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UK: At 16, No Tobacco Or Alcohol But You CAN Change Your Gender…DUH!


TERRIBLE law, of course.

But, like people who change their sex, (I simply cannot understand Why anybody would want to do that, anyway),

It would seem that One of the Requirements to become a Law-Maker is to Totally Throw Away your brain.



Catholic Truth

From Voice for Justice UK…
Have they really thought about this?

The Government has now published its response to VfJUK’s petition calling for the prohibition of all medical treatment for gender reassignment below the age of 18. The petition was posted on 1st January, and the Department of Health and Social Care posted a direct response on its website on February 20th.

Read our petition here: http://www.citizengo.org/en/signit/147194/view
Read their response in full here: http://www.gov.uk/government/news/voice-for-justice-uks-campaign-about-gender-reassignment

You may be unsurprised to learn that The Department of Health and Social Care is blandly reassuring, while not giving an inch on policy. They write:

“If children have the capacity to give consent for themselves, then consent should be sought direct from them. Once young people reach the age of 16, they are presumed in law to be competent to give consent for themselves for their own surgical, medical or dental treatment, and any associated…

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