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Does archeology help or hinder trust in the Bible?

A little on the Bible and Historicity.

iLife Journey

I’m not a big science buff but did find this article by Eric Metaxas of BreakPoint rather interesting. There is a link at the end of the article if you want to read more.

Archaeological finds that claim to de-bunk the Bible are sure to make headlines. But what about all the other archaeological evidence?    

Recently, two researchers from Tel Aviv University made headlines when they claimed that the Bible’s historicity was undermined by, of all things, camel bones.

Eric Metaxas Eric Metaxas

The camel bones in question were discovered in ancient copper mines south of the Dead Sea. After dating the bones to the tenth century before Christ, the researchers concluded that the stories of Abraham and other patriarchs possessing camels 1,000 years earlier could not have been true.

But why let the facts get in the way of a good headline? As Todd Bolen of the Master’s College…

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I would like to Reblog this under the title: Candid and Sincere. It shows the Fire is there! Keep the Fire Burning, is what I would say.

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Two passages
Decadence laden, greed boils
Excessive wealth, polished tiles
adorned faces, fancy smiles,
Destitution, broken street
Torn clothes, bodies weak
Poor masses, fate bleak
Inequality, I berate you
Inhumanity, I hate you
thinking through
my lavish travels

20140402-100819 am.jpg

20140402-100845 am.jpg

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Why I’m Thankful for The History Channel’s “The Bible”

A Very Good Review of ‘The History Channel’s “The Bible.”

After hearing mostly negative reviews on The History Channel’s  The Bible (ninja angels, questions about the deity of Christ, violence, etc) , I was skeptical about it; but when a family from my church let me borrow it, I could not help but give it a try. I watched the entire 10-hour “epic miniseries” (as they call it, and rightfully so) over Spring Break this week and found it to be, for the most part, a surprisingly faith-strengthening experience and I am very thankful for it. Here are some of my thoughts on the series.

The Purpose of the Series

First, every episode begins with the disclaimer not about graphic violence, or sexuality, but “This program is an adaptation of the Bible stories that changed our world. It endeavors to stay true to the spirit of the Book.” This is the lens by which we must interpret the series. They are…

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The Almond Tree ! / Golden Apples.

Sharing this:
A Tree speaks about God!


A quote by the renowned Greek-Spanish painter Greco.” l said to the almond tree,sister ,speak to me about God,and the almond tree blossomed.”

((A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.Proverbs 25:11 Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

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Famous Rejection Letters

This is Really Worth Sharing! And I Thank for this little Compilation!

So, Let us… Keep on Keeping On!

Cristian Mihai

letterFor any aspiring writer, a rejection letter, regardless of the provenience of said letter, is one of the most dreaded of objects. In this line of work getting rejected is considered a sort of literary murder – people are knowingly destroying something you’ve spent time on, and a lot of it. But the thing is everyone got rejected, more or less. I can think of very few instances when writers found publishers/agents from the first try. Or the second, or the tenth.

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