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Which Worse?


2 issues. Both concerning the catholic church. Prompted by a movie I watched y’day, namely: Spotlight.

Speaking on the movie, neither enjoyed it nor understood it well. Give me Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx any time.

Spotlight dealt with Pedophile priests in the cath. church, saying the malaise reached farther than individual cases. Organized? Peculiar. But the idea that it ‘lives’ on the support of the Laity is Well said.

Sadly, I am a person personally acquainted with a lot of pain, and not just mine. A whole batch of young nuns who had been raped had come to the ashram of ***, in ***, while I was there. Some of them spoke to me too.

I know 2 grown up men, one of them a priest, victims of sexual abuse when young, and how ‘destroyed’ they are.

I know a number of children, victims of same.

As for myself, a man, in present day Mumbai, but Many years ago, had kissed me on the cheek, (and how! he had ‘sucked’ my cheek into his mouth, the very memory of which revolts); and a senior seminerian, (today a respected member of the clergy), as per his usual practice, had run his hand over my bum while a whole bunch of us were on the stairs. I would bring up, if I were to dwell on it.

Coming back to the cath. church – (let others take up and comment and try to clean up their own groups) – part of the malaise lies with the church which lays so much stock on celibacy. This itself is trying to satisfy the expectation of the Laity!

What I mean to say is, from the Extreme Resulsion I feel from these memories, and from the sharing I have received, I can understand just How Affected victims of sexual abuse feel.

For all that… While the number of those affected by sexual abuse, even within living memory would be Large,


WHOLE PEOPLES are affected by Caste discrimination.

Unconnected with the cath. church, here’s the latest from India. A boy, a Xth class student (that would make him about 16), upon asking for his mother’s wages for work done, (that means it was being denied), was made to Lick the feet of the so called upper-caste fellow’s feet!


video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVcBmi9AXeM

Talking Only of castes, how is the situation in the cath. church?

A young catholic woman, was surrounded by about 40 young men and ragged. I personally know of this.

A young man, accused of ‘riding his motorcycle fast,’ (false charge), had stones thrown at him while he was riding. He had been injured in the process. …Once, while he was taking me to the bus stop, I saw the so-called upper-caste boys pick up stones. They desisted only after noticing me.

A very highly educated man (being of the so called lower caste), now about 65, is in shambles because of the way he is treated, again by the so called upper caste. Case personally known.

Let us come to Priests. Priests of the so called lower caste All but Weep.

Tamil Nadu is Most infamous in this. Even the bishops are chosen with caste in mind.

But it is not only India and its castes. As I have asked earlier, Has there ever been a Non-white pope?

So what say, which is worse: Sexual abuse in the cath. church or the Racism in it? 😦


Changes Needed in catholic church.


WHY does Yesudas berate the pope so?

A. It is Simple. The CEO  is Not supposed to Tighten Nuts and Bolts.

In Acts 6:2 We have: “It is Right for us to Neglect the Preaching of God’s Word in order to handle …finances,” as the Good News Bible puts it. “…Serve Tables,” KJV says.

What it all means is, as We know, God’s Word vs Mundane Matters.

Pope Francis is not just Likable, he is Good. As We have in this video:

But a man who is Celebrated as a Lover of Children and all that, Is Not Speaking out on the Terrible Atrocities being carried out on the Mexican Children by the present day US.

Children getting separated from their parents, by Force, of course, above and below.

Put in Cages, like Cattle, Chickens? Four pictures below:


Shall I call it funny? My Facebook friends do not read posts like these. [ But my Friends on the Blog do! Thanks for that, Folks! ]


To Continue,

Leaving aside the Controversies of the Amazon Synod,

B. Crass Injustices like the Many Children who must be Mental Cases today because of ‘Paedophile Priests,’ and Nuns who were Used (up) by ‘bishops’ being thrown out of Congregations,

Makes My Stomach hurt, any way, as it would be God’s. Let us be One with Him.

Let’s brighten up with some pictures:


Twilight time for the Vatican’s ‘Godfather’

Chile’s sex abuse scandal and the man who once ruled the Roman Curia

The personal power he systematically consolidated over the course of several decades, reaching its zenith in the early 1990s, has begun to wane.

But for some three decades he was the man in the Vatican no one dared to cross. Even the popes he served were careful to gain his consent because of the loyalty he commanded from many key people at all levels of the Roman Curia.

His name is Angelo Sodano,

the reigning dean of the College of Cardinals even now, at the age of 91!

Cardinal Sodano has been charged with protecting prelates tarred by the sex-abuse scandal!

This from: https://www.catholicculture.org/commentary/cardinal-who-clings-to-power/

Now about Nuns, at least One of them:

Vatican Rejects Appeal Of Kerala Nun Suspended For ‘Lifestyle.’

See: https://www.ndtv.com/kerala-news/vatican-dismisses-plea-by-sister-lucy-kalappura-for-taking-part-in-protest-against-franco-mulakkal-2117979

This is Not even the Nun who was abused by franco mullakkal (bp).

Here is the ‘lifestyle’ of the victim Nun:

Vatican Rejects Appeal Of Kerala Nun Suspended For 'Lifestyle'

Is it Enough if pope Francis uses a Simpl(er) lifestyle?

This seems to be called a Simple lifestyle, simply because there are not too many ‘things’ in the room.

Perhaps ‘My’ lifestyle is ‘Complicated,’ as opposed to Simple?

I would BEG People to think about the Cost of Wood and Wooden (Top level Wooden) furniture.

Shall We go to some bishops/archbishops? Just a one. From the States:

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George’s ‘Crib.’

19 chimneys and sits on 1.7 acres of prime real estate in Chicago’s ritzy Gold Coast neighborhood. It’s worth $14.3 million “as is,” but the property could fetch far more.

This site, from which I have taken the above, will give Much More:


And the NUN has been Evicted for her lifestyle.

What is the Real reason? …She had stood up for, and Spoken out, along with Many more, in favour of a Nun Molested and Raped by bishop mullakkal.

“The charges against Mulakkal include wrongful confinement, raping a woman taking advantage of his official position, unnatural offence, criminal intimidation.”

Vide: https://scroll.in/article/919489/our-battle-is-half-won-kerala-nuns-react-after-police-file-chargesheet-against-franco-mulakkal


Evil Never Rests


Really VERY happy to see You back, my Dear Anna. Very pertinent points, Very well presented.

…Re the catholic church, of late had been SO discouraged by, particularly its Inaction, had thought of giving it up. Lethargy? God’s Will/Grace? Have not done so.

…But at least over the Ukraine issue, pope Francis has redeemed himself.

Perhaps We have to mention that kirill has egg all over his face, and has succeeded in getting the Russian Orthodox church removed from the World council of churches (bbc/cnn news).

…Did see a meme/graphic saying Francis intends to visit Poland at this time. Seem to have lost that pic.


ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Evil eyes Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock

The past two years have been eventful for the world.  First, Covid dominated the news. Now, the tragic war in Ukraine (with 115 children killed, 140 injured, an untold number orphaned, and 1.5 million made refugees) is a major focus [1][2].

The following events have, also, taken place. They demonstrate that evil never rests:

  • Incest — Gucci heiress, Alexandra Zarini, has alleged that her stepfather, Joseph Ruffalo, sexually abused her between the ages of six and twenty-two. Her lawsuit has fractured the family, and confirmed that wealth is no safeguard against child abuse [3].
  • Catholic Church Sex Scandal — Retired Pope Benedict XVI (former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) has asked forgiveness from victims for his mishandling of four Catholic Church sex abuse cases [4]. Ratzinger did not in so many words apologize or accept blame. He continues to deny personal responsibility for the rapes and sodomy perpetuated by his failure to…

View original post 474 more words

Hail Canon Law!


The venerable #CatholicChurch, You will see, is More concerned about #CanonLaw than #DivineLaw.
God knows what happened to the #PaedophilePriests of the #CatholicChurch, but #RapeAccused #India‘s #BishopMullackal is having the time of his life, and the Bope, @Pontifex is having an extended Siesta.
I suppose #BishopMullackal‘s case is treated by the #CatholicChurch in the same way as were the #PaedophilePriests.

Many are Doing it Wrong!

While coursing through the list of those whom I follow, (I have 181 of them at present! – What’s the Use if I don’t follow some, when so many do me the honour of following me!), came across Elena‘s blog today.

She has written powerfully about people, particularly those in the catholic church, who give Religion a Bad name, though she puts it differently, of course.

I deliberately chose Not to Re-blog this, because, — now hear this, — her article is 4852 words long. Mine says 240. Shall give a reference to hers at the end of this post.

I Do differ from her in that it is Not only the catholic church that is doing it wrong. To read my own post on the Extreme love for money on part of the catholic church, please click here.

And, about francis, the present pope, for all his simplicity, he still sits on top of the vatican Bank, and its Museum.

But some pictures from her write-up really Clarify all that she wants to say:

vatican doing it wrong

Above, the vatican doing it wrong.

vatican bank doing it wrong s

The vatican Bank doing it wrong.

banks doing it wrong

The BANKS doing it wrong. And I agree with Elena in this. The BANKERS all want to keep gobbling More and More, BUT WANT TO RECEIVE COMMUNION, AND THEREBY BE CONSIDERED GOOD, EVEN MORE! The church just Obliges them, and thus Encourages them.

The next two pics show how WE are doing it wrong.

man, dog and sheep

WE are doing it wrong


The reference:


And Infallibility!


On this Heading of Infallibility, What the Cartoon says is Enough! But to make it Clearer, I am NOT rolling on the Floor, Laughing, ONLY BECAUSE my Floor is quite a bit Dirty.

politicos bring out laws which works out Very Well for Them. And the catholic church has wasted a Lot of Time and Energy in things like these. This particular clause, if that is the word for it, has been used, as far as I know, Just once, and Not on an Article of the First importance.


From: http://ncronline.org/social-tags/br-leo


On… ‘Confessions!’

Wrote the following lines in response to Jami’s comment on my ‘Ipso Facto Excommunication – For Whom?‘ It is worth a post, so here it is!


The Idea of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, as it is called nowadays, is a Great one, and based on Christ’s words.

Here too, I take His words, “If You Forgive People’s sins, they are forgiven; If You do not forgive them, they are not forgiven,” as in John 20:23. All quotes from TEV.

The catholic church, on the other hand, likes to base itself on Matthew 16:18-19, which I give You passim: “…Peter, You are a rock, and on this rock I will build my church. …What You prohibit on earth will be prohibited in heaven, and what You permit on earth, will be permitted in heaven.” Thus keeping things under the church’s thumb and control!

The church, while citing Matthew 18:18, ignores the fact that practically the Same words were spoken to the Disciples in general, and not just to Peter in this case. Typical church mentality, which is not different from ‘Rich man’ mentality.

Sadly, today, the priests are not interested in hearing ‘confessions.’ Nor are the people, in going for it. And, worst of all, today, I, myself, who believe in the Sacrament, find it difficult to practice, as I do not have confidence in them. Bad and sad to say of one’s fellow priests, but there it is. There are SURE to be good ones. Shall have to wait!

Ipso Facto Excommunication – For Whom?

This post is a small commentary on what is mentioned in my previous one, namely: Terrorism, and Christianity. Continued from there…

We have:

“If the penitent, without sufficient cause, does not make the denunciation within a month from the time he or she has learned the obligation to do so, excommunication is incurred ipso facto.” (From: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/14134b.htm).


bope benedic

Image: southernorderspage.blogspot.com

The Priest has made the Advances. The Penitent is the Victim. But the church ipso facto excommunicates the Victim. It should have been done to the priest in question.

ROWDYISM in the catholic church!


Recalling all that INQUISITION and things, We see that Rowdyism, Torture and Terror Have existed in the church. I had Not known this Present, Existent Rowdyism, when I was Young. Even when I was 50 years old. These are the revelations within the last few years.


Here are some Very Recent Remarks from a cardinal sin! Hahahahahah! Well, if You insist on the right name, it is cardinal george pell of Melbourne.

Years ago he offered the Fosters* a little money and warned them any attempt to sue the church would be “strenuously” defended. Particularly blunt was Tim Seccull who has been the Fosters’ barrister for a decade or more: “What does the use of the adverb ‘strenuously’ add other than menace?”’ [Fosters* – ‘ the parents of the two little girls raped by Father Kevin O’Donnell.‘ See article: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/aug/22/pell-opting-for-moral-low-road-comparing-church-to-trucking?CMP=twt_gu


Regarding Menace, I came across that in Nagarcoil. The diocese had had the Leaders of the catholic community Beaten Up! When I had gone there, there had been Two Vehicles of the usual police, and Two of the RAF, India’s Rapid Action Force. The church’s way of doing things!?

But Why are they grilling pell? What is this man doing?! …Collecting Salutes, and grinning away. Useless.

pp n swiss guard

pell had said this too: ‘one of the functions of the leadership of the church is to control and eradicate this.’ Don’t even think of merely ‘Controlling’ these things, pell/francis. Eradicate them. Unfortunately, We have Seen Absolutely Nothing done in this regards.