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Everlasting Endurance and the ECF : A Story about Never Losing Hope


Here I am Reblogging a Very good post about Not Losing Hope.

While I do this, I think that it might help Many if I would share, in very short, my own life story here.

As a young man I had Very Low and Poor opinions of myself. Nothing to do with my Upbringing. I have had Excellent Parents. But Psychology had not developed, or shall We say Reached, all corners.

Anyway, while I had the Full Support of my Parents, I Always seemed to come against Walls.

What helped me was what I shall call ‘Bull Headedness.’

I kept on and on in trying to go forward.

But I think an Important ‘In-between’ step was that I used Every Opportunity to stay Afloat; made use of Every opening, – instead of waiting for the (so called) perfect situation.

And today I stand like a Strong Tree!

Wish You All the Same.

Hearty Kudos to Imani.


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Key to Happy Marriage


Very Good thoughts from a Young Lady. I add a few words to that:

According to what I have learnt, Marriages, though made in Heaven, is Not between two perfect people; nor between people who are ‘Perfectly suited’ for each other. This would be Evident when We see that Nobody is perfect on earth.

Imperfect as We are, We have to Bear and Support Each Other, and make the Family and the World Better.

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Lessons from Thailand’s ‘Mr. Sandwich.’


Two excerpts:

“If I killed myself the problem would not be solved, and the burden would be on my wife and children.”

In those dark, sleepless days, Sirivat blamed himself for losing his fortune. “I was too greedy. Why wasn’t a couple of million baht enough? Why did I want to make a billion baht?”



Cats are teaching us something!


Cats, and Patricia, and a person called Haruki Murakami!


Light Visuals and Deep Thought.

As I had written to her:

EXCELLENT, my Dear Patricia! And the Cats giving the example, Magnificent! Kudos, my Dear!