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Falling in Love with Statements!

In Tamil Nadu, during the dmk period, (just prior to this one), there had been Electrical Power for about 21 hours every day.

jayalalitha found this very bad, and issued FULL PAGE statements EVERY Day, in newspapers, and promised to give 24 hours of Power. Within a Scant 3 months of her taking office, the Supply was down to an Astounding 12 hours, NINE HOURS LESS than during the previous administration. THOUSANDS of Small Industries, (more than 18 Thousand in the Coimbatore area alone) have had to close down. People who had started small businesses had to lock up, and ‘Employers’ have become ‘Employees’ elsewhere.

Asked about it, Karunanidhi, the dmk chief rightly said: ‘They voted for her; they will have to like it.’

jaya now issues statements for the ‘reasons’ why the current situation is so bad. Once again people are believing her.

On the Issue of the Release of those who had been accused of killing rajiv gandhi, jaya ‘gave the centre 3 day’s time!’ As a woman who has been chief minister a number of times, she would very well know that her step is not legal. But she will claim that she took the steps, and that the centre turned her down.

Voters have to learn to Think before going to the Poll booth.

Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, Wisdom and Happiness!


We all Want every Happiness for You, Ladies! So, if We are asking You to be Careful, it is because You are Loved. So Practice Wisdom.

Woman SHOULD have the Freedom, Safety and Security to Come back from work, or go for it, Go out to Enjoy a Movie, be it Late in the Evening. And Be Able to Live Alone, if Need be. And things like that. But these simply Cannot be done Easily in Today’s India.

To Achieve all this is going to take Concentrated Effort on the part of the government itself, as well as by Private groups coming together to work for this. And it is going to take Decades. At the Least.

Martial Artists have a Way of being Aware of their Surroundings. And Being Alert All the Time, though at the same time Absolutely Relaxed. The so called modern gal, not even half educated in things Defence, gets herself into trouble like Kim, the so-called heroine of TAKEN. And how many of us have fathers like Neeson in the film?

Please do NOT go around under that False Impression that You can Take Care of Yourselves. Jackie Chan can really take care of himself. But People like Jackie start at the age of 4, and go on practising through ‘Life.’ But those who know martial arts do not Jump into unnecessary ‘Situations.’

  • If BULLS see the RED COLOUR, they ARE going to Charge.
  • If We look at a new DOG in the eye, it IS going to growl at Us.
  • If We Sport an Outlandish HAIRSTYLE, Most Probably people are going to pass remarks.
  • In TODAY’S India, If a Woman goes out Alone after Dark, Most Probably She will face Problems.

So Let us all Keep Using our Grey Matter! That is called Wisdom! Here’s Wishing You All Happiness. And Love and Blessings.

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Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and the Role of Women!


Gender Disparity is a given thing. Male Arrogance, particularly in India, is one of the Reasons for the high number of Rapes. Woman, having Experienced Pain, should have started working at Correcting the Root Causes, Raising Her Son on a Par with the Daughters.

Bouncer Amandeep punjab

Twenty-two-year-old Amandeep Kaur, a newscaster by day and Bouncer by night, is a rarity in Punjab — a male-dominated society with a disproportionate number of men compared to women. Amandeep didn’t take no for an answer. …Image:

‘This’ is where I say:


Much Change Could have been Effected. Much CAN be done. IT WOULD TAKE DECADES. But one has to start taking steps. And Women will have to do their part.

But till then, Gals, Beware! Remember the Bull’s attraction to the Red colour.

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Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and Jockstraps!

I had the following sharing from a Young Lady:

“I HAVE BEEN THROWN ON THE ROAD AND FELT UP BY TEN MEN. I still insist that women have to occupy space. IF we don’t do it now, 100 years later, women who are raped will still be blamed for being out alone at night. WHO DECIDES WHAT IS USED WITH GIRLS? WE WANT TO WALK CONFIDENTLY AND NOT BE ASHAMED OF OUR BREASTS.”

Just WHO is asking You to be ashamed of Your breasts? But does that mean You have to Flaunt them? If one is going to be Proud of one’s breasts, what about the Other parts? What would You say if Your Husband (present or future) comes out in a Jockstrap, Young Lady?


Ladies, I definitely cannot decide what (sort of dress) You are going to wear. Similarly, You cannot stop Me, or People like Me, from saying what I am saying, which is: Do Not Go Out Alone after Dark, etc. If, after all this, You are still ready ‘to be thrown on the road, etc,’ what can I say?

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Rape, Bulls, and the Red Colour!

I believe that RAPE is one of the Most Horrific and Ugliest things that can happen to a person. And GANG RAPE is a thing nobody wants. That is Why, at the cost of being considered Odious and a Fool, I have written So much on this topic.

I have had occasion to meet some who have been in prison. They may be Bitter about their incarceration, but carry on with their ‘trade,’ nonetheless. Now let us see: No Woman Wants to get raped. Of course. And for this they say: ‘Real Men don’t Rape.’ The point is, even Men join in in this.

ream men dont rape

 He looks like a ‘He-Man’ alright!

But there Are Enough who are Cowards, Wimps, Pimps and Opportunists. And they Are going to ‘feel you up’ if You give them the chance. The Choice is Yours.

u cant rape me

Ha! I suppose people like these will file ‘cases’ against their rapists. I do think even People abroad know what happens to cases in Indian courts. Image from:

In many cases We are seeing our Young Women rush in where Angels fear to Tread. Let us have a ‘look’ at the places our young ladies venture into:

rape spot

This is the Actual Spot where a young woman was gangraped. She says she is a Journalist. That You may be. And ‘We’ are shouting ourselves hoarse telling that rapes should be stopped. But Did Your Wish, My/Our Shouting, and Your being a journo stop You from gangrape, madam?

A Young Woman might say that she is going to an Isolated spot to ‘cover a story,’ or some such. She would say that she went there with a male friend ‘for protection.’ That is Not how the World is going to take it. Very often You will find a small gang of Gamblers in such places. Numerous are the rapes that happen in Parks and Lone places like these, especially when a ‘Couple’ go in there. If a Lone man and woman go to a lonely place, it will be assumed that they are going there for Sex.

From my Younger days, ‘to this day,’ I have not seen Any Woman Travel Alone, any appreciable distance. At least, not Young and Comely ones. Truck Drivers and ‘Late-Night Celebrators in Cars,’ take Lone Walkers to be Prostitutes, and so stop and start talking ‘business.’ They do not easily take No for an answer. They are known to even try to snatch Womenfolk.

Bulls will ‘go’ for the Red colour. In India, men ‘go‘ after Lone women. Many times that ends up in Rape. After this article was written, a Young Woman travelling alone got her Lips bitten at Nagarcoil Railway station which You can read by clicking on the link.

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Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and Hairstyle!

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It has been said that I start my Talks, (and my Writings), like a Mystery Novel! What I want to  write in this post is about WISDOM IN OUR EVERYDAY BEHAVIOUR.

It is Really Quite Sad and Bad that a Young Man, Nido Tania, from Arunachal was killed by 7 or 8 men, beat with Sticks and Rods. It is frankly Sickening. My Condolences to the Family, and I Strongly Condemn the attack. Though it is not established that he was the Victim of Racial violence, the matter has been aired. We cannot do anything about one’s race. But there WAS another Issue, a small one, but there, nevertheless, which is said to have given Rise to the Incident. That of his HAIRSTYLE.

men's hair style

The picture above is Not a photograph of Nino, Nor of his hairstyle. Image from:

Nido died on the 30th of January. In an article written on the 10th of Feb, in the Times of India’s net edition, a reference is made to his Hairstyle being Commented on, Teased and Taunted, and Part of the Reason for the Attack on him. I give You excerpts. Reference to article in comments.

“When they asked the shopkeeper for directions, he poked fun at Nido’s hairstyle which annoyed him and he smashed a glass pane of the shop. The agitated shopkeeper and his three associates immediately pounced on Nido, beat him up and made derogatory remarks about his caste, race and looks, the report says.”

I remember from my Younger days, that many of us had started sporting Rajesh Khanna’s hair style. It included a ‘Head band,’ too! All these went with a ‘Rajesh Khanna’ Kurta, on top of Pants or Jeans. But We had to stand a Lot of Ribbing for this.

Then there were policemen who forcibly cut off long hair from Young men having them. with a few slaps thrown in. The Rajesh Khanna style had shoulder length hair. All these happened in Gorakhpur, UP, and it must have been between 1970 and 1980.

What the World says is this: Hair style or Dress, wear what You want. But Do Not Tell Us Not to Laugh. BE READY TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. Which was mostly Ribbing, sometimes Taunts, and at times, these Unkind policemen.

A Funny Hairstyle, many Indians would laugh at You. A Girl Walks alone at Night, Her Chances of Molestation, if Not Rape, are High.

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Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and Bikinis!

This is the First of a Series on Rape. I would like to show that, just as there is a connection between the Red Colour and the Bull, (if at all!), many things, Bikinis on Indian Streets among them, would contribute to the occurrence of Rape.


I cannot understand it, and I do not know Why, but it seems that Bulls do not like the Red Colour. As I do not wear Red, and there are not really too many bulls around, I do not have difficulties in this regard.

bulls n red clr

But for a Long time, I used to have problems with Street Dogs, not just barking at me, but Snapping at my Heels. I used to keep on looking at them, trying to see just How Close they were to me, and all that. Then I learnt that We should not look at the dogs directly, into their eyes. The silly fellows seem to take this as a Personal Affront, and just love to Take Up the Challenge! So, I stopped looking at the fellows, and Hey, Presto, they leave me Alone!

growling dog

Image from:


And, Ah, I wanted to share this: GIRL IN BIKINI AT TRICHY!

Trichy, as You might know, is in South India, and Very Ye Olde Townish. A few days ago, as I had some work there, and I was on the Road leading to the Rock Temple. It is a Main market area. Ahead of me, I could see some visitors from abroad, and they were feeling quite Uncomfortable with the Heat. Suddenly, a Young Woman started taking off her Jeans and Outer garments, handed them to her companion, and started walking in her Bikini!

bikini bott

Well, folks, this is Not a picture of that girl! …Image from:

To continue, In No time at all a small crowd formed and started walking with her, Ogling at her. Next, within minutes, the Rowdy elements seemed to pop up out of nowhere, and started Jostling her. The men folk in the group of Westerners started shoving and pushing these elements away, but not with any degree of great success. As there were many of these rough fellows, the situation would have turned very Ugly indeed. Fortunately, an Understanding Shopkeeper called the couple inside, where she changed back into her Jeans, etc.

I had been watching all this from a distance of about 50 metres. Next I saw some policemen and women having a talk with the couple. I suppose these were telling the couple that the girl’s action could have created a ‘law and order’ problem there.

For a Westerner, walking about in Bikinis on their beaches might be the most common thing. They even seem to walk about thus right in the streets, from what We see on TV. I do not know about the beaches of Goa or other places; but I very much doubt if such ‘Wear’ would not create a ‘Situation’ even in metros like Bangalore. Rape, Bulls, the Red Colour, and even Bikinis, are all Connected, seen like that! …To go to the next article in this series, Please click here.