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Responsibility (2)


Was just watching the movie – Black Mass, over the TV. …It speaks about Murder, Drug Trafficking, and Mayhem in general, And as to how the govt agencies are Involved, and part of, this. …Did not surprise me at all. To cap it off, there was a Funeral, for one of the dead Drug barons, And there was a Grand Eucharist, with the Priest mouthing away Platitudes.

The World will start Changing the Day when* the Church Refuses Known Murders, Drug lords, Looters of the Poor and Rapists, All Sacraments except that of Reconciliation. (All spoken from the Catholic perspective, of course).

I confess that I do not know enough about the practices of other churches for me to speak. As for the catholic church, of which I am a part, well, it is one of the Most powerful and Most numerous, is it not? So let them start Acting.

They Do do it for those who are not married according to church laws, don’t they?!

[ *The World will change the day politicians, judges and officials will start acting Justly. But, for me, that seems to be Too much to hope for. ūüė¶ ]

[ This is Important. Directly, this post would Not apply to my Friends, unless You are a Mega-business person, politician, judge, lawyer or high ranking official, Haha! But I DO Request You to Re-blog this post to Your Utmost. ]

And the Essence of this post is that ‘Most’** mega-business persons, politicians, judges, lawyers and high officials are responsible for the woes of the world, due to their Greed. Addressing Christians and especially Catholics, this deprives them of the Brotherhood of Christianity, and,

 Catholics living lives of high Corruption,

Should Not Receive Communion.

(** Please note that I have said Most, Not All.)

Now Continuing from my previous post in this vein of thought of We versus They, let Us consider about Ourselves now. We. What and How are WE?

Let us Not Forget that We are part of the Crowd that Mew, and Sit on Our Haunches.

Given that,


We have to Concede this, If We have the Honesty and the Courage.

Do We mean to say that there are No politicians, judges, lawyers – who had a big hand in the people losing their homes, it seems, – army and police officers, not to say officials of the administration (government) among Us?

Do We mean to say that Each and Every member of the above group among Us, is Corruption Free, and Working off the bones of Our fingers For the Benefit of the Common man and the Betterment of the World, taking On¬†Opposition from ‘Them?’

Why not? Quite possible. It might be happening.

But IF We really believe in the axiom that People are Not Fools, that they Know what they are doing, which We reiterate come every Election time, Are We going to deny that the People Know the Real, the Good ones, the Exceptions, the Corruption-free ones, whom they Celebrate right when they are Alive, Рhang all the False Charges against them, Рlike Arvind Kejriwal, S P Udayakumaran, and Collector Sagayam, ? (I shall have to write more about this last man, Collector Sagayam, another Lion of India. He is Worth writing on. The administration has transferred him countless times, which should be certificate enough.)

The three Greats, named above.


Most of Us would be Taking On the Wrath of God upon Ourselves if We deny that by Commission and by Omission, by Our Silence which Kills, by Failing to Act against Corruption, – (however hard that is), We have been part of the Crowd that Oppresses.


At this point I have an interesting incident to relate. Just recently I had been to the DRC, one of India’s greatest (in terms of numbers) retreat centres, attending a retreat. During that I had taken time to meet one of the directors.

I said to him that it would be good if We could say that those who err seriously in ‘Caritas,’ – like those who are responsible for the Homeless, the Farmers committing suicides, those responsible through greed and negligence for the death of the 70+ children in UP of India who died just recently, etc, If they are Catholics, – Not to receive Communion without a Serious decision to change.

He said that We cannot categorise like that. But Jesus Did. Look at the way He castigated the pharisees and the sadduccees. And Paul did, in altogether too many times for me to give references here. They are there at the end of Each of his epistles.

The church today is too concerned about Income. If it talks tough, the high and mighty, who are the ones who are contributing to the coffers, after all, (Just look at the way the buildings in the DRC have grown!), these same high and mighty would stop attending church, which means the heftiest fall in income. Oh, the church knows which side the bread is buttered, all right. …It is not just at the DRC, of course.

Jesus had not been bothered about the Many who left Him…

“Because of this,*** many of Jesus’ followers turned back and would not go with Him any more. So He asked the twelve disciples, “And you — would you also like to leave?”¬†John 6:66-67.

(***the way the Jesus spoke, the content of His message and the Words He used.)

All too often we have comfortably been concentrating on Peter’s reply to this question, which had been a Hypothetical one. The point is that Jesus was not ready to change His message. Those who were ready to receive it could, if they wanted it, or leave and keep walking. It is the very same all through the Bible.

I see that altogether in too many places ‘Smoking’ is held to be the greatest sin, next to Sins of the Sexual kind perhaps. So Ok, Rape, of any kind, and Abduction and Torture and all those are Nasty business indeed.

But Driving People onto the Streets, Being the Cause for their Hunger, which are occurring in Countless instances Need to be addressed with Vigour indeed. See Matthew 25:31-46.


What Does the Bible say about these kinds of things?

This is what the Lord says through our Inimitable St. Paul:

“…A person who calls himself a Brother but is …GREEDY, or a THIEF, Don’t even sit down to Eat with such a person.” (1 Corinthians 5:11).

“Surely You know that the Wicked do not possess God’s Kingdom. Do not Fool Yourselves. People who are …GREEDY … will not possess God’s Kingdom. (1 Cor 6:9-10).


  1. Hopefully, Every Christian understands that the word ‘Brother,’ stands for a Follower of Christ.
  2. Yes, GREED is a Number One sin. They don’t talk about it much in church, which is their problem, but it Is there, nevertheless.
  3. And obtaining Peoples’ Homes, Leaving them Homeless, Making them Commit Suicide, Is THEFT.


The Bible says:

“God Punishes sins, He Destroys what the sinner loves.”

Check out Psalm 39:11.

And it has Happened. The pharaoh, supreme and powerful ruler, lost his beloved First born.

I have given a picture, a Still, from the movie The Exodus. Are we going to think that this is all a Story?

Let us consider our lives.  If We stop to think, We will realize that,

  • A Good Appetite,
  • Good Sleep,
  • And the Ability to Enjoy the love and Company of others

Are Good Indicators of Happiness. How do our high and mighty fare in this?

Over and beyond that, Are You Sick? Is there Sickness in the Family? Why should it be there, in people eating All the best things? Do Your Children Love and Respect You? Does Your Wife respect You?

The Bible goes to the extent of saying:

“I will give their Wives to Other men.” (Jeremiah 8:10). I think Nothing can be Worse than this.

With regard to the Holy Eucharist, St. Paul says:

“If anyone eats The Lord’s Bread or Drinks from His Cup in a way that Dishonours Him, is Guilty of Sin against the Lord’s Body and Blood. …he brings Judgement on himself. …That is Why many of you are weak and ill, and several have DIED.” (1 Corinthians 11:27-30, passim).


So Finally, The Best thing to do, You Catholic Mr. Mega Businessman, Politician, Judge, Lawyer, High Ranking Army and Police Officer, If You want to Remain a Brother in the Biblical sense of the Word, and If You want to keep receiving Communion, Start Changing Fast.



1966 Look Magazine Article: How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking

A very long article, which frankly I did not read beyond a few paragraphs. Firstly, I do not need Inputs. Secondly, the words Catholics, Jews, en masse, put me off.

Ok, some Idiot wrote that in Time. It is time to pass on. There are catholic, jewish, and every other kind of Idiots and Bastards on Earth, bishops, cardinals and popes included, and leading the fray, along with let us say many jewish Bankers. Let us Get down to Earth.

Sumo Sacerdote

Of course they deceive themselves. They haven‚Äôt changed Catholic thinking at all. A true Catholic would not be deceived so easily, and we aren‚Äôt. But they still occupy the buildings. The following is an article published in Look Magazine in 1966, if you can stomach it. It is an extremely detailed account of how a bunch of Jewish street-thugs, dressed up as Cardinals, Bishops and Popes, took control of the Vatican by using the myth of the Jewish ‚Äėholocaust‚Äô as a basis, along with a lot of sneakiness. The whole thing reeks. The author, an editor of Look Magazine, refers to Catholics as ‚ÄėAnti-Semites‚Äô throughout the article.

There is not one word about the Anti-Catholicism of the Jews, or the many, repeated, real holocausts of Orthodox Christians and Catholics that the Jews, and their Communist and Protestant creations have been responsible for, or the untold amount of property that they’ve…

View original post 8,383 more words

Let my Right Hand Wither!

The Priest, Bishop and the Pope should have Enthusiasm, Fervour, Yearning and Zeal for the Kingdom of God AS MUCH AS…

Israel was devastated. So was Jerusalem, their Temple city. There were the Israelites, settled on the banks of the Rivers of Babylon, by their captors. They had their Food, had their Water and a Place to Stay. Slaves are given all these things. They cannot Work if they are too weak, or sick, can they?

Besides getting this Free Labour, those babylonians had wanted the Israelites to ‘Entertain; them, sing them songs from their country, no less.¬†If those Israelites had done that, they could have got some money or other favours!

But what they had said was: “If, on these foreign banks, We forget what happened to You, Oh, Jerusalem,

  • Let our Right Hands Wither, (So that We cannot play a Harp again), and
  • Let our Tongue Cleave to our Mouths, (So that We shall not be able to Sing again). Psalm 137:5 and 6.


What We see below is a Nice picture of Jesus healing a man with a Withered hand. If a hand gets Withered, that hand will not ‘work;’ that hand cannot lift itself up, and We have to use our other hand for that. As this man is doing. That is a Withered Hand.


Image from: http://biblestudyoutlines.org/bible-study-lessons/new-testament-bible-study/mark-3-bible-study/attachment/jesus-heals-a-withered-hand/

When I searched for more images of ‘Withered hands,’ what I got were Gruesome in the extreme. What I show now is bad enough.


Image from: http://www.lwbc.co.uk/Marks%20Gospel/wonderful_healer_and_the_withered%20hand.htm

THIS was what the Jews were ready to Accept, in their Zeal for Love of Jerusalem and their country.


The Zen Masters say that We have to desire enlightenment AS MUCH AS a drowning man desires Air. The Masters will sense that, and will not accept a pupil who has less enthusiasm than that.

The picture below is a good one. He has fallen into the water with his full set of clothes. In these conditions, even if You know swimming, You are in trouble. His facial expressions express his situation quite well. He seems to realize it.

THIS is How much Fervour We should have in Service of the Lord. AS this man is yearning for Oxygen and the Shore, SO should We desire the Establishment of the Kingdom of God.


Image from: http://www.samuelmorrisfoundation.org.au/latest-news/2014/01/learn-what-drowning-really-looks-like/

If We do Not have the SAME Zeal for Christ, His Teachings, AND His Injunctions, We Fail. And He is Sure to say to Us, “You have Wasted the Talents I gave You.”


We have the words, “Zeal for Your house CONSUMES me,” Thrice in the Bible, Psalms 69:9 and 119:139, and John 2:17.

The Word of God IS a Consuming Fire.

  • Are they saying to you: “Prophesy Not unto Us?” Why Not? (Isaiah 30:10).
  • Are they saying, “These words are Too Hard?” Why Not? (John 6:60).

Are We giving them What they WANT to listen? …You should know the reference to this.



My Dear father, bishop and pope, We keep Crucifixes in front of our eyes. And Why? To remind us of what He had suffered for Us. But are His Sufferings Over? Did He Not say: “Saul, Saul, Why are You Persecuting Me?”


Do it, and Answer that Girl, Who is asking: “Am I not a Child? Have I to Work like¬†this¬†to Eat? Have I No Right to Play?”

And Above All her Question: “What, Dear Father, Bishop and Pope, have You done for me in Concrete Terms? When can I Expect this to End?!”

To Organize charities is Easy. To Speak Out is MORE Difficult. The Clergy CAN make a Difference. THAT was why even hitler eliminated them.¬†Would We Dare to say: “Let my right hand Wither, Let my tongue cleave to my mouth, If I do not Speak out for You, my Lord.”