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Beijing: The Air we Breath — Globe Drifting


Very Powerfully and CONVINCINGLY presented.

Living in India, read about Smoke density in many of our cities. Had read about Beijing earlier. But these photographs! The look on the face of the Girl with the Mask!

But Ecology Refuses to accept our lines of Geography!

Smoke created in nearby states is the reason for the Dirty air in Delhi.

We All have to Wake up, and Do things about such.

The Air we Breath ‘Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.’ ― Jacques-Yves Cousteau You can feel it in your lungs and smell it in the air, a grey mist before one’s eyes that hangs between the trees- this is not a glitzy 1920’s party or a nightclub smoke machine on […]

via Beijing: The Air we Breath — Globe Drifting


On Kejriwal being Ready to Resign

That in itself is Remarkable. Others stick to it more strongly than Leeches.

The Jan Lokpal bill had been PROMISED to the People by the AAP. It had been on the manifesto of the AAP for Delhi. That means IT HAD BEEN ONE OF THE DEMANDS OF THE PEOPLE!

The Home ministry passes a bill in 2002, which make it necessary for the Delhi govt to get approval from the centre for its own bills. So this law was NOT there in the Original Constitution of India.

Why does the centre want to have Delhi under its control? Particularly when We see that Delhi, prior to the AAP, at the time of the 2002 bill, had been under the same party’s rule as that at the centre, the congress?

Did not the central command trust its own then chief minister, shiela dixit? Is THAT why it had kept the Delhi police also under its (the centre’s) own wings?

A whole tale of Misrule, if ever there was any. And they are calling Arvind’s actions as Drama. …On their own heads.

Indian media TOTALLY under govt Control!

I hope I am not being too generic. I get to watch only the Headlines Today, the Times Now, the Sun News, and the Puthiya Talaimurai, news channels of the North and the South of India.

But it is not only these, but also the ‘posters,’ ‘headlines’ or whatever We call them, giving the main news of the day in large newspaper sized sheets, hung out where newspapers are sold.

All of them are presenting the same line of statements, which is Against Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP.

There are, in the tradition of the media, Juicy things like:

  • Senseless AAP drama continues,
  • Anarchist attacks media,
  • AAP losing its plot in Delhi,
  • 4 Injured in AAP drama, and things like these.

The media has said that Growing Disagreement to the Protest is pouring in in Twitter, etc. I ask them, Just HOW did they find out that All Dissenting voices are from the AAP? How easy to ‘call’ oneself a Member, and write whatever he wants. 

After all, the AAP is just about a Year Old, and has less than a Crore (10 Million) Members. Whereas the established parties like the bjp and the congress have Crores and Crores of followers and supporters. Yes, Many of them might not be happy with the Growing Popularity of the AAP. This is Not to say that there is No dissent within the Members themselves.

The Same about the ALLEGED attacks ‘on’ the police. Even in what is coming across the TV screens, One Sees Only the Protesters ‘Getting Beaten Up’ by the police. The police are saying that Stone Pelting from the part of the AAP-ians led to the police action. …Did the Stones have the ‘Number,’ given to All AAP members, written on them? Just HOW did the police conclude that the stones had been thrown by the Protesters? It is Eminently Possible that people Opposed to the Protest, or even the police itself, had ‘arranged’ the Alleged stone throwing!

If Only 4 people have been Injured during these two days, it speaks much of the Sympathy of the Police in general towards the Protest. In any case, the Injured are only the AAP sympathizers, and Injured ‘by’ the police.

The media also implies that the Common man is Suffering because of the Protest, which is of course blocking Roads, and access, etc, to govt offices.

But this charge is Easily Refuted. The Protest has covered Two working days. If people want to say that govt office work has been Interrupted, I want to ask: ‘Just When had govt clerks done Anything in One Day? Or even in two days?’

Senseless drama? Inconveniencing the people? …How many DAYS had the Andhra protest continued? How many Train services were disrupted, for how many days? Just think of the Problems the Rail Passengers must have faced, due to the Lack of Drinking Water alone, stranded as they were oftentimes in the middle of Nowhere.

Is the AAP losing its Appeal in Delhi or Anywhere? …Is this not a Useless Question? Something along the lines of, Can the AAP get even a single Seat in the Elections, and then, Can the AAP form the govt, and then again, Can the AAP fulfill its Promises?

Only Time Will Answer these Questions. India has been Mis-Ruled for more than 65 years. The AAP has not had 65 Days! Negativism from the media is Not Helping.

All this says MUCH of the Control that the govt has over media in India. But media personnel are Vying One Another in their Attacks, which makes one think that they are planning their ‘Promotions and Bonuses.’

The Delhi police

I do not know How Big Delhi is. I mean the Constituency of Delhi. Well, I am not really asking. …Let us take it that it is Pretty Big. Big enough to Need, and Have, a separate government all its own! Elections duly take place for this, Major political parties participate, and all that.


I have the ‘Headlines Today’ channel running on the TV behind me. From time to time I glance at it. It was just asking, ‘No action against Bharti yet!’ Somnath Bharti is the Law Minister of Delhi.

The Question should have been: ‘NO ACTION ON THE POLICE YET?’

Would it not have been the Simplest of things for the Police to send a few Lady Police Officers into the places in question and make some Investigations?


The Ungodly Use Time to very good effect. Chemical Weapons? Allow the UN team in for inspection after taking Enough time to spirit it all away. Check up premises suspected of Sex and Drug trade? Argue it away, to the tune of FOUR blessed hours, please.

It will take an Arvind Kejriwal kind of Revolution for the police force to Regain the Love, Respect and Regard of India’s Citizens.

FIR against Somnath Bharti

So an FIR, (First Information Report, a police procedure here), has been filed, upon the directions of the delhi high court, on Somnath Bharti.

Ministers Shoot and KILL policemen, Slap them, Hit them, causing Eye Injuries, …No FIRs.

Minister’s people commit DOUBLE Gang Rape, in the Minor’s House itself, and later Burn her up, …No FIRs.

Minister’s people Pull out Guns, Slap Attendants, Damage Toll booths, Set Fire to them, …No FIRs.

INDIAN Citizens Complain, NO Action. But some foreigners suspected of running Sex and Drug cartels complain, IMMDT Action.

What is this? Drumming up Tourism?

politicos, courts and police are absolutely hand in hand.

The AAP and the Drugs and Sex Cartels

For my Friends outside of India, I may have to inform that the AAP is a New political party, which has formed the govt in Delhi, though it is scarcely a Year Old! With the Elimination of Corruption as its Main Agenda, it has found Much Favour indeed. And Arvind Kejriwal is the Founder and Head of the party.

Just days ago, AAP’s Law minister, Somnath Bharti, in what has become the Usual way of the Party, and as the Kings of Old used to do, had gone on an Inspection tour. In a particular area of Delhi, upon complaints from the People there, it was found that a Brothel was being run there. Later, it was also found that Drug Trafficking was also taking place.

Upon this, the Minister called up the police and asked them to take action. The police dragged its feet to the tune of some 4 blessed hours, and even then, kept arguing, but did not take action.

The police seem to have presented Two objections: 1. The Law Minister of Delhi did not have Jurisdiction over the police force of Delhi, and 2. The law did not allow the police to enter into Women’s ‘abodes’ at night!

If the police said that, Very many people, including a goodly part of the media, have taken up the same arguments. It seems that the Law Minister had been ‘Very’ Insistent, as had been Arvind Kejriwal. These have even been called ‘Vigilantes!’

A certain section of the people, as well as, it seems, a large part of the media, are finding a lot of satisfaction in this criticism. Take, for instance, the Times Now TV channel. It asks: ‘Taking Activism too Far?’ Other channels are stronger in their language.

All this being so, I have some Questions:

1. Just What is Wrong is an Elected Minister asking the police for Action against those Running DRUGS or Prostitution Rings? Even now, as I write this, the Times Now channel, is criticizing the Delhi Law Minister’s insistence that the police just raid the premises. The channel is calling that ‘Ministers Ordering the policemen around.’ They are connecting it to the ‘Red beacon culture’ of the politicos!

What would have been Wrong if the police had carried out an examination of the premises? Is there NO difference between a Minister ordering a ‘Checking out’ and the ‘Red beacon culture?’

2. A. Non AAP ministers have been known to:

  • Shoot and Kill policemen!
  • Slap policemen, Hit them in such a way that Eye injuries occur,
  • Made policemen sit down on the ground at their feet,
  • Have policemen wiping their shoes, etc.

B. It is said that members of the Trinamool Congress, the ruling party in West Bengal, Gang Raped a 16 year old Twice, in Her House, and subsequently Burnt Her!

C. Members of Non AAP parties have been known to Pull out Guns, Beat up Attendants at Toll gates and Vandalize the Booths.

It is True that the media covered and reported these events.

But the people Highly Criticizing AAP and Arvind Kejriwal had Not even Opened their Mouths in the above instances.

WHY? It is Understandable that policemen will not want to comply because they receive their ‘cuts’ from the cartels, as do the politicos.

But WHY is such a large section of the public criticizing the AAP in this? Politically Motivated Criticism?

Also, just WHY is media criticizing an Attempt to clean up Sex and Drug cartels? Starved for news? One just wonders Why.