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The Adultery of Priests!


Maundy (Holy) Thursday connotes So many things. The Institution of the Holy Eucharist, as well as that of the Priesthood. …Here’s a thought:
Not Speaking out (enough) is Adultery!
I hold @Pontifex_es, Most #Bishops and Practically All Priests Guilty in this.

Child Abuse, Forgiveness AND…


Am sharing here with You my Dear Friend Anna’s article via Ever-Faithful Copy and Paste; the Reblog/Pressit buttons not seen. Link at the end.

This brings out Very Well the Value of Forgiveness, on the part of the Victim:

Two quotations:

“Genuine forgiveness can provide victims a release from their past which nothing else can.,

“No longer to expend(ing) emotional energy focusing on his/her loss.”


Over and above this, I would like to Add that Temporal Punishment is Very much Needed, and is Very Biblical.

A (Catholic) Priest is a combination of Priest, Prophet and King, as Vatican II teaches us. And the Kingly part means keeping things (like erring priests) in check, and that would mean Punishment. …Of course a LOT of Wisdom would be needed for this.

By Not punishing the guilty,

the officers of the church (the bishops and the popes) have called punishment on themselves.

Please read her article at:

Unbiblical, Part 6 – Forgiveness v. Victims’ Rights


The Church is NOT the pope and the bishops!


We have a deeply entrenched Fallacy, in that many, many People think that the bishops and the pope are the ‘Church.’ As in the media saying ‘the church’ is not responding, etc. The correct statement would be ‘the concerned authorities,’ even the ‘church authorities,’ provided we remember that they are Not the church.

The bishops and the pope are NOT the ‘Church.’

Definitely they are Responsible for holding and teaching the Teachings of the Bible.

Beyond that,

The Church SHOULD be taken as the Body of the Faithful, the Believers. Paul’s letters to the Ephesians and the Colossians should be

Proof enough of this.


The catholic church BEGS us to leave it!


[ You might be interested in going through the ‘conversations‘ and the links in this post. Lots of matter there! ]

And YET I remain one, in Theology and in Spirit, though definitely Not in Name – I call myself an Indian Christian.

Now the cases in point, (Yes, I can present Two of them, over and above the above, Miserable cartoon):


An Archbishop, no less, who Claims  he Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was A Crime. Perhaps he thought it was ‘merely’ a sin; not a crime.

I believe in Violence. This would be an Excellent example for my Advocating it.

I have heard of criminals nailing people’s fingers to a table. Do the Same for this fellow, Only, Do it to Another part, please.

This second is More recent, in the sense that it is in the Indian news just now. A bishop is accused of ‘raping’ a nun.

Though ‘that,’ namely ‘Rape,’ does not hold much water for me. 75% No. YET, for a bishop to do that! Not that beeshops are not humans. And Many, Many of them, not to say Priests, not to say Nuns, not the least of all Popes, are guilty of it.

WHY keep this ‘Celibacy’ stuff at all? Anyway, that is a Different question.

Now, here is the fellow:

beeshop franco mullakkal, of Jullundhar, India.


And what happens if You complain? In the church where ‘Charity’ (Caritas, LOVE) is supposed to reign? They would Ostracise You, Terrorise You.


A little More:



The World will Change Only When…


Change is Always happening. Growth or Decay, it is change. But We are talking about Positive Changes. And my contention is that the World will Change Positively Only When people like the pope,  the cardinals and bishops stand up and Speak. We can of course add those like the Dalai lama, etc, to this list.

Take India. As I write this today, the 13th of March, 2015, it seems that a minister, one KM Mani, wanting to present the budget itself, is facing the Stiffest Opposition, and with good cause too, it seems. He is accused of Bribery. (firstpost.com/politics/bar-bribery-row-kerala-escalates-ldf-yuva-morcha-activists-surround-assembly-protest-2151315.html)

bar bribery protest Kozhikode March 15

Photo, view of protest, from: www.thehindu.com …TV channels show greater crowds. Happy to note that Educated Youth are Protesting too.


Toon from: indiatoday.intoday.in 

Now here is the interesting thing. Mani goes for ‘Mass’ regularly. Am sure he is a great contributor to the church coffers too.

Over this, I ask all Keralans, if they have heard, even once, In Specific Terms, these words: “People, especially those in High posts, like politicians, judges and other officials, IF they are Guilty of Harming the Common Man, Should Not Receive Communion.”

Next, let us take ‘Catholic’ countries like those in South America, and Mexico and Panama. Have You heard the pope raising his voice over the Abominable and Abysmal Violence there? A few Bishops have done that. But, as I said, a Few.

culture of curruption

Image Courtesy: nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com


All the Above is Just the Prelude. Actually, The World will Change Only When a Thousand, or Ten Thousand, People will Ask, Tweet, Pester, if Necessary Surround people like the pope, the cardinals and bishops, and ask them:


It’s No use asking Me What I am doing. The More than 480 posts in about 15 months, with my Mother on Her Dying Bed, show that I am doing All that I can. But My Efforts are what? Rather, What am I? I am Something as small, tiny and Puny as a Matchstick. Compared to me, the pope and the bishops are Giants, people with 10 Talents. Mine You can calculate at about 1.25! …It is They who can get things done. The Only thing is, We have to Make them do it. A bit Topsy -Turvy, maybe, but there it is!


ONLY WHEN a Hundred Thousand voices have reached them, will people like the pope and others get up from their Couches, their Comfort Zones, and Start Thinking of Answering Us, and to Speak Out.

And That will happen ONLY WHEN We Common Citizens, Wake Up, Think of Our Children and Grand children and Embolden Ourselves, and Set forth to Ask Them. Only Then will the World Change. Go Ahead and Do it. They have Cleverly fooled Us into thinking that We should Not question them. Christ questioned the Religious Leaders of His day. Paul questioned Peter! [Galatians 2:11,14]. So Let’s Get Up, and Go and Change the World.


Extreme Love for Money – On part of catholic church


We say that People are Full of APATHY. And the People Prove it by posting pictures of Places, Parties and Beer Bottles, when the world is going to the Cats on a Fast Wheelbarrow. VERY FEW are the Christians who Involve themselves in Social Affairs, using the Social Network. And For Why? Below I give instances of the EXTREME LOVE FOR MONEY that has crept into our bishops and such. When the bishops love the money, Why should the People Not?!

The catholic church is not alone in being in Love with Money. But I, being a catholic, shall limit myself to that.

You Remember the post of the Docomo advert, where some Boys playing Cricket turn up at the Door of a Wife-Beater? Merely by Turning up and Ringing the Bell, They brought about Change. Changes in the Situation, the church and the World, Can be brought about, If only We All Involve Ourselves in that. This post if offered in that Hope.

Do You know that The diocese of Kottar has Many Churches Locked Up and Without Mass? Taking Just One case, The Parish of the Holy Family in Nagarcoil has, as part of its ‘property,’ Two Marriage Halls, and a Fish Market, which are Simply Minting Money. Like in Lakhs. All that money is given to the diocese. Yet, because the parish church has a Nice, and Beautiful Large Area ‘Free’ in the front, The diocese would like to build a Shopping Mall there! And the People, the Laity, Do Not Want This!

Coming to the necessity of graphics, gave a search for the Church in Google. Lo and Behold, None! But they could not play around with Google Maps. Here is the place, with the Large, Free Area Clearly Shown by Satellite. The building at lower left is the Marriage Hall, built one on top of the other.

holy fam ch nagar s

The Eucharist has not been celebrated for nearly Two Years in the Church, except Sporadically. The Point is that The People do Not want a ‘Mall’ in the free area, but the Diocese Does! So, When the Congregation did not agree to the idea of a Mall, the diocese stopped giving them Masses! The parishioners, in this case, sadly, went to the Civil Court, asking it to Intervene, and to tell the e authorities to give them Masses and Sacraments. More than (rs) 1.2 Crores have been spent by the People in this case. These things can be verified in the courts of the area.

Of course the ecclesiastical authorities would not put it like that. They would say that Each Parish should have a Parish Council. This council would be packed with the toadies of the e-authorities! But the Laity sees through these things.

It is said that More than 50 Parishes in that area are undergoing this kind of trouble. One church has been ‘Locked Up’ for more than 3 Years!

I know of these things First Hand. It was from these journeys to the Holy Family Parish that I wrote about the 2600 Kms in in 104 Hours (Running Time), and the Young Man biting the Young Woman’s lips on the Nagarcoil station platform.

I am considered Very much a Black Sheep in the catholic circles, (Any Wonder?)! Haha. But I am Sure I am One of the Whitest of them. You can form Your own Judgement when I get the time to share on that! …the People of the Parish in question had thought of calling Me to be their Parish Priest! I pointed out to them that 1. A priest could not even offer the Eucharist in a Parish Church without the Knowledge or the Invitation of the Parish Priest, and 2. A Priest could not just ‘Appoint’ himself the PP of a parish. Bishops do that.

And I had further pointed out that, If they were to Invite me to be the PP there, and If I had agreed, the Parish would have ceased being part of the Diocese or even the catholic church. …That made them Think, and they gave up the Idea. But, Considering that the Parishioners could afford to spend rs. 1.2 Crores in litigation, (so far), It can Very Well be Imagined that the diocese would have given up its left arm before giving up the parish!

kottar diocese did involve itself in underhand tactics, using Goons, Rowdyism, and calling the police in, etc. You know how the police are called, especially in strength, like 4 Lorry Strong? With the RAF (Rapid Action Force) thrown in? Exactly. Much money must have been spent on these things.


arch bp chinnappa of chennaiSome years ago, the archbishop of Madras had been in the News, and had faced shame over matters connected with ‘church Property.’ I have No intention of Insulting anybody, but I do believe in Naming and Shaming the guilty. (PLEASE do not quote Those who live by the Sword, etc. I Know the Verse) The link below is headlined: ‘Court orders arrest of Archbishop Chinnappa.’


All this is becoming a matter of FRAUD. This is Rampant in Velankanni, the famous shrine near Nagappattinam. This same thing, FRAUD, raised its Ugly Head in what is called the ‘Town Parish’ in Erode. Here, the People finally gave in, saying, ‘What we gave, We gave to the Lord.’ Meaning, ‘On your head be it.’ …All these places, incidentally, are in Tamil Nadu.

From my Friend, TM, have heard that in Kerala, bishops own Rubber plantations, which bring them Lakhs of rupees as income. Very ‘bishopish,’ of course. We can see just how Well he is sticking to his duties.

You have heard of ‘Social Service Centres?’ Every diocese has one. And there must be cut-throat competition to become the head of one of those. Because you can take your cut before passing any project, giving 10% to the bishop first, of course.

Roughly one third of the world is Muslim, and one third, Christian. And the Christian Churches, organized as they are, can be Such Instruments of Change. And they were that too. But today, the ecclesiastical authorities are rolling about in money, and the Laity find it easier to Retreat into Apathy.