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Predator Priests, Part 2


Too much of all this springs from Man’s desire Only to ‘Get.’

People go to church to ask for material benefits, health, …things.

Though Jesus had paid So much attention to Healing, the Central part of His teaching is Love, Concern, Care, …Righteousness.

One is Absolutely Astonished at the fact that ecclesiastical authorities, of any and every denomination, seem Not even to have Realized that.

The ‘Laity,’ as they are termed, the Everyday, Non-Ordained Disciple of Christ, have the ‘Responsibility’ to Keep their pastors in check.


ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

WARNING:  Graphic Images

The Roman Catholic Church is not alone in facing accusations of clergy abuse.

Pastor, Heather Larson and elders of the Willow Creek Community Church, a Chicago-based megachurch, recently resigned amid a sexual abuse scandal involving church founder, Rev. Bill Hybels, and multiple women [1][2A].  Hybels resigned in April, but denies the accusations made against him.

Willow Creek meanwhile paid $3.25 million to settle lawsuits against a volunteer who sexually abused two disabled children [3].  The volunteer, Robert Sobczak, Jr. pled guilty, and is currently serving a seven-year prison term.

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Demonetisation, India, 4.


Friend Madelyn had written these Beautiful lines, to which I responded as under. Would like a make a post of this.

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC

“The affluent of our world have gone bug-nutty! This sounds like a terrible idea! Are they TRYING to foment revolt? Do they not recall the French Revolution?

I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this nonsense, my friend.
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
To that I had written:

Thank You, my Dear Madelyn! Bug-Nutty! What a nice word. Very Apt.

‘That’ 1% knows all about the French, and other revolutions. And revolutions are the last things they want, so they are Very careful about it. They are much more clever now, and very much in control of, if not touch with, the situation. They will not bother if things are simmering. They will never allow it to come to a boil.

Christ, Orwell, or the 1%, they all knew People are like sheep. Particularly the last, they know that sheep are Very satisfied with mere grass and water! Questions of Freedom and the Higher things Never enter their minds.

And this is what is happening. The people of India are able to eat, as usual, (Hunger Games carefully kept out of Sight), so, the present situation seems Very little different to them. Hence they are Not going to raise their voice, or, in other words, come to a boil.

Meanwhile, the 1% will make 300% more with Greater Ease, and with a Bigger Laugh!

Love and Regards. 🙂

PS: Would like to share this answer as a post. Who knows, it just Might touch a heart or two!


Violence and the Christian



Violence is of Concern for All. Everybody views it Askance. From their upbringing, I know that many Christians have questions about it. Many people make a Blanket statement that Violence is Wrong. But it is Only a Method. An Instrument, like a knife. A Surgeon uses it and We call it a Scalpel, and We find nothing wrong in it, though, Strictly speaking, Violence has been performed. But that same Scalpel can be used by the ungodly to take out Your eye, or in Intimidation and Torture. And here We call it Wrong, which it Is, of course. So Violence should Not be the Question. How it Used should be the one.


More Commonly, and more Simply, Violence has two elements: Offence, and Defence. Most of us forget this, which is why there is so much confusion. Many Christians (among others) Freeze at the word Violence.

Violence is to be Strongly Deplored, and its use in Aggression, Attack and Offence is Never Right.

On the other hand, the use of Force, even Armed Force – which is Nothing else but Violence – is Allowed in Defence. Violence is Not the Issue, but Aggression is. That is the essence of this article.

I am Not saying that We Stock up on guns. Nor am I saying that You take up arms against Your government. Interestingly, the BEST way of protesting against one’s own government is through Absolutely Non-Violent and Peaceful means.


Let us consider:

  • A person gone berserk and holding school children as hostage,
  • An attack by Red Indians on a small household in the days of the Old West,
  • An unknown aircraft refusing to respond even to visual signals and entering restricted air space,
  • saddam hussein when he was bombing his own countrymen,
  • his attack onto Kuwait,
  • pakistan’s frequent shelling across the border into India…

Would any of these have put down their guns if a White Flag was showed to them?


This post is further presented to You under the following Headings:

What is Violence?

The Most Common Thoughts on Violence.

Instances of Violence in the Bible.

Right and Wrong, with reference to Violence.

The Case of War.

Offence as the Best Defence.



A. What is Violence?

Violence is Not just an Act, an Action. A threat of Aggression is Violence too.

The mere presence of police force armed with semi-automatic weapons and APC-like vehicles where Unarmed Civilians are gathered is Violence. This is Aggression.

Too many Girls run away from their homes in India. They reach cities hoping for opportunities on the silver screen. Many times they find themselves on the railway platforms or on streets, not knowing where to go. That is when ‘uncle figures’ turn up, and with kind voices, sweet talk and promises of help, take them to the red light areas (houses of prostitution). There, the mere presence of the rowdy elements, or, if that fails, beatings or burning with lighted cigarettes, etc, breaks their spirit. After that, The Threat of Violent consequences keeps them in their place, and they do not even dare to go to the police or such.

Putting a person in Jail is Violence. So is shooting a Mad Dog.

Frequently, You will see that My Kind of Writing is Violent, Haha! Well, when I see Ecology and Mother Earth getting Raped, when I see Our Tax money disappearing into a few pockets – so much so that maybe a Quarter of the World does not get a Square meal, when Quadrillions are taken in loan – to be paid back by the Future generations, when Rivers are diverted to make Soft drinks at the cost of Drinking Water and Irrigation, anybody who thinks I would be keeping an even 22 degrees centigrade of temperature like an air conditioner has another think coming!

Thus We will see that Violence is Not the culprit, but Aggression Is. Armed Aggression is to be Deplored, whereas Armed Defence is OK.

B. The Most Common Thoughts on Violence.

As soon as a Christian hears the word ‘Violence,’ the following sorts of thoughts fill his head.

Christ Allowed Himself to be arrested, man-handled and much worse, to the point of Crucifixion. He did not even Resist it, as He could have done in the earlier instance of Disappearing from the midst of those who wanted to push Him down a cliff, (Luke 4:29-30).

When Peter had hit the high priest’s slave, cutting off his ear, Jesus had said to him: “Put Your Sword Back in its place. All who take the Sword will Die by the Sword.” (Matthew 26:52).

We have heard that the Lord has said: “Vengeance is Mine.” (Deuteronomy 32:35). That means that HE would Avenge, and that We are Not supposed to that.


C. Instances of Violence in the Bible.

Let us come to the Other side of things. Just moving along through the Bible, We have that Phinehas drove his Spear through both the man and woman as they were having Sex. Before anybody goes off in a huff, here is the reference. It would be too long to quote it. Numbers 25:1-9. Reading this, it would be good to remember that Catholics, of whom I am one, see to the Deeper meaning of things, what is called ‘Sensus Plenior.’ Phinehas was not punished. He was The Lord’s Punisher in this case.

Let us now come to The Time when the Hebrews returned to their Homeland. They had dwelt there after the time of Moses, circa 1250 BC, to the Fall of Jerusalem, circa 587 BC. That makes it about 700 years. From about 587 BC to about 445 BC, they had been Slaves By the Rivers of Babylon, first to the Assyrians, then to the Neo-Babylonians, and at the end to the Persians. It was Cyrus of Persia who gave them permission to return. Prior to all this, they had been slaves in Egypt for four hundred off years. Altogether, they had been Slaves, since the time of Abraham, to the time of Christ, for Centuries. No Wonder they hated the Idea of Slavery, and that they still do! These details are just by way of Background and Interest.

Safety, in those days, meant living within Walls. The crops were raised outside the Walls, and if attacked, they lost, at the most, the Crops. So, upon the return from slavery, building the Walls of Jerusalem was one of their priorities. And Naturally their ‘neighbours’ did not want those walls raised. The Hebrews would build, and their enemies would pull them down. What were they to do? Build or Fight?

sword in one hand n built w other neh 4.17

What is More Important is What they were Inspired to do. Nehemiah, whom We can call the leader of the Hebrews at that point, writes: “Our enemies thought (of) Killing Us and Putting an End to our Work. …So I armed the People with Swords, Spears and BowsEven those who carried building materials worked with one hand and kept a Weapon in the other.” (Excerpts from Nehemiah 4:11-17). You know, they were not there at some Fancy Dress Contest. Those Weapons, were to be Used, if Necessary. Image: www.artbible.net


There are two very Strong examples of Corrective Punishment in the Book. A Leader is Responsible for the Well Being of his People, for Justice, and the Upkeep of Values, etc. To Keep these Up, both Peter and Paul Uttered, and people Suffered, even Died. Acts 5:1-11, and 13:9-12.

D. Right and Wrong, with reference to Violence.

So Finally, What is one supposed to Do, and Not to Do? In other words, What is Right and What is Wrong, with reference to Violence?

If I am Insulted and Even Physically harmed, I am Not supposed to Retaliate. I am Not to keep going Tit for Tat, as they were doing during the time of Romeo and Juliet. In these things, I Keep my Peace.

But, if Loss of Property is involved, I Defend myself. This might sound Very Mundane, Gross, Untrusting.

Let us take a case. Supposing somebody enters Your house and, at Knife point (they use more of knives in India!) demands that You give him what little jewels and cash You have. What would You do? Give him Your cash and jewels hoping that he would go away? Next, supposing You have given him that, and he tells Your wife to disrobe and get down on the floor, What would You do? Crude and Gross of me? Do Excuse me. These things happen. Most of the time they tie up the man and do things right in front of him and the children. Anyway, What would You do?

So, in the case of Property, Life and Limb, and in cases of Outrage of Modesty or Worse, We see that We do Defend Ourselves and Ours, Tooth and Nail.

The Main question should be: Is Resistance Allowed? What kind, and to What Extent? Ineffective and Amateurish handling of a situation will only end in a Worse Scenario. If somebody wants to try Gandhian tactics, When the Safety, Life, etc, of One’s Wife and Children is involved, how can I stop him? An Armed and Unwanted person in the house or the street can be stopped Only by a Hit on the head or something, if that were possible.

Interestingly, I have read that Gandhi had said that the attacker was NOT to be resisted, even by crossing one’s hands on one’s head, etc. His followers were supposed to receive the blows without offering any resistance. And many had done that, and got their skulls broken open, and got hit between the legs. History cleverly hides the details of the aftermath of the many such attacks. And, People like him tend to forget, or conveniently forget, that they are extremely public figures, and even the most foolish policeman would not crack their skulls open, or hit them on the crotch. So, since it does not happen to them, they think it will not happen to others, OR, they do not know the shocking pain, the disabilities, and the consequent loss to the person’s family. I mean, that person ceases, to all practical purposes, to be any kind of provider or contributor to his family. On the contrary, he has to be provided for. So, people who keep shouting ‘Non-Violence, Non-Violence, Non-Violence,’ of this Gandhian type, are Inexperienced bunglers.

With regard to the Gandhian scenario, I would have said that We at least protect our Heads with our hands. Better broken hands than a Head Injury.

Coming back to my earlier point, I say that One Has to put an Attacker Out of Commission. Whether the Attack is on one’s Person, the Family or a Nation, the Attacker has to be Unarmed and Disabled. Whether the Ladies use a little Pepper Spray, or one uses a stick or a gun, We see that this involves Violence. Even in Jiu-Jitsu, the so-called Gentle art of self defence, after the person is thrown (gentle!), he is ‘Held’ in such a way that movement would cause him serious injury indeed. It is that fear that keeps the defeated assailant at bay.

No, I do not agree with Killing the person. Most of the time that should not be Necessary.


Yes, Paul had said, in effect: “…Let Yourselves be Wronged, …Let Yourselves be Cheated.” (1 Corinthians 6:7, JB). But in the end these words are Hyperbolic, challenging Us to heights, telling Us NOT to get into Unnecessary and Mundane fights.

The Early Christians sold their All, and brought it to the Community. But they saw that it was Not practical. It is Not continued now. So We should not go by Hyperbola. Nor their Over-Enthusiastic Interpretations.

Even during the time of Christ there were Soldiers. They were Not told to give up the Army. All John the Baptist told them was: “Don’t take money from anyone by force or accuse anyone falsely. Be Content with Your Pay.” Luke 3:14, TEV.

It is Not the weapons, the Swords or the Guns. It is the Black Heart of man, the greedy Arms Manufacturers, the bad generals and the worse politicos.

Violence and Crime might not be touching Your individual lives. So Rejoice! May it Ever be So. But if it does enter Your Individual life, Learn to Deal with it Effectively. It would not be a Boxing Match. It would be a matter of Rape or Your Throat getting Cut. Do Not Shadow Box. It is Not too difficult to learn Self Defence techniques. Ladies Should Carry Chilli or Pepper Powder, and more that, learn to Use it, and Be Ready to do so.

It becomes a question of giving the evil minded a little Thrashing, or handing over Your Hard Earned money to ruffians and see Your Family Suffer. It could also be a case of coming away with a Child in the Womb. Society would say, “You were Violent.” The church would say, “No Abortion.” And I Agree with it too.

G. The Case of War.

Most of the time, in War or Armed Insurgency, One is the Aggressor, and the Other is the Victim. During Biblical times, both Egypt and Assyria/Babylonia, both super powers of that age, had clashed with each other. In Modern Times, the Threat or Violent Retaliation keeps adventurism in check. Yet people try, as putin is doing it in Ukraine.

When many people write against Violence, they speak against war. But War is a Two sided thing. If a country attacked or encroached, and no resistance was offered, there was No War at all! It is only aggression, attack or encroachment. It becomes war Only when one fights back. And Alas, One has to!

If all people were the same, if the next ruler was similar to the next one, the Citizenry would not mind. But if adolf hitler had succeeded in his conquests, what would have been the count of the dead? If putin were such a good ruler, Why are the People of Ukraine resisting him? I know that plenty of people criticize the West. But if that is such a bad country, just Why is there No Mass Exodus to putin’s russia?

When saddam was bombing the Kurds, what was the world to do? And today, when the ISIS is trying to take hold of Syria, (though the world is tired of that news), what are we to do? Say the Syrians, “What is the big deal? Let them rule You?”

If putin has not taken hold of Ukraine, it is because he faces the threat of retaliation. People are always going to be different. There will be mad dogs like hitler, saddam, pol pot, putin and the ISIS. And just like mad dogs, they will not desist until they are put down. And that is called War.

H. Offence as the Best Defence.

First of all, if You find a man forcing himself upon a woman, for instance, he is not going to give up because of words, threats or posturing. You have to take him down. And If You are going to do that, the world would say, “You should not take the Initiative in Violence.” Stupid world. It was like that in the Old West, was it not? The Law man had to draw after the crook. Otherwise it was called ‘Gunning a man down.’ Yes, the Lives of Our Law men have been So Cheap. For us.

It is like that in India. People keep dogs. These come out onto the streets and growl and bark at You. You are not even supposed to throw a stone at them! (Useless kicking them, as too many of us wear rubber slippers). If the dog bites You, the owners would be Deep inside their houses, hidden from You.

Make Sure Your Heart is Pure. That You do not Harbour Hatred and Rancour. Do Not take Personal revenge. But if You find Injustice or Aggression, Be Ready to Kick the Backsides. Hard. It is OK to do that.


The Power of ‘One’!


This post directly refers to my previous article, India wants Monarchy!

As I have shown, the sheer Majority of the Electorate are, Unwittingly, made use of by the Rabble-Rousers.

This has to be Countered by The Minority of the Electorate, who are the Educated, the Qualified and of the Right Mind.

Just as the majority of the electorate would have their positives and negatives, The Minority of the Electorate have some big problems! Already Contributing much to Family and Society, they are Naturally Tired. Add to that Hidden Tirednesses. The Tiredness in having observed the Mule-headedness of the Masses. The Tiredness in facing the Greed of the politicos, the judges of the country, and that of the officials. Etc, Etc.

But this Should Not Prevent Us from Keeping On Keeping On!

  • We tend to forget that the Mightiest Engines are Fired by Sparks!
  • A Matchstick can set fire to a Forest!
  • A Newly dug Pond gets filled in Trickles!
  • Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were all Individuals. And today have followings in the Billions!

Largest Jet Engine GE90

The largest Jet engine today, the GE90. All images from the Internet.

Burning matchstick

Forest Fire

Newly dug pond

Newly dug pond

Jesus and Buddha

So let us Pull our socks up, and Decide to Allocate time to Educate the Masses (I am not talking of book education here). A few minutes spent with those We come across Every Day, will bring about Mighty Changes in Time!

And Time We have, in that We have Life; and Time We Do Not have, in that the Clock is Ticking. We cannot afford to Ignore things.

Let us Help Create True Democracies, and a Better World! Hearty Regards! 🙂



A Beautiful Prayer, and Words of Wisdom.

A Lawyer's Prayers

Trading floor at Chicago Board of Trade (PD)

Jewelers, the shopping channels on cable television, and the Commodity Exchanges worldwide all identify gold and silver as “precious” metals. The Apostle Peter, however, had a different understanding.

Knowing that you were ransomed…not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Christ…” (1 Pet. 1: 18).

Lord Jesus, the world can weigh heavily on us. Others may fail to see the value of our work or fail to see us at all. Our dreams may shatter, and our hearts break. Satan stands ready at moment’s notice to whisper in our ear that we are worthless, our efforts useless. But those are lies.

You made us in Your image, Lord. Our worth is measured not by our accomplishments, but rather by Your great love for us…Your willingness to die in our place, the ransom for…

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Should it be Asses or Sheep?


Christ had called Us Sheep. But in a Very positive way. And George Orwell had called the people Sheep again, in a …?

But are Not the Pigs making Asses out of Us?

Carrot and Ass


This post is inspired by Our Friend Rajiv Chopra’s post, reference at bottom. And as my thoughts on that were a bit longish, as WordPress suggests, have made a separate post of it.

He has asked, in short: “Why does this evil persist today? Why aren’t there more people protesting?”

And this, below, is what I had replied:


My Dear Rajiv, You present something very dear to my Heart!

I cannot be bold enough to say that I have ‘the’ answer. But certainly I have ‘an’ answer. And it is: Because Mankind Likes to take the Easy-Way-out.

But when I say Mankind, I divide it into 3 groups: Let us say 10% Good guys, 10% Bad Guys, and the rest, Indifferent. And I find that except for the Bad Guys, the rest, the 90% prefer, Yes, the Easy Way.

The 90% get satisfied with the Scatterings, like a Bike, a Car, and a TV. You might to add Beer, Parties, Cricket and even Festivals to the list. …If they can take the Bike/Car to post a letter at a Post Box just 50 metres from their door, they think they are Very Clever. Remember the movie: The Gods must be Crazy?

I remember The story of the King who was SO kind, he wanted to Feed the Lazy in his kingdom. But the Mantri found out that practically All the population turned up to Eat! So a special house was built for them, and when they had got in, Fire was set to the House. Just Three refused to move.

One shouted for help, One blamed the King for getting them into this, and the Third told them to keep Quiet.

Years ago We had heard of the Coming Water Scarcity, which is Now a Reality. Fifty Years ago, in India, would Anybody have thought of Water in Bottles, and in Inverted Jars of it in Offices? …Twenty Years Ago, the Climate Change started getting Talk about. Then The Dangers of Nuclear Energy. But, like that King’s Lazy fellows,

We have protested Against the Protesters!

The Bad Guys want Pleasures too, and for that, Big Money, and for that, they are ready to Toil for it.

They Toil by Distorting what is to be Taught, like, when I was learning History, the name of Lord Wavell Never stuck to my memory. The Bad Guys churning out Poor Books, the Indifferent Teaching, the points not driven in by meaningful questions even in the exams, (they asked about MB, not this Wavell, after all), all contributed to Our Youth Not even Knowing who Wavell was.

And on my part, History was never my favourite subject anyway, (Me taking the Easy way out in not paying attention to what I did not like!).

The Bad Guys lead us around like a Donkey following a Carrot on a Stick, and Because of this Our Lethargy, – shall We call it Laziness, – Indifference, and, to Use my words again, Taking-the-Easy-Way-Out, Most of the people get fooled into becoming, and Remaining, Asses.


I would call this a Good picture. It is Not just a question of the Carrot and the Stick. The Bad Guys are not merely ‘poking’ at Us. Without Apology I would say that They are Shafting Us. And they take trouble to Take Aim, too. Alas. …Both images from the Internet.

These our Ills, Our Lethargy/Laziness, Our Indifference and Taking-It-Easiness, Keep Us Even from Protesting and Acting Even When the Very Future of Our Own Children is being Harmed.


The reference to Rajiv’s post:

The Dispatches Of Hira Singh – Albert Said.


Undeserved Mercy, by Chris Martin

According to my Custom, was going through the posts of those whom I follow, and, alphabetically, reached Chris Martin, among others. And the post, Undeserved Mercy, an Extract from one of his books, is Very, Very Good Indeed! Though it is retelling an episode from the Gospels, it brings out Richness and Meanings. Kudos to Martin.


Jesus heals Malchus’ ear. Picture from: millersportcc.com (Not from Chris’ one).

Am giving a link to his post as I could not find the Reblog button there. Do Peruse!


More On the Subject of Giving

Giving is deemed Blessed from Ages. This means that Humankind has learnt this from Long Experience.

Christ has praised this, in the Parable of the Widow’s Mite, Mark 12:41-44, and Luke 21:1-4., as my Friend Sarah pointed out. You might like to check out her site:


The Famous Prayer of St. Francis puts this Idea in the words: ‘It is in Giving that We Receive!’

Prayer of St. Francis

And Rabindra Nath Tagore, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913, presents this Beautifully in his 50th poem in the Gitanjali, as follows:

I had gone a-begging from door to door in the village path,
when thy golden chariot appeared in the distance like a
gorgeous dream and I wondered who was this King of all kings!

My hopes rose high and methought my evil days were at an
end, and I stood waiting for alms to be given unasked and for
wealth scattered on all sides in the dust.

The chariot stopped where I stood. Thy glance fell on me and
thou camest down with a smile. I felt that the luck of my life
had come at last. Then of a sudden thou didst hold out thy
right hand and say `What hast thou to give to me?’

Ah, what a kingly jest was it to open thy palm to a beggar to
beg! I was confused and stood undecided, and then from my
wallet I slowly took out the least little grain of corn and gave it to thee.

But how great my surprise when at the day’s end I emptied my
bag on the floor to find a least little gram of gold among the
poor heap. I bitterly wept and wished that I had had the heart
to give thee my all.

[Formatting and Emphasis mine.]

In my previous post I had mentioned Dennis Cardiff. Here I would like to present to You another Brave Man, Daniel, who gave up his All to Follow Christ’s injunctions. His post, Write a peom about me, is Superb! Do Check out:


Hearty Regards to All. 🙂

self love, Christ, and Others!

This post is to show that Christ Jesus Did NOT Teach or Practice self love.

[This is a sequel to: self love is NOT love, and, self love Creates Problems. It would be Best to read this after those.]

I have to go back to the often misquoted saying of Christ’s: “Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.” Mark 12:30-31. And I have to refer to the Interpreters of the same, in this case many catholic priests, who are very much like the Wise Men of Hindostan! All these, Blind as Bats, as they say, when brought in front of an Elephant, said the the creature was Just what they encountered.

6 blind men and the elephant

In the case of the Interpreters of the words of Christ, they choose to remain with What they Prefer!


If Christ had loved Just Himself, would there have been a Good Friday, and the Ensuing Salvation?

Jesus on the Cross

If Gandhi had practised self love, and tried to avoid the sticks on his head and the jail, would India have got her Independence?

under the british


[The picture above says it really well! We Indians were ‘Under’ the british! Whatever the elaborate head gear, a symbol of respect and dignity, one had to sit at the ‘feet’ of that foreigner.]

If Nelson Mandela had thrown down the towel, to avoid the people who had buried him upto the neck in the ground and were further Urinating on him, what would have happened? The white police would have kept on checking the passes of the Blacks.

police check passes of the blacks

Christ, the Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, to name just a few, Did Not practice self love.