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On the so-called nehru dynasty

It is True that the congress thinks that by using nehru’s name it will get more votes. Watching ISL football these days, am absolutely surprised at the number of stadiums in India that have the nehru family name.

But congress should know that all people remember about them is their corruption.

The nehru family, like indira-rajiv-sonia-rahul have Not made it into Dynasty politics. Our so called chosen leaders in the congress have chosen these to lead them. The nehru family did not put chains on their throats to choose them.

We would be Fools if we think that bjp or any party (except AAP) is any better. bjp relies on modi, takes the name of sardar vallabhbhai patel and shivaji, etc, to get its votes.

There is NO Difference between congress and bjp.


The 14th of November was jawaharlal nehru’s birthday. congress is trying to use this opportunity to get some more votes on nehru’s name. On the other hand, other parties, (most probably the bjp, who else?), are trying to malign his name, to counter congress’ moves.

The following pictures are posted for what they are worth. I could not make much sense of the one on J nehru’s father. Both graphics from Facebook.

nehru a

nehru b

On Smriti Irani and the Freedom of Expression

SMRITI IRANI’s declarations on her Educational qualifications seem to have differed, and in discussing that, some fear had risen on the Freedom of Speech and Expression in India during the new regime.


Image from: www.dnaindia.com

She is a newly elected minister of the present administration. As can be seen from the saffron colour, the lotus symbol and the flags in the background, she belongs to the bjp, the Bharatiya janata party. But these are presented for some info into her background, and have no bearing on the subject at hand.

Supposedly the least educated in her party, she has said: “A Public figure should be open to Criticism!” This is Something We have NOT heard from politicians.

This makes Smriti Irani one of the Champions of the Freedom of Speech, as far as India is concerned. 

For this I Admire and Appreciate her, though I am a supporter of the AAP, the Aam Aadmi Party. I am Impressed Indeed. Kudos, Smriti!


politicians had passed the IT66A almost for their own benefit, and had made generous use of it for themselves in the past. Example: Chidambaram’s son. When it was said and questioned how this man’s wealth had reached such proportions is such a short time or something, the above law had been used, and the questioner had been Jailed in short order.

The above had been done when the congress had been at the centre. I hope the new administration will take pointers from Smriti, and that Freedom of Speech and Expression will not be curtailed.

On the AAP, Tamil Nadu, Silence and 23,000 Volts!

A Compilation of my tweets this morning:

1. MUCH needs to be said about today’s India, particularly after the recent elections. But now it has become ‘dangerous’ to speak out!

2. Am I afraid? YES. I would NOT go and touch a 23,000 volt cable. In my old age, hv 2 take care of my mother n another handicapped person.

3. I would have spoken out IF the AAP had been Strong and Active in TN. It is Sleeping, And National leaders are not worried about this.

NO NEED to ‘Call’ a Thief a Thief!

According to me, the Only mistake Arvind has done, and what quite some AAP-ians are doing, is to call gadkari a ‘chor,’ (thief).


I am Only Saying that there is NO NEED to ‘Call’ him that. (Everybody knows it, after all!)

1. AAP had collected evidence against gadkari.


2. The MEDIA itself collected and provided proofs of his deeds.


gadkari cnnibn

Image from article referred above, by Screen Capture.

3. gadkari had threatened of dire consequences if and when he/bjp came to power.


IN SPITE OF ALL THIS, he holds high post in the new administration.

All this shows THE CALIBRE OF INDIA’S ELECTORATE at Present.

Let us of the AAP Not Waste Time.

IN CRICKET, when Sledging takes place, when a player of the Opposite team abuses Us, We do Not do Dharna, Protests. We get on with the Game.

Let us LEAVE OUT ALL NEGATIVITIES, and GO FORWARD and Make the People of our Country Realize that AAP is the Best Option for them.

AAP needs New Life

AAP members call gadkari chor

Graphic: From Facebook.

The Banner in the picture says:

‘nitin gadkari is a thief, (repeated twice more). Arrest Us (also).’

[gadkari is a bjp man, against whom there seems to be ‘proof’ of shady dealings. It would seem that Arvind Kejriwal had called gadkari a ‘thief,’ because of which he, (Arvind!) is in jail, having refused to pay bail and stay out. The protest above is to do with all this.]


I Highly Appreciate the Enthusiasm of these (Young) people. Their Love for our Motherland, a Corruption Free system, and their Application, all have to be Admired.

EXCEPT for their use of the word ‘chor,’ which means thief. I Totally Disagree with them in this. It serves NO USEFUL PURPOSE, except making these people think that they have done something great.

Using this word and protesting like this is Typical Behaviour for those who are around 30 years of age, or less. By 45, (which is also Arvind’s age, I suppose), One Realizes that there is ‘Nothing to Prove,’ and People move with Deliberation, as against Youth, who believe in Jumpy, Flashy endeavours.

Whether it is Cricket, using a Gun, Sword, or Any Martial Art, STEADINESS of Mind and Stance Count. We are not speaking about the ‘Footwork’ necessary for Cricket or Anything else. But Let us Not ‘Twitch About.’ We should leave that to Monkeys.

As such I had ‘shared’ this picture in Facebook under the title: Infantile Behaviour.

Giridhar Ramachandran, a Facebook Friend had written: “I totally agree. However, how do we change this? How do we reach out to everyone and make them take more concrete steps? Is there a way to communicate with the NEC of AAP?”

I wrote these lines in response:

Thank You for Your response, GR! I can see You are really interested in the AAP and the Country.

As You will see, there are already TWO questions in Yours. They concern, ‘Everyone,’ and the ‘NEC.’

1. Let me start with the NEC. Ideally, the ‘Top’ should have organized things in such a way that there are ever widening circles, as for instance in the military, where we have the Generals, the Colonels, to make it simple, the Majors, Captains, etc, and even among the Noncommissioned officers, the Sergeants, and even lower.

Continuing with the example of the armed forces, even the lowest ranking personnel, though Most of his life is spent with the Sergeant, etc., has the right to meet his ‘commanding officer,’ And the Necessary Ways and Means for it.

The AAP has not provided for this. I would say a Complete Reorganization is needed in our Beloved AAP, if it has to have any Life.

2. What We CAN do at the moment is to Talk to Anybody and Everybody we meet about the Need for a Corruption Free Administration. People have to be CONVINCED about this. And this will take AT LEAST FIVE YEARS. Because convincing a 100 people is not enough. The Whole of India has to be approached, and this may actually take Decades.

When Gandhiji organized his Satyagraha movement, he did it by getting the volunteers to meet the villagers, have endless meetings with them, etc. And only after YEARS of work of this sort, did Gandhiji take on the english.

AAP has made the mistake of going into ‘National politics,’ while Most of the Nation does not even know about the Party, its Policies, the Reasons for taking certain steps, etc.

Let me take part of Your question agains: ‘How do we reach out to everyone and make them take more concrete steps?’

One-by-One-by-One, We just have to Talk to our Family Members, Friends, Acquaintances, Neighbours and Strangers, Long, Hard and Repeatedly, about Our Policies, and the Need for the AAP!


For all its shortcomings, AAP is Still the Party of those who are Not Corrupt, and Which Stands and Fights against Corruption. As such, it is Still MY Party, which I shall continue to Support, and for which I shall Work to the Best of my Ability.

And I Firmly believe that the AAP Will Bring New Life to India!

Indian Magic: Weight , Age and (Indian) Time.

Very nice heading for very nasty work. Why We Need the AAP.

Impractical Dreamer

Q 1: How much time does it take for a flimsy, fairy-light ,12x 8 cm object to travel across 50 sq ft?

Q 2: Can the object gain ‘weight and age’ at the end of its journey?

Answer 1 : Two hours (minimum).

Answer 2: Yes. It gains ‘weightage’.

Venue: Mumbai RTO, to get International Driver License.

The agent (Yes, I believe in zero-corruption, when & if it suits me) asked me to carry original Passport and original Visa (Err… the visa sits within the passport. I wanted to show off, but refrained wisely), 3 photos (which usually means keep 3 plus 2 extra. Just in case.) and Yourself in person, Madam.

I calculated the Luggage I needed to tag along. In addition to the above essentials, I added

[1] goggles (Indian Summer at mid-day),

[2] a 5-star chocolate bar (weightless, portable and…

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AAP is Winning!

AAP Prerna

This is AAP volunteer Prerna, had quit CNN-IBN & Headlines Today to join Aam Aadmi Party. Both She and her Husband Ankit Lal, another AAP volunteer, have suffered Injuries during Rallies. Hers is not the most grievous injury; just the Latest. Photo from Facebook.

Below is a compilation of my tweets this evening. That is why it wears a numbered look!

1. Hinduism is a Great Religion. (Let us Not start a discussion on whether it is a Religion or a Way of life). That is Not my point here.

2. Among Hinduism’s Greatest Contributions We have Dhyaan and Yoga, to state them separately and Simply. I regularly practice both!

3. Let Nobody think I am fawning up to Hinduism. It is an Honest Appreciation. You will note that I live as a Sannyasi, and from 1976.

4. (While I appreciate So many things about Hinduism, I remain a Christian, of course). To Continue, Hindus are a Friendly People.

5. There are Really Many Hindus whom We can call Enlightened People (I am not talking about Realized ones here), Caring, Good Neighbours.

6. For all this, it is only Natural that there will be Many who do not know the Heart and Soul of Hinduism.

7. Sadly, some political parties just USE these, and depend on these for their political victory.

8. Many may vote for the bjp believing in its ‘devt agenda.’ Many would be doing so purely because bjp again and again raises Rel issues.

9. Given all this, bjp’s victory, AT LEAST THIS TIME, is almost a foregone conclusion!

10. In this context, the Numerous Attacks on AAP members ‘by the bjp and its affiliates’ goes to show one thing. AAP is making its Mark!

11. These Attacks are Just Proving to the Nation that AAP has arrived, to the extent of getting bjp rattled.

12. All this is Good News for AAP and NATION! Honest and Corruption Free Times lie ahead. Like, at the Next gen elections. Vande Mataram!

tweets: (20th March ’14). 3.

1. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. IF Our candidate or self Not chosen, shd We also leave AAP, like other parties? Why did We join?

2. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. After leaving, are We going to start new party? Or pull AAP down?!

3. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. Can We show enough Love for COUNTRY by Staying on, and Working for AAP? Address problems later?

4. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. Example: Volunteers Not Organized/ Mobilized in TN. Those with Exp shd do THAT for Love of Country.

5. Dissatisfaction with party; AAP. So, instead of criticizing, Let us DO something constructive and positive for COUNTRY. Not just talk!

tweets: (20th March ’14). 2.

1. Debate on candidates form pol’l parties contesting from ‘particular’ areas. Indeed, in some cases, n for some parties, laughable.

2. Debate on ‘particular’ areas. WHY shd STALWARTS like Advani desire that?

3. Debate on ‘particular’ areas. But AAP candidates. NEW in fray. Makes sense wd stand where Best chances. But WHY does media Mock this?

Wanted: Honest Media.

The Villain casually invites the Journalist to a Hill-top Restaurant, and Calmly Shoots her between the Eyes. Afterwards he recalls the pleasure had had in doing the same to various other journalists, in various Dictatorships. The ‘Freedom of the Press’ had been proving to be a nuisance. But shoot a few of them, and the Others miraculously fell in line.

What I have written above is what I recall from Memory from one of my Favourite books, namely: ‘Remo, Unarmed and Dangerous,’ by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.


Modern media is the offspring of those Brave Souls who had ground away with Pen and Paper. Speaking only of Physical Hardships, there were those who went to Difficult-to-Reach Places to gather News, those who went to the Battle Fronts at risk of Life, and the Many who must have been Killed, ‘Because’ they were Journalists. I pay them my Homage.

I came across a Brave Young Woman named Y.D., who had even been molested in her pursuit of Reporting. Yet She carries on, for which let us pay Her and Others like her Our Respects.


Coming back to ‘media’ in general, those who Investigated and Reported were Intellectuals, and must have been Concerned People.

We see how ‘The Hindu’ had played a part in Our Freedom Struggle:

“The first editorial on the public activities of the remarkable Indian barrister in South Africa appeared on August 20, 1896. In turn, Gandhiji, the consummate politician and master communicator, fed the newspaper with his communications on the struggle in South Africa.” …And,

‘The editorial says, “We hope that some good will result to our oppressed countrymen in South Africa from the efforts which Mr. Gandhi is making to rouse public opinion in India.”‘

I have culled both of the above from:


And it is not only ‘The Hindu.’ The Other eminent National Daily, ‘The Times of India,’ had played its part too.


But, with time, things like ‘ADVERTISEMENTS’ started creeping in. And these have become the Bane of media. Think of all those ‘magnates’ who own various publishing houses and TV channels. We may be sure that they do it purely for the money that these bring in.

So, media has changed from being ‘Reporters’ to those who are Searching for Advertisements!

media gets Very Angry when We say such things of them. I raise the following charges against them:

A. In the coming Elections, the congress, the bjp and the AAP have become the Major contenders. media has been ‘VERY faithful’ in covering modi’s rallies. How Much of AAP’s rallies/gatherings have YOU been able to see, Dear Reader?

B. When AAP members/volunteers have been BEATEN UP, media calls that a ‘Fight.’ When AAP banners were torn, and volunteers beaten with Iron rods, etc, at AMETHI just recently, media again called it a ‘Fight.’ media HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO SHOW FOOTAGE OF ANY DAMAGE TO THE ‘OTHER’ PARTY.

Most political parties have drummed up, and have, professional rowdies in their cadre. So in clashes with members of AAP vs Other parties, it is NOT a clash of the Titans, but almost Professional Rowdies vs the College Hothead.

The bjp cadre had Beaten up AAP volunteers and had broken the Windshield of Arvind’s car. AAP volunteers had thrown some bricks when they protested against this at the bjp offices. I have seen videos of that. But the members have been taken up for that. Arvind himself Apologized for it.

We see below what had happened to Pushpa, an AAP volunteer, at Mumbai, when She had been Role Playing in a Street Drama. She was attacked and Wounded with a BLADE. If her Cheek had been cut, She would have been Disfigured for Life; and the strike a few inches to the right would have Cut Open Her Jugular.


Can the bjp or the congress, or the media, show Damage or Injury done to members of their parties?

C. SNICKERING FACES, MOCKING EYES AND TAUNTING WORDS can be noticed when media speaks of the AAP. Why? Are They not Human Beings? Are We not Human Beings? When media behaves thus senselessly, one could well ask, as they do in Tamil Nadu: ‘Sotha thaan Thingiriya, illa vera ethaachuma?’


Below We have an Editorial Cartoon Mocking Western Famine Tourists in India, 1899-1900 HultonGetty.


Image credit: http://asianhistory.about.com/od/asianenvironmentalhistory/ss/India_Famine1899_3.htm

How Wonderful! The condition of those who have been forced to ‘pose’ for the photograph is apparent enough. Some are not even able to stand. But the woman is happily clicking away. ‘Protected’ by whoever it is. As to Why he has that helmet and watchamacallit in his hand, I do not know. His belly alone should have been Intimidating enough.

I say that much of Today’s media has come down to this level. Protected first of all by their Owners; by ‘laws’ which protect ‘them,’ and add to that the whole batteries of lawyers. All Serving One-Another’s Interests.

Sadly, the media of today seems to be in a mess. The On-line news from, let us say, the Times of India group is Excellent (these days), but the Times Now TV channel, if it is from the same group, is perhaps the worst. The Hindu, (I do not know if it has a TV counterpart), has remained very good. Among TV channels, Doordarshan, India’s National TV, as well as Sun News, are fairly Impartial.

Wanted: Honest Media.