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When You Provide Water, They Will Come – Certified Wildlife Habitat 139,583

I find Bonnie’s ideas Excellent! Very little expenditure, just a little labour, and We are Helping in Ecology, and Enjoying Beauty right in Our yard! And he even has an answer to the Mosquito menace!

Let’s all try this! Kudos, Bonnie! 🙂

The Iris and the Lily

When you provide … they will come

Green frog 2014

One of the 4 key components of a Backyard Wildlife Habitat is water with the other 3 being food, cover and places to raise young. Providing water can be as simple as placing a bird bath in the garden  or as complicated as installing a pond.

Reflection of the sumac stand

 I have provided a bird bath, installed a small, molded pond  as well as creating downspout watering holes.

Pond in lower gardens This pond in the lower garden was created using a plastic molded form purchased at a yard sale for two dollars.

Green Frog Galvanized tubs are placed under downspouts to catch the rain. Animals now use them as a summer home. The tubs are surrounded by river rock which allows the water to flow into the gardens without washing the soil away.

  At every water source animals who share this space come  to drink, sun themselves and play.

Three Green frogs sunning themselves on a log in the pond Three…

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Life is Not a Bed of Thorns!

The Old sayings is: ‘Life is not a Bed of Roses.’ That is also true. But, We have to Accept, Life is Not a Bed of Thorns either!

Not while there is So Much Love and Beauty around us!


Photograph from: http://markovicharts.com/

Cacti are fearsome things, which We would like to keep at a Safe distance. But when We get to come this close to them, even though through photographs, they Do Lift Up our Hearts!

Finding pictures to Express our Thoughts is always a difficult work. You will find that ALEX MARKOVICH is Ready to Share his Works! And Such Good Works they are too, are they Not?

So here’s a Little Thanks to Life, more to the Creator, as also to All my Friends, and to Alex Markovich!