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The Church is NOT the pope and the bishops!


We have a deeply entrenched Fallacy, in that many, many People think that the bishops and the pope are the ‘Church.’ As in the media saying ‘the church’ is not responding, etc. The correct statement would be ‘the concerned authorities,’ even the ‘church authorities,’ provided we remember that they are Not the church.

The bishops and the pope are NOT the ‘Church.’

Definitely they are Responsible for holding and teaching the Teachings of the Bible.

Beyond that,

The Church SHOULD be taken as the Body of the Faithful, the Believers. Paul’s letters to the Ephesians and the Colossians should be

Proof enough of this.


Predator Priests, Part 2


Too much of all this springs from Man’s desire Only to ‘Get.’

People go to church to ask for material benefits, health, …things.

Though Jesus had paid So much attention to Healing, the Central part of His teaching is Love, Concern, Care, …Righteousness.

One is Absolutely Astonished at the fact that ecclesiastical authorities, of any and every denomination, seem Not even to have Realized that.

The ‘Laity,’ as they are termed, the Everyday, Non-Ordained Disciple of Christ, have the ‘Responsibility’ to Keep their pastors in check.


ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

WARNING:  Graphic Images

The Roman Catholic Church is not alone in facing accusations of clergy abuse.

Pastor, Heather Larson and elders of the Willow Creek Community Church, a Chicago-based megachurch, recently resigned amid a sexual abuse scandal involving church founder, Rev. Bill Hybels, and multiple women [1][2A].  Hybels resigned in April, but denies the accusations made against him.

Willow Creek meanwhile paid $3.25 million to settle lawsuits against a volunteer who sexually abused two disabled children [3].  The volunteer, Robert Sobczak, Jr. pled guilty, and is currently serving a seven-year prison term.

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“WHAT DO YOU SEE IN TODAY’S CHURCH?” – by a Modern-day Patrick.


Came across this in my browsing. A collection of Excellent thoughts by a Modern-day Patrick, and should help us in our Lenten season.

Could not find a ‘Re-blog’ button in his. Do peruse: