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What controls the Masses?


NOT wholly true. Whether it was the british in India, hitler or afghanistan, in all of which places the gorement had controlled education, all of them (mentioned above) got thrown out.


…What you say, Imran, is true, but not wholly true! ūüôā



Anne Morrow Lindbergh


I love this. I have written on these same thoughts in terms of ‘Apathy.’ Yes, Mankind’s sin is the Unwillingness to Change.

We find SITTING in rotting Fruit Easier!


La Br√ļjula


-No hay pecado castigado más implacable por la naturaleza que el pecado de resistirse al cambio.-

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How Geography Affects Perceptions


WHY are We So Adamant in Not Speaking out on Social Issues?!

Because of Geography? 

Because we think that the Melting Ice Caps cannot affect Us, at least in Our time? That Tsunami’s in x, y and z places will Not make a difference to Our lives?

But my (own) brother lives in Dubai. My nephews and nieces are in Australia. That is Blood. Relations. In short. …And Thanks to the Internet, I have Friends All over the World.

Such being the case, can We Really say that the Socio-Economic-Political and other situations in even far-away countries are Not Our Concern?


Here I am, Claiming that Terrorism is Not the number One problem for India. …And, lo, here there are people in Tamil Nadu itself, who are Not bothered about the Dangers of Nuclear Reactors¬†in their own state.

And this what I mean by Geography.


This morning’s (29.09.2016) media report says that Attacks or Incidents, from Pakistan, have turned from small arms fire (read Rifle) to Mortars, thence Shellings. But the targets, would most probably be in Punjab, the state shown in Green at the North West of India in the above map. That is because it is a well-to-do state, and land upto the borders would be inhabited. Not so in Rajasthan because of ‘deserty’ nature.

For all that, a weapon is a weapon, and People are People. We cannot and shall not differentiate between the People of Punjab and those of Tamil Nadu, as raised in the post. Any and Every harm to One brother is harm to the Family of the Nation and the World.

And not just War, but even these sorts of Incessant Shellings are Nasty business.


An Injured Indian Soldier. …His Cheerfulness Only makes Us feel All the More Bad. Image from the Internet.

But Soldiers Everywhere and Anywhere look and become like this. The World has created a system whereby a Soldier lives by:

“Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die:”

as Alfred Tennyson wrote about the Charge of the Light Brigade.

To continue with the good poet,

“Was there a man dismay’d?
Not tho’ the soldier knew
Someone had blunder’d:”

How Often, and How Easily, do generals and politicians Blunder. And Soldiers and Common People Pay the Price.

Soldiers and Police personnel have to Learn to Question, Reflect upon, and thence, if it be Right, to Act.


I have Not Strayed, but yet I have to come back to the point. To recap what I have alluded to so far, The Shellings, the Injuries and the Devastated Houses do Not come to the notice, so Easily, of the Man in South India.

But the case of No-Attention-being-paid-to-the-Nuclear-Projects is Not just to “It Not being Known.” It is a case of: “I will not be Affected.” …Let’s get a map.


The Kudankulam Nuclear plant is situated at the town of its name, roughly the Red dot. It is some 45 Kilometres from Nagarcoil, and just a little more than that from Kannyakumari. We might say that People about a 100 Kilometres from Kudankulam were Actively Opposing the project. In their case, it is Not just the Danger of Nuclear Radiation, Leaks and Dangers due to Tsunami’s. I would Frankly say that I have very little opinion of Indian Workmanship.

But people of, let us say Tiruchirappally, (the blue dot) the Famous Temple Town, close to Tanjore, another famous place, are Not protesting. They are actually the Least bothered by the Issue. Reason? Distance. Tamil Nadu is a large state. It is for that Same reason that people in Coimbatore, on the Western edge of the state, do not bother about Nuclear Dangers from Kudankulam.

Why are not the people of Tiruvananthapuram, (that’s a name for You! …The multi coloured dot) protesting about this Nuclear project? Because they have a Mountain Range in between, which, I suppose, they believe would protect them. Does Anybody Say these things? No, Nobody except good old Yesudas.


So what is the Conclusion? It is Not just the people of Tamil Nadu, or India, but The Whole World, Makes a Noise ONLY When it gets affected by a Calamity. Foresightedness is Not an Issue. No Need to think about the Danger of Leakages in Storing spent up nuclear material.

People live by the Charvaka pseudo philosophy; that of Radical Materialism. The Only concern of the Charvaka adherent is that the Fish bone does not get caught in the throat.

Today, the so called Gurus, Great Yoga Teachers, the pope(s) (the present one is an exemption in some ways), and bishops and priests in general, Are they All Not living lives of Luxury? As Charvakas? Can You Really see any Concern in them, for the Suffering World? What are they going to Teach when they are like this?


In the End, as always with Yesudas, the Question comes to: Why are We So Adamant in Not addressing Ourselves to Social Issues? Just Where We, Each one of Us, with regard to this question? ūüôā Can We Allow Geography to mar Our Thinking? ūüôā


Maps from Google Maps.


3 Things, and More Thoughts!


This is a sequel to my earlier post on Dear Belinda’s article¬†<https://largeroomnolight.wordpress.com/2016/07/04/4-a-day-food-budget-challenge/&gt;. I must confess that my¬†earlier one had left a feeling inside me that I had not put things too well. Am trying to correct that herein.

We shall take All the former things as said.

Please, Let it NOT be thought that I am mocking People in the West, showing that We in India live much Cheaper. Not at All.

I have a Veritable Anger, a Burning Anger, against all those responsible for the situation in the West, and in So many places all around the world. My Anger is Such that first it Debilitated me, and then, once I got going on this, is giving me Strength to go on with it, and, let me Confess that I would be Ready to Tear their Hearts out, literally, if I could.

I read in ‘Equinoxo’s’ blog, <https://equinoxio21.wordpress.com/> 6,500 People are Homeless in San Francisco, and, as he says, the number is just growing.

My Anger is towards those who just put the rates Up!

Why is Land and Housing So Expensive in the West? Why is Everything So costly there?

It is Greed. Oh, Everybody is greedy. But is there No difference between wanting to eat another Ice Cream, and Gobbling up another man’s business, house, orchard or property?

As I have said, I am No economist. But I venture that all this is so because:

A:       1% calls the shots,


B:     9% Make it Possible, Рafter all the plans cannot be executed without Middle-men, touts, bureaucrats, complacent police and generals gone on sale.



C: ¬† ¬† 89% Couldn’t Care Less, or Won’t Take the Necessary Steps, even unto Raising their voices, for or against, – who will vote for the person who says: “To confront terrorism, you have to take out their families.‚ÄĚ From:



See how happy they are! They have their Grass, and even Flowers, the Sky, Clouds and an Attendant!¬†And Houses, Jobs, Motorcycles, Cars, and…

You would have noticed that the numbers add up to 99 there above. The rest of the 1% are the Mad Prophets like Us, and the Very Few who Shout along with Us.


Believe You me, Not just Jonah, Yesudas would Very much like to Keep his Big mouth Shut. But the Fire will not let Us do that.

Had occasion to see what started off as the ‘B-52’ graveyard. But a site I went into shows many more, other planes. It is Not the types of planes that I want to refer to here, but the Sheer numbers. Such Expensive aircraft, So many of them, Merrily Abandoned. No, No, No, I am Not saying they should be put to use, particularly as military weapons. You can have a look see here:


What I mean is, Building Planes, Discarding them, and Building New ones now, further. What Sort of Brainlessness is this? Again, putting it in other words, What I am objecting to is this Sheer Waste of Our Money, Yours and Mine. …Oh, the manufacturing companies have to keep doing that, or else their profit Ceases. But We, – since We of the Blogging world have our Houses, Jobs, Computers, Smartphones, and above all our Beers, – Will Not bother about such Wastes.

[ And here, by the way, while Billions are being Wasted, found Many comments about Mother Teresa having ‘wasted’ Millions. The subject crops up widely in the comments. ]

And People Struggle to Eat 3 Plain Meals a Day.


They are Greedy.

But their Greed gets Satisfied Because We are Silent.


I BEG of You, Folks, whatever Your Speciality, be it Photography, Travel, Science, Mathematics, Arts, whatever., Do, Please, Contribute at least One post At Least Once a Month, on Social Issues, be it Ever So Small.

Hearty Regards.


Dipa promises to practise for a whole Year for 2020 Olympics! Wow!


Now that is Dipa Karamkar, the Only Indian Gymnast who reached Olympic levels, and has come 4th at Rio! At her very first try! That is Some talent. This makes her another Darling of India. Some Images below, all from the internet.

Dipa-Karmakar a Rio-2016

A Kiss to You, too, my Dear.

dipa-karmakar airborne


Dipa Karmakar of India performs in the women’s vault final of the Artistic Gymnastics event during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, on July 31, 2014. AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT / AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT
Dipa Karmakar of India performs in the women’s vault final of the Artistic Gymnastics event during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, on July 31, 2014. AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT / AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT

Okay, all that text also came attached, Clever fellows. …But I call this photograph: ‘Neck Breaking.’ Incidentally, Risks like these, for Indian Gymnasts at Horribly Unequipped stadiums, and for Hockey players, having the serious risk of Injury, is what turns people to ‘safer’ Cricket.

try that

How many of Us would like to Try this?


Let me get back to the Headline. What’s so special about her saying this? …’One’ year, my Dear Folks, One Year. …Do We think the Other Gymnasts are practising like that, for 365 DAYS¬†before the Olympics?

It becomes Clear that a Person with Such Talent would require a HUGE amount of support before She/He would allocate these Years of Training to their Sport(s). The Special Diet that would be required. The Special Equipment, including Adequate and World Class Safety ones.

It is also clear that Dipa has indirectly said that She cannot manage all these for the whole 4 years before the next Olympics.

Speaking Only of Facilities, and Money that is needed for this, if We just REAM people like these ministers who Regularly go for Jaunts at the Tax-payers’ expense, things would Improve greatly indeed.

Reaming tools

These are some Reaming tools.

Here is one such minister.

crook anil vij

Haryana Minister Anil Vij splashes ONE CRORE rupees to go to Rio; Skips Main event, Absent from key events.

Incidentally, just Guess whose name crops up MOST in search for Jaunts? One hint. his name has Four letters.


But Why should they give up their jolly life? When there is Nobody to question them. Not Enough, anyway.


Let Us take Our heads out of the Proverbial Sand.


Thus Proved, that…


India, a country of 125+ Crores (1.25+ Billion) people, has, may I say ‘managed’ to get 2 medals so far in the Olympics. Don’t think I am down-playing this. I am So swollen with Pride today that my Shirt would not fit! Haha.

Just a teeny weeny look at this ‘Darlings‘ (Rightly called so) of India.

P V Sindhu Silver Rio 2016

P V Sindhu, winner of Silver at Badminton at the Rio Olympics 2016. Image from the Internet.

Sakshi Malik bronze wrestling Rio 2016

Sakshi Malik, winner of Bronze in Wrestling in her class. Image from the Internet.

After Sindhu won her Silver, – though this means she lost the Gold, – Practically the Whole of India Celebrated.¬†Here’s an image, of Crowds Waiting to watch the Match.

P V Sindhu fans

Image from Twitter. From the photograph, I would say that this must have been at about 5:30 PM, whereas the match was to begin a whole Two hours later!

And, did I tell You, my very own Sister, a Die-Hard Hermit if ever there was one, who gets out of her house Only if she Must, in distant (for me) Bangaluru (Bangalore of old) was watching the match!


The Point is this:

Thus Proved that There are things that We Yearn for, Over and Above Earning Lots of money. Twitter was going Mad, as was the Media.

But even here, Titillation plays its part; after all, Sports is part of Entertainment. Leaving that aside, In Sports, Can We Imagine the Amount of Energy and Time these Sports-persons must have spent to Achieve results like these?

Let us take two scenarios:

One: The Sports person. She/He is Waking up, Going through the Toilet, Eating, Moving-about/Travelling, Sleeping… And Thinking about What? The Sport.

Two: The Majority of Us. Through all these Same things, What are We thinking about? …Money, Family, Sex, Pleasure.


The Victories of Sindhu, Sakshi and Cricket Prove to Us that there are things that We Ourselves hold High in Our Hearts.

Included in this would be A Better Future for Our Dear ones, which cannot be just More money, but, More than that,

Which We Do Not have.

It is also proved that We Very Firmly keep them buried Deep in out hearts, Not Allowing them to Raise their heads.

Because that would call for Action, Effort, Coming out of Our Comfort Zones. At the Cost of the Future of Our Dear Ones.


Resolve to Spend at least 10 minutes, Donate at least 4 Lines, on Facebook, Twitter or on the Phone, for the Betterment of Mankind.

Apathy n Catherine of Sienna

Graphic from the Internet.

Over to You.


People with Ordinary Reservation Enter AC coaches!


[ This is the ‘Prophesy‘ I had been talking about! ]

The administration (previously called ‘government’) is thinking of, (or is it already working on?) Bullet Trains in India. It that the Need of the Hour? There are Not enough ‘Ordinary’ compartments in trains. If this persists, Of course ‘People with Ordinary Reservation will Enter AC coaches.’

This post is more about the Apathy of the Indian Citizen. Not just in India, all over the world, Apathy is Ruling, and We cry foul Only when Our Own skin is in trouble.

I have already shown that the Indian Citizen no longer respects ‘Reservations’ in trains. Barging into reserved compartments is ‘Usual’ now. The so-called TTE’s, (Travelling Ticket Examiners), with additional ‘flying squads’ adding to the merriment, just collect a few rupees and allow passengers without reservations to remain in reserved compartments.

Here are some pictures of some of these incidents, from my trip to Gorakhpur.

30 re man

The above is one of those men who had paid the TTE a mere Rs. 30 to be allowed to remain. Evidently these were ‘regular’ passengers, taking advantage of the timing of the train, proving that there are Not enough travelling facilities to travel in India. No use in pointing out the Thousands of Buses that ply. They are Overcrowded, and these sorts of practices, as pointed out in this article, are resorted to.

grp vic

But if You are ‘Poor-Looking,’ God help You. The above Youth is an example. They just took him to the side and were demanding Hundreds. My presence, and the camera – though a very poor one, made differences here.


So¬†the Indian Citizen no longer respects ‘Reservations’ in trains. And by reservations We mean the ‘Second’ class one.

How Long is it going to be before they start Barging into the ‘First’ class, and even Air Conditioned compartments? (Actually this is Already Happening).

So here is my Prophesy, Folks. It is Not Long before: ‘People with Ordinary Reservation start Entering AC coaches.’

Would the Well-to-do, those with the Smart Phones and the Benz Cars, start raising their voices at least then? Would the Administration (previously called government) start providing More Ordinary, Un-reserved coaches in trains at least then?


And let us remember, my Dear Folks, Apathy is Not just about Reservations in Trains. There are More Important Issues like the Water Situation, and the practically Non-existent law and order in the Country. Or have You forgotten that there are Thousands jailed without a hearing For 20 YEARS or more? ūüė¶


This Photographer At Least Cried


photographer cries

From Facebook


I have faced at least ‘some’ Fire over posting this collage with my remarks.

But my Answer is this:

As I have stated, my site is not to Inform. But to Bring People to Action. The World in general, and We Indians in particular, are NOTORIOUS for being people full of Apathy.

We cry foul Only when Our Own skin is in trouble.


Have We paid attention to the Pain and Problems of Our fellow Human Beings? HOW MUCH and What have We done to change the situation?

The main point of this post is for Each one of to Us to Examine How much We Care. Regards.


Rhinos, and Water Scarcity!


No, the Poor Rhinos are not drinking up Our Water to Scarcity levels. This is about Our Apathy to Our Own conditions, and that of Our Future Generations.

If We Fail to Pay attention to the Growing WATER SCARCITY today, Let us be Prepared to Stare at our Grandchild Staring at Parched Earth.

Boy and Dry Field

Image from Internet; from Google search for Maharashtra Drought 2016.

Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, to start with:

[ Contrary to my practice, am giving this first picture in greater pixels, so that We can notice the Scum on the surface of the Water, etc. All images, unless specified, from the Internet. ]

Maharashtra drought

As Devinder Sharma, an award-winning journalist, writer, thinker and researcher respected for his views on food and trade policy has written in Facebook:

“The appalling drought in 10 States has not hit the sensibilities of people living in urban areas. People in cities somehow believe that the drought they hear about is happening in Africa.¬†(From his post in Facebook; emphasis mine).

What he says is Well corroborated by one of the pictures he has uploaded:

Devinder Sharma draught ktaka apathy

That is Devinder Sharma on the left. Graphic from his post.

For his full post: https://www.facebook.com/devindersharma.official/

The Water Scarcity has Affected Too many walks of life, not just Water for us to Drink and that for Farming.

One Minakshi Malhotra, (B.Sc.MICROBIOLOGY, and B.Ed.and Post-Graduatn.in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition), responding to Devinder, has written some shocking things, (formatting mine):

“Some harsh realities ===>> Marathawada”s crisis is a ”Harvest of misery ” ! In Nalgonda, schoolkids miss classes to fetch water ! The acute water shortage in THANE ( in Mumbai) has hit hospitals & even life-saving surgeries.

( No water , means no surgeries! )

Receiving water just 4 days /week, hospitals here are the worst hit. ‚ÄúTreatments like dialysis, bypass & deliveries need water, we need to plan surgeries in advance so that it doesn‚Äôt collide with the days when there is no water,‚ÄĚ said a Doctor there.

When Water tankers meant for thirsty beings are sold to rich businessmen in parched , Drought-hit Marathwada , it’s clear that humanity there has dried up too !!”

Below are some more images from a Google search for: ‘Maharashtra Drought 2016.’¬†Maharashtra is a state in India, famed for Mumbai, and also Notorious for having the greatest number of Farmers committing Suicide.

Maharashtra drought Farmer

He is not an actor. Just an ordinary farmer. The Plight on his face is Gut Wrenching.

Maharashtra drought Cattle

Since these are not Rhinos, none of – The National Geographic, Animal Planet or Discovery will carry programmes on these Lowly Cattle. If You find me Over-sarcastic today, forgive me, my Heart is Burdened.

About Rhinos? Oh, Yes, here it is:


It seems that at one time, Rhino population had gone down by an appalling 98%! But, due to the Ceaseless Interest of people in Animal Planet, etc, and the Tireless work of Wild life workers, – sponsored, no doubt, by Very Rich, Very concerned businessmen, universities, and what not, the Rhino population has reached ‘safe’ levels again (I presume).

Let us note that the wise businessmen do not ‘cast money onto waters’ out of sheer love for rhinos. They well know that Lots of People will watch these programmes, which enable Lots of Ads, by which these ‘Educational channels,’ and the businessmen in the end, profit, and make Lots of money.

After all, People are concerned about Rhinos, but I am not at all sure Rhinos are concerned about People. Not that We should eliminate them for that.

Just What are We going to do with Rhinos, Tigers, Rare Snakes, and who knows what else, if there is No Water left to Till Our Fields? Water Scarcity is a Huge Ogre on the horizon.

My point: Priority for People, Please.

Here are things We Could Do:

  1. Contribute At Least One Sentence Every Day to Social Issues, Water Scarcity, Justice, etc. Don’t just Nag Your Family members. Talk to Your Friends, Acquaintances, Family, – too., and People You Absolutely do not Know.

Organizations like Climate Change Request one Tweet a Day. I Shall PESTER You for One Statement Every Day!

2. Oppose, in Facebook and Twitter, etc, ministers using Thousands of Litres of Water to make Helipads, to avoid travelling some 80 Kms by Car!

Example: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/maharashtra-in-drought-hit-latur-10000-litres-of-water-for-bjp-ministers-helipad-water-crisis-eknath-khadse-2755345/

3. Let’s Say NO to Rivers being given on Lease for the preparation of Soft Drinks. The River Tamirabarani in Tamil Nadu has been given on Lease to Pepsi for 99 years or so, on the ridiculously cheap rate of 3 litres per rupee, which is Affecting the Farming. Imagine 150,000 litres being drawn from the river everyday for soft drink manufacture!

Soft Drink lovers might hate this. But let these factories be set up where there is No water scarcity, like in Greenland and Iceland. I presume that it would be easy to convert the Ice into Water.

4. I know a family in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India, and there must be Thousands more like them, who Daily Empty the Overhead Water Tank of their house, to Wash the House! Daily. Then they fill it again. Let US not do things like these.

5. Let us write to The National Geographic, Animal Planet or Discovery, asking them carry Repeated programmes on the Water Crisis.

6. Let us make Smaller Swimming Pools, please.

7. Add to this List, at the Comments section.

PS: India is a country used to Floods. But these last few days We have had Forest Fires, covering almost 7,000 sq. kilometres. Devinder Sharma connects Water Scarcity and these forest fires. Please peruse: