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I Believe in the Death Penalty


What is wrong with the Death Penalty, anyway? Mankind believes in Retribution.

ONLY Those (Most popes and bishops come in this category) who have their more-than-three-meals-a-day Assured, who live in castles, high risings and enclosed palaces, who have NO idea of Hunger, Pain, Suffering, Rape, Gang Rape and such, can Oppose the Death Penalty.

The ‘Way’ it is carried out may be extremely inefficient, (that is why John Grisham opposes it). I would call it stupidity that man, who has found Most efficient methods to kill people a thousand miles away, has not found one in this case.

But, there Are Scum, like Repeat Rapists, Serial killers, Child Rapists, those who run Brothels, especially those who use Children for Sex, …the list would be long, – who are better off disposed.

Those who oppose the DP might quote the commandment: ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ and say Only the Lord has the Right to Life and Death. Please click on that link for views on this.

There are issues of War, Weapon Manufacture, Atomic proliferation, Abortion, and, THE TERRIBLE SUFFERING THAT GOES ON AND ON IN THIS WORLD. For more thoughts on Violence, please click here.


Let Us take the case of the drug baron guzman, reportedly responsible for 60,000 deaths!

guzman 60K deaths 833 pm

They prepare Underground cellars for them, with an Opening Just on Top, No Doubt at Great Cost, through which these fellows are lowered, and, …within no time, they escape.

About him Wiki writes:

Escaped 1st escape: 19 January 2001
2nd escape: 11 July 2015

Fortunately and Thankfully he has been recaptured again. But WHY allow this game to go on? The Same Wiki gives guzman as: ‘Is a Mexican drug lord who heads the Sinaloa Cartel.’ All this in the Present tense. That is what happens when We spare the lives of Scum.


Countries and governments say they do not have enough money to Take in Refugees and to take care of them, to Create Jobs, to Join Rivers, and a hundred other things, and, Do We have Any Idea of the Amount of money in Trying to keep Hardened, Repeat-Offender Criminals when ‘Life sentences’ are given them? I say ‘Trying’ because they escape every so often, through the support and help of politicians, jailers and their own gangs. And While they are ‘Inside,’ they Run their Gangs, …and lead a Merry life.

But governments spend on Costly Jails, which remain Unsuccessful in containing these criminals or their actions.


A Mad Dog is a Fearsome thing. I have had occasion to see two, and Worse, one of my family members died of Rabies, though long years ago, and another teacher in one of our schools was put to sleep because of Rabies.

Mad Dog Rabies Disease

Photo from the Internet.

Even Healthy and Strong Dogs avoid a confrontation with a Mad Dog. The only solution, as far as I know, is to Put them Down. A Sad necessity, in this case.


When it becomes Clear to Society that a person is Not ready to Reform, is a Repeat Offender, in Major Issues, Death Penalty, to me, is the Answer.

One of the Reasons all Philosophers and Thinkers go against the Death Penalty is that We are Not Sure of the Motives, and the Uprightness of the one meting it out. But that is a Different, though Very Grave, Problem.

So there is Enough Reason to give Drug barons, Repeat Rapists and Serial Killers and such, the Death Penalty.


OLD Question: What about the Rights of the Victim?

While going through Rachel’s blog, came across the post on jails, etc. Found I had already re-blogged it. You can find it here. But the subject is worthy of more thought. Got some New ones on this.


Kindness is a wonderful thing. It Blesses the person who practices it. Kindness to the criminal is needed. If We do not render that, We become animals ourselves.

But All who Ignore the Kindness Necessary for the Victim, the Living, and the Future generations are Small Brains.


Ideally, the prison should be a centre for Rehabilitation. But, Are We Ready to spend the Billions that would be required to provide enough personnel for that, for the years and years that would be needed for rehabilitation?

We grumble at every increase in tax.

We are Mute spectators when the administration gobbles up our tax money, and spends it on themselves and on the arms industry. Sporadic voices do not count!

A: I had earlier raised this question to all who speak up so well for kindness to criminals: What IS Your proposal to contain the Habitually Violent, the Serial Klllers, the Repeat Child Rapists, and the drug barons? And those who Throw Acid?

I have found No worth-while answers from those who protest to giving the Death sentence to Animalistic criminals.

We want warnings for graphics which contain Violence. Just the Sight of these pictures Disturb Us. But We have No Thought for the Violence, the Horrific, Continued Pain, and even the Shame Suffered by the Victim.

IMP Acid attack victims s

Picture from the Internet.

Those enumerated in para ‘A’ escape from prisons. In countries like India, they are not even prosecuted! If jailed, they are set free either due to political influence, or on the excuse that the jails are full.

And Who Suffers? Society. The Human Race. It Continues to Suffer. Do We think that a person who has been Raped forgets it? Do We think that the Mental Trauma and the Shame, particularly in countries like India, lasts but moments or something?

It is Easy to Keep on raising these questions. It is the ‘In’ thing. Much appreciated. But where are the answers?

According to me, All those of para ‘A’ should be given the Death sentence.

It is Our Own Fear of Death that says No to it for the person in the news, in this case, the criminal. What is So Special about Life anyway? And What is So Frightening about Death?

There are Many who Absolutely go Limp even thinking of those on death row going through their suffering. But I see No Tears in their eyes for the Victims.

Wilters and Wimps do not care about Victims. I know people who were Molested as Children, and are on Heavy Drugs even today because of that, at the age of 55. And People who live as Paraplegics as a result of ‘Hit-and-Run’ incidents or Rowdyism.

The Victims suffer for 60 Years at times. Let these criminals suffer those 60 minutes

Let the so called pacifists pray that bad things do not happen to them, or to their children.