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“Mr. Trash Wheel” | The Inner Harbor Water Wheel

This is Wonderful! Hearty Congratulations and Blessings on the Person who came up with this Idea, and those who are Running this.

I hope, wish and Pray that the Indian government, and many others, would take this up!


This unusual boat, nicknamed “Mr. Trash Wheel” runs along the canals and the harbor the American city of Baltimore, cleaning debris from the water. Garbage trucks is moving slowly through the water, while the water wheel pulls out all the debris from the water. All the trash left in the tanks, and the water back into the canal.

The Inner Harbor Water Wheel, or “Mr. Trash Wheel”

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Christmas and the Missionaries of Charity

The Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa’s Sisters in particular, need no introduction! But do You know HOW they spend a festival like Christmas?

If You go to one of their ‘houses’ on these days, with a Gift/Donation for them or to Wish them, You will Not find them there!

They will be found in some Slum area, arranging Games for the Children, (Adults Not left out!), and things like that.

Not for them the Cutting of Cakes and Coffee (We don’t have much of Cocoa here!)


On the Other ‘Ordinary Days,’ they will be busy with their Regular ‘Duties!’

MCs at Nirmal Hriday

An MC Nun gets some Love!
ONE OF EIGHT PHOTOS BY PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN MOORE– Sister Leatrice smiles as she is is hugged and kissed by orphans under her care in the Shishu Bhavan orphanage in Calcutta, Thursday, Sept. 11, 1997. Most of the children from the home are placed in Indian families, others are adopted by Europeans. (AP Photo/John Moore)

Go there with ‘Something.’ It Will Not remain in their hands. Within hours it would have reached Other hands.


PS: I do not mean to say that Sisters and Brothers of Other Congregations are not doing Excellent Work. So Don’t Forget to Wish them for Christmas! Let us give Our Love and Best Wishes to ALL who serve Humanity. Hearty Regards. 🙂

Adding to: What have You left the World?

This is sort of adding to SAS’ excellent question: ‘What have You left the World,’ as in my last post, click here to view.

One of my Friends, Danielsion, ( wrote some very valid points in his comments there. That prompts me to add these thoughts.

Am reminded of an Incident shared by a Nurse, which I had read long ago. She had been working for a Long time in an Old People’s Home. That is a Difficult job in itself. On top of it, there was an Old Person there who Never seemed to Notice whatever service was rendered her. The others might at least Look, but this Person did not even do that. Never.

Old Lady and Nurse

Photo from Internet, and has NO Connection with this article.


Am Sure You know about the SIGNIFICANT PEOPLE.

This Silent Old Lady somehow became a Significant Person for this Nurse. And Not getting any Positive Strokes from her, she started feeling Low, even Morose. So much so that she became Sick and had to go on Leave.

When She came back for Duty, the Old ‘Silent’ Lady, who would not even ‘Look,’ came Running to the Nurse, Embraced her, and asked, with Tears in her eyes: “Where were You all these days?”


And Not Just in Heaven.

Let Us Rejoice, and Keep On Doing Good and Useful things. Regards.

Superb Thoughts on Gratitude!

Melody’s thoughts are Superb! …Once again I am constrained to ‘Copy and Paste,’ as I do not find the ‘Reblog’ button on the page. There IS something called ‘Share,’ but it leads to No-where land. Kudos to Dawn for the Share.


Here are Melody’s words:

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”



In Praise of my Parents


[ Hello, Folks! Am editing this a bit, as directly Under, and Re-posting it.

The Point is that Most of Our Parents have Sacrificed themselves for Us, so that Our lives could become, in Every Way, Better than Theirs! …We All of Us would do Well at this moment to take, and Make, a little Time, to Recall their Great points, and tell them, whether they are in This world or the Next, that we Appreciate All that they have done, and that we Love them for It! ]


[Below is the Original article:]

I think that the Best thing I can write about my Dear Parents, and the Best Tribute I can pay them is to mention that –

I have Never seen them Fighting!

I rank that Accolade very high, and am very proud of that fact. Happily, they are Together once again in the Heavens! Am Happy for Them!

Below, I give You my Favourite photos of theirs. Both of them loved to read, my father had a goodly library; and like him, my mother too had three languages!


My Dad

My father, Anthony Ponnou, was a Supervisor in the Indian Railways, and he had No bad habits!

His family had been to Burma, but had to return during WWII. He lost many of his relatives during the journey, which told on him severely indeed.

He was a Strict Disciplinarian, and I owe it to him that I am what I am today, and can (and do) stand Tall, in front of Really tall Odds.

He was a Very Loving Man too.


Both my Parents were very Sacrificing kind of persons. All of us had assigned ‘duties!’ My job was to keep the Furniture clean, do the marketing, and polish the foot wear, particularly for Sundays.

My Dad washed all our clothes, (no washing machines then; it was all manual). This was His way of showing his love for my Mother, lightening her load of work.

He would also go to work Walking, as he could not ‘Cycle,’ as his lungs were not too good. He could have taken the Cycle Rickshaws, but that would have ‘told’ on the family budget.

As for my Mother, Jean D’Arc Ponnou, I remember that I used to gorge up her Tasty Vegetables, and she was left with just Gravy many a time. I realized this quite late.

My Mom

I do believe I could write much more in this vein. I am Proud to have had them as my Parents. I Thank the Good Lord for having given them to me and to my Brother and Sisters.


A BIG Hello, and Some News!

So Hello, my Friends! This is my 600th post, as such a bit Special! I take this Opportunity to Greet You and to send You my Heartfelt Regards.


As far as NEWS is concerned,

Took a Conscious, 15-day Holiday, for the First Time in my Life!

Relaxing Kitten

The holiday was Celebrated Right in my Room(!), but the Rest has Invigorated me. A Very Severe Ache I had developed behind my Head has gone.


There are a few things I WANT TO INFORM YOU about:

Am making a Habit of Visiting the sites, especially of those who are Kind enough to give Comments in mine. I also go through the List of All whom I follow, Nearly 200 of them, and read their posts and share comments. Am able to do that just about 3 to 5 at a time.

There are some sites where I am not able to post comments, even after visiting and reading articles in their Entirety, as they do not open in https. I would ask You all to do things about addressing this Issue.

An example is: robertmgoldstein’s blog. There for comments, it asks for a New and Separate ‘Log-in,’ in WordPress, Twitter or Facebook. That means entering my Password. Since it is not https, the site is NOT SECURE, so my Norton informs me.

NOT https

I take this Opportunity to extend my Felicitations to Robert/Chester, and the Many whom I am not able to contact on their pages.


Hearty Regards Once Again! 🙂

And The Leaf Falls…

WordPress informs me that this is going to be my 500th post. I had wanted this one to be Special. And Gacia’s post on ‘Family’ is Well worth it. Kudos to her.

As I had written in its ‘comments’ section, An Absolutely Beautiful article on ‘Family.’ Well Worth our read. Hearty Kudos, my Dear Gacia! Much Love.

Sheet music of life

Family, is it love that binds the leaves of a family tree?(Not Groot). Or just the fact that we’re supposed to stick together? An ideal family is that where the members talk and sort out their differences. Because even the best of families have problems. When people gather to live in a group, problems arise, it’s only natural. But is there more to family than just following an old habit? I wonder if family members instinctively share a more intimate bond, but then my own family proves me wrong. Family is just a label. Blood-relation does not magically draw people together and make them care about one another. True friendships are more valuable, because there is no pretending, there is no ‘doing what’s expected of you’. With family, we don’t have a choice. We don’t pick the members, we’re born into it and follow through.

Just because it’s…

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