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Where are the Protectors?


Came across Two Cases of Defencelessness, in both cases those concerning Women. Though, in the first, it is Incidental. As Under:

A. It seems that these 4 Women, aged between 71 and 61, were ‘caught’ by these ‘brave’ policemen when they were trying to sell the Birds they had caught.

Bird sellers

Image from Facebook.

Tax defaulters to the tune of Thousands of Crores are roaming Free, those who had Cheated the country are settled abroad and enjoying themselves, those who steal and sell Statues from Temples are Free, but…

Birds by the Thousands have died because of the Radiation from the Cell-phone towers; and Whole Species of Birds, especially the Indian House Sparrow, has practically Disappeared because of this. But…Sittu pair

Image from the Internet.

But these poor Women are Caught, because they are easy to ‘Catch,’ [ they can’t run too much, can they?  😦 ]. They are the prize catch of these policemen. And ‘they’ are sure to get some prizes for this. Yuck.


B. Came across this also, also in Facebook:

10 Countries where Women are Not Safe; and the Countries mentioned are: Afghanistan, The Congo, India, Somalia, Columbia, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan and Thailand, in that order.

…Some Images, (not in order), from the post by Screen capture:

Defenceless a

Those who have ‘buried’ this Woman thus, Are they human being? And just how can they go about their business as if nothing has happened? …I Absolutely Admire, and Salute this Brave Woman, who is not showing even a Bit of Fear.

Defenceless W India

Defenceless b

Defenceless c

Defenceless d

All these images too by screen capture as they were in a slide show.

The reference:



And in the meantime, this person, jayalalitha, the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, cannot speak without raising and pointing her finger!

finger aa

finger b

Images from Facebook.

And We are supposed to be a Free, Democratic country. And Safe, too, I forgot to add. At least, they say We are Safe. Yuck again.