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A Picture that has helped me!


People, esp Relatives and Friends, Books, all help.

Here’s a Picture that has helped me. (Nearing 75, a heart patient, very little money, left hand near palsied(?), poor balance, Unsupported by my church, constantly fighting, what not).

Makes much sense. And have found this true. 🙂


The 0.001%


The world talks of the 1%. They are supposed to be the mega-business (owners) of the world, swaying it.

That is ambani, making amitshav n modi, the HM n PM of India, dance to his tunes.
just to balance things, this time it is modi dancing FOR ambani n adani.

I call it the 10%, bec, without the bootlicking judges, politicos, police officers and other officials, the 1% cannot function.

But if We take the case of India, it would be said that the 2% rule the country, laughing their backsides off meanwhile. They shall not be named.

I had said that ‘it would be said.’ Bec, that is not True, either!

The 0.001%, actually, hold sway over the world.

[ Take India, according to me a whopping 70% of the 1.3 billion of the populace, are ‘yes men,’ apathetic (so long as the bamboo is not up MY a**, i do not raise my voice), ‘wise‘ (just as it is a crime to use the word war in russia, SO is it to question the ruling regime; lands you in jail. let my children n grand children face it in their time!)

Note the Never ask no. 3!

thus the 70% being just Cowards n Fools (not in the market for collecting friends or likes).

So who ARE the 0.001%?

They are the RELIGIOUS LEADERS of the world; n pl note the names (not extensive)… Christ, Ram, Buddha, Muhammad.

Pl note that I do Not include all their proponents, least of all kirill, n not even pope francis.

Giving just ONE graphic here:

Maryada Purushottam is a little difficult to translate. Take it as Dignity personified.

men came, and men went (salutes to Alfred Tennyson!), but the 0.001% and their thoughts, their teachings n their Hold, Have remained, n Will remain.

Drama queens are the Dust in the wind.

MANY are going to be impressed by modi’s sudden reduction in petrol n diesel prices, etc. PURE drama. 8 yrs should be enough to weigh a man and his company.

And so? An Oft repeated thought.

So, where, or with whom, are………….YOU? 🙂


Service and Servitude


I agree with Most of Aaron’s thoughts. Particularly appreciate his putting Deep Most things through 3 simple words in the Title. The words ‘Everyone loves slavery,’ is Almost true, like 99.9999%. I, being a Nut, just Hate it. …Am writing on this.

Now, over to Aaron.


Children and Old People


I belong to the second group, and it is true! (In English at the bottom, pl).

words and music and stories

➡️ Please, scroll down for the English version

Oggi su Facebook ho letto questo aforisma:

Mi ha ricordato qualcosa detto anche da Updike, di cui oggi ricorre l’anniversario della nascita

John Updike fu un romanziere, saggista e scrittore di racconti americano nato il 18 marzo 1932 e morto nel 2009.
Pubblicò oltre 20 romanzi, più di una dozzina di raccolte di racconti, e anche poesie, critica letteraria e libri per bambini.
Ricevette numerosi riconoscimenti, tra cui due Premi Pulitzer per la narrativa: è uno dei soli quattro autori ad aver vinto il Premio Pulitzer più di una volta.


“Mi piacciono i vecchi. Possono essere dei meravigliosi bastardi perché non hanno niente da perdere. Le uniche persone che possono essere se stesse sono i bambini e i vecchi bastardi”.

꧁✫°*”•.° °.•”*°✫꧂ ꧁✫°*”•.° °.•”*°✫꧂ ꧁✫°*”•.° °.•”*°✫꧂

Today on Facebook I read the following aphorism:

“I believe there are two stages…

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Loot earned by ‘Adharm’ (Unrighteouness) is punished by the gods themselves.

While I was learning Indian philosophy, the above was translated as: “To Save the Good (people) and to punish the evil doers, and to Establish Righteousness, I shall come down to earth, or in other words take Incarnation in Every Age.”

This meaning is challenged on the term ‘Dharm’ by modern, poorly informed people. They take the word to mean ‘religion,’ a word coined for the british. Below is the full verse.

Here the word ‘Adharm’ Clearly occurs. If Dharm is religion, what is Adharm? Being Poor or Careless in observing religious practices, …Other religions? At the time of the Gita did even Buddhism/Jainism exist?

I got this Lovely, Most Meaningful picture of Sri Krishna hitting out at an Adharmee (Unrighteous person), while searching for graphics on Gita 4.8.

The man does not look like a Muslim or Christian to me.

Thus, Loot earned by ‘Adharm’ (Unrighteouness) is punished by the gods themselves.





Wealth!How much does one want? I keep pondering over this thought. I ponder, and its not a compulsion that everybody should ponder it. Say! If everybody would ponder what would it be like. Here goes what I would like to say.

Atal Behari Vajpayee ImagePrime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Parliament

Our Great Prime Minister of India & One of the Greatest Human beings Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee once told in the Parliament_         “Ek Aadmi Ko Jineke Liye Kitna Chahiye”– it means, ‘for one to live this life, how much does one require’. He was telling it in the parliament of the largest democratic country in the world and that too when he was in the ruling Party. In terms of money; how much shall one require to lead a life in this modern world? I don’t say that…

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