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Re y’day’ s TV interview on @ndtv bet @srinivasan n @Kanhaiya.

@srinivasan criticises the #Congress, viz, #NoVision, #NoLeadership n #Fragmented.

For all his seniority, @srinvasan is like a XIIth class boy. He has missed the Forest for the Trees.

@Congress has been Bad.

Congress has also erred in Not meeting #AmrinderSingh, now ex cm of punjab.


@bjp IS Bad, in its very Nature.

@Congress n esplly @Rajiv have Improved; whereas in its 7 yrs, @bjp has only gone from Bad to Worse, n No Sane mind would believe @bjp would give up its #Violent, #Rowdy, #AntiDemocratic mindset.

Democratic ideals, Protests, put down with state sponsored terrorism; #bjp’s greatest negative.

Hv called @srinivasan a class XII boy bec he chooses to kneel to the #bjp, whatever the reasons. He shames the proud #South. And @ndtv has @RavishKumar, that Gem among #journalists. …Hope @ndtv improves.


As on 20th Jan, 2020


I seem to be getting Famous [ thanks to the #BJP! ]. …Shameless of me to say that, of course. But here’s what’s happening. Please read on. This shows The Depravity of India’s Current political structure.

Had been getting 1 or 2 ‘Friend Requests,’ which had brought my ‘fan’s’ numbers to some 500 uptil some time ago. Yesterday, on the 19th of Jan, got nearly a 100 of them. This morning, as I start working, Facebook is showing that I have more than 200 notifications. That is becoming famous! Heehee.

And the left corner expands to:

And when I go to Facebook:

Expanded, again:

Now to a little commentary.

I seem to have hit the ‘Nerves’ of the #modi, and the #bjp (currently the ruling party in India).

We can be Sure that All political parties would have their IT cells, but here is #bjp’s own functions.

  1. A Deluge of messages.
  2. Soft porn, and then,
  3. Hard porn.

I got it all, I tell You! The word ‘dear,’ Nowhere meaning it, as can be seen in figure 4 clearly, signifying ‘the personalised porn,’ as promised by this ‘Malviya,’ who is reputed to be the head of the #bjp IT cell.

Starting from ‘dears,’ it went on to barechested men, bikini clad girls, and developed to erect male members. Yeck.

have to go through the many messages and deal with them individually; or else cannot use that section for the few that I need.

All this to show how my time is getting wasted, And to show what a Useless, Uncouth, Uncultured party We have at India’s centre today.

More later. 🙂



Islam and Christianity to be finished in India?


BJP leader Rajeshwar Singh says Islam and Christianity will be finished in India by 2021.
This is a member of India’s ruling party openly boasting of his government’s intent to ethnically cleanse 200 million Muslims and 28 million Christians.

Tea, Pakoras, and National Security!


#modi, #sitaraman, #bjp are connecting the #pricing of the #Rafale to #NationalSecurity.
Next on their Agenda:

The #prices of #Tea and #Pakoras are connected to #NationalSecurity!

#modi, #sitaraman, #bjp, it is NOT the #Price, but the way you have profited your #PoliticalCrony #ambani, that we are objecting to.
#modi, #sitaraman, #bjp still think they are talking to uneducated Villagers.

The LATEST #bjp #congress War


My point: #bjp accuses the #congress of defending a witness by sending lawyers from its party.

Aha! Just what I had been saying all along.

So Indian justice does Not care for Truth, but rather goes by what lawyers say and suggest.

And Indian judges, blasphemously called ‘justices,’ are Mere Paper Correcters. Theirs Not to Find the Truth. Rather, they Only Assess the presentations of lawyers.

As for the background, Well, these are the Only major parties of India, and war between them is not unusual. In short,

the #congress has been accused of corruption over an arms deal in the past, and now, of corruption in procuring helicopters, if I remember correctly, to ferry politicos.

You can see: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/what-is-agustawestland-bribery-case-decoding-the-rs-3-6k-cr-deal/story-tAlvgyAmbECc365cvOIN9N.html

the #bjp, in my opinion, is like the #admk, involved in a Lot of corruption, but very skilful in hiding it. Right now India’s prime minister #modi is caught, with his You know what down, over the defence purchase of umpteen Rafale aircraft. The point is that there is a Vast difference in the prices at which the previous administration had been carrying on its negotiations, and #bjp’s, which boil down to nearly 10,000 million per aircraft. To top this up, #modi has unabashedly got his friend the #ambani‘s into the foray, naming this company, a civilian one, and NOT doing so well, according to reports, as a guaranteer.

On this, You may like to read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafale_deal_controversy

Let me end. Viva la Justice. 😦 🙂


Does India Need a ‘Surgical Strike’ day?


Shame on #bjp and #modi.

What about those who lost their very Lives and Limbs in all of India’s other Military Endeavours?

#ArmyDay could and Should have been Celebrated; not in support of Wars, but as a Mark of Respect to our Heroes who give their Very Lives for Us, and to Honour Veterans.

#SurgicalStrike being used by #bjp and #modi for Political gains.

And, by the way, #bjp and #modi, What happened to the #OneRankOnePension business?


Rising Fuel Prices in India ( It is about 90 rupees a litre! )


[ हिंदी में इसका सारांश लेख के अंत में. ]

The Question to the #BJP and to #GauravBhatia “Why don’t they increase the Tax on Cars and Liquor?” did not get answered to the End.

Last night (17.09.2018), an Auto driver by the name of #Khadir, an elderly man, questioned the #bjpchief in Tamil Nadu, #Tamilisai, on the rising #FuelPrices.

Upon which his hair was pulled and he was taken away by the #bjpCadre, while #Tamilisai, mistakenly thinking she was a Cinema Star, smiled and kept speaking.


One of #MirrorNow‘s ‘debates’ on the same night was on the Rising Petrol Prices, and especially the Attack on Khadir by #BJPWorkers.

#BJP’s #GauravBhatia, defending the Rise of the prices of Fuel, said that he and his family are also affected by that.

LOL! That did make me Laugh my head off.

People of #GauravBhatia’s level, in fact all politicos, travel in air conditioned luxury cars at the expense of the Citizen; have NO idea of the Crowds and the Rush in Trains and Buses, CanNOT eat one Single, Full meal of Rice and Drumstick leaves gruel of the Poor, and shoot their mouths off.

#GauravBhatia also listed the very many so called achievements of the #BJP, including Rural Roads, Cheaper Talk Times(!), and what not.

#MirrorNow’s #Faye stated that the children are not able to Eat. It would be Better, more True, to say that Children are Not eating Proper meals because of the Rising prices, though they must be getting something into their stomachs.

#BJP and #GauravBhatia seem to be Unaware that the Nation’s Children somehow are Not able to eat all those Highly developed Rural Roads. And Nutrition Experts say that we have to eat Pulses and Vegetables along with the Staple.

The Question to the #BJP and to #GauravBhatia “Why don’t they increase the Tax on Cars and Liquor?” did not get answered to the End.

तामिल नाडू में, १७.०९.२०१८ के दिन खादिर नामक एक ऑटो चालक #बीजेपी के लोकल लीडर #तमिलिसई से इसके विषय में एक सवाल पूछ बैठा. इस पर उसके बाल खींचे गए, और मार पड़ी. …मैडम मुस्कुराते रहीं.

#मिररनाउ के ‘डिबेट’ में, जब #बीजेपी के #गौरवभाटिया से पूछा गया कि कार एवं शराब पर अधिक ‘टैक्स’ क्यों नहीं लगाए जा रहे, तो वह अंत तक इस सवाल को टालता गया.

#பிஜேபி தன் நிறத்தை காட்டிக் கொண்டிருக்கின்றது! ஓர் கோஷம் எழுப்பினால் சிறை; ஒரு கேள்வி கேட்டால் அடி உதை.

அம்மணி #தமிழிசை தான் சினிமா நடிகை என்று நினைத்துக் கொண்டார்களோ என்னவோ, புன்னகைத்துக் கொண்டே இருந்தாள்.

#MirrorNow வின் விவாதத்தில், #பிஜேபி யின் #கௌரவ்பாடியாவை, “பெட்ரோல்-டீசல்” விலை ஏற்றுவதற்கு பதிலாக, ஏன் பெரிய கார்களுக்கும் மது பானத்திர்க்கும் அதிக வரி வசூலிக்கப் படுவதில்லை? என்ற கேள்விக்கு இவனும் கடைசி வரை பதில் கொடுக்கவில்லை.


Hate Speeches by the #bjp


Under Modi Government, VIP HATE SPEECH Skyrockets – By 500%

…Says this #NDTV report, vide:



BJP lawmakers top the list in hate speech related cases:



But, if You raise Your voice against this, YOU will be put in Jail! Vah re aaj ka India ( Wonderful India of today )!


Lower than the Bottom of the Barrel


NEVER before has India reached such Lows of Corruption. …Corruption is not with reference to Monies only.

In the case of #bjp and #modi it is #MoralCorruption. Anything, especially upping #Hinduism, via #Temple, #Cow, #Lynching, for a #Vote.

The caption says: ‘The More the Violence grew, so did the bjp,’ (The Bhartiya Janata Party, holding office at the centre in India).

The ‘holey’ trio having been shown, here is the kingpin of them all; the ‘force’ behind bjp and modi: