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The Most Cherished @ #CBF2016


An Astonishing Sharing from a Friend in Our Blogging world! His Idea of Killing oneself with a Book is to be Emulated.

Thank You, Peter, for sharing all this with Us. I admire Your Courage indeed. Makes an Excellent Example.

Am also Very glad You bought that Book. And the Idea of ‘Killing oneself with a Book by reading it’ is simply Marvellous! More People should do that.

Incidentally, I too have given away my collection of books at least 3 times in my life, and I regret that! Can’t even buy them back! 🙂


Demogorgon's Fiction

This year, my dearest treasure is an anthology of stories, poems, essays, and the making of poems.

Its story is one that I am both ashamed and thrilled to tell. Before I chose it for this post, I searched thoroughly for a replacement. But there was none.

Sometime in February 2011, I felt low. Too low. The lowest I have ever felt. So I thought I could buy some pills.

In the morning, I went around town buying them from different shops till I had 280 of them. Then I bought 500ml of water and made my way to Ngong Hills, into the forests and bushes there. I wanted to just lie down and forget the world for good.

But before I could do that, I, somehow, remembered my books and a fierce sense of jealousy gripped me. I said, “Who’s going to have those books?” I couldn’t remember one…

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On my ‘Reading’ years!

This is with reference to my own love affair with books. It seems to have started during my VIth class years, when I was in boarding school, but which also afforded an excellent library. I particularly remember ‘The Life of St. Don Bosco,’ quite a biggish thing, but quite enjoyable, and very Inspiring!

At home, my father had good library, more of inspiring stuff, like Fulton Oursler, Dale Carnegie, the Christopher foundation, and more. I devoured them all.

During my formative years in the Seminary, (the Christian Gurukul), got the chance to Read the Bible, and On the Bible. Fascinating!

Only in my latter years was I ‘able’ to buy books, from our familiar and favourite ‘Foot path book stalls.’ The Ever Faithful for Poor Folks like me.

Alistair Maclean and his genre, Robert Ludlum, Frederick Forsyth, Asterisk, Amar Chitra Katha comics, and some Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and a whole lot more again!

I Particularly Recommend to All my Dear Readers: ‘Streams in the Desert, by Mrs. Charles Cowman.’

streams in the d rt

Graphic: www.ecrater.com

Now? No time to read! 🙂 …All my Enjoyment, Time and Energy has gone into Writing!!!


You painstakingly and lovingly write a lot as Comment, and are informed that it is ‘Awaiting Moderation.’ You do not want to lose Your stuff. So You post it too! Makes Sense? Haha! 🙂