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Worse than #hitler.


This is a PS. …China is Really Busy denying this. Maybe the post below is not true. But I would not put it beyond them; given their Tienanmen Square, and the fact that I had personally seen a Train crushing protesters, shown by BBC, no less.

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I requested the Pope to speak out.
From the tweet of a friend:
Indur Chhugani @IndurChhugani
Over 25,000 killed
They have started shooting down all the people with the virus in China.
( video shared by a reliable source in China, through a friend )

Bloggers are more important than journalists; FACT

1. Excellent Post!

2. From the article: “The voice of the people was only heard when the journalists and owners of these NEWS agencies deemed them relevant to be heard; the professionally paid journalists and wealthy fat cats controlled EVERYTHING we heard when it came to the NEWS.”

3. I do not think that Only White men are guilty of this. Think of Russia, China, Korea, and Our Dear India!

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ Okay, its 2015 and the reality of life is that the Internet has changed the world forever. And while in some ways it has caused people to waste a LOT of time (aka men sitting at their screens and looking at porn till very late into the night = bad) it has also enabled us to accomplish a lot of GOOD things.

For the better part of a couple hundred years, journalism, whether Newspapers, TV News, Radio News, etc., has been by-and-large controlled by the wealthy. It was wealthy businessmen (usually white) who owned all the newspapers, television news, and various news outlets (and oddly enough, most of the outlets are still owned by white men).

The voice of the people was only heard when the journalists and owners of these NEWS agencies deemed them relevant to be heard; the professionally paid journalists and wealthy fat…

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Fence Sitting? :(

ISIS beheading-of-kurdcounterjihadreport.com

This picture is the Least shocking one. A search for ‘ISIS beheading’ gives really horrible graphics. Barbaric.


beheads one more,

threatens another Tiananmen against Hong Kong protesters.

On which side of the fence, and how active, are WE?


[Peace Comes with having Done the Right thing.]

I Die A Thousand Deaths Each Day!

I hate even the idea of War. But.

I appreciate what the present govt in India is trying to do, if I read its motives right. modi made overtures of friendship to all our neighbours. Yet possibly, pakistan, china and lanka, all seem to be trying the patience of India. And there are plenty in the country who want modi to ‘teach’ pakistan and china lessons. But the present govt is saying: ‘Friends might change, but Neighbours do not,’ and is seeking peaceful negotiations.

But in the case of ISIS and similar organizations. I really wonder what my fellow readers would suggest. Whatever might lie in the past, are these organizations open to any sort of negotiations? Except the flat acceptance of their demands?

So let us go one step further and see what the Future possibilities are, instead of just speaking of the past.



When will you stop killing me?
I die a thousand deaths each day.
You kill me over and over again,
and then another me, you slay.

We are all just one big family
but you don’t see me in that way.
You point your weapon at my chest
as though I’m just some hunted prey.

The blood that flows from me,
also pulses through your veins.
And as another me lies dying,
a thousand more of me remains.

So, kill each and every one of me.
And when you’re the last me left to stand,
then the killing will finally end,
when you die by your own hand.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What difference does it make in the name that we give the latest excuse for war? There will always be a ‘group’ of people that will be perceived as evil incarnate and therefore…

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Tiananmen Square massacre – In Memoriam


“Today marks the 25 anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre that saw China’s People’s Liberation Army gun down hundreds of civilians in a brutal crackdown on protests against government corruption, lack of transparency and freedom of speech.” (From Article).

Tiananmen Square massacre

Graphic from article.



The Newspaper post deals more with the  man who has become a Symbol of that Resistance, now famous as TANK MAN. His Courage Needs our Salute, of course. But they have also Researched into, and have Discussed, His Interaction with the Tank Men/Drivers.

“Jan Wong, the former Toronto Globe and Mail Beijing correspondent, remembered seeing tanks repeatedly attempting to drive around him, before switching off their motors.”

Those Tank Drivers showed that they were True Human Beings. I had Never known this. This piece of news Electrifies me! I Salute those Drivers too!


I have Repeatedly said that Members of the Armed Forces should even be Ready to Refuse orders if and when Necessary. After all, the Trials post hitler’s time have shown that ‘I was following Orders’ is NOT going to be Acceptable.

It is the Brass that proves, time and again, to be Guilty. If Not the courts, Time will Question them.


You can read more in:



The Rise of Disease in China

The rise of disease in China is just beginning, as the country and its citizens are being sold for the interests of private businesses.The pharmaceutical industry and medical doctors of China have conspired together to create profits at the expense of the health of Chinese citizens. Doctors are prescribing more and more drugs, fueled by the incentives and monetary rewards handed out by drug companies and their representatives.

And let us Indians note that this is happening in India too.

Paper to Use

The rise of disease in China is just beginning, as the country and its citizens are being sold for the interests of private businesses.The pharmaceutical industry and medical doctors of China have conspired together to create profits at the expense of the health of Chinese citizens. Doctors are prescribing more and more drugs, fueled by the incentives and monetary rewards handed out by drug companies and their representatives.Their ability to do this in the United States and other westernized countries is the model for how they will now do this again in China.The recent accusal of the head of GlaxoSmithKline’s China operations in a “massive bribery” scheme underscores the international view of China as a field of human harvest for company profits around the world. Following similar successful policies in the United States, GlaxoSmithKline has been charging Chinese citizens as much as 7 times the actual costs of the drugs…

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How much land does a …Country need?!

[Had prepared this quite a few days ago. Am late in posting it].

Crimea… Had to look it up. With all the news, wanted to know if it had been part of Ukraine or of russia all these years. No less a source than ‘LONELY PLANET’ shows Crimea thus:


russian forces take ‘control’ of Crimea. And shortly, Crimea ‘Unanimously’ votes to join russia! Typical russian style voting, by the way! Not much later than that, putin ‘recognizes’ (What words!) Crimea as an independent state. And next, putin signs treaty to make Crimea part of russia.

If somebody falls down by the roadside, or is dying of hunger, govts do not bother. But to annex a sizable piece of land, or to keep control over one already gobbled up, govts move with speed, determination, and vigour.

china gobbles up Tibet and Hong Kong. britain wants to keep Ireland and ‘far away’ Falklands under its thumb. And who knows how many more like these. But We Should remember that russia has just about a 1000 countries under its ‘protective custody!’

There are areas that are more Costly to maintain and ‘protect’ than the Incomes from them. But who knows? Let us keep them. At least we would be able to sell the Rock, or do some Sand Mining, as jayalalitha has done with Tamil Nadu.

In the case of jayalalitha, what does it matter if her excessive sand-mining is turning Tamil Nadu into a Desert? It is No skin off ‘her’ back!

07. Love Speaks Out!


There are some who keep talking about love, but do nothing much about it. And there are a few, who do things out of love, but stop with that. The problem with this group is that they are Very Capable and Talented people. They have reached, and are, in positions where people would listen to them if they speak. But in most instances, they fail to do so.

Communication, Reaching and Speaking Out, are Important Tools. I had the Opportunity to meet a Gandhian and Freedom fighter in Trichy. He said that Gandhiji had organized Volunteers to go to the Villages, Speak to the People about Freedom and the Support Needed for it, etc, for a Long time, before He, Gandhiji, brought His movement into the Open.

I had written earlier that the world is not just divided into the 1% vs the rest. It is more like 10-80-10. The 80% in the Centre are the ‘Sheep’ of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Ready to be swayed anywhere.

From of old, the story teller held a fascination over the masses. Even today, a person who can speak in public commands attention. It is not just the spoken word, of course, though the written word has a harder time.

hitler knew all this very well. So does castro, who liked to give 7 hour speeches. Knowing that repeated, loud speech has impact, china used it for its ‘brain-washing’ phase. jayalalitha, present cm of Tamil Nadu, gave Whole-page ‘statements’ in newspapers for months on end. Taking just her case, it can be seen that people pay more attention to words, than her dismal performance. Megalomaniacs have used Loud, Long, Repeated Speech/Communication almost as a Weapon to gain control over the masses.

Is Love supposed to be Silent? Should those who are Good limit themselves to ‘Live out Lives of Love and Simplicity?’ How many would come to know of these examples?  Would not somebody else have to share that?

Pope Francis is living a very simple and even ideal life. People appreciate that, and may be many would like to follow his example. This becomes possible ‘Only because Others are Talking or Sharing about what he is doing.’

What did the Masters do? Did they just set examples, or did they keep Speaking and Teaching?

It is Impossible to Count the number of those Who can be called Examples of Love. Similarly, Great Women and Men of All religions, in All societies, have spoken out against problems that need to be addressed. It is just Not Possible to give All their examples! When Indian philosophy was getting developed, there used to be great discussions and debates on them. Indian Logic was born especially for carrying out such debates. Buddha, Mohammad, the Sikh Gurus, all had their followers, who learnt at their feet on a regular basis. Being a Christian, let me give the Example of Jesus.

Christ Not Only Healed; He went around Teaching the People. He toured tiny Israel Three times in three years. And He spoke Not only on Worship, Prayer and Fasting.

Jesus spoke out against Hypocrisy of the pharisees, sadducees and scribes, who were leaders of the society there. The Evangelist Matthew, who records the Lord’s words the most, writes Whole Paragraphs, (See chapters 12, 15, 23), on this.

Jesus spoke out about taking Care of one’s Parents. (Matthew 15: 3-9). It IS a Social Issue, after all!

In those days, they had rules even for the Washing of Hands and Feet, Plates and Dishes. He Castigated the practice of keeping rules for rules’ sake. He Knew of the Problems of a Woman losing a Single gold coin, or a Shepherd losing a Sheep. He knew of being Waylaid, and How people generally Ignore Victims, particularly if they are of a different ‘social class.’ Jesus spoke on all these things.

John the Baptist spoke out against Herod, the ruler there, who was involved in Incest. John was killed for that. But he spoke.

The AAP has taken off because the youth of our country liked that, and took it upon themselves to the means of the Computer, the Net and the Cell phones to Share about it. We can sure that Arvind Kejriwal had thought this out well. The Good have to Speak out, too. Otherwise the evil forces win.

Our Light is supposed to Shine Out for Others to See, and We Have to be Catalysts of our Society. That is the meaning of being the Salt of the Earth. Jesus Taught us. We are expected to proclaim things from the Roof-tops Now, Loud and Clear. (Matthew 10: 27). No Mumbling Allowed.

Most Christians think that it is enough to say: ‘Jesus is Lord.’ No, there is Much more to say, to Speak. We Need to Speak out on the Injustice in the World, the evil in society, the many Ills.