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EXTRAORDINARY account of Brutality vs Faith

Am sharing with You Another post by Anna Waldherr, again by Copy and Paste, (well You know the reason by now. Sigh).

I Only Pray that I too might have this YOUNG boy’s Love and Faith.


Below, Anna’s post:

“Below is an excerpt from the August 2015 edition of the Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter.  VOM, http://www.persecution.com, is a Christian non-profit serving the persecuted church.

boko haram in nigeria

[Bombing by Boko Haram 4/14/14, Source Voice of America (PD-US federal govt.)]

The events described are brutal.  The faith of this 13 y.o. boy stands in sharp contrast.  It should be humbling to the rest of us.

Danjuma Shakaru’s…face is marked by horrendous scars…and by a beaming smile…He remembers running for his life and then being confronted by some of the more than 1,000 Islamic insurgents who attacked his Christian village, burning homes and killing villagers who didn’t manage to escape…

Danjuma can’t recall the attackers hacking at his left arm with a machete.  He has no memory of them cutting out his right eye.  And he doesn’t remember them cutting off his genitals.

Danjuma is among the thousands of Nigerians who have been brutalized in violent riots, bombings and village raids since 1999, when Islamists began their campaign to establish Islamic [Sharia] law and an Islamic territory in the north.  The Insurgency escalated in 2009 with the rise of the extremist group Boko Haram…

In spite of what he has suffered, Danjuma is certain that God is still in control…Danjuma not only forgives his attackers but almost pities them for the condition of their hearts.

‘I forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing,’ he said, echoing the words of Christ.  ‘If they had love, they wouldn’t behave that way.’

Following the attack, which left 23 villagers dead and 38 injured, survivors began to dig graves for those killed.  Villagers had walked past Danjuma’s body and assumed he was dead, but later they heard him crying and shouting…

Danjuma said his relationship with God has only grown stronger since the attack.  He continues to pray and seek God’s guidance…

[But] Danjuma’s life is much different now.  A catheter extends from his lower abdomen, draining urine into a bag that he must carry as he walks.  He is fully dependent on God, on his mother and on the care of others around him…

‘If they hear the story, they should pray for me – for my [broken heart] and that I have strength to serve the Lord,’ he said…

‘If they find themselves in such a situation, they should embrace God,’ he said, still smiling.  ‘They should believe that the God who created us knows everything about us, so let’s be faithful and let’s be kind…’ ”

Ref: http://alawyersprayers.com/2015/08/02/brutality-and-faith/

[Emphasis mine]


My Thanks to Anna Waldherr for sharing this Extraordinary account with Us.

My Tweets to O P Chaturvedi


One O P Chaturvedi ‏<@opchaturvedi44 @mazhar_jafri @babayesudas> had tweeted this to me.

अपने हममजहब हत्यारे नही दीखते क्या जनाव?गरीब मुस्सलिम के असली दुशमन आप जैसे कट्टर ही है

In effect, he asks Why We don’t see the Killers in our own religious groups.

And a Valid question it is too. Below, my Responses:


My Dear OP, I am a Christian. But You should know that I Criticize my own Christian leadership QUITE A LOT too.

Please visit https://lovehappinessandpeace.wordpress.com/ and see my posts for this. Even now I am writing a post against the pope.

Bec others are guilty does NOT mean I am Not guilty. #modi shd accept his hand in the #godhra carnage.


Christian leadership, starting with the Vatican, should publicly, and repeatedly Apologize for The Inquisition, the pope’s Silence (Whimperings not accepted!) during the nazi atrocities, the Paedophile mess, Violence in Ireland and in other places, etc.

Similarly the Non-catholic Christian leadership. Again, their Greed for Ireland, faraway Falklands! To show that I am not writing these things for the first time, pl read: https://lovehappinessandpeace.wordpress.com/2014/08/08/extreme-love-for-money-on-part-of-catholic-church/

Now for the ISIS, Boko Haram, etc. I consider these the Most Barbaric. ISIS, etc, killing not only others, but also children of their own religion, as the 130+ at Peshawar.

You as a Hindu, how do You feel threatened by Christians? If You have problems, You have the police. But We Christians, running Hospitals and Schools for EVERYONE, face Fear and problems in India.

KANDHAMAL Christians, 10s of thousands, cannot return to their lands. One image is given below, taken from the Internet.


We face re-conversions, #bjp says it has no hand in re-conversions. But #bjp did not come to power without support of rss, etc.

We Christians, even after 2,000 years in India, are just 2.6%. Hindus are 80%+. What is the problem? So, Each of Us has to Clean his own house. Even if the Neighbour’s house is dirty, the smell will come to US!

So Help Clean Your house too, as I do in mine. Good day and Regards.