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From Riz Akhtar`s post in Facebook.

Modi does not work like this.

If you see the sting video done on Babu Bajrangi from 2002 Gujarat Muslim Genocide, you’ll understand how Modi works. Babu Bajrangi led a mob that killed men, women, children and did not even spare pregnant women. On the sting video he says that he felt like Maharana Pratap as he slit through the stomachs of pregnant women and held unborn fetuses on the tip of his sword. Maybe he was exaggerating but the fact remains that he was convicted in these crimes.

To get him off the hook, Modi kept changing judges in the courts. He assured Babu Bajrangi that he will get him off the hook. Babu Bajrangi speaks about this. The first judge told him that he is now finished. That judge was replaced. Modi kept replacing the judges till he found one who would let Babu Bajrangi off the hook.And that is how Modi operates.

So dear Arnab, now that you have gotten into this mess, give Modi some time. He will find a judge, sooner or later, transfer your case, get the Supreme Court involved in some way or another and then he will get you off the hook. That is a time consuming process. Meanwhile better reconcile to the fact that you are going to spend some good amount of time in the jail. Don’t make a spectacle of yourself. Don’t sully the name of a party that already has seen many Sorryvarkars in its ranks. Don’t cry. You might think that your life is under threat but live with that. Best is to sit in the corner and sulk to yourself.

DG Vanzara and a host of other cops did that for 8 years before they could be got off the hook by a CBI judge who retired the very next day after setting them free. In the meanwhile Vanzara wrote a stinker of a letter that almost got Modi into trouble. Now don’t do that.

Now that you have invited this trouble, give your masters some time. They will get you off the hook but it can’t be blatant. There is a whole state of Maharashtra at stake and you have defaulted on payment to a Marathi Manoos, who committed suicide along with his mother and has named you in the suicide note. Now that note is part of police record. It is not in dispute. Your default is not in dispute. You should have have thought of these consequences when you went hammer and tong against Maharashtra Police and Government. You see, politicians don’t love anybody other than power and themselves. if you thought otherwise then you are the fool.

Vinod Chand ✍️


Tweet to @MirrorNow on Tamil politics and #KamalaHasan


@MirrorNow had carried a debate on the viability of #KamalaHasan, actor turned budding politician being able to succeed in his new venture, namely, politics.


@MirrorNow has its own reporters, of course, but it does rely on them Overly much. And of course they, these reporters, Parrot the stand of the channel, at least as far as its position on Tamil Nadu politics is concerned as in this case.

MirrorNow’s reporter had said that the Dravidian parties have taken a Hold in the hearts of the people. With this statement went my regard for @MirrorNow. I would say that this reporter is enamoured with the Dravidian parties. He would deny this till he is blue in his face, of course.

Of course, not to say the Indian ones, nay, the malady is World-wide, The Tamilian electorate, – have all Fallen so far, that they are virtual Slaves, especially to their own Greed.

#KamalaHasan is Not going to win, as has not and will not Arvind Kejriwal, because, though these two politicians stand out, their countrymen are seeped and pickled in Corruption.

The Tamilian electorate would make Any individual or party win, who will give them money, things or freebies. Since, as I believe, #KamalaHasan would not be offering these, he is bound to fail.

Even today, even as I am typing all this, the #AIADMK, notorious as #jayalalitha‘s party, is giving away ‘Clocks’ to ‘selected’ citizens. (To qualify for this freebie, you have to be a person who would vote for them. And they know, very well, who vote for them and who do not.)

My question, via a tweet, to @MirrorNow is as given below:

Does @MirrorNow have the #COURAGE to investigate the giving away on 19 Jan 2018, of this #freebie, a Clock, by this political party, namely, the #AIADMK? 

For all their big talk, I found @MirrorNow just a mite better than #ArnabGoswami. Both are big talkers and know how to boast.

@MirrowNow promises to attend to / respond to messages sent to them. I have sent them half a dozen. Nary a reply.