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A Very Nice Dream, and a Very Good Pill!


Here’s some Poetry from our Young Friend Cecilia, …and starting with a longish quote, (emphasis mine):

I wish I could make patriotism into a pill
And force all to take
In order to –
…overcome the urge to give or take bribe
…overcome the need in harvesting praises for no work done
…cut off strings of whom-you-know
…banish all forms of modeling corruption
…and partake in mending the heart…

Do Read the full one: https://amoafowaa.com/2019/09/02/a-dream-to-cherish/


It Seems it is Very Difficult to be ‘Brainy!’

And it would seem, Very Easy to be Brainless. Consider… I present You what would be a little story, from a ‘Serial’ named ‘Deiva Magal,’ running in the ‘Sun TV’ channel.

…The ‘Hero’ works in an office, that grants or refuses permission for building works. He has the ‘good’ habit of Taking Bribes.


Image: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/140323/nation-crime/article/two-income-tax-officials-held-while-taking-bribe

In the story, the people who are asking for the building permission run a house of prostitution. The ‘hero’ has to go to this ‘house’ to collect his money. But he does not Know it is such a house.

Meanwhile, the hero’s sister-in-law has fallen into the clutches of this ‘house.’ And Very Conveniently, she is kept in a room which oversees the portico, where our ‘hero’ is receiving the money. And this room has ‘One-Side’ windows too, whereby the captive girl is able to see the money changing hands, but the hero is not able to see his sister-in-law.

After a lot of complications, this girl reaches her mother’s house.

And there she tells her mother that our ‘hero’ is a very bad man; who goes to such houses of ill repute.

The girl, on the basis of what she has seen, has formed her own conclusions, what if they are in the Worst light!

And her mother, without any further enquiry, believes her daughter’s version of things.


The thing is that People are Ready to Believe many things without enough Verification. In many cases there Is the Problem that there is No Communication between many of those involved. But that cannot, and should not, be a Reason for such Readiness to believe Gossip and Tales!

In Tamil, they have a saying: ‘Even If You are drinking Just Milk under a Palm Tree, people will doubt that You are drinking Toddy.’

So, let us not drink Milk under Palm Trees, nor Take it for Granted that a Person ‘Is’ drinking Toddy, if We see him drinking something under that Tree.

Gandhiji’s Famous Monkeys may say it better, if I may Paraphrase things a bit:

  • Let us Be Careful in Interpreting What We HEAR,
  • Let us Be Careful in Interpreting Even What We SEE,
  • And When in Doubt about Realities, Do let us KEEP QUIET!


Image from: http://www.teacherplus.org/first-steps/the-myth-of-gandhiji%E2%80%99s-three-monkeys

On Servants

In this post I want to share with You that:

  1. I do not like the word ‘Servant;’ It is too Demeaning, and should be Abolished, if not Dis-used.
  2. But there are some who Rejoice and Glory in the word ‘Servant,’ and in Being Servants! It seems to be something like the Stockholm Syndrome!

Let us get down to it!

servants 1880 e

Family photo NE India 1880’s, Source: ebay, Nov. 2006

Source: http://www.columbia.edu/itc/mealac/pritchett/00routesdata/1800_1899/britishrule/servants/servants.html

1. The picture seems to bring out what a Servant was/is supposed to be: One who sits at the feet, and does the things somebody called a ‘master/mistress’ does not want to do. Namely, Menial Jobs.

Let us Note a few things in this photograph.

(Particularly) In the Indian Culture, a Woman is supposed to keep her head Covered as a mark of Respect. A man ‘bares’ it for the same effect, to ‘show’ respect. If he is ‘wearing’ his headgear, he is deemed to ‘stand tall.’ Children would not be bothered about such things. Also, More clothes signify Affluence and Demand Respect.

The picture clearly shows how, in the case of Servants, all these norms were Flouted. There is No worry about Child Labour. The men are ‘made’ to wear all those ‘extra,’ unnecessary clothing, and the headgears, while made to stand, and made to understand that for all the paraphernalia, they are there to do the bidding: the ‘master’ saith come, and he cometh, and vice versa. …Even the boy has been made to don the turban.

…The Lord Jesus Himself, Surprisingly and seemingly Shockingly, refers to the way Servants were supposed to behave. See Luke 17:7-10. It is totally Bereft of Dignity.

The word Service, coming from the Same Roots, means something very different from that of Servanthood. Mother Teresa Served. Nobody thinks any the less of her for that.

There are indeed instances where those who are called Servants are High Dignitaries. Abraham’s Servant, the one who was charged with finding a wife for Isaac, ‘Was Incharge of All he (Abraham) had.’ Genesis 24:2. Jesus is the Suffering Servant. The one in the parable of the Unforgiving Servant owed his master ‘Ten Thousand Talents,’ Matthew 18:24, KJV. One Talent was a Measure of Weight, of More than 34 Kilograms! (That was how the Kings of Old measured their Income!). Thus, at least the Servants mentioned in this paragraphs were not Menials!

But In General, the Term Servant is a Put-Down word. There were ‘Service Entrances,’ and ‘Service Elevators.’ In many parts of the World, a ‘Servant’ cannot travel on the same ‘lift’ as …Others!

At least for the present, at this point of time, Doing Odd Jobs for Others is a Powerful Means of Earning one’s Livelihood for Very Many indeed. It is Poverty and Circumstances that forces them to take up these kinds of works.

We Should Not Shame them Further by calling them Servants. The Right word would be: Employees.


2. There is a category of people who are known as ‘government servants.’

[First of all, let me reiterate my Repugnance, Abhorrence and even Hatred for all words connected with ‘governance.’ I am Nobody’s Servant, except, as my name signifies, one of Christ Jesus, and by Choice at that. And I Absolutely Refuse to be ‘governed’ by any human being. Down with the word government. Let us use the term: Administration.]

‘A Clerk is a Jerk,’ has famously and rightly said Wayne Dyer, in his ‘Pulling Your Own Strings.’ These clerks and their cousins are whom We are referring to as  ‘government servants’ here.

While, by definition, there are bound to be Exceptions, for the most part, in India at least, people seek a ‘government’ job with their tongues hanging out; and most people obligingly, and like servants themselves, look ‘up’ to government servants.

Not just Clerks, but even officers, for instance, in the Electrical department, become servants to the SERVANT MENTALITY. Meaning thereby, for them, the master, in this case the Administration, can do no wrong!

These Employees get fat salaries, increments, housing, travel and medical facilities, etc. And, Even when they go to vote, where they can Choose the Right People in Complete Privacy, they faithfully cast their votes for their ‘masters.’ And the Administration in turn, knowing this very well, rewards the Employees with Increments at Just the Right time, (before elections, etc). You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Just saw in Facebook that another group of ‘government servants,’ in the ‘Law department,’ called judges, etc, work a mere 188 days a year! That makes it just about 50%.

 …’government servants’ as a body are a fairly educated group.

They can be Great Instruments of Change, If only they would WISH to be That! It is a Tragedy that they CHOOSE to Remain Servants in Every sense of the word.

I would even dare to say that the World would Change for the Better if they Start Using their Brains, which, along with their Souls, they seem to have ‘sold’ to the Administration. They are, as I said, an Educated, Organized, Huge Group, after all!

But what they actually do is calculate under which political party they would be the better able to collect More Bribes! They even Talk about it! You can hear this in Buses, at Tea Shops, and such, before election time! And being this Supposedly Educated, Organized, Huge Group, History shows us whom they have helped choose.

Here’s to Wishing that they would Wake Up one day.


There is another group of ‘government servants,’ who serve in the ‘Armed’ services, namely, the military and the police. Except in the case of the Famous Exceptions, they help the so called Administration, and prove to be Instruments of Destruction of the Individual and of Society. On this group, more later.

THIS is How the pope should Speak


Here I am, quite as big as a Mosquito, and I am telling things to the pope?! What Nerve! I must be Bonkers. …But See What I said to the People, and What the pope can say.


India’s sonia gandhi is supposed to have ONE KHARAB as we call it, (of rupees), which is 10 to the Power 11, and is that a 100 billion? Forgive me, all these large numbers confuse me, Haha. Of course, she is nothing compared to the Upstart putin, who is reported to have 400 KHARAB! All this according to the FORBES magazine.

So, on the one side, We have people who are Sickeningly rich! Wonder just What they CAN do with it! They go and bury it under swiss soil. And let me remind the swiss, by the way, that this is ABSOLUTELY NON-CHRISTIAN behaviour. Be that as it may, Fat Cats, who do not, and cannot keep money in their own countries, can enjoy the money just So much, I would think! And after these depositors die, the money, the gold and the diamonds become the bank’s! Any way, Who Cares! I don’t.

Just to insert some pics of the poor rich, here goes!

This fellow likes his gold. He is wearing a shirt weighing 4 Kilograms, about 8.8 lbs. He is a minor politician in India.


On the Other side, We have such a Large Percentage of the Earth’s population that has to ‘Grind’ away at their Toil just to Earn their Daily Bread.

Take the Case of a Large Chain store in South India, named ‘saravanas.’ They have Unpteen Hundreds, if not Thousands, of employees. As one of them shared, they get paid rs. 5,500 pm, which may not be So bad, but it is for THIRTEEN hours of Work every day, 9 AM to 11 PM, with Short breaks for meals, (board and lodging free), but WITH NO PAID LEAVE WHATSOEVER. And they have to spend these 13 hours of Work STANDING. If Anybody sits during these hours, they will be ‘caught’ by the CCTV cameras, and reprimanded. Repeated ‘offences’ of this kind would end in removal from work.

Those who work here are VIRTUAL SLAVES. Paid that even after 5 years of joining. NO leave with Pay. [Food, of sorts, and Lodging, also of sorts, like a mat on the floor, are Free]. The problem is that Other shops would pay less!

If We do not Think about People like these, and DO something about it, Our Lent is Useless. If We do not give our Staff Living Wages, Humane Working Conditions and Facilities, We are Not Christians.


The picture is the scene inside the stores. Taken from Facebook.



I had occasion to give a Talk to a small community recently. I had felt Inspired to take Luke 3:13-14. …Many seemed to believe in the Baptism given by St. John the Baptist. So people from varied kinds of life were coming to him. Among them were even the businessmen of that age, and soldiers.

The People were believing that these ‘Baptisms’ would wash away their sins, and that they would be ‘forgiven’ and become Free of their sins and guilt. John asks them What makes them think that this would happen.

John is Not taking this Kindly! He calls them Snakes, meaning, LOW LIFE. But that is the Power of a Holy Man. Though they were Chided So Badly by the Baptist, they ‘Humble themselves enough’ to ask him what they should do.

In Verse 13, John says to the Tax Collectors: “DON’T COLLECT MORE THAN IS LEGAL.” Just as We have ‘User Fee Collection Points,’ and ‘Octrois’ (do these still exist?) in India, these tax collectors collected tax money for the ruling romans, and ‘collected’ a hefty commission for themselves. They used to levy such High rates, (more profit for them!), that they were a hated lot. The word, ‘tax collector,’ was a By-word, a word of derision and hatred. …It is to them that John directly says the above words. Let us remember that he had also queried: “Who told you that you could escape from the Punishment (merely by going through the ritual of Baptism)?” (Verse 7, ibid).


  Bribe from poor give money to work

Image: http://indowaves.wordpress.com/tag/corrupt-indian-police/

Above, a Dear Policeman is ‘collecting’ his ‘Due’ for the day. Even at such low resolutions, it is Clear that the policeman’s uniform is of a Better quality than that of the Man who is being forced to give the Bribe. You have to Bribe if You want to Work! Keeping a small shop, or Selling Vegetables or Fruit loaded on Your Bicycle cannot be done without giving Bribes.

The policeman would be Earning at least THREE times what the poor man is making. On top of that, the police are given Free (or Nominally charged) Quarters, Allowances for Food and Uniforms, Paid holidays, Medical facilities. In India, No police person pays for Traveling in a Bus. YET they demand a bribe.

Evidently these things are ages old! They were happening during St. John’s time. Though it was the ‘soldiers’ who were doing the policing then. And it is to Them that John says: “DON’T TAKE MONEY FROM ANYONE BY FORCE, OR ACCUSE ANYONE FALSELY(!). BE CONTENT WITH YOUR PAY.”

So things like ‘the force’ accusing people falsely, which We would call ‘Filing False Charges or Cases’ today, were happening in those times too. Christ Died on the Cross, and Lent has been Observed 2,000 times, but what has been the Use?


It is Not only the police who take bribes. Bribery takes place in almost Every office, and is taken by politicos first of all, judges, and officials, etc. The Land Registration office, known as the ‘Tehsildar office,’ is a place where Every Common Man is Affected because of this Knavery. …Christians being in Every field of work, there are enough who hold even high offices, and take bribes.

During my homily I mentioned the name ‘judges,’ ‘tehesildars,’ and ‘police,’ etc. And at the Culmination I said:



WHY does not the pope say such things? Why don’t the bishops and priests? WHOSE business is it to say such things, then?


IN-Experience – Preferred!

There are Many instances where In-Experience is PREFERRED! What Experience do We Demand from Our Toddler? What E can We carry to Our First Job? Would Not Both Spouses Like their Partners to be Virgins?

I am going to write on the AAP, the Aam Aadmi Party, a newly formed one in India, brought into being just to Combat Corruption, which has turned India into a Sieve. Nearly 50% of Public Monies is eaten up by those in the Administration. The Poor Infrastructure, So Well pointed out to jaya by Bill Gates, in the form of Poor Roads, Poor Electrical and Water Supply, etc, is Proof that those who Sanction and Distribute Govt monies eat up a Large part of it.

You go to an office, and Bribery, Expected and delivered, often with Silent Curses, is a Way of Life. Corporates have to pay HUGE bribes if they expect Licences and such. Crony Capitalism is the Enemy for both the Rest of Business and for the Citizen, because of its effect.

If You ask me WHY, in a Blog named Love, Happiness and Peace, I am writing about Social Affairs, I would answer You, it is out of Love. As an Example, the Dearth of Water in our Area is something that ‘Burns’ in my Heart. Lakhs (100s of thousands) of Coconut trees have dried up and Died; Paddy on the point of Fructifying starts Dying for Lack of Water, and such.


The photographs above show Two Live Coconut Trees, and FIVE Dead ones! All these are Just around Our Ashram. There are Many More (Dead ones) just in the vicinity.

The Lack of Water is NOT affecting me Personally, nor will it do so in my Life time. But in a Scant 20 years or so, Water is going to become a Phenomenal Problem. Being a Sannyasi and a Catholic Priest, I do not have Children of my Own. But I am like the Grandfather who kept Planting Saplings.

Doing Something Meaningful and Useful is What Brings Happiness. And Peace. Hence writing on Social Issues in a Blog named Love, Happiness and Peace is both Justified, and above all, to be Emulated. This is where We see Love Combines with politics!

The Ganges Floods Every Year. Joining the Ganges to the Kaveri in the South of India had been a Project considered for Decades, but Never Executed because of the Absence of political Will.

The Administrations which had Charge of the Country for Decades, in the form of major political parties, are Chock Full of Experienced politicians. And AAP is just a Baby, a mere 15 months or so Old. Experienced politicos have developed control over their Words, Speech, Face and Body Language, etc, and are past masters of filling the air with blah. If ever You have the misfortune to listen to them, You come home and wonder Why people criticize them at all.

For instance, India’s ruling party is citing the thousands of schools opened, the metros brought into function, the telecom services added, etc, as proofs of their ‘achievement.’ But there are Sickening Crowds in the Trains and the Buses, which are the Lot of at least 90% of the Population of the Country.

The Schools are churning out Youth in the Hundreds of Thousands every year, but Many of them do not have even the 3 R’s. Our Youth are Experts at twiddling at the Cell Phone, but the Education system has not made them into Original Thinkers, or Even Thinkers.


The Military has Poor Gear, but the politicians have ALL become Richer Many Times. The pic at left shows How Poorly Our Soldiers are equipped compared to the Others. The one at right shows some of India’s Richest politicos. A politico from pune, dutta phuge, has a rs. 1.25 Crore Shirt! Reports say that some politicos increase their wealth by SIX times and more during their tenure of 5 years. …Of WHAT use have our ‘Experienced’ politicians been to US?

Experience has its Value. But Give me HONEST people who will not Play the Fool with the Future of Our Children. The Nation has Enough Experienced Personnel in Every Field to Guide the Administration. Yes, AAP ministers do not know the lingo of Sweet Talk; How to Keep Smiling while Stabbing You in the Back. AAP ministers are So Eager, they seem Hotheads. But AAP seems to be the Answer to India’s Problems just now. It needs to be supported. We can do that by Joining the party.

It is Indeed criticized Right and Left, Every Day, Many Times, especially by the media. It is bashed if it Does, and bashed if it Doesn’t. The latest charge, as I heard it last night over the Headlines Today, was, something like: ‘The AAP was always criticizing, talking hard; Why is it changing its ways now?!’ And if the AAP is Such a Useless party, WHY ALLOT SO MUCH TIME TO CRITICIZING IT?

The Time, Attention, and Care given to AAP’s Criticism – All Very Professional, Very Well Thought Out, and Very High Brow – Shows that the AAP, within this Short span of 15 MONTHS or so, has become a Threat to the existing political parties, the corrupt in the courts and the offices, and to Crony Capitalists. And That is Why these are taking the Time and Effort to come down on AAP like a Ton of Bricks and a Pack of Wolves.

I will take the IN-Experienced AAP as Opposed to the present ‘Experienced’ Looters. Any Day.

WHY I Support Somnath Bharti

When I was Young, there were Stories of the Police escorting wrong doers, and at times, the Policeman might tell the fellow to stand there and go away for a few minutes himself, and the Wrong Doer WOULD be standing there when the Policeman returned. The Police had that much Respect.

Some Years ago, in my Village of Thanneerpalli, in Karur Dt. of Tamil Nadu, an Elderly, Well Respected Man had gone to the police station in Kulithalai with some complaint. He got a Very Rude Reception, and was Chased Off, with the Words: ‘Go Away, Or We shall Charge You for the Possession of Drugs.’ They had threatened that they would file a False Case against him! The police have become SO Friendly Now. Incidentally, that Gentleman is still alive.

It is Not only I. I Fully Believe that the Citizen, the Common Man and Woman of India, Want People who will Stand Up for them, Stand with them, Fight for them, etc.


Except for the AAP, MOOOOST people join political parties and even Fight to become ‘ministers,’ do so Only to get Commissions for Contracts, Bribes for Favours, etc. These ‘professional’ politicians have Developed a language all their own, which is Butter Smooth, Never getting Angry Except when they are SURE they can get away with it, etc. Even then, they would get angry Only for their selves or for their party, NEVER for the Welfare of the Citizen.

India is seeing a New Generation of Politicians coming Up, Who Speak Up Straight, with No Regard for themselves. But Arvind had already said that the AAP would Change the Face of politics!

And the regular politicos Do Not Like This! All this furore to Malign Bharti, and asking for his Removal or Resignation, is Just for this.

In all this, One Fails to Understand the Eagerness of the Media to side with the ‘run of the mill,’ ‘common,’ politicos. …They, the Media, must be receiving Largesse indeed.