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I Had No Idea It Would All Lead To This.


Why should the Flower or the Fruit, or Anything Helpless, be Ashamed of being Plucked from its Natural Setting?

It is Only those who have Abused Others who have Reason to be Ahamed.

I have been, and Still Am, the Victim of a Very Different kind of Abuse, that of being Ostracized. I know the pain. And it took me 15 Years to get over it. I share this to show that these Pains Can be Overcome.

I am Happy to meet Dawn over the blogosphere! She has not only Lots of Courage, but also Loads of Love. The Love She showers upon her daughter is proof of that.



In December of 2012, I put my career on hold and decided to become a SAHM. I quickly fell in love with raising my children full-time. Just as quickly, I started to spiral into an intense depression. I know now, that simultaneous break in my life, was necessary.

My life slowed down tremendously after becoming a SAHM. I remained always on the move, but the motions were less demanding on my brain. It left room for my mind to sit still, something I have always thrived on avoiding. I started drowning in both unwanted memories and a belief that I had very little to offer others, or myself.

I remember a day last September, through unexplainable tears, I tried to explain to a friend how I was feeling. I admitted to feeling empty, even though my life was so full. My friend knew I enjoyed writing and encouraged me to start putting my feelings on paper. She suggested starting a blog…

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Police Brutality on Medha Patkar, Social Activist


MEDHA PATKAR is a World famous Social Activist, who has given her life this cause.

medha patkar violence on fb 0914

And this is how Our Indian police are treating her. Notice the hand under her chin too.

What training, and Instructions, have Our police officers given their men? At least one top policeman should be sacked for this.

If courts do not take suo-moto action on this, spit on them.


Photo from Facebook, as appeared on 24.09.14


The proposal ended it…REALLY???

Technology has been misused by mankind.

‘man’ has ‘used’ woman for doing a lot of work which he considered ‘small,’ beneath him, or things like that. But the example shows how ‘woman’ also has fallen into the trap of short-thinking.

Mankind seems to be forgetting that We are Social creatures, and that Marriage is More than producing children, that the Hunger for Companionship exists in Us, and that the Give and Take of Love is a Need.

Culture Monk

coffee cup 9

By Kenneth Justice

~ At coffee this last week I ran into an old friend, “So how are the plans for the wedding going?” I asked, the last time I talked to my 30ish year old friend she had recently gotten engaged,

No plans, I broke up with him last month” she said sorrowfully

To make a long story short, everything was going fairly well for the last few years she and her boyfriend were dating; they were financially well off, they got along with each of their families, and they had both achieved the proverbial ‘American dream’……but then her boyfriend proposed.

Dude, almost immediately after the proposal I realized how final everything was going to be. I kept asking myself, ‘do I really want to spend the rest of my life with him?’ I love him and all, but to promise to be with…

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In-Sincere Efforts

Our Forefathers used the open as their toilets. But as We have ‘progressed’ to Electricity, Buses, Trains and the Computer, it is High Time that We changed the above mentioned habit. It is a question of Hygiene, as well as one of Dignity, particularly for Women! In our village of Thanneerpalli, Our ‘govt’ school had No toilet for Girls for ages. Its addition is a recent development.

Indian administration has once again come up with an Effort and a scheme, viz, a Toilet for Every House. Under modi’s regime, work on this has already started. I dare to call this In-Sincere.

ALL High Sounding and Great Sounding programmes, from Bullet Trains to the Lowly Toilet, are just Ways and Means for those in govt, and those Employed by the govt, to Make Money. In the case of these Toilets, too, the govt records would show that Every blasted house received one, whereas Not even Half would have got it. Secondly, LOW Quality work would take place. More Profits.

toilets of govt

I would have liked to ‘Crop’ the image, but left it as it was. Let us Note the Miserable building around it, the Slanting Electric Pole, and a ‘glorified toilet,’ which almost looks like a house worthy of a deity. But, No Electricity there, Nor, More Importantly, Water! Haha. In No time it would be Stinking, as Indians Do Not Know How to use these things, and Care Less about Cleaning it behind them for Others.

Schemes like these had been implemented in Tamil Nadu long ago. I do not think it was during jaya’s time. She spends more time with Elephants. The toilets built in Tamil Nadu are used to Store Firewood, while people Continue to Go to the ‘Open.’ TN is one of the Dirtiest in this regard. (They continue these practices when they go to places like Kerala, where they get a Bad Name).

Needed: Water facilities for these toilets, and, More Important than that, Educating the Public TO Use them, and Insisting that they do so. A few Solid Inputs from the Village Heads would do the trick. If these could be persuaded to make the effort.

In the Absence of Such Sincere Efforts, people will continue to think that the administration has done great things for them, and continue to Get Fooled. As in the case of the Forest department, which planted Millions of Eucalyptus saplings, instead of Good trees, simply because these grow without much care, and as cattle would not eat them. As also the rs. 1,000 Pension scheme, which Just Half the People receive, and which Mysteriously Stops reaching even those hands after a few Months. As I said, In-Sincere Efforts on the part of the administration.

To All Working Mothers…

This article is the result of my going through a post, ‘From a mother to “Working Mother”…’ in the Blog of namratachoudhary …Namrata is a Great Girl. She Truly Loves her Son, and is So Proud of him that she has named him ‘Raunak,’ which means something like ‘The Brightness,’ in this case, of one’s life! I appreciate her posts. Yet in this instance, could not agree with her. As my comments, (like in this post!) would have been too long, and as WordPress suggests, I made it into a new one. I shall show the Quotes, or even Reworked quasi quotes from hers in Blue.

My Honest Suggestion: To Most Working Mothers… Don’t!

Why Most? Because, in just a few cases, She might be the Lone Parent, or the Lone Responsible Parent! As is many times the case in India, Men prove themselves to be the Weaker Sex, by Indulging in Drinks, Gambling and things, so that the Woman has to go to work if they have to Eat. To Them, I say, Sadly, Continue, with my Blessings.

mother n labourer es

Well, the source of the picture is In the picture, anyway!

Except for Cases of Necessity like these, in the other instances Most Women-with-Children Merely Like and Want to Go to Work. The ‘Reasons‘ they offer, in which their husbands join them, are:

I work For the Child, For his better future; so that the baby won’t have to suffer in the future, It’s for the baby’s sake, etc.

They also say that A professional life is important to them, etc.

That ‘The bulk of families can no longer afford to live on one source of income (husband),’ is actually a Lie. It is Just that We Want a Certain Material Standard of Life, which is a Sickness! In the olden days it was said like this: ‘The Jones have it,’ (So We must have it). And Where has it led Us?

Missing the baby’s first step, the first word, and he/she first calling her Ma, are NOT the Most important things.

Working mothers most often suffers mental as well as emotional stress, as they deal with the mental pressures from home as well as office. This may often deal to marital disturbances. Sometimes due to physical stress women starts shouting on her mates due to which their relationship has to suffer. In Spite of these You want to keep ‘working’ outside, Young Ladies? What could be Worse than Marital Disturbances?

‘People say that working women’s children does not have a connection/bond with their mom’s, but this is not true at all. There’s no better test than to ask the children. They know who their mom is — even the smallest babies respond to their mother’s scent, voice and presence. So it proves all.’ …Does it?

ONE of the Main reasons whence the Family has gone to the Dogs in the West is that Children have had their Mothers Part Time! They DO know who their Mom is. But let the Moms recognize that those same children have landed them in Old People’s Homes.

Modern Science tells Us that It is Necessary for the Child to be with the Parent for at least the First Six Years. Every College-Educated, Computer/Tablet-Competent, Blog-maintaining Gal Should know this.

In View of All this, My Dear Little Working Mothers, to Most of You my Honest Suggestion is: Don’t. Sure, the world will not take kindly to this. …Is it going to be Material Benefits/Junkets for Our Children, or Our Presence, for which they Yearn? Ask Your Child, Any Child. Their Answer would make You Rethink. Love to All.


What One, Lone, Woman’s Voice Does!


It is Really Interesting to see what ONE Lone, so called Weak, Woman’s Voice Can Do!

The words, ‘It Takes Courage to Raise Your Voice!’ occur in Tata Docomo’s advertisement for what they call Power Recharges. These words are there in the TV adverts, but are missing in this ‘youtube’ presentation. And Very meaningful words they are, too!

This should make Us think what Our Combined Voices can Accomplish.

My Hearty Congratulations to Tata Docomo for the Ad, which has Raised, and Offered a Suggestion, for Social Issues.

Ok, Now, as ‘Nike’ says: Let’s Just Do It!


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Us All?

‘Personality is a distinguishing feature. Not fair looks.’ From the post.
Arfa has said it all in one sentence. Good article.

Dr. Arfa Masihuddin

snow white

Much has been said about the subcontinent’s archaic obsession with the “goray gaal” (fair skin). And while many amongst us will opine our disapprobation, there will be quite a few of the same lot who will flock to the air-conditioned stores (or non air-conditioned ) to try out another latest addition to the numerous miracle creams that are the self-acclaimed magic ticket to getting the Prince Charming who drives a Mercedes.

In this day and age, it is a highly Quixotic notion to “ooh and aah” over white skin and frown with distaste at a brown or even slightly wheatish complexion. In fact, it has always been a Quixotic notion. After all, how can the colour of a person’s skin define their roles as prospective husbands and wives and daughters-in-law and sons-in-law? Compatibility, personality and character, have been told to go play hide-and-seek. D’ Accord?

Celebrities and socially prominent personalities…

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5 Things John Legend Can Teach Men on How to Treat a Lady

“What a Woman Needs is for Her Man to be there for her.” But Not just when she is feeling Low!

Actually, Man has the same Needs too!


One has to Appreciate John Legend’s suggestions, like:

Appreciating her wisdom and advice,
Renewing One’s Marriage Vows periodically,
Telling Her that She is Beautiful, and Importantly,
Creating ‘Alone Times’ for her,
And Not only Saying nice words, but showing the Love in Action.


John says: “ Give your all to me, and I will give my all to you.” If We are going to talk about Love, We Love In Spite of Everything. He speaks of the marriage vows. Most probably he does even remember what he had said then.

Yes, Unfortunately, John leaves a Bitter After-taste in the Mouth. There is a thing called ‘Humility with a Hook.’ John’s compliments are actually of that kind; Barbed Ones.

His saying:

“I love all your imperfections,”
“What would I do without your smart mouth?” etc,

Might sound whatever You want to call it, but they are Actually Put-Downs.

Said the Right way, in the Right place, like Your Bedroom, they would be indeed superb. But coming out in the Public like this, shows he has his very Shoe in his mouth. …Not to be Emulated.

Vincent Egoro

Photo Credit: Photo Credit:

John Legend is an award winning American R&B Artist. His songs “All of me” dedicated to his wife and “You and I” have impacted the world of music since their release. Here I draw out real relationship lessons on how men can treat their ladies from the lyrics of those songs:

Always appreciate her wisdom and advice; when you heed your lady’s advice and it saves you a lot of troubles…please drop your ego and let her know without her help, whatever you achieved wouldn’t be possible. Or just as John Legend puts it; “What would I do without your smart mouth?”

When last did you renew your love or marriage vows?: follow John Legend make that commitment again, tell her: “ Give your all to me, and I will give my all to you”, “All of me loves all of you”

Every woman needs to know…

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Woman Is Man’s Equal

I had been called to attend a ‘council’ meeting. There were 30 men folk there. But Not a Single Woman Member. At the end of the affair, I opined that there should have been a Goodly Women’s presence, as the meet had to do with Social issues, and as the Female is part of the Society. Somebody spoke out, stating in No Uncertain terms, that Woman is not Man’s Equal.

The man had referred to St. Paul, 1 Timothy 2:11-12, and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, though he could not have given the references. These, along with 1 Corinthians 11.2-16, form a rather Hazy, but Well liked opinion in many menfolk. I shall speak of these verses in a separate post.

For now, let us have a look at Genesis 1:26-28, TEV, passim.

Then God said, “And Now We will make Human Beings; They will be Like Us and Resemble Us. They will have Power over …All Animals. So God Created Human Beings, making them to be Like Himself. He Created Them Male and Female, Blessed Them and said, “…I am putting You In charge…”

men woman seated

Graphic composed from:, and

Let us now have a second look at the Verses from Genesis again:

Then God said, “And Now We will make Human Beings; They will be Like Us and Resemble Us. They will have Power over …All Animals. So God Created Human Beings, making Them to be Like Himself. He Created Them Male and Female, Blessed Them and said, “…I am putting You In charge…” [ONLY Formatting Changed!]

Neither the Blessings, the Power, nor the Authority was given to ‘man’ alone. They were All given to Man and Woman. The Word Speaks for Itself.

If anybody would like to speak of the KJV in this regard, We see: “26 Let us make man in Our image… Let Them have Dominion…  27 God created man in His Own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He Them. 28 And God Blessed Them, …said unto Them… Have Dominion…” …The masculine Singular becomes Just a Generic for ‘Human Beings.’


It would be Silly to think that Woman, to be Equal to Man, has to be of Similar Weight, carry Similar Loads, etc. Woman is Created by God Equal to Man in Dignity and Responsibilities. When We die, it is Not going to be Sofas for the Men and Steel or Wooden Chairs for the Ladies.