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Needed: Educated Soldiers.


In advert for ‘Jack Ryan,’ heard hero(?) say: “I am not going.”

Above: Drone Operator who said No.

Need Educated Soldiers like those/these. All over the World.

Like that Girl in ‘Avatar,’ Not Blind ‘Yes men.’

Above: Reaction to Excesses in NE India by Indian army.


Democracy and Courage


As in my previous post, which had referred to the one entitled Democracy in India, I had written that: Democracy works Only When We Exhibit: Courage and Strength.

I think We are All Bold. But are We Bold Enough? Bold Enough to Question the Government? To write against governmental decisions?

It Not Only Could, but Would mean the Midnight Knock at Our Doors. That is the Fear that the governments have instilled in Us. And what is Happening? I once again resort to good old Ayn Rand:

Ayn Rand on the government

This Grand Old Lady had forseen this in 1957! Has the situation changed? You say it. Let us Realize that If the Situation Is to Change, Risk Will be Involved. But, like All Bullies, the government is a Bully too. And We Should Know How to Deal with Bullies, and What Bullies do when Confronted.

But let us Face it. Most of Our postings are ‘Safe ones.’ They would save us the from Wrath of the government. But they are Not Saving a Healthy Democracy for Our Coming Generations!

I would Not call Madly Rushing into Danger as Courage. Courage has to be Intelligent. Courage should be used with Strength.

How many of Us Exercize? In a Meaningful Way? Regularly? Is Our Weight under control? If We do not have Strength, Would and Could We have the Courage to face Circumstances and State of affairs?!

family exercise
Family running along beach

Image from the Internet.

I am not speaking about exercising like Peak Athletes. Shall post a set of Meaningful Exercises later.

Strength is Not just of the Mind.

Strength also means having Numbers. Crime is Organised. They have numbers. Are only the evil and the criminals to be Organised, Methodical and Clever? What Are We? We have to Organise Ourselves. Let Us Not wait for Nasty things to happen before We do that.

Democracy, and the Future of Our Children, Demands Courage and Strength on Our part.


14 Year old saves his Dog from Icy Waters!

ANIMAL PLANET showed the video of a 14 year old young man – By his Courage he has earned that Title! – who made Multiple attempts to Save his dog from Icy Waters.

His Dog had wandered off into Icy Waters, was too far to be rescued from the shore; and the Ice was too thin to support humans. The Young Man and another fell into it when they first attempted a rescue.

The Dog was finally Rescued when a Lady Veterinarian Doctor volunteered to Slide across the Ice, fell in the Icy Waters herself, yet pushed the Dog to the shore. So this is the Story of the Lady Doctor too.

It does not end there. The Young Man jumped into the Waters once again to pull the Lady Doctor back!


Tried my best to find graphics of that Rescue. Did not work. Am giving a picture of another Brave Man saving his dog from similar situations.

dog rescued from Icy waters



Salutations to All these Brave and Loving People!

Some Very Needed Qualities!

You know the old and wise saying, which mention Qualities that are Really Needed:

God grant me

Graphic from: www.aliexpress.com

Evidently the Wisdom lies in Knowing the Difference between What Can and Cannot be Changed by Us. BUT. There are More, Important Elements involved in this too:


A person who does not Care about Others is not going to worry about Changing the situations. Nor is the person who is Lazy. And it Requires Honesty, Even BRUTAL HONESTY, to Acknowledge the Realities about Our Selves!

Too many of Us would like to Escape by saying: ‘I am not the Wisest of Men!’

There is Much We CAN Do. Honesty is Needed to Accept this.


If We Genuinely Care about Others, and Raise Our Voice in their Support and Really Do things for them, That would be Love. And Only Doing these things Can and Will bring Us Peace and Happiness.

So, Love, Happiness and Peace can be Attained Only when We Put to Use these Very Needed Qualities. We are Born with them. It is upto Us to Use them.