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Why People believe in Lies So Easily


It is said that St. Thomas Aquinas was told by his classmates that an Elephant was flying outside the classroom window, whereupon he went to the window and looked out. Whereupon, in turn, he was mocked and all that.

His Answer makes Edifying reading: “It is easier to believe that an elephant can fly than to believe that a friar can tell a lie.”

Not just Friars. I do believe We all render Our fellow brethren that Courtesy.

But When it to serious matters, it is Not Courtesy, but, in my Considered Opinion, Plain Laziness that drives Most to Believe in Lies.

Not that the Lies are So Apparent. It Would Require some Thinking to find out that it is so. And that is where the Laziness comes in.

Many Youngsters would rather go out in the Hot sun, Alone, amid thorns, bush and stone, to look after sheep, than go to School! Studying is Hard work. Hence Laziness.

Similarly, those who Drop out of schools, or do poorly. Studying is Hard work. Hence Laziness.

Thinking over a Question is Hard Work.

[ Actually it is Far too Easier to ‘Read’ than to ‘Think.’ Most Don’t Realize that. Or Acknowledge it! 😦 ]

Easier to give the excuse that the fellow should be knowing what he says, that he/she ‘looks’ dependable, and what not.

It is All living in our Comfort Zones.

Taking the Easy-Way-Out, and Short Cuts.

Reading, Speaking on and Doing What we LIKE.


Easy! 🙂


How to Improve


000 ppl who make You do better

Image from Facebook. Cropped.

This Sounds very simple. But it is Profound.

The Problem with Most of Us is that We prefer to Remain in Our Comfort Zones. This is not just relaxing in Our Sofas, with the TV on and perhaps a Beer in the hand. It is also that We Avoid, Studiously, and like the Very Plague, all those who call upon Us to Stand up and Do something.

We Know what they say is Right. But the Sofa is So Comfortable. And We Avoid those People Altogether. Never Rising to Heights. Spending the Latter part of Our lives in Regret, which We will never Show, of course; The Weapon of the Mediocre! 


So Folks, By Choice…



Love is the Answer?


People write lines like: ‘Love is all that matters,’ put that in a nice scene from somewhere, photoshop even that, and get 86808 likes. …No, I do not have doubts in the matter. Love IS the Answer. But the Question is, What do these fellows think Love IS?

  • Love is Risking Your Freedom to Fight for Your Fellow Man.
  • Love is Putting Your Life on the Line.
  • Love is Sweating Blood.
  • Love is Eating Your Heart Out.
  • Love is Giving Away at least 10% of Your Income, Regularly.
  • If These Kinds of things have Not been done, It Is Not Love.

fake love

Here is another one: “Waiting for you forever to stay in the waves of bliss.” These are the things they think is Love. This is Not just Sad, it is Stupid.

Love Does Not Exist in the Comfort Zone! 


A PICTURE OF NO-LOVE! Picture from Internet. This man is Not only Immersed, presumably in the TV, he is Not only a Couch Potato, he Bypasses his Child, and Toys with the Teddy! Wah!

Even while having Sex You have to Think of the Other. Otherwise You have Not Made Love! …Let us Strive for True Love.


On Privacy, Personal Space, and Responsibility


It seems that Facebook had conducted an experiment on no less than 689,000 of its users, presenting them, for instance, with Sad stimuli, to see if the users Did become Sad. It seems that Facebook had done this without taking the permission, or even informing the subjects of this. This has created Resentment. There is talk of Invasion of  Privacy and Personal space. But, What about Responsibility?

To Continue, there is talk of people not able to ‘Hold up,’ and ‘Not being Able to Handle their lives,’ and their ‘Mood’ being ‘Affected,’ when they see such presentations there.

This post is Not about Facebook. …How do these people handle Real Life situations? Does Life Itself pick and choose what it is going to deliver to them? No Accidents? No Snakes in the Bathroom? Neighbours and Bosses and All Nice and Quiet?

What are We? Have We finally become a Race of the Pitiable? Should We hand over the planet to the Apes?

It seems to come down to this. Too Many are Wilfully going after what should only be called a World of their own. Which is Actually their Comfort Zone!

rapes up s

Saw a report of a 9 year old Raped. Photo, taken by me with my Nokia cell phone, shows news of not just one, but two incidents, much to our shame. The news channel is Headlines Today.

The Real Tragedy in above news is that both the police and the medical staff did not Care for this Child.

No, I do not have a ‘Fetish’ with Rape. But I do not become ‘Affected’ when I see or hear of such things. On the Contrary, I try to do the Best I can, which is, Raise an Awareness, and Encourage People to Concerted Action. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and of recent times, Arvind Kejriwal did the Same.

Talks of Privacy or Personal Space do NOT bring Success. Facing Issues, Taking Up Responsibility and Doing One’s Best, IN ANY AND EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, give one a sense of Satisfaction.



Stain on shirtImage: http://www.diylife.com/2010/05/20/home-ec-removing-dye-based-stains/

How many of Us would be Ready to Go Out with a Shirt Stained like this? There may not be much one could do if this had happened after having reached the place of work. But if We found this Stain as We were going Out? Would We go with this Shirt?


In the Production of the ‘Nano,’ Tata’s little Family Car, the Owner of the company is reported to have paid attention to Every Detail of Design and Manufacture. We may be Sure that CEOs of All companies would pay the Same Attention to Detail.


Can We say We are doing the Same with regard to the Various Issues of Life?

Do We pay the SAME Attention to the Eating, TV Watching, Friend’s circles, etc, of our Children, as We do to our Work?

Are We paying the SAME Attention to the Water Balance, the Ecology, the State of the Future of our Countries and the World, as We do to our Work?


It is said that only about 50% of the population of India cast their Votes.

What is the percentage of the those who are Poorly Informed about the Real Worth of Candidates? Of Real Issues involved, the Corruption? Of those who Blindly vote along Caste lines and such?

Whose Duty is it to Inform, Educate and Prepare the Populace, whose Decisions Influence the Future of our Very Children? Are We to Ignore it because it is too Tiring, Hard, Unappreciated, even Criticized?

It might sound Crazy to even think that We Can Influence a Mass. But it Can be done. Michelangelo created his ‘David’ by just Chipping away, One Hit at a time. A Pond is created by Drops, as they say it in Hindi.

Are We paying Enough Attention to our Responsibilities?

We Need to get out of our Comfort Zones.

We. I. YOU.

Let us get down to it. As the ‘Nike’ company says, Let’s Just Do It.