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Judges, and now Referees.


Hello, Folks! You All know that I do not pull my punches. And here goes.

You will not find too many people writing on subjects that I do, and especially Against the Joodges. Yet we can be Sure there are others. The point is that those few of us who write seem to have Succeeded in pulling up the system, so that 2017 was a particularly Good Year for Indians, Justice-wise.

Encouraged by this, I go on!

Our Writings seem to be reaching those Long Deaf Ears.

So I ask You, my Dear Reader, to Speak to Your Family and Friends about this, Write about this, and, if You will, Re-blog this. You might want write a few words about leaving out the crappy bits.

So Do Contribute.

Judges, (let me limit myself to Indian ones, and, just the majority, not all of them), have Earned my Contempt.

This because the Justice Department has failed. I wrote to the union of Peanut sellers at bus stands asking if they would accept responsibility for this failure, but they Declined, so it stays with the Joodges.

One of the Very Best examples of the Failure of Justice in India is the raising of the Bofors (scandal) case now, for something that had happened in 1986! If the Justice Department has Constipation the Citizens should not be made to suffer for that.


That being the condition of Justice and the Joodges in India, today Referees have earned a Horse-Manure Certificate.

All of TWO runs were required to finish the game of the Second One Dayer in Cricket in South Africa, (February 4th, 2018). They took a 45 minute Lunch break, leaving the ground 80% empty because of this Asinine delay.

Graphic above from Cricbuzz.com

But Rules are rules, even, and particularly when, they have been made by Asses, and executed by Donkeys.

Incidentally, this is an Excellent instance of STUPID LAWS!

Two incidents of Extremely bad refereeing are imprinted in my mind. One was a World Cup / Olympics Foot ball final, in which Cameroon was playing against England. The referee was Blatantly against the Cameroonians.

The other is where the Indian Boxer Sarita Devi, though totally dominating the match, was declared defeated.

In India, where chief judges of the country hold that office for as little as One day(!) – for what else but Pension benefits, I had great regard for Oliver Wendell Holmes of the US who had held that office in his country for decades.

But even this man seems to have come up with:

“This is a court of law, young man, not a court of justice.”

And here we poor folks have been, and are yet, sitting on our behinds looking for Justice.

As I said, Crap.



India’s Loss to WI and Nuclear Plants!

India lost to the West Indies in the semifinals Cricket match yesterday. It is being bandied about that the loss was due to the two ‘No-balls’ bowled. Captain Dhoni himself had said it, had he not? …But folks, he had to say it. He had no intention of letting his teammates down. Or, he kept the damage to the minimum, we can say.

Should I presume that Most people were Not listening to the Commentary that was going on? But that is IT. Experts like Sunil Gavaskar were constantly saying that the Young bowlers were delivering ‘Length’ balls, offering the batsmen Length, which allowed them to score at a High Rate.

That, Conveniently, has been Sidelined, and even perhaps Forgotten. And that is Our Problem. We Refuse to Face Facts.

Bowlers must have delivered thousands of balls before they could have got selected for the National team. Teams Use Computers to Analyze what sorts of balls to bowl to which batsmen. Put simply, Our Bowlers failed to bowl the Right length, all through the game. That at a Semi Final match. Shoddy work, what?


Sadly, We Indians are known for such ‘Chalta-hai’ (Passable) work. Plenty of Rolls-Royces and Mercedes Benzes might be on our Indian roads, but can We produce that quality?

Indian factory

An Indian ‘factory.’

Kolkata flyover collapse

The Kolkata (Calcutta) flyover collapse, of March end this year, which has claimed 32 lives and umpteen injured. And the contractor had dared to call it an ‘Act of God.’


Now let me come to the Nuclear Issue.

The Kudankulam Nuclear power plant has had 37 breakdowns in 2 years, where, it seems, one shut down in that same span of time is the norm.

Happy go lucky that We are, We want to go in for more and more Nuclear projects. Wait for a more eleborate article on the subject, please.


In Cricket We are in Denial. Honesty of the Highest kind is Absolutely Necessary before any Change can take place.

Tweets… on Football!

1. In Cricket, people and Science seem to have ‘progressed.’ Referrals are used.

2. In Football, where an Uninformed decision can allow/disallow a goal, or get a player banned, Referrals not used! Progress!

Hulk ball on chest good

“English referee Howard Webb was in the spotlight during Brazil’s second-round clash with Chile on Saturday when he and his assistant elected to rule out a Hulk goal for handball, with replays proving inconclusive.”

Quote and graphic from:


NO NEED to ‘Call’ a Thief a Thief!

According to me, the Only mistake Arvind has done, and what quite some AAP-ians are doing, is to call gadkari a ‘chor,’ (thief).


I am Only Saying that there is NO NEED to ‘Call’ him that. (Everybody knows it, after all!)

1. AAP had collected evidence against gadkari.


2. The MEDIA itself collected and provided proofs of his deeds.


gadkari cnnibn

Image from article referred above, by Screen Capture.

3. gadkari had threatened of dire consequences if and when he/bjp came to power.


IN SPITE OF ALL THIS, he holds high post in the new administration.

All this shows THE CALIBRE OF INDIA’S ELECTORATE at Present.

Let us of the AAP Not Waste Time.

IN CRICKET, when Sledging takes place, when a player of the Opposite team abuses Us, We do Not do Dharna, Protests. We get on with the Game.

Let us LEAVE OUT ALL NEGATIVITIES, and GO FORWARD and Make the People of our Country Realize that AAP is the Best Option for them.