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Catholic Preaching and Practice

The Catholic ‘Faith’ is Just about Perfect. That means that the things Catholics ‘Believe in,’ or to put it More Exactly, Catholic Theology, is Excellent. These things, concerning Belief, the things to be believed in, are known as ‘Orthodoxy.’
On the other hand, the ‘way’ these things are ‘Practised’ in real life, known as ‘Praxis,’ is full of holes.
Ex bishop mullackal brings this out superbly.
The Arrogance of the leaders of the church, their Lack of Concern for Matters of Faith, or the Problems of the Faithful, is Phenomenal.
I have particularly decried the wrongs committed through the Crusades and the Inquisition.
Paedophile Priests, and the authorities having taken NO action (or Not Enough action) is a Big problem with the Church today. As shown below:
In the picture below, while the ‘mother superior’ of the Affected Nun is receiving the ex bishop with a bouquet, [ thus leaving one wondering just Who (Except Christ, of course) is going to stand With her and For her, ] look at the Expression on the ex bishop’s face: The Cat that got at the Cream!
While there are, No doubt, Gems among them, they are the Rarest of the Rare.
Ex bishop mullackal’s action should give the Faithful some idea of what has happened to me! 🙂

Some Equidistance C


Continuing with Our dear reverend Franco:

“See, if there is a complaint of such nature, the concerned person should have submitted it before some higher authority of the church. Do you think action would not have been taken? But they directly took to the street,’’ Vallikkatt added.


This Vallikkatt being the spokesperson of the Kerala catholic bishops’ council.

From the enquiries it comes to transpire that the complaint had been made Years ago.

…Now take the case of Children molested by Priests. What Has been done about it?

And that is Why I say again: Some Equidistance.


Some Equidistance B


Again referring to the jailed bishop Franco, the no doubt well fed spokesperson of the ecclesiastical authorities has further said:

“Some priests and nuns agitating in the streets giving occasion to the enemies of the church to attack the church and the church authorities and to disdain even the sacraments, has caused much pain to all who love the church…”


And they give a Minimum of 7 years of training to priests. And the fellow is saying that.

But what is the fact?

Sexual Abuse takes place.

The Victims pleas are Not heard; paid attention to.

Subsequent Protests are Condemned.

My Un-dear sir,

It is the Action, and Non-Action of ‘the church authorities’ that ‘give occasion to attack the church.’

The protests are calling attention to your Actions and Non-Actions; definitely making you the Laughing stock.

Physician, heal thyself.

Once again, Some Equidistance.


Some Equidistance A



This refers to the Jailed Roman Catholic Bishop Franco.

I am a catholic Priest.

The ecclesiastical authorities had better get off their high horses. Or else.

Somehow I feel that this man’s Rightful Arrest and all these subsequent events will lead to Much Cleansing and Improvement in the catholic Church.

‘On the same day the Pope called for introspection, the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC), the state arm of the Catholic Bishops’ Council of India (CBCI)—the highest governing body of Catholic Bishops in the country—sent out a press release unequivocally lending its support to the rape accused priest Franco Mulakkal and even expressed its apprehension whether the bishop will get “a chance to prove his innocence.

The KCBC defended its actions. “There are a lot of issues behind this matter. It is easy for a third person to ask why we are not supporting the victim. But being a decision making authority, we can only take an equidistant approach,” KCBC spokesperson Reverend Varghese Vallikkatt said.’

From: https://www.firstpost.com/india/kerala-nun-rape-case-catholic-churchs-unwillingness-to-back-survivor-shows-it-still-places-the-powerful-above-powerless-5276101.html

  1. First of all, the catholic Church is turning a Blind eye to the fact countless acts of sexual nature are taking place among its ordained personnel.
  2.  The spokesperson says: “equidistant approach,” but the support has been expressed ONLY for the jailed bishop, and The Pain and the Nightmare of the Victim has Not even been Acknowledged.

That is Why I say: Some Equidistance.


Well, the fellow Never says: ‘Die.’


Who? See below:

#BishopFranco is Right: ‘Only Divine intervention can bring out Truth.’ So well can the CatholicChurch hide the Truth.



More on dear bishop franco!


The fellow has the Temerity to say that he is ready to be hanged if found guilty!

Any Doubt that #bishops are #politicians?! 🙂

Now, From my Tweets today:

1. Hv bn sitting on the Fence for long enough. Let me Speak out. …#BishopFranco is bringing out to Light the Failings of the #CatholicChurch.

2. WHICH #pope#bishop or #priest can say he is sinless/guiltless? Why not Accept that, #BishopFranco ? Trying to show that you are something spl only blackens you more.

3. #BishopFranco’s Malicious Efforts to Malign his Victim is Most Deplorable. But Typical. As I had posted sometime ago, very much akin to the cartoon I attach here.

4. More Importantly, not just #BishopFranco, but All #Bishops have been playing God. We the People find them Most Unworthy, if not Worthless.

PS: As I wrote in Tamil, just Watch the Fun that is going to start now! Am expecting the beehives to open up, I mean the beeshops coming down on me like a ton of bricks! 🙂