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Christmas Kudos


Kudos to a culture that gifts (semi) automatic guns to 15 year old’s. That put these things on ‘reduction’ sales for ‘Christmas.’ Kudos to the #pope who will, at the Most, Mumble Feebly on such subjects.

NDTV@ndtvUS School Shooting: The police said that Justin Shilling, who was a student at Oxford High School in the rural town of #Oxford,#Michigan, succumbed to his wounds in the attack. https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/us-sch


As on 20th Jan, 2020


I seem to be getting Famous [ thanks to the #BJP! ]. …Shameless of me to say that, of course. But here’s what’s happening. Please read on. This shows The Depravity of India’s Current political structure.

Had been getting 1 or 2 ‘Friend Requests,’ which had brought my ‘fan’s’ numbers to some 500 uptil some time ago. Yesterday, on the 19th of Jan, got nearly a 100 of them. This morning, as I start working, Facebook is showing that I have more than 200 notifications. That is becoming famous! Heehee.

And the left corner expands to:

And when I go to Facebook:

Expanded, again:

Now to a little commentary.

I seem to have hit the ‘Nerves’ of the #modi, and the #bjp (currently the ruling party in India).

We can be Sure that All political parties would have their IT cells, but here is #bjp’s own functions.

  1. A Deluge of messages.
  2. Soft porn, and then,
  3. Hard porn.

I got it all, I tell You! The word ‘dear,’ Nowhere meaning it, as can be seen in figure 4 clearly, signifying ‘the personalised porn,’ as promised by this ‘Malviya,’ who is reputed to be the head of the #bjp IT cell.

Starting from ‘dears,’ it went on to barechested men, bikini clad girls, and developed to erect male members. Yeck.

have to go through the many messages and deal with them individually; or else cannot use that section for the few that I need.

All this to show how my time is getting wasted, And to show what a Useless, Uncouth, Uncultured party We have at India’s centre today.

More later. 🙂



Do We have to ASK to Receive? From God?

Mother Teresa’s Brothers and Sisters, (the M.C.s), are Famous for bringing Street Children to their Homes, providing their basic needs, and even helping them settle in life. An incident occurred in their ‘Mother House’ in Kolkata in 1977, that has forever remained in my mind as an Example that it is not only Good, but even Necessary to Ask in order to Receive. The Superior of the Brothers at that time had been Bro. Ferdinand. I can attest to all this as I had been there then.

The good brothers had just arranged for a batch of Autorickshaws for a group of their Young men who were on the threshold of life. These Youth were Invited to take charge of their vehicles and to step out into life.

As with many Youth, this group too had been whiling their time away, playing Cards and things like that. And they were just Not Ready to go and Earn their Bread! When the Brothers kept Insisting that the Young men take charge of their own lives, one of them pulled out a Knife, brought it to Bro. Ferdinand’s midriff, and said: “DITTE HOBE.”

Just two short words, and they are in Bangla, the language of the Bengalese. And they mean, in effect: “YOU, Have to Provide.” What those Young men were expecting proved to be something like this: ‘You have brought us from the streets. We did not ask for it. Now You Keep Providing for us!’


I had just got down at at the Karaikal Bus Stand, years ago, when I decided to enjoy an Ice Cream as the day had been very hot. After that, as I came out, I noticed a Woman sitting right in the sun. I handed her a Ten rupee note. She looked at it with Empty eyes, as if She did not know what to do with it, and let it drop.


Image: therewillbeasia.wordpress.com

In the photo , the young man is more aware of his surroundings, as he is seen carrying at least a Water Bottle. But that Woman had had a very vacant look on her face. She must have Lost her Mind. There are Many like her, both Male and Female in India, on the Streets.

In any case, Unasked-for Gifts are Not Appreciated.


pharisee ce

Image from: gardenofpraise.com

This picture is a depiction of the proud pharisee, as in Luke 18:9-14. Though he did not say the words, what he was conveying was: ‘Here I have done my part of the bargain; see that You fulfil Yours.’ The fellow is not able to push out his chest as his stomach is bigger! But that is a joke.


The point of all this is This:

  • The Businessman does not Automatically Hand over his hard earned trade to his son, if he thinks the young man is not worthy.
  • A Prince was Not Automatically Crowned King is he did not deserve it.
  • We do not stand with Crossed hands and Chest out in front of our Elders, expecting to be Blessed.
  • The Guru does not Automatically Accept a Disciple, Nor Convey the Wisdom to Everybody and Anybody. It is Upanishad!

Politeness, Courtesy and Culture are Indications of Worth. It is Not Right to Grovel in front of Anybody. Even God. He does not expect it. He has called Us His Children. But it would be good to Ask. That would Indicate that We would appreciate the Gift. And that would be another Instance when We would be Talking to Him! He Appreciates Conversations with Us.


Besides all this, the Words of Christ, when He said, ‘Ask, and You will receive,’ in Matthew 7:7 also mean: ‘Ask, and You WILL Receive!’

politicos, police and other officials!


politicians, who are expected to arrange the Infrastructure and amenities for the Country, are busy sidling up to business houses and making money for themselves.

       And the police, who are supposed to render us Protection, are bending down to politicos and trying to get richer, themselves!


       Here we have a ‘high ranking Indian police officer’ touching the feet of a politico, adding ‘glory’ to the IPS (Indian Police Service)! Interestingly, all these politicos don the Simplest, Gandhian type of dresses for their ‘public’ outings, but fail in their desire for the Image of Simplicity by the Arrogance of their Stance and expectations.

       [Touching the feet of Your Elders, Your Guru, Teachers, etc, is considered a Very Good thing, a Sign of High Culture. A police man, of ANY rank, would be expected to ‘salute’ at the most. Here, in this case, the touching of the feet is Utterly Despicable.]


       The one at top left, kneeling down to modi, the prime ministerial candidate for the bjp, is a Collector, an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) Officer! Pic two at top shows a very high ranking IPS officer kneeling to speak to akhilesh yadav, the chief minister of UP.

       At bottom is Arvind Kejriwal being saluted by his security, who are Ordinary Policemen (as Opposed to Commandos, whom Kejriwal had refused). Noteworthy is the Way He received the Salute of the men, as against akhilesh, whose hand on top of his head shows his Contempt for the officer.

       chief ministers of state have a way of ‘choosing’ their highest ranking police officers. they look for those who would be Most compliant to their wishes. And these officers ‘benefit’ by this, of course.

I have some Question to these slurping, fawning police and other ‘officers.’

  • How can you fellows SLEEP?!
  • How are you able to EAT?
  • How much RESPECT does your Own Family give you?

       What Would happen if these officials down right Refuse to bend down like this to the politicians? …They might get Transferred. Is that such a horrible thing? Compared to this Shame? Yes, Transfers would mean difficulties in getting Admissions into Schools. But there ‘are’ provisions for ‘transfer cases!’

And Questions for Us:

  • Of What Use are such officials for Us?
  • Is it not Time to Throw out such people?

We All Love Our Children. It is Time to Speak Out, Question, Challenge, and Make our Children’s Future Better.