FIR against Somnath Bharti

So an FIR, (First Information Report, a police procedure here), has been filed, upon the directions of the delhi high court, on Somnath Bharti.

Ministers Shoot and KILL policemen, Slap them, Hit them, causing Eye Injuries, …No FIRs.

Minister’s people commit DOUBLE Gang Rape, in the Minor’s House itself, and later Burn her up, …No FIRs.

Minister’s people Pull out Guns, Slap Attendants, Damage Toll booths, Set Fire to them, …No FIRs.

INDIAN Citizens Complain, NO Action. But some foreigners suspected of running Sex and Drug cartels complain, IMMDT Action.

What is this? Drumming up Tourism?

politicos, courts and police are absolutely hand in hand.

The AAP and the Drugs and Sex Cartels

For my Friends outside of India, I may have to inform that the AAP is a New political party, which has formed the govt in Delhi, though it is scarcely a Year Old! With the Elimination of Corruption as its Main Agenda, it has found Much Favour indeed. And Arvind Kejriwal is the Founder and Head of the party.

Just days ago, AAP’s Law minister, Somnath Bharti, in what has become the Usual way of the Party, and as the Kings of Old used to do, had gone on an Inspection tour. In a particular area of Delhi, upon complaints from the People there, it was found that a Brothel was being run there. Later, it was also found that Drug Trafficking was also taking place.

Upon this, the Minister called up the police and asked them to take action. The police dragged its feet to the tune of some 4 blessed hours, and even then, kept arguing, but did not take action.

The police seem to have presented Two objections: 1. The Law Minister of Delhi did not have Jurisdiction over the police force of Delhi, and 2. The law did not allow the police to enter into Women’s ‘abodes’ at night!

If the police said that, Very many people, including a goodly part of the media, have taken up the same arguments. It seems that the Law Minister had been ‘Very’ Insistent, as had been Arvind Kejriwal. These have even been called ‘Vigilantes!’

A certain section of the people, as well as, it seems, a large part of the media, are finding a lot of satisfaction in this criticism. Take, for instance, the Times Now TV channel. It asks: ‘Taking Activism too Far?’ Other channels are stronger in their language.

All this being so, I have some Questions:

1. Just What is Wrong is an Elected Minister asking the police for Action against those Running DRUGS or Prostitution Rings? Even now, as I write this, the Times Now channel, is criticizing the Delhi Law Minister’s insistence that the police just raid the premises. The channel is calling that ‘Ministers Ordering the policemen around.’ They are connecting it to the ‘Red beacon culture’ of the politicos!

What would have been Wrong if the police had carried out an examination of the premises? Is there NO difference between a Minister ordering a ‘Checking out’ and the ‘Red beacon culture?’

2. A. Non AAP ministers have been known to:

  • Shoot and Kill policemen!
  • Slap policemen, Hit them in such a way that Eye injuries occur,
  • Made policemen sit down on the ground at their feet,
  • Have policemen wiping their shoes, etc.

B. It is said that members of the Trinamool Congress, the ruling party in West Bengal, Gang Raped a 16 year old Twice, in Her House, and subsequently Burnt Her!

C. Members of Non AAP parties have been known to Pull out Guns, Beat up Attendants at Toll gates and Vandalize the Booths.

It is True that the media covered and reported these events.

But the people Highly Criticizing AAP and Arvind Kejriwal had Not even Opened their Mouths in the above instances.

WHY? It is Understandable that policemen will not want to comply because they receive their ‘cuts’ from the cartels, as do the politicos.

But WHY is such a large section of the public criticizing the AAP in this? Politically Motivated Criticism?

Also, just WHY is media criticizing an Attempt to clean up Sex and Drug cartels? Starved for news? One just wonders Why.

YOU, CAN Be a Hero!

Who does not love a good Story? Who does not love a Movie? And, Just Who did not want, in the Secret of his Heart, to Become a Hero!

(NO Gender bias intended here, or anywhere in my Posts, Please. It just becomes Simpler to write thus).

In India, the Phantom of old, Colonel Ranjit of my days; All those Westerns, Spider man, Bat man, not to speak of Alistair Maclean, Robert Ludlum, is not the list Endless? Kennedy was very fond of James Bond novels.

We All have Heroes. And to have a Hero means, that We would have liked Very much Indeed, to be like them. But, in getting On with Life, We simply allowed Life’s pressures to Bury our Dreams.

…It seems that a new Hindi movie by the name of JAI HO is going to be released, and its adverts are running on the TV. Things are happening in the that, and among them, I noted that a small girl, a Child Labourer, gets hit on the forehead and is Injured.

Seeing these sorts of things, the HERO, Salman Khan asks his girlfriend, ‘It pains me even to watch all these Cruelties, Injustice and Problems. But am I the Only One who sees and notices these?’ And She replies thus:


Thus We have the definition of a Hero.

  • A Hero Notices things, and
  • He ACTS!

Even a Bare Ten years ago, there was not really Much We could do, even if We had wanted to. But the Modern means of Communications have given Us Weapons, whereby We can make a Dent. We are Blessed indeed, that We are Born in the Age of Democracy. But Democracy only works if Citizens Participate. And it is also, to a LARGE Extent, Dependent upon Numbers. The More, the Better, is the Principle here.

To BE like a Hero, Now We Just have to:

  • Allot at least 10 Minutes a Day for Social Affairs, things that Concern our Fellow Men and Women.
  • We can give Our LIKES and COMMENTS on posts that We already find Written, if We agree with them. These things Count! Likes and Comments Create TRENDS! And even politicians watch out for these things.

THIS IS THE SIMPLEST WAY TO BECOME A HERO. Our Heart Will Accept that. It will Sing. It will say, ‘Well done, Boss! You Acted! You ARE a Hero!’

Many so-called ‘greats’ have followers, who just want something, money, favours, recognition! If they do not get these, they leave.

If Our Innermost Self, Our Heart, Accepts things, that is Enough, and We will Feel Very Satisfied Indeed! But let us Remember, We Cannot Fool Our Innermost Self.

self love in NOT Love!

self love is NOT love, and self love is NO love. It is selfishness! Loving oneself Alone, or loving oneself too much, is selfishness.

‘swaarth’ (Swa-Arth, one’s own gain) as it is called in India, which means selfishness, has Never been appreciated. In Any Culture, Any Religion, in Any Age.

narcissus appreciates himself!

good old narcissus appreciates himself!


We are NOT supposed to Hate ourselves, depreciate ourselves or anything like that. A Healthy ‘I am OK’ is Absolutely Necessary. But when the world starts revolving around ourselves, then things have gone wrong indeed.


Loving one’s Family, Relatives and Friends is also a kind of selfishness!

It will be LOVE, ONLY if we take some Goodly Effort for the Welfare and Happiness of Others who are Not related to us. Otherwise it is all selfishness!


Let us see what Jesus had said about Us and Ours! Matthew 5:46-47, TEV.

Why should God Reward You If You love Only the people who love You? Even the tax collectors do that!

And If You speak Only to Your Friends, have You done anything out of the Ordinary? Even the pagans do that!”

(Evidently the tax collectors and pagans were held in very little regard).

I would condense the above as:

“If You love only those who love You, what Great thing have You done?”

Yes, loving those who love us is Nothing Great. Is it not as easy as sliding into a Ditch? And who is going to give out Prizes for ‘Ordinary’ things?

Whereas Loving Others is going to take Effort. Loving one’s Enemies is going to take a LOT of Effort! These things alone would be Counted as Love.

Let me repeat: ‘selfishness’ has Never been appreciated, in Any Culture, in Any Religion, in Any Age. self love actually creates Problems! self love is a Sickness. Please click on the link above for a sequel, as well as on this one, for views on self love and Christ.

04. HOW Should We Love?

Real Love does not Stop with Wishing. We have to put it into Action. We have seen that Christ had said: ‘Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.’ (Matthew 22.39). We are So Generous in Loving Ourselves. Who does not want the Best for Oneself?

So Christ’s words here mean: ‘Love OTHERS with the SAME Generosity, with the Same Ardour, with the Same Care and Concern as You do for Yourself.’

It goes Further. Jesus had also said: “Love one another as I have Loved You.” (John 13.34). And the Way He loved us was by giving His Life for us.

Christ Loved us unto Death

We HAVE to get Out of our Comfort Zones, out of out Sofas, Set Time aside for Others, Get our Hands Dirty, and Shed some Sweat for the Betterment of Others.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa had said: ‘Give till it Hurts You a little.’

Loving Others Should COST US a little. THAT is How We are Supposed to Love.

03. Whom Should I Love?

15 Years ago, if somebody had asked me this question, I would have been Very surprised! I have been brought up learning that We Love OTHERS. But during these years, I have found many people propounding that We love Ourselves First.

And many carry it further, saying in effect, that We have to love ‘Ourselves’ (alone). What seems to follow is that it is not necessary to love Others. Perhaps it is suggested that the Other can take care of himself/herself.

Maybe those who teach this take it from Christ’s words, “Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.” And they seem to have got stuck to the second part of the sentence! An Old Christian even put it in so many words, ‘When we love ourselves, the love overflows to others.’ Does it, indeed? Automatically?

It does happen that We sometimes Hate Ourselves, or Do not Love or Appreciate ourselves Enough. That has to Change, of course. Self Hatred is one of the Most Draining things.

But We only Start by Loving Ourselves. That is Normalcy. Once that is Achieved, We Proceed to Loving the Whole World! ‘Each Man as my Brother, Each Man as my Friend,’ as the song says!

If one Stops at loving just oneself, that should be considered a Failure!

We have seen that Love is Wishing the Other Well. We Can and Should Extend this to say: True Love is Wishing that the Whole World be Happy.

This is put Beautifully in Sanskrit as: ‘Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.’ May the Whole World be Well.

02. What IS Love?!

[This is an Old post. It might even be called Obsolete! Please click here for the Updated, Newer post. Thanks.]

We have seen that Love is Not Hugs and Kisses, and that We are to Love even our Enemies. Taking all these Ideas together, we will find that…


If I Wish You Well, I Love You, if Not, I don’t. You may be Abroad, I might not even have seen You, but with this above Idea, We see that We can Love Everybody.

Supposing somebody has done me Harm. If I can Wish him Well, it is Love. I may still have to file a Complaint against him, maybe take him to Court, I may have to Control him, become Strict and even Hard with him, but… Love is Wishing the Other Well.

Love does not mean that We accept Everybody as our Friend! Love does not mean that We cannot Fight for Justice. Imagine that somebody is trying to grab Your Land. This happens often enough, at least in India. Is it even possible to give up what is Yours? Where are We going to Stay? How are We going to Live? So, We can even fight for what is Ours, Without Rancour in our Heart, and We would be Loving.

We might have been Hating somebody who has Expired. Let us Wish them Well. The Soul, after all, is Indestructible!

But this Wish Should come from the Heart, Should be Truthful, and Earnest. We cannot just mouth the Words, Wink, and say, ‘Lord, Let him have it!’

Let us Put these Ideas into Practice. And We shall find that the More We Love, the Happier We Become! Here’s to Happy Times.

01. The Most Important things in Life!

Love, Happiness and Peace! These three words contain All of Mankind’s search.

I am Sure You will agree that Love is the First, and Most Important thing, that Any Man, Woman or Child wants. Love makes Youth forget almost Everything! And Not getting Love makes us feel Devastated.

We know that even Animals crave love. Think of the way Your Dog greets You when You get home! …No need to labour the point.

But What exactly is Love? What is it To Love?

A Kiss is an Expression of Love. But, Kisses can come without Love. Judas’ Kiss is the first example that comes to Mind!

So are Hugs, expressions of the subject. But, one can be hugging another and planning Back-stabbing the Other. It IS possible, after all.

Again, if i do NOT take one on my lap, or Embrace, Hug or Kiss, can it be said that I do not love that person? A Grown Up son might not want/like most of these attentions. In Countries like India, these are not just done!

And How do You Love Your Enemy? You are Supposed to Love Everybody! I Believe in that. Christ the Lord said that.

I shall answer All these questions in my next post.



Hello, Everybody! …As I have written to Shiva in the comments, I have 840 posts, done in 28 months! Hope these are of Use to You as they give me Satisfaction in writing.

Pearly gates and St Peter

The Pearly Gates and St. Peter. Image from the Internet.

I am an Opinion Former. I am Not out to Merely ‘Inform’ You. What I Intend is to Induce Reflection, and Thence, Action. 

There is a Surfeit of Info available. What One Needs is Practical Ways to Achieve Happiness and Satisfaction.

Having named by blog as Love, Happiness and Peace, You will see that I write Quite a Lot indeed on Current Affairs. Love Demands that We Interest Ourselves, and Involve Ourselves, in the Affairs of Our Fellow Beings, particularly those Without a Voice. It is Our Duty and Our Responsibility.

Wish You Happy Times!


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