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Viola! The Indian Farmer is NOT Poor!


The Planning Commission of India has said it. That should be Enough, is it not? So let’s have No more discussions. Period. The Indian Farmer is Not Poor. 😦

The graphic below says:

According to the Planning Commission, a Villager able to Spend more than Rs. 22.50 a day is Not poor.

But the Average expenses brought up by the Assistant Commissioner of same department in ‘Foreign Travel,’ between May and October (2012) was 2.02 Lakh (202 thousand) rupees PER DAY!


See! He wears Such an Ordinary Strap for his Expensive wrist watch! …Source: In picture.


Kovan's house sans words

VAO's house

farmer b


girl w stone cs

Images from the internet.


Hence Proved. The government itself has said so. Good Day. Bye.


Mad Dogs or Englishmen???


My Dear Ogden, It took me some time to convince myself that You had been Sarcastic, like in Selling the Girl for the Sex Trade, and about hitler, etc. But reading through the comments cleared things up.

Your words, ‘the far right, they are the maddest people around, and the far left, they’re nuts too!’ sums it all very well.

Only, it is Not just the UK or the US. Things are No different in India. Think of the Firecrackers/Matches trade, where small children, preferred because they don’t command the wages of adults, are CHAINED TO THEIR PLACES.

Child Labourer

Image from the Internet. …Of course it would be a Wonder if We could see the ‘Chained Children.’ The employers are not fools, after all. They detect cameras and cell phones, and  those places would be Taboo.

These things are spoken in hushed tones, or in faraway places. …It is also said that these children work in metal ‘coupes,’ so that fire, if caught, does not spread.

From the Most Infantile to the one who is on his death bed, judges, politicians and whatnot ALL know about these things. But it is Not ‘Their’ children. So why should they worry?

If the Mad Dogs of employers do this, the parents of the children, who know full well what goes on, just let it happen for greater income.

Why Malign even poor mad dogs? Let us call them Shit.

Hearty Regards.



What an evil few weeks of hell I just had! Well, that is, some trouble with the motorbike 😉

I once read a great book called “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanance” Its actually a very good book, I don’t remember much about it now, but it was a big seller and highly recommended for anyone who likes or even doesn’t like motorbikes, I think the guy goes through quite a bit.

Anyhow, this bit broke, and I had to take the bike off the road to fix it, I wasn’t keen, but got stuck in, then loads more went wrong along the way, anyhow, it should be on the road now, but I’m waiting for a gasket to finnish the job, if it arrives tomorrow, that’ll be it done – hoorah!

So on top of all that, I been going to work on the bus. yesterday – when…

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04 Religion – Our Relationship with Other Humans

Most of Our Time is spent in Relationship with Other Human Beings! This is True whether We take the Family or the Work-Space. And this Accord follows certain Lines. Even Our ‘Recreation’ is governed by Our Mindset on this Interconnection with Others.

For instance, I know an Oldish gentleman who used to play Football (Soccer). Below his knee he has quite a number of Scars. He says he got them during his ‘Football days!’ Opposition players would not ‘mind’ Trampling down on the legs of their competitors. …There’s a Relationship for You!

Women, Almost a Total Half of the Human race, are said to have No Souls, No Rights, and are seen as ‘Playthings;’ and as ‘Support’ for heroes in movies. Worse, Woman has Acid thrown at her, is Raped, and is made to ‘Answer’ for these attacks, as if She is Responsible for them. As per its definition,  All this makes for Very Bad Religion!

IMP Acid attack victims

Slavery, Forced Labour, Child Labour, Not Paying Equitable Wages, Unjust Working Hours and Conditions, All spring from the Mindset which believes that Some Humans are worth Less.

Those who have come to Power by the use of Money or Numbers, as in the case of the ‘mafia,’ choose to think ‘Nothing’ of Others. politicians, judges and the police, who often misuse the Authority bestowed on them by the Citizenry, seem to think that People are there to ‘serve’ them.

The List can be Very Long. All Established Religions state what is Right and what is Not. The Sad part of it is that in some cases, it is held that some things are Ok if done to Others, but which should not be done to one’s own!


In Practice, We see People practicing Love, the Most Harmonious kinship possible. We would find that MOST People are Ready to Help, Ready to Reach out a Helping Hand, whatever their Doctrine. 

Religion is Not what pastor W says, nor what bishop X does; not even what guru Y or mullah Z Suddenly announces one day, even if it becomes a trend.

The pharisee at right in the picture below was saying to God: “I Fast Two days a week, and I give You a Tenth of All my income.” (Luke 18:12). Evidently he thought God did not Know that! Haha! He must have ‘prayed’ too, and a lot, I am sure. But Jesus was Not Impressed by the pharisee.

Christ gives the pharisee’s example to show just How this man had Failed. The pharisee had completed All the Rituals, but, like Most of his kind of his age, had been Lacking in his Concern for his Fellow Man.

The Pharisee and the Publican

Image from: http://www.lookandlearn.com

In Conclusion, True Religion is that which Holds, and Teaches Us, among other things, to Have a Healthy and Positive Relationship with Our Fellow Human Beings.

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Let my Right Hand Wither!

The Priest, Bishop and the Pope should have Enthusiasm, Fervour, Yearning and Zeal for the Kingdom of God AS MUCH AS…

Israel was devastated. So was Jerusalem, their Temple city. There were the Israelites, settled on the banks of the Rivers of Babylon, by their captors. They had their Food, had their Water and a Place to Stay. Slaves are given all these things. They cannot Work if they are too weak, or sick, can they?

Besides getting this Free Labour, those babylonians had wanted the Israelites to ‘Entertain; them, sing them songs from their country, no less. If those Israelites had done that, they could have got some money or other favours!

But what they had said was: “If, on these foreign banks, We forget what happened to You, Oh, Jerusalem,

  • Let our Right Hands Wither, (So that We cannot play a Harp again), and
  • Let our Tongue Cleave to our Mouths, (So that We shall not be able to Sing again). Psalm 137:5 and 6.


What We see below is a Nice picture of Jesus healing a man with a Withered hand. If a hand gets Withered, that hand will not ‘work;’ that hand cannot lift itself up, and We have to use our other hand for that. As this man is doing. That is a Withered Hand.


Image from: http://biblestudyoutlines.org/bible-study-lessons/new-testament-bible-study/mark-3-bible-study/attachment/jesus-heals-a-withered-hand/

When I searched for more images of ‘Withered hands,’ what I got were Gruesome in the extreme. What I show now is bad enough.


Image from: http://www.lwbc.co.uk/Marks%20Gospel/wonderful_healer_and_the_withered%20hand.htm

THIS was what the Jews were ready to Accept, in their Zeal for Love of Jerusalem and their country.


The Zen Masters say that We have to desire enlightenment AS MUCH AS a drowning man desires Air. The Masters will sense that, and will not accept a pupil who has less enthusiasm than that.

The picture below is a good one. He has fallen into the water with his full set of clothes. In these conditions, even if You know swimming, You are in trouble. His facial expressions express his situation quite well. He seems to realize it.

THIS is How much Fervour We should have in Service of the Lord. AS this man is yearning for Oxygen and the Shore, SO should We desire the Establishment of the Kingdom of God.


Image from: http://www.samuelmorrisfoundation.org.au/latest-news/2014/01/learn-what-drowning-really-looks-like/

If We do Not have the SAME Zeal for Christ, His Teachings, AND His Injunctions, We Fail. And He is Sure to say to Us, “You have Wasted the Talents I gave You.”


We have the words, “Zeal for Your house CONSUMES me,” Thrice in the Bible, Psalms 69:9 and 119:139, and John 2:17.

The Word of God IS a Consuming Fire.

  • Are they saying to you: “Prophesy Not unto Us?” Why Not? (Isaiah 30:10).
  • Are they saying, “These words are Too Hard?” Why Not? (John 6:60).

Are We giving them What they WANT to listen? …You should know the reference to this.



My Dear father, bishop and pope, We keep Crucifixes in front of our eyes. And Why? To remind us of what He had suffered for Us. But are His Sufferings Over? Did He Not say: “Saul, Saul, Why are You Persecuting Me?”


Do it, and Answer that Girl, Who is asking: “Am I not a Child? Have I to Work like this to Eat? Have I No Right to Play?”

And Above All her Question: “What, Dear Father, Bishop and Pope, have You done for me in Concrete Terms? When can I Expect this to End?!”

To Organize charities is Easy. To Speak Out is MORE Difficult. The Clergy CAN make a Difference. THAT was why even hitler eliminated them. Would We Dare to say: “Let my right hand Wither, Let my tongue cleave to my mouth, If I do not Speak out for You, my Lord.”