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Sign I saw yesterday and thought…someone should have told me sooner.


Glad I saw the preview. It did not show the all important graphic in the original. Here it is:

Apologies if this is coming out double.

Explained thus: (Got this beautiful pic I don’t know when!)

…Feeling vicious too. …Why didn’t the mad dog putin’s granny or whoever, not throw him out with the bath water?


Democracy – Has to be Learnt!


The Earth might be Millions of Years old. And People might have lived for Thousands of Years on this our Planet. But of One thing I am Sure; Mankind has Not Yet learnt the Meaning, or the Way to Handle, Democracy.

People have Not learnt to Take Control of their Lives. And the Main Reason is that they do Not Want to take such control!


Above We see the picture of a Creature, the Sloth, whose very name signifies Sleepiness. We are given to understand, in a general way, that these animals love to while-their-time-away in Lazy Slumber.

But I want to State that We Humans can give them a Very good run for their money. I am Sure We Humans are Lazier!



A Baby has Only to Cry, and his Meal comes Rushing Up. By that simple, Clarion Call, he gets comforted, coddled, cuddled, and gets all his Needs met. He seems to learn Much from that!

All Too Many People, of All ages, have Started Using this method and live in Comfort indeed! Youth, Many Women, and Many Men, use Tantrums, Walking-away, Crying, Bullying, Wheedling or Nagging to get things done at Minimum Expenditure of Energy.

To Go out and Sweat out the Daily Bread needs some doing. But Lazing around, Even Wasting the time away in Gambling, (and Drinking), and then reaching home and Demanding a ‘Kari Saappaadu’ (A Non veg meal) from the wifie gets it done. The poor woman finds it easier to do that than to get beaten up daily. I would say this is True for at least 20% of the population. And in many cases, the woman has to give the man the money for the drinks too!


The man is clearly bringing it all up! Let me put it more Clearly. He has just Vomited perhaps most of what he had spent on liquor in the shop. They boy’s downward look, and the Repugnance on the Child’s face, show this is a Real photograph, and not a ‘posed’ one.

And yes, this is a shop run by the Tamil Nadu administration. Good income for them, by the way, in running it, and supplying it from their private distilleries! And the administration says it is saying the people from deaths by consuming ‘bad’ liquor! Well, the ‘men’ might’ be saved; but Families are getting destroyed Fast.

4 drunks

drunk school boy

jaya has TN in the bottle!


Altogether, the point is that:


Democracy takes Hard Work. Knowing things, Getting Involved, Tears, Sweat and Blood.

at tea stalls

Whereas, What is Happening is: Endless Discussions at Tea Stalls, and Everybody is a Philosopher, Everybody is an Expert.

Mobile Users

The Future and the Hope of our Country are Immersed in Cellphones, and they would All have us believe that they are just Planning and Executing programmes to take the World directly into the 23rd century!


Very Long ago, a group of people learnt that they only had to throw a few Titbits to the Masses, and that these Masses would Seat them right on their Heads for this. Thus, Democracy has to be Learnt. But this small group, consisting of politicians, judges, etc, is Never going to Teach the True Meaning, or the Way to go about, Democracy. They find it more Enjoyable to take advantage of the mindset of the people. More of this in the Next. (I do believe I have made a mixup in publishing. The next article got published earlier! Forgive me for this.)


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