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One of the Worst things I have seen.


One of the Worst things I have seen. They make a ruckus about Cows, Buffaloes and Goats. Is not the #Nilgai another type of Cow? Curses.
People who do these kinds of things, from those who order them to those who carry them out, stand Cursed by the gods.
The good book says : कृतप्रणाश। [ The Effect of what you do REMAINS ].

WHO Responsible for Cow Deaths in Rajasthan?


This is in connection to my last article.

Who is responsible? It is: 

VICARIOUS COW SLAUGHTER’ ON THE PART OF THE #BJP, as the #bjp is ruling Rajasthan just now. 

Details in the article below.

Usually 20 cows die in a day there, (they said this without the least bit of concern). Since July 21, they have not been fed! And because of that, 90 cows died in two days.

WHO is responsible not just for these deaths, but the Prolonged Agony they must have suffered before their death?

Those ‘in-charge’ would like to put the blame on the Poor ‘workers,’ – Most of whom might be Dalits, as the work would involve removing the carcasses there. But these –

Employees, who labour to Feed the cows and to Clean up the place, Have NOT BEEN PAID for the last 5 or 6 months.

As the #bjp is ruling Rajasthan, I can this Vicarious ‘Cow Slaughter’ on the part of the the #bjp. It is a Shame that they even have a minister especially in-charge of Cow Welfare.

The ministers responsible for this should be Tied-up and Thrown in the same Muddy Mire, and Refused Food and Drink till they Die.

rajasthan cow minister Otaram Devasi

The ‘Cow’ minister of Rajasthan, otaram devasi. he is the One and the Only ‘cow’ minister in India! The way he functions, as per this incident, it is fortunate for the Cows, I suppose. That they don’t have more ‘cow’ ministers.

rajasthan cm vasundhra-raje s

And this is the ‘chief ministress’ of Rajasthan, vasundhra raje, who ‘promised a separate ministry for cows in her poll manifesto. And when the party came to power in December 2013, promptly announced a ministry for the protection of cows.’

Image of devasi and edited quote above, from:


All other images from the Internet.


As I have already said: This is Vicarious ‘Cow Slaughter’ on the part of the the #bjp.

Let them Not speak of ‘Gau Raksha’ (Cow Protection) any more.

This is how they do the ‘gau raksha,’ protecting the cows:

gau rakshak a

While this is happening to the cows:

cows die in rajasthan aug 16


On ndtv, modi, bjp, and Strict Actions


Watched a part of a programme in NDTV that started off as ‘Against Vigilantism,’ and, as usual, went all over the place, particularly about the sentiments of the majority community of India to kept in mind and honoured and all that.

On that, Tweeted something, as under.


On , , , .

dalit youth strict action


guj dalits btn up 0716

Shall be Awaiting some Answers. …For a little more on Dalits, please  click here.



On Cows, and Cribbing

Indians consider the Cow the Most Peaceful animal. But the Cowboys of the West had a Healthy Respect for ‘their’ cow, the Steer. And National Geographic would inform us that the Wild Buffalo, which is Also a Cow, would make Short Work even of Prides of Lions, any given day! Further on, We shall be faced with a Question: Should We be Like Cows, and Not be Cribbing, or Not?!

cows on the road varanasi

To start with, the Famous Indian Cows, of course. In no less a place than Varanasi, which is going to turn into a city like Kyoto, in about triple x years. …And these Cows, as You know, might be Interested in Mixed Fruit Jam, or some such, if offered on some Chapatis, but Traffic Jams do not Interest them. [Obliged for that Traffic Jam bit to MichelleMarie in her comment to Rajiv Chopra’s post.] Graphic above, from: vedicodyssey.com

Texas_longhorn s

Above, an example of the famed, Mighty Steers of the Wild West! We read that the Cowboys would not handle them without their horses! Picture from: simple.wikipedia.org

buffaloes chase off lions

Here We have the Buffaloes making Lions Turn Tail! From: blog.londolozi.com


Now for the Questions, Please:

  • Should We be Like the Indian Cow, Peacefully chewing its cud, Unmindful of Rains, Floods, Mudslides, and Traffic jams? Also Unable to Help its Offspring, When their Milk is Denied them?
  • Or like the American Steers? Frighten, YET Unable to Help its own Slaughter?
  • Maybe We should be, to Stay in the Cow family, like the Wild Buffalo? But these Mighty Creatures have been practically Eliminated from the ‘West,’ hunted down with ‘buffalo guns,’ one by one by one.

But Who Knows, maybe All these are ‘Cribbing’ and Grumbling inside their Big Heads.

Or Shall We be like Enlightened Humans, Who would Fight against Needless Killing of Any Kind, Who would Fight that Calves get their full share of Milk, and Who could make Mudslides Not Happen?

The Lion ‘might’ be the king of the Jungle, but Humans hold Sway over Earth. As Such, even the Cows would look to Us to Protect them. So what is it going to be? Cows, of any kind, or the Cribbing of the Weak, or the Enlightened Human? The Choice is Ours. 


I believe that Rajiv Chopra raised Exactly this query. This article is Inspired by Rajiv Chopra’s latest post: http://rajivchopra.me/2014/09/02/a-spot-of-whimsy-i-must-learn-from-the-cow/