indian Boxer Sarita Devi, though totally dominating the match, was declared defeated.

In India, where chief judges of the country hold that office for as little as One day(!) – for what else but Pension benefits, I had great regard for Oliver Wendell Holmes of the US who had held that office in his country for decades.

But even this man seems to have come up with:

“This is a court of law, young man, not a court of justice.”

And here we poor folks have been, and are yet, sitting on our behinds looking for Justice.

As I said, Crap.