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A CONFIRMED NON-Intellectual!


Here’s a fellow who says that All Intellectuals should be shot. Thereby saving his own skin! …Thus Clever, but Clearly Not an Intellectual.


Paving the way, by the way, for the Rebirth of that fellow #hitler and his #Nazi times.

Here’s a great picture I found in twitter:

…Nobody is going to be surprised When, I said When, India becomes a Non-Secular, Hindu state; nor is anybody going to Object much to that. Pointless and Useless.

But they WAY they are going about it! …First they tried their ‘Mandir’ (Ram Mandir (Temple) in Ayodhya) slogan; saw that it did not work, and now they have gone into the ‘Cow’ protection, with a Vengeance, one would say. And those who Enjoy Killing, have been given a Free-er hand. Remember, they had the administration’s nod while the Babri Masjid was destroyed, and later with the Infamous Godhra incident.

Above: #modi pictured regarding the #Godhra incident.

Now Lynch Away and Enjoy it, they have been told. Gandhi’s India.


70-year-old farmer Dies after made to stand on one leg as atonement of calf’s death



[ This article is a composite of three links, all given below. This image is from one of them.

Carrying (licensed) arms is allowed in India, but this group, posing in front of their office, named ‘Gau Rashka Dal … (Punjab?)’ (Cow Protection Force/Group), wearing Bullet-proof jackets, and carrying even Rifles, which, as far as I understand, is NOT allowed in India (for Civilians), And having Shot at people, are still at large.

In the meanwhile, a very foolish movie actor, in his love for guns, having procured an Automatic rifle, which he would never have had the occasion to use, is behind bars.


Sanjay Dutt. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanjay_Dutt

And Rowdy politicians, who Did even Fire those same Automatic rifles in Public, are laughing their heads off.


PDP MLA Mohd Ashraf Mir shoots off an AK 47.


If a Calf dies, it is Loss enough, and in fact a Huge loss, for a Middle Class farmer. On top of this, Farmers become Attached to their Cattle, considering them their Children, and as such High Emotions would be Involved.

These Vigilantes, if they had made an effort to find the person who had poisoned the calf, (It should have been done only out of Malice), could have rendered a service.

In any case, it is another case of Cow Vigilantism, and Worse, as the link says — rule-of-hindus-will-come:



And they boast: ‘Yes, we are Goons!‘ See link below.


[ The police, in the meantime, were wearing Bangles. ]


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