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In Praise of my Parents


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The Point is that Most of Our Parents have Sacrificed themselves for Us, so that Our lives could become, in Every Way, Better than Theirs! …We All of Us would do Well at this moment to take, and Make, a little Time, to Recall their Great points, and tell them, whether they are in This world or the Next, that we Appreciate All that they have done, and that we Love them for It! ]


[Below is the Original article:]

I think that the Best thing I can write about my Dear Parents, and the Best Tribute I can pay them is to mention that –

I have Never seen them Fighting!

I rank that Accolade very high, and am very proud of that fact. Happily, they are Together once again in the Heavens! Am Happy for Them!

Below, I give You my Favourite photos of theirs. Both of them loved to read, my father had a goodly library; and like him, my mother too had three languages!


My Dad

My father, Anthony Ponnou, was a Supervisor in the Indian Railways, and he had No bad habits!

His family had been to Burma, but had to return during WWII. He lost many of his relatives during the journey, which told on him severely indeed.

He was a Strict Disciplinarian, and I owe it to him that I am what I am today, and can (and do) stand Tall, in front of Really tall Odds.

He was a Very Loving Man too.


Both my Parents were very Sacrificing kind of persons. All of us had assigned ‘duties!’ My job was to keep the Furniture clean, do the marketing, and polish the foot wear, particularly for Sundays.

My Dad washed all our clothes, (no washing machines then; it was all manual). This was His way of showing his love for my Mother, lightening her load of work.

He would also go to work Walking, as he could not ‘Cycle,’ as his lungs were not too good. He could have taken the Cycle Rickshaws, but that would have ‘told’ on the family budget.

As for my Mother, Jean D’Arc Ponnou, I remember that I used to gorge up her Tasty Vegetables, and she was left with just Gravy many a time. I realized this quite late.

My Mom

I do believe I could write much more in this vein. I am Proud to have had them as my Parents. I Thank the Good Lord for having given them to me and to my Brother and Sisters.