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What is the Need for a Judiciary in India?


WARNING: My site has once again been really High-Jacked [ ! 🙂 ] by some Pesky Martian, and thus and hence, I cannot be legally held responsible for the contents. …Am working my Hardest to wrest it back, and in the meantime, let us see what the fellow has written:


First of all, I want to limit myself to India.

Secondly, in reality, it is not just the so called judiciary, but also the Police Forces, that have Ceased to have the Right to Exist.

They receive Fat pay checks, and are getting Fat at Our expense.

You all know that I have written in this vein many times. Bear with me, and read a little further.

  1. SEMEN FILLED BALLOONS thrown at girls in the name of Holi. (See bottom for a few words on Holi).


Google Search gives these words in the introduction to this above article: ‘Women protest increasing incidents of throwing semen-filled balloons.’ [ Underlining mine ]. …Thus these are not Single incidents of some lone Pervert.

It is quite difficult to imagine just How the Bastards succeeded in getting these. Filling Semen into balloons would take a lot of doing. I would say that they are throwing Used Condoms.

Any fellow doing this could not be coming from a good family, and I would further venture to call him the Son of a Prostitute (All my Sympathies for the Poor Prostitute).



Only the Naive, – and I am not one of them, would expect and think that the Police could Patrol All areas and provide protection, and thus Prevent such incidents.


The Way to Stop these is to Act with Speed, and Give Such Punishment, that would-be culprits would think More than twice before indulging in such activity.

The (present) Judiciary seems to give the impression that it could not care less.

The Police, by taking No solid and serious action in trying to nab the culprits, also give the Same above impression.

Goading them, Setting Fires under their Fat Backsides, (they are No bullocks of the Wagon-Train Era of the West, after all!), seems to be called upon, and this is what I am doing.

As neither the Judiciary nor the Police seem to know the Pain in Rapes, Semen-balloon attacks or Acid Throwing,

I Offer the Three Thousand rupees that I have, (I know it is a pittance), for any Kind-hearted, Bold soul, that would throw Semen-balloons or Acid on, or, Rape, …Judges.


NOTE: I have succeeded in wrestling it back, just to use some different words, from that Pesky Martian, but am not able to Delete or in any way Edit what is written above. So that stands. In Every Sense. 🙂


Now a little about Holi.

Again a Spring Festival. Even Most people from abroad would know about this, as this is the one where they throw colours on one another. See the More Sedate way in which South Indians celebrate their festivals, like Pongal, although they do not seem to mind getting Gored to Death in their Jallikkattus.

I remember, from the days of my youth, all of 50-60 years in the past, where this used to be much more Gentle, but FEARED, (!), nonetheless. About this Fear: There You are, going to church in Your sunday finery, and it also happens to be Holi, so You get colours thrown at You; and since You are not Used to appearing like that Blasted Martian, and also since You might have got wet, You fail to concentrate on the church proceedings as much as You would have liked.

As Holi and the Maundy ThursdayEaster periods often come together, it produces not a little Yuckiness. People are known to throw cow dung and even stones at railway carriage windows, (woe are You if You have left them open), and to keep large tubs of coloured water at cross roads and dunk You in with just: “बुरा न मानो, होली है!” “Buraa na maano, Holi hai,” a standard phrase during these days, which means, “Don’t take offence, it is Holi.” …As if You Can take offence.

From Semen to Urine to Faeces? Are We to see those days too? Would not things degenerate to that unless checked?

Semen for Your Daughters?

You call this Culture?

As I have had the happy occasion to have learnt 6 years of North Indian Classical Music, I remember that there is a Dhamaar, an advanced and complicated way of singing, yet very, very ancient, with the words:

“अबीर गुलाल जी न मो पे डारो, उन्ही पर डारो जे ही रहत तोरे संग.”

Which mean: Throw these colours on Your own people. This from ages past.

To Conclude: The Majority of the majority community of India, are Very Sincere, Cultured, – well, not so cultured at Holi times, or else they would have taught their sons better about this, – and Considerate. I would like to Remind them that there Might be People who Just do Not want to play Holi. They should be Left Totally Free.

I am one of them.



04 Religion – Our Relationship with Other Humans

Most of Our Time is spent in Relationship with Other Human Beings! This is True whether We take the Family or the Work-Space. And this Accord follows certain Lines. Even Our ‘Recreation’ is governed by Our Mindset on this Interconnection with Others.

For instance, I know an Oldish gentleman who used to play Football (Soccer). Below his knee he has quite a number of Scars. He says he got them during his ‘Football days!’ Opposition players would not ‘mind’ Trampling down on the legs of their competitors. …There’s a Relationship for You!

Women, Almost a Total Half of the Human race, are said to have No Souls, No Rights, and are seen as ‘Playthings;’ and as ‘Support’ for heroes in movies. Worse, Woman has Acid thrown at her, is Raped, and is made to ‘Answer’ for these attacks, as if She is Responsible for them. As per its definition,  All this makes for Very Bad Religion!

IMP Acid attack victims

Slavery, Forced Labour, Child Labour, Not Paying Equitable Wages, Unjust Working Hours and Conditions, All spring from the Mindset which believes that Some Humans are worth Less.

Those who have come to Power by the use of Money or Numbers, as in the case of the ‘mafia,’ choose to think ‘Nothing’ of Others. politicians, judges and the police, who often misuse the Authority bestowed on them by the Citizenry, seem to think that People are there to ‘serve’ them.

The List can be Very Long. All Established Religions state what is Right and what is Not. The Sad part of it is that in some cases, it is held that some things are Ok if done to Others, but which should not be done to one’s own!


In Practice, We see People practicing Love, the Most Harmonious kinship possible. We would find that MOST People are Ready to Help, Ready to Reach out a Helping Hand, whatever their Doctrine. 

Religion is Not what pastor W says, nor what bishop X does; not even what guru Y or mullah Z Suddenly announces one day, even if it becomes a trend.

The pharisee at right in the picture below was saying to God: “I Fast Two days a week, and I give You a Tenth of All my income.” (Luke 18:12). Evidently he thought God did not Know that! Haha! He must have ‘prayed’ too, and a lot, I am sure. But Jesus was Not Impressed by the pharisee.

Christ gives the pharisee’s example to show just How this man had Failed. The pharisee had completed All the Rituals, but, like Most of his kind of his age, had been Lacking in his Concern for his Fellow Man.

The Pharisee and the Publican

Image from: http://www.lookandlearn.com

In Conclusion, True Religion is that which Holds, and Teaches Us, among other things, to Have a Healthy and Positive Relationship with Our Fellow Human Beings.

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